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Jack Darby

Name: Jack Darby 
Spent OM: 9300
Consumed OM (0); (for consumed items or OM permanently lost from respecs, etc)
Proficiencies (3200); Physical Strength (1000) Ranged Proficiency (1000) Ranged Materialize Prof (600) Remote Control Prof (600) 
Powers (2200/8000);  Flight,  Master Acrobat
Moves (3600); Bow of Primus Replica, Oan Power Ring, Will Rifle, Mechanical Hands, Unstable Construct - Emerald Revolver,  Unstable Emerald Blast Wave
Super Moves (0); 
Transformations (0); 
Assists (0); 
Items (300);  Communicator,  Mobile Dataverse Device 
Artefacts: N/A
Bases (250);  Spectrum Corps Base - Frozen Fields (Joint Purchase with 3 others.)  
Unlocks (0); 
Base stats: 
ATK: 2
DEF: 2
SPD: 2
TEC: 4

Name:  Jack Darby

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Techno-Organic 

Personality:  Jack is something of a reluctant hero, as he was hesitant to join the Autobot cause. Quite mature for his age, Jack looks out for Miko and Raf like a big brother, and has a sense of responsibility that impresses even Optimus who saw fit to entrust Jack with the key to Vector Sigma According to Ratchet, before Optimus became a Prime, he was a lot like Jack.
Although he doesn't go looking for danger, danger seems to find Jack because of his loyalty to the Autobots, however he is willing to carry out the task at hand, showing a sense of duty, as he did when he and Arcee space-bridged to Cybertron to locate Vector Sigma and recover the Wisdom of the Primes to restore Orion Pax to become Optimus Prime again.
Even so, Jack has his own moments of teenager-based irresponsibility, immaturity, etc. Jack Darby isn't sure what to make of the Omniverse or the fact that he is now a Techno Organic. Compounding his confusion is the Green Lantern Ring he has on his person that he has no clue as to how to use. 

Backstory:  Jack's menial after-school job at the drive-thru at KO Burger getting him down, with rude customers who took food without paying. As he knocked off and reported in to his mom by phone, he spotted a sweet motorcycle in the parking lot. While he was admiring it and promising one day he'd have enough money to buy a motorcycle just like it, he was caught talking to it by Sierra and her friend causing him to trip over his words somewhat. He was saved from further embarrassment when the motorcycle—in reality Arcee—took off with him still on board as she was being chased by two Decepticon cars. After a short chase, she warned him not to tell anyone and let him go, only for one of the Decepticons to start following him, forcing her to pick him up again. The chase ended up in a drainage canal, where Jack encountered Raf for the first time, and the pair watched Arcee and Bumblebee duke it out, before hastily making an escape when one of the Decepticons started chasing them. After many adventures with the Autobots Jack would eventually visit the world of Cybertron. When on the world of Cybertron, Jack Darby downloaded the memories of Optimus Prime with the Key of Vector Sigma. Using the Key he was able to restore the memories of Optimus Prime but was entrusted with the key for safe keeping after that, on a permanent basis. 

Shortly after that, he ended up experimented on by Mech and turned into a Cybertronian. Shortly after that a Green Lantern Power Ring found Jack, and chose him. However he did not survive the trip to Oa. As such he ended up in the Omniverse, and has now had to adjust to both being Cybertronian, though appearing to be human, and having to cope with wielding a mostly non functional Green Lantern Ring.

 [Image: JackDarby_stockimage.jpg]

Fight Style: Unless his friends are in danger and there is no other way to avoid it, Jack will not fight. However when he does fight he if he is battling someone bigger than him prefers to rely on tactics such as ambushes, explosives, and take downs in that way if they are of the robotic persuasion, and Cybertronian sized. Against individuals his own size, Jack would try to engage them up close and personal, in an honorable battle much like Optimus Prime would. Jack's fighting style makes use of whatever is around him. 

Jack's Abilities / Equipment: 

Bow of Primus Replica (300, Ranged Proficiency): 

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRYIsgUmc3gxCf_96Oa-L-...dqKl-DMmam]

A weapon that was created by Jack from memories of Cybertronian Legends that he heard from Arcee. While not an exact replica this can shoot arrows of blue energy out of it. The arrows behave like normal arrows, and travel at the same speed. The damage level they are capable of dishing out is low. These don't require much of Jack's energy in order to use, nor do they require much stamina, or concentration. The bow comes with a quiver that has 30 arrows. Replenishing the supply of arrows takes about 5 seconds for every 10 arrows for Jack. These can be fired while moving, and used with other moves so long as the moves don't require use of his hands. Shooting an arrow takes him about 1/5th of a second. In terms of firing rate this is semi automatic.

