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Thaal Sinestro

Name: Thaal Sinestro
Spent OM: 27,900 OM
Powers (8400): Flight (1800), Survival (2000), Enhanced Senses [Basic] (1400), Super Speed (1000), Advanced Fusion (1200), Symbiosis (1000)
Proficiencies (5200): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Area Attack Proficiency (600), Area Shield Proficiency (400), Ranged Materialize Proficiency (600), Remote Control Proficiency (600), Debuff Proficiency (1000)
Moves (3600): Hard-Light Image (300), Hard-Light Construct (600), Hard-Light Blast (600), Hard-Light Weapon (900), Hard-Light Tether (600), Hard-Light Grab (300), Ring Duplicate (300)
Super Moves (600): Hard-Light Wall (600),
Transformations (2500):  Tier 1 Power-Up (1000), Tier 2 Power Up (1500)
Items (1100):Medal!, Sunglasses, Deputy Star, Communicator (200), Mobile Dataverse Device (100), Vita Compass (800)
Consumables (500):
- Banishment Circle(2)
Consumable Trashcan:
Bases (1000): Sinestro Corps HQ (near TWNN)
Unlocks (5000):Tier 1 Powers Cap (2000), 1st Stat Increase TEC (1000), 2nd Stat Increase TEC (2000)
Base stats:
ATK: 3
DEF: 2
SPD: 2
TEC: 5

[Image: Nippur.png][Image: SecondSaga.png]

Please message me before you attack my character or assault my base! Thanks!
[Image: sig2.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_m52cw9E9PX1qbn6jwo1_1280.jpg]

Thaal Sinestro
The Greatest Lantern

Canon of Origin: DC Comics
Point of Divergence From Canon: Immediately following the conclusion of "Blackest Night"

Race: Korugaran
Sex: Male
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 205 lbs
Skin: Red
Hair: Black high and tight, pencil mustache
Eyes: Yellow (Naturally Hazel)

Home Sector: 1417
Relatives: unnamed father, unnamed mother, Arin Sur (wife, deceased), Soranik Natu (daughter), Abin Sur (brother-in-law, deceased), Amon Sur (nephew, deceased)


Thaal Sinestro was once hailed as the greatest Green Lantern, a police force that uses potent weapons called Power Rings. The emotion of Willpower was used to control and empower the rings, and Sinestro's command over Will was literally the best in the universe. However, it was not meant to last. Sinestro's obsession with order manifested when he took over his home planet of Korugar and imposed a tyrannical law over his people, enforced by the power of his Power Ring. When the Guardians (the beings which created and control the green Lantern Corps) learned of his actions, he was banished to the Antimatter universe.

Within this alternate dimension, he found the Weaponers of Qward, fundamental opponents of the Guardians. The Weaponers gifted the lantern with a new Power Ring, though this one used a yellow beam instead of green and was empowered by the emotion of Fear. They then returned him to his home universe, and he became one of the primary opponents of the Guardians and their Green Lantern Corps, especially his ex-student, Hal Jordan.

After many years of conflict, success and defeat, Sinestro eventually created his own force: the Sinestro Corps. Having sent one of his followers back to Qward, he enslaved the Weaponers, who were forced to mass-produce enough Yellow Power Rings to arm a new military force under Sinestro's command. His rings sought out individuals whou could "Instill great fear." Although the Sinestro Corps uses fear, and opposes the Green Lantern Corps and the Guardians, their goal is to bring order to the universe, which Sinestro claims the Guardians have failed to do.

After a protracted war with the Green Lanterns (which he lost), his Corps took their place on the spectrum of Corps, each mandated by another fundamental emotion and color.

At the conclusion of the Blackest Night Prophecy, he was the first to take control over the White Light of Life. It is after his separation from this force that he joins the Omniverse.


Sinestro is a man that believes he is the best: He is the smartest, the strongest, the most worthy of power and control. He has a powerful obsession with order, which has been manifested throughout almost every part of his life. This obsession turned towards fear when he became the violent dictator of his home world, Korugar. His thoughts and actions are driven by his ego, his desire for order and his power through fear.

