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Name: Gwendolyn

Spent OM: 4300

Consumed OM: 0

Proficiencies (1000): Ranged Proficiency (1000)

Powers (3000/8000): Healing (3000)

Moves (300): Crescent Moonlight (300)

Super Moves (0): 

Transformations (0):

Assists (0):




Unlocks (0);

Base stats: 

ATK: 1
DEF: 4
SPD: 3
TEC: 2

History (Brief)

Aether. In a word, you could call it heaven. Or as close that you would ever see in your mortal life, as the villagers would say. Magic and Technology working in tandem to create works of art in every form, from architecture to weaponry.

The Imperial Council saw to matters of logic and law, dealing out justice and settling disputes in an open forum in which any and every citizen was able to perform. The Keystone Cities were each like this, towering and sprawling testaments to the genius and resilience of mankind. Each of the five Keystones was dedicated to a path of worship. The Northern Keystone was dedicated to Thorian, The Solar Monarch, who held dominion over the sun itself. The Western Keystone revered The Earth Mother, Irytha. The Eastern Keystone paid tribute to the Dragon of The Seas, Karaee. The Central Keystone was home to Wyrada, The Lord of Knowledge, and lord of The House Of Wisdom. The Southern Keystone was devoted to Luminae, the Goddess of the Moon, and Lady of Peace. The gods watched over their domains, and the people whom they ruled over saw to their earthly paradise within the light of their divine benefactors.

And yet, even as light shines, darkness lurks beyond its reach.

Nobody knows who was struck first, only that once contact was made, no one was safe. Horrid monstrosities made a mockery of the god’s creations. Twisted forms that used to be Imperial Citizens shambled and destroyed all in their path, even ransacking and leaving to ruin the temples of the gods who had seemingly abandoned them.

Gwendolyn was the High Priestess of Luminae, and during the event that would become known as “The Claiming", was the leader of the Southern Keystone's Paladin Knights, who were among the last of the Unclaimed.

The final battle for the Keystone was nothing short of legend. An unending wave of darkness against the soft and peaceful light of Luminae's faithful knights, Led by Gwendolyn in a last, desperate charge. After witnessing her warriors be struck down and Claimed, one by one, before she was alone in the darkness.

Surrounded by the dead bodies of her friends as she blasted apart abomination after abomination, she begins to lose consciousness, even as her vision is dominated by an opalescent light.

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