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Name: Xehanort

Spent OM: 4400
Consumed OM: 300

Proficiencies (2600): Ranged (1000), Homing (600), Debuff (1000)

Powers (0/8000):

Moves (900): Shadows (300), Blizzard (600)
Super Moves (600): Absolute Zero (600)
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):

Items: Communicator (200), Mobile Dataverse Device (100)

Unlocks (0):

Base stats:
ATK: 2
DEF: 3
SPD: 0
TEC: 5

Move Descriptors
Xehanort summons a pack of 12 Shadow heartless, who attack his designated target like a swarm of angry little bees. Once a target is designated, they will continue to attack and cannot be given any further orders. While the attack itself is cast instantly, it takes approximately 5 seconds for the shadows to take form around the target, and another second or so before they begin attacking. Being the most basic of Heartless, they aren't too strong or durable, akin to being attacked by a pack of wild cats. They tend to extinguish in one blow from another Prime, though may pose a threat to weakened (or weaker) opponents. While darkness is always present, it can be fairly exhausting to summon in a short period of time.

Fires a single ball of ice, roughly the size of a football (soccer for the Americans), at his intended target. When used in this manner, it's the equivalent of someone flinging a block of ice at you. However, this can be charged for 3 seconds, in which case, the impact will chill the target (if hit), slowing them down. Although this is his primary method of attacking, Xehanort tends to avoid it, as the cold bothers his old joints. While charging, he's capable of moving (for what it's worth), and not much else.

Absolute Zero Tier 1 Super Utility Move
After 2 seconds, Xehanort releases a single, golf ball sized orb of true ice towards his intended target. Upon hit, the target is frozen solid for 1 minute. While frozen, the target takes minimal, if any, damage, even if dropped from absurd heights. The primary purpose of this is to stall for time or remove an extra combatant from combat.

Age: Old. So old that he was old when he died the first time.
Height: 5'9" (190cm) when upright, though usually hunched over
[Image: Master_Xehanort_KHBBS.png]

A brief history:
Since he was a small child, Xehanort had always found himself obsessed with history, and challenging any sort of pre-determined fate. As such, when presented with the concept that Light is destined to win over Darkness, he took it as a personal challenge to defy fate. Somewhere along the way, he lost his path and began to drive himself deeper into the darkness before coming to the conclusion that the only way to have true balance would be to envelop his entire universe in darkness so it can be remade with untainted light.

Towards those who fall into the typical 'young, naive protagonist' sort, he is often dismissive of them and their ability, even condescending at times. To greater warriors, he reels in his cockiness to a more mild degree and will keep himself distant from them while conversing and planning. Against those who he views as valueable or equal (steep rise in the latter since arriving here), he can actually be quite courteous, reeling himself in and projecting himself as a caring elder sort.

In combat:
Xehanort prefers to not do battle himself, viewing it as either tiresome or beneath him. He favors having Heartless or other minions do the dirty work for him. When forced to engage, he tends to stay at range, using his Shadows as a buffer while plinking away with Blizzard.


[Image: ximche_by_senkoureppa-dccomtf.jpg]
Ximche is a musical Heartless, taking upon the form of an unknown female. She is a mute, but can communicate tone through her bells. She has 7 total, representing the different notes, and can shift each bell up or down one octave to perform music. Xehanort's first Omniverse Heartless.

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