He doesn't speak much but when he does, his words usually carry a pretense of superiority or, at the very least, snide eloquence. Now that he has his power ring, he sees himself as almost undefeatable, regardless of whether or not that's true. That doesn't mean that he's willing to throw himself into dangerous situations without reason, or even that he believes that he will win every encounter. It does mean that he has a plan, and that he's not afraid to use it against you.


Sinestro was put through Green Lantern Basic Training, which, among other things, taught him advanced hand-to-hand combat skills. These are far from honed, but he knows more than enough to get through a scrap. Though it provides him with no super-human abilities, Sinestro was chosen for his amazing willpower to be inducted into the Green Lantern Corps. He is also a master at understanding and instilling the emotion of Fear, and after his expulsion from the Green Lantern Corps, he started his own Corps, the Sinestro Corps, using power rings that utilized fear as their power source.

When he was finally able to materialize his Quardian Power Ring, his powers within the Omniverse suddenly went from nothing to nothing short of incredible. While not nearly as powerful as it was outside of the Omniverse, the Ring still hosts a wide range of powers and abilities that utilize the wearer's control over the emotion of Fear, allowing them to create constructs, fire energy beams, form weapons, and manipulate other objects or people. The ring itself imbues him with a bright yellow aura when he uses it, and all of his powers and moves are created with a transparent yellow beam of "Hard-Light."


This is a fairly good example of some of the things you can expect Sinestro to do during a fight, only with yellow instead of green. It is also the only decent part of that film.

Hard-Light Construct – 600 OM (Requires Ranged Proficiency, Remote Control Proficiency, Ranged Materialize Proficiency)

Sinestro can summon objects with his ring to interact with and manipulate objects at range. These manipulations are analogous to the things that a person with two large hands could feasibly complete (moving, pushing, pulling, pressing, turning, etc).

These objects have superficial images associated with them, always in the form of an object that is completing the task. If the object is grabbing and moving another thing, it will have a "grasping" mechanic, be it a hand, a mouth, a clamp, a claw, etc. These images are purely illusory, and the strength of the object is always the same. That means that a Construct shaped like a hand and a Construct shaped like a crowbar are equally good at prying something open and etc. These grabbing constructs appear as a tendril of rope-like light that extends from Sinestro's power ring, ending in the chosen 'grabber'. They can extend as far as Sinestro's concentration allows, but the longer the grabber, the more easily it is broken.

While these objects are illusory and can fulfill only one purpose, they can be attacked, damaged and destroyed. The more damage they take, the more strain it puts on Sinestro's mind. The more energy he puts into these objects, the harder they are to break but the more physically and mentally exhausted he becomes. These objects will immediately dissipate upon his breaking his concentration for any reason. Maximum range of ~30 meters (~100 feet)

Hard-Light Weapons – 900 OM (Requires Physical Strength)
Sinestro can create melee weapons from Hard-Light in most forms that a melee weapon can come in. These can be short (like a dagger), medium (like a sword) or long (like a spear) in length. The more energy he puts into these weapons, the harder they are to break but the more physically and mentally exhausted he becomes. These weapons will immediately dissipate upon his breaking his concentration for any reason.

Hard-Light Blast – 600 OM (Requires Ranged Proficiency, Remote Control Proficiency, Ranged Materialize Proficiency)
The ring can fire a concentrated beam of yellow hard-light when Sinestro concentrates. This can take the form of a single beam or appear as any other ranged weapon Sinestro images. Sinestro put more energy into each shot, the strength of which relates directly to how physically and mentally drained he is after the attack. If he chooses to create a hard-light weapon, it must be roughly the size of a pistol for a weak shot, or the size of a rifle for a charged shot. These weapons and projectiles will immediately dissipate upon his breaking his concentration for any reason.

Hard-Light Shield – 600 OM (Requires Area Shield Proficiency)
Sinestro is covered in a yellow aura that protects him from attacks and environmental effects. This shield can grow as far as he wills it, usually in the form of a shield or wall, however the shield's overall strength remains the same. This means that a 1'x1' shield will be 100 times stronger than a 100'x100' wall (which almost any attack from a Prime would break through). The more he focuses, the more damage the shield can take, but the more physically and mentally drained he is after the defense.

Hard-Light Tethers  – 600 OM (Requires Debuff Proficiency, Requires Ranged Proficiency, Remote Control Proficiency, Ranged Materialize Proficiency)
In the same way that Sinestro can manipulate objects in creative ways, he can also manipulate characters. Iron chains, ribbons of light, crushing snakes can all be used. In general, these tethers always accomplish the same goal: they slow a character down and they immobilize their arms. However, these shackles can be broken just like any other item: hitting, cutting and ripping free in a feat of strength are all options. Additionally, if he loses his concentration, the tethers immediately dissipate. The more energy he puts into these tethers, the harder they are to break but the more physically and mentally exhausted he becomes.

Hard-Light Grab – 300 OM (Requires Ranged Proficiency, Remote Control Proficiency, Ranged Materialize Proficiency, Hard-Light Tether)
When a Hard-Light Tether has successfully attached itself to an target, Sinestro can then use that tether to move the target, be it Secondary or Prime. The bond can firmly grab, but not crush his opponent. The bond can move the target off of the ground and in all the cardinal directions. The Tether can be broken as usual.

Ring Duplicate – 300 OM (Requires Fusion, Symbiosis)

Sinestro can use the Fusion and Symbiosis moves as described, including SP usage, except that his body and the target body remain separate. Only Sinestro's Moves and Powers are transferred to the target, and none of the target's Moves or Powers are given to Sinestro, and both party's Stats remain completely unchanged. Sinestro is the only one who may pay SP to maintain the "Fusion".

Essentially, Sinestro would transfer his Moves, Proficiencies and Powers to another person while remaining separate for the same SP that a Fusion would cost.


Survival  – 2000 OM
Sinestro's ring not only protects him with a defensive shield, but it also prevents most injuries from outright killing him. The ring forms barriers that hold in blood or creates constructs that keep his body in functioning order. He is also shielded from almost all environmental effects such as heat or cold, and ensures that he has breathable oxygen even in the absence of atmosphere.

Flight – 1800 OM
One of the ring's more recognizable abilities is the power of flight. He can fly, hover and generally move in four dimensions without much effort, without the aid of wings or other obvious flying mechanisms.

Super Speed – 1000 OM
If moving in the same direction when flying, Sinestro can build up speed. This is mostly useful for long-distance travel, but it can be used in combat as well.

It takes several seconds to build up speed from his normal top speed. The faster he goes, the longer it takes to turn and slow down. At 150% of his normal top speed, he is still able to turn, but in a much wider turning arc. Finally, at double his normal top speed, he will only be able to move in a straight line. Super Speed can be used in conjunction with Flight to traverse distances much faster.

Enhanced Senses (Basic) – 1400 OM
The ring can scan for a host of signatures from the mundane to the magical, allowing Sinestro to search an area by sweeping a beam of energy over it like a flashlight. When the light touches the object or trail he is looking for it will become illuminated, even if it's invisible or stealthed. It can even see through objects, allowing him to see people or objects that are hidden.

Fusion (Advanced) – 1200 OM
Advanced Fusion allows up to four characters to combine. All characters must have the power, and this costs 2 SP per post (this SP may come from any character) or 4 SP per round.

Symbiosis – 1000 OM
Allows you to combine with any one other willing character, regardless of whether they have Fusion or not.  

Transformations & Super Moves

Tier 1 Power Up – 1000 OM 
"Suit Up"
Most of the time, Sinestro's Power Ring is basically on "idle," using up as little of it's precious power reserve as it can. However, when he gets into a fight, he's a bit less conservative with the Ring's power usage. Sinestro will ditch his normal attire and actually don the infamous Sinestro Corps uniform, using more of his ring's precious Fear energy to fuel his attacks.

ATK: +2 (5)
DEF: +2 (4)
SPD: +1 (3)
TEC: +0 (5)

Tier 2 Power Up – 1500 OM 
"I Am Fear"

When the moment calls for it, Sinestro can summon even more of his ring's power, though it depletes its energy more quickly. If he is ever pushed to this limit, yellow energy radiates off of his entire body, emanating a potent sensation of fear and anxiety into any who are near him.

ATK: +4 (7)
DEF: +5 (7)
SPD: +1 (3)
TEC: +0 (5)

Hard-Light Wall - 600 OM Defensive Super Move (Requires Ranged Proficiency, Area Shield Proficiency, Ranged Materialize Proficiency, Remote Control Proficiency)

Sinestro Summons a hexgrid wall of Hard Light energy with a total area of 60 square feet, at a range of up to ~ 100 feet. The shield, being a Super Move, is capable of depending against Tier 1 Super Attacks, or a protracted volley of any normal moves.  The shield takes its full form within about a second, each of the hexagonal segments growing from the first along the path of the desired shape. Once formed, it cannot be reshaped, and it must take a generally rectangular shape.

Sinestro can summon this powerful wall at will, though it does drain his precious Ring Energy (SP) rapidly to do so.


Communicator – 200 OM
Sinestro's ring allows him to communicate vast distances, connecting through other digital, magical or other devices. He must "attune" the ring to each new item he wishes to communicate with, meaning he must have actually interacted with the person he wishes to contact.

Mobile Dataverse Device – 100 OM
The ring can be used to connect to the Omninet or other technology, using itself as the input.

Vita Compass – 800 OM
As an extension of the ring's scanning abilities, it can locate any individual it has on file to a rough area.

Base – 1000 OM
See the Sinestro Corps section for more details on Bases!


*Base Wishlist*
Town With No Name
-Recall Station
-Recall Station
Gerrudo Village

-Recall Station
Total: 5000

[Image: sig2.jpg]

Tales of The Sinestro Corps

The Scramble
Sinestro is introduced into the Omniverse.

Fifty Shades of Ganondorf
Ganondorf leads Sinestro into the Dunes, where they find that they've been tailed.

The Good, the Bad and the Ganondorf
Sinestro starts invoking fear on the local gang under the leadership of Sledge.

Eye Of The Storm
Sinestro attempts to become a deputy under Roland in the Town With No Name, mainly by being a horrible person.

Settling Scores
Ganondorf, Strazzio and Enel meet with an estranged Sinestro in a bar in the Town With No Name.

Then & Now, a Tale of Two Hunters
The newly deputized Sinestro is sent after a mysterious killer from the Town With No Name. A chance meeting with Dean Winchester makes things interesting.

The Golden Star
Orion, Dean Winchester and Sinestro deal with a large-scale bandit raid on the Town With No Name and the Bandit With No Name finally gets the fight she's been waiting for.

Focus and Fear: Orion vs. Sinestro
Orion and Sinestro fight. HAHA NOT REALLY.

Legacy & War
LAW faces down with New Babylon. It gets cray.

A String Snaps Over Damocles 
Sinestro tracks down a lead on Sasuke, the de-facto leader of New Babylon in order to finish the job he started. (Leads into: Threat Elimination Protocols)

Return of The Corps [CURRENT]
Returning victorious from the massive battle at the Fountain, Sinestro returns to the task of claiming the Dunes by forming the Sinestro Corps.
[Image: sig2.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_nrhulge1oo1sdouqio1_128.jpg]

The Sinestro Corps
"Beware Your Fears Made Into Light"

At its heart, the Sinestro Corps’ mission is an altruistic one: Create peace, order, and therefore prosperity throughout the endless Dunes. After witnessing the failures of the guardians first hand, Sinestro believes that there is only one emotional force that can truly control those who would bring chaos into the universe, and that emotion is Fear.

As a peacekeeping philosophy, Sinestro believes that fear will prevent people from breaking the law in the first place, and will drive those who have broken the law to turn themselves in over facing the consequences that would be brought to them if they don’t. As a governing force, he also manipulates the population into trusting him by making them afraid of a world without his lawmen.

Beyond the obvious social implications, Fear is also much more naturally abundant in a population than most of the other emotions, making it an easy emotional energy to collect and harness in his central Power Batteries which he plans on constructing near every major populated area in the Dunes.

To bolster his numbers, Sinestro finds, recruits, and indoctrinates individuals who are capable of “instilling great Fear” into his Corps. The first Central Power Battery, near the town With No Name, serves as a training and reeducation site. Individuals may choose to willingly apply for the Corps, or are unwillingly captured and hauled there.

During training, individuals are faced with their most horrible fears, and taught to embrace their own terror. During this period, they are also conditioned to respect and perhaps even revere Sinestro as their leader. Advanced tactics and combat training is given, tailored to each member's special abilities and skill sets. Most do not survive the training. Those who do, however, are granted a fantastic opportunity: Sinestro will grant them a Ring Duplicate to train with. They will learn to fight with the Yellow Light of Fear, honing and mastering their command of the emotion and the constructs they can build with it.

After graduating the training, the Corps members are sent out on various peacekeeping and "recruitment" missions within the Dunes. After a substantial tour of duty, a Corps member earns their very own Power Ring.

[Image: Qwardian_Central_Power_Battery_002.jpg][/color]


The Sinestro Corps Bases all share one dominating central feature: a massive Central Power Battery. Each of these batteries is over 40 feet tall, and is in the shape of the iconic "Lantern" that all Corps draw their name from. The center glows an intense yellow, representing the Yellow Light of Fear. In fact, these batteries collect and store all of the emotional energy generated from Fear in the nearby area, and then distributes it to the "full" Lanterns that serve in the area, as well as helping to power the temporary Ring Duplicates that Sinestro offers the initiates.


Town With No Name: The first location of a Central Power Battery is directly outside of the town, the giant structure ominously overlooking it. Around the base of the Power Battery is the Sinestro Corps training site, which has simple housing, several combat courses, the dreaded isolation chambers, and other buildings that help indoctrinate the Dune's foulest criminals into its finest peacekeeping force.


The members of the Corps are as diverse as they are terrifying, each using their own particular style to enforce the justice that Sinestro has instilled into them. Almost all of the Sinestro Corps members are Secondaries, and will live and dies as such. The memories and knowledge that they have of their previous world were imbued by whichever Prime created them, but none currently have a standing relationship with their creators.

Currently, none of the members of the Sinestro Corps are "fully fledged," because none of them have their own Power Ring or Battery. After a substantial term of service, Sinestro will eventually fully integrate them and give them a Ring of their Own. These "Full Members" will be listed as Assists under Sinestro's Roster. For now, Sinestro will temporarily grant them a Power Ring using his Ring Duplicates.

Jaclyn O'Brien
Brotherhood Outcast
[Image: fallout3outcast.jpg]

Canon of Origin: Fallout
Point of Divergence From Canon: Fallout 3, Broken Steel Expansion

Race: Human
Sex: Female
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 125 lbs
Skin: Pale
Hair: Dark brown, very curly, undercut
Eyes: Brown

Jaclyn was one of the members of the Brotherhood of Steel who believed that Elder Lyons had lost sight of the true mission in the Capital Wasteland. She still considers herself to be a true patriot, even this far from America. She thirsted for knowledge, and zealously collected pre-war technology, having reclaimed and repaired her own Plasma Minigun and Power Armor from ruins of society. In the Omniverse, she continues to be an expert in the field of technology and machining, building and repairing the arms and armor of the Corps members when Sinestro is unavailable to summon them. She also serves as the Corps' Lore Keeper, and librarian of their vaults. When she heard of the Sinestro Corps and saw what Sinestro's ring was capable of, she willingly admitted herself to training. In her limited free time, she travels into the dunes in search of ruins or other archeological sites in hopes of discovery.

Appears in:
Return of The Corps
Water In Dry Places

Dezial Sand
[Image: Dorn.png]

Canon of Origin: Game of Thrones
Point of Divergence From Canon: Immediately following Dance With Dragons

Race: Human
Sex: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 171lbs
Skin: Olive
Hair: Black, trimmed short
Eyes: Hazel

Dezial was the bastard child of a Dornish warrior, leaving him with a last name of Sand. Inheriting nothing and living on the streets of Sunspear, he worked as a stable boy for a horse trainer on the outskirts of the city. Eventually he became a skilled rider, and joined the military as a light cavalryman, with his own Sand Steed. Eventually breaking ranks from the military, he joined a small warband which led raids on trade caravans north of Dorne. He was recruited by Sinestro only a few days after being created in the Omniverse, the rest of his warband being killed. He still owns his own Sand Steed (dark umber with a fiery red mane), and is a master with his recurve bow and spear.

Appears in:
Return of The Corps

[Image: Gerudo_Guard_Majoras_Mask.png]

Canon of Origin: Zelda, Ocarina of Time
Point of Divergence From Canon: End of the game

Race: Gerudo
Sex: Female
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 153lbs
Skin: Olive
Hair: Bright Red
Eyes: Naturally Yellow

Taeket was the first member of the new Sinestro Corps in the Omniverse. She lived in the Gerudo Valley Fortress which was constructed by Ganondorf, Sinestro's now banished ally, and has lived there until this point. While living in the fortress, she was put under the sadistic rulership of Enel, and though she never drew his direct attention, was effected by his depravity nonetheless. Seeing the Sinestro Corps as a way to prevent anything like that from happening to another member of her family, she set out from the village and joined immediately. She is a cold, merciless fighter, and willing to do anything she must to preserve her family and her homeland.

Appears in:
Return of The Corps
Will Versus Fear, Round One: Fight!

[Image: maxresdefault_1.jpg]

Canon of Origin: Destiny
Point of Divergence From Canon: The Crucible

Race: Exo
Sex: Male
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 297lbs
Skin: Metallic plating
Hair: None
Eyes: Yellow Optic Light

Phantom was summoned as a Guardian as a simple training tool, not expecting the exo to demonstrate the level of prowess or guile that he did. When hedefeated the Prime that made him, he never saw him again. He was given the skills and abilities of a Hunter class Guardian, Gunslinger to be exact. His mind isn't filled with the full depth of the Destiny universe, meant only to be a dummy for target practice. With his new freedom, he continued to do the thing he was made for: fight. He quickly garnered a reputation as a duelist in the sand, challenging and killing most of the people he came across. When Sinestro heard the rumor, he found the robot, defeated him in single combat, and hauled him in for training.

Appears in:
Return of The Corps

**In Training, Not Currently Available**
The Fury
Sand Fury
[Image: Traitors_Keep_04_1.jpg]

Canon of Origin: Fable
Point of Divergence From Canon: Fable 3

Race: Sand Fury
Sex: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 123lbs
Skin: Pale
Hair: Unknown
Eyes: Unknown

The Fury doesn't talk. The Fury doesn't listen. The Fury does what she is commanded to do, and she does it very well. Hailing from the deserts near Aurora, whoever made The Fury did so for unknown reasons. Savage, deadly, and perpetually ready to kill, The Fury is the Corps' greatest Secondary warrior and is only deployed when combat is imminent. She uses a dual pair of curved blades, and a single flintlock pistol. When not letting blood, The Fury can be found wandering the training compound, or lying in wait, buried in the sands of the Dunes.

Appears in:
Return of The Corps

**In Training, Not Currently Available**
[Image: troll2_zpscvtastcn.png]

Canon of Origin: World of Warcraft
Point of Divergence From Canon: Completion of the Zul’Farrak Raid

Race: Troll
Sex: Female
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 292lbs
Skin: Ruddy grey/sandy
Hair: Rust
Eyes: Glowing blue

Ur’Gezza was created by a Prime that intended to reconstruct Zul’Farrak, but vanished part-way through construction. A journeyman shaman with a specialty in restoration magic, she serves as a battlefield healer and support, usually keeping to the edges of a fight, casting Riptides and planting Healing Stream Totems. She tends to be one of the more relaxed members of the Corps, happy to share a story, chill around the campfire, or share a body in ritual cannibalism.

Appears in:
Return of The Corps

**In Training, Not Currently Available**
[Image: 7cb73bfab35bf90c15a7ab35b704a767_zpsbopulboa.jpg]

Canon of Origin: Star Trek: DS9
Point of Divergence From Canon: End of DS9

Race: Changeling
Sex: None
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Skin: Variable
Hair: Variable
Eyes: Variable

The changeling is a creature that can take almost any form you can imagine, and is almost impossible to distinguish from the real version. In its natural form, it looks like yellowish goo, and must spend at least a few hours in this liquid form every day. The vast majority of its life was spend in a planet-sized lake of creatures of the same time in a psychic bond called “The Great Link”. Stranded from its people by the war with Federation, the changeling had been hiding out as the child of a Federation officer when it was brought to the Omniverse to assist in an assassination attempt that was foiled by the Sinestro Corps. It retains the form of a child most of the time, to keep a low profile and garner the pity and prevent attacks against it.

Appears in:
Return of The Corps
[Image: sig2.jpg]

Thaal Sinestro
Total Achievement Points = 645

Personal/Character Achievements
[Image: S_Ice07.png] [Image: S_Fire08.png] [Image: S_Buff02.png] [Image: S_Buff09.png] [Image: S_Buff08.png] [Image: I_Key05.png] [Image: I_GoldBar.png][Image: S_Holy06.png] [Image: S_Holy04.png][Image: S_Buff12.png][Image: Ac_Earing01.png][Image: Ac_Earing02.png]
Community Achievements
[Image: S_Bow11.png]  [Image: Ac_Medal02.png] [Image: Ac_Medal01.png] [Image: S_Dagger06.png] [Image: E_Gold01.png] [Image: E_Gold02.png] [Image: X_Box03.png] [Image: X_Box00.png] [Image: X_Box01.png] [Image: X_Box02.png]
Purchasing Achievements
[Image: S_Shadow07.png][Image: I_Key01.png][Image: S_Sword01.png][Image: S_Bow10.png][Image: I_Diamond_1.png]
Exploration Achievements
[Image: S_Light02.png]
Influence Achievements
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Combat Achievements
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Story Achievements

[Image: C_Elm03.png]
One-time Achievements
[Image: I_Scroll.png]
Personal/Character Achievements - (225)
Welcome to the Jungle – Post your first Post (5)
Summoning - Properly summon something into the Omniverse (5)
Look at You! – Post 10 times (10)
In it to Win it – Post 25 times (15)
Go Write a Novel – Post 50 times (25)
Deuces – Have another character (15)
Any Progress is Progress – Gain 100 OM (5)
Level Up! – Reach Level 2 (10)
Powerrrrr – Reach Level 5 (50)
Dissociative Identity Disorder - Have your two characters meet (25)
Fusion... HA! - Fuse with another another character (10)
One Who Will Destroy You - Be a part of a Fusion that has a collective level of 15 or higher. (OM total of 137,000+) (50)
Community Achievements - (235)
Great Job! - Get a bonus for great writing (5)
Exceptional - Get a bonus for exceptional writing (10)
Teamwork – Get a bonus for a group story (10)
Community Star - Be voted as a User of the Month (10)
Communtiy Megastar - Be voted as a User of the Month on three occasions (25)
We Love You – Give someone constructive feedback (10)
Community Builder - Give constructive feedback on 5 occasions (15)
Social Worker - Give constructive feedback on 15 occasions (40)
Pillar of Community - Give constructive feedback on 30 occasions (100)
Purchasing Achievements - (30)
It’s Over 9000! – Purchase a Transformation (5)
Headquarters – Purchase a base (5)
Powerful - Upgrade your Powers Cap (10)
Super Powered - Purchase any type of Super Move (5)
Money to Burn – Purchase a permanent stat increase (10)
Exploration Achievements - (5)
More Aqua Please – Post 5 times in the Endless Dunes (5)
Influence Achievements - (60)
Movin' On Up - Successfully join a Faction (PC or NPC) (10)
Well-known - Becoming Recognized in any verse (50)
Combat Achievements - (60)
Winner Take All – ‘Win’ an Artefact Hunt (10)
Winner Still Takes All – Win two Artefacts (25)
To the Victor… - Take an artefact from a defeated opponent (5)
[color=#000000]Siege Master – Attack a base and take an artefact (5)
Fisticuffs – Defeat another player in an officially graded fight (5)
SUPER! – Use an SP-depleting Super Move or Transformation in an officially graded fight or artefact hunt (5)
There Can Only Be One! – Kill a (PC) Prime (5)
Story Achievements - (20)
Saga Veteran - Participated in a grand storyline (Jubilee, Rathalos, DA, Secondary Saga) (20)
One-time Achievements -(10)
Founding Member - Arrived in the Omniverse during the Scramble (10)
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