Oan Power Ring (900, Physical Strength, Ranged Proficiency, Ranged Control, Ranged Materialise):

(Stolen - All moves connected disabled.) 
[Image: 9hZ2h2j.png]

In the days of the original Green Lantern Corps, the Guardian known as Meadlux created a power ring specifically for the Guardians. An Oan power ring possessed the same capabilities as a standard ring, but was fueled by the internal power of its wielder and thus did not need to be recharged. Unlike the traditional Green Lantern Ring, an Oan ring did not contain the impurity that restricted its capabilities against materials colored yellow. The revelation that such a weapon existed caused a great schism within the ranks of the Green Lantern Corps. Officers who had lost close comrades due to adversaries empowered by yellow weaponry lost faith in the Guardians, some of whom, such as Galius Zed, Eddore and Kaylark even went so far as to turn their backs on the Guardians, coveting the rings for themselves. Another group of individuals who took an interest in the Oan rings were the space pirates known as the Free Lancers..In the Omniverse the ring may have lost it's properties, for the most part.  Jack does not like wielding the Oan Power Ring. This ring is still capable of shooting green energy beams out of it. The beams appear to be fists made out of a green crystalline energy. They travel at the speed of an arrow. This can be used while moving, or with other moves. This is moderately draining, equivalent to a light work out when he uses it. Each blast has 5 seconds to cool down. It has a range of 75 feet. The ring was discovered somewhere in Camelot by Jack. While not an ideal power ring, the ring has been picked up by him because he needs one. This is the typical attack mode of the ring. Jack Darby can summon objects with his ring to interact with and manipulate objects at range. These manipulations are analogous to the things that a person with two large hands could feasibly complete (moving, pushing, pulling, pressing, turning, etc). These objects have superficial images associated with them, always in the form of an object that is completing the task. If the object is grabbing and moving another thing, it will have a "grasping" mechanic, be it a hand, a mouth, a clamp, a claw, etc. These images are purely illusory, and the strength of the object is always the same. That means that a Construct shaped like a hand and a Construct shaped like a crowbar are equally good at prying something open and etc. These grabbing constructs appear as a tendril of rope-like light that extends from Jack's power ring, ending in the chosen 'grabber'. They can extend as far as Jack's concentration allows, but the longer the grabber, the more easily it is broken. His constructs are colored emerald. While these objects are illusory and can fulfill only one purpose, they can be attacked, damaged and destroyed. The more damage they take, the more strain it puts on Jack's mind. The more energy he puts into these objects, the harder they are to break but the more physically and mentally exhausted he becomes. These objects will immediately dissipate upon his breaking his concentration for any reason. Maximum range of ~30 meters (~100 feet) This is the 2nd ability of the ring.

Will Rifle (900, Ranged Prof): 

A weapon that was created by Jack to supplement his mechanical hands. This channels his will power to create emerald bullets in specially made magazines for him. The kind of bullets that the M16 holds is 5.56×45mm NATO rounds in a thirty capacity magazine. For the maximum range, bullets reach up to 601 yards. There are modes that the gun can switch to such as semi-automatic, burst mode, and full-automatic. On burst mode, three bullets fire out of the gun when the trigger is pulled each time. This helps for bullets to hit targets accurately for medium range. How long it takes to empty a clip when continuing to fire on full automatic is at 5.10 seconds. On semi-automatic and burst mode, depends how fast Jack fires his gun. He can pull the trigger a maximum of roughly 3 times per second, but when in burst mode the stronger recoil often forces him to wait about a second between bursts to steady the weapon again before firing. Changing modes only takes a fraction of a second, and can be toggled with a small switch on the gun. Once the clip is empty, it takes about 6.5 seconds to reload and insert a new magazine.

Mechanical Hands (900, Physical Strength, Ranged Prof.): 
Mechanical Hands Jack had to materialize for himself after the loss of his original limbs. These are powered by the Green Light of Will, and are good at punching things. They are somewhat heavier than his older hands, but can clash with weaponry more comfortably. They can also shoot green plasma blasts that travel at the speed of an arrow, and have a range of 75 feet. One blast can be shot every three seconds per hand. These do light damage. 

The mechanical hands also have a 2nd ability that he can choose to utilize. In combat, his abilities in melee were lacking. So, the hands were designed so they could ignite with green plasma after a 4 second charge (during which the hands cannot be used to defend or attack with), allowing chops, or slashes with his hands to do more damage than they should. This does moderate damage, and they remain ignited for two seconds, allowing him to get a solid few attacks in if he times it right.
Unstable Construct  - Emerald Revolver (300, Ranged Proficiency): 

An unstable construct that pulsates with barely contained Emerald Energy. This revolver can at present only hold 3 shots. The shots are capable of moving at the speed of regular bullets. This construct takes him ten seconds to make. In addition, reloading the construct takes about 7 seconds. This can be used with other moves, but has a chance of misfiring if he does so. It can be used while moving around. The pistols look like traditional revolvers made out of green crystal that has cracks all over it, but are partially made out of energy. While this is being created he can use other moves, or dodge. The three shots can be fired one every 5 seconds. 

Unstable Emerald Blast Wave (300, Ranged, Ranged Materialize, Area Attack): 

Pressing the Oan Power ring to his chest for 7 seconds, and then pointing it outwards, Jack will release a blast wave.  This requires his full concentration, and that he stay stationary to do it. The blast wave lasts for 10 seconds. It's speed is that of a bullet. This is moderately taxing on his stamina, akin to a light work out. The blast wave is colored emerald and has an unstable feel to it, in terms of pulsating with staticky energy. The energy wave is clearly unstable. A circle shaped blast wave that lashes out in every direction, the Unstable Emerald Blast Wave has a range of 35 feet in every direction when it activates. 


Stories of the Green Lantern Corps

  • In Brightest Day: http://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?tid=10249  [Complete]  In Brightest Day, Jack has first arrived in the Omniverse and has a lot to learn about the place. Initially he intended on going to Coruscant, but was swayed into going to Camelot instead. So far he has learned that Omnilium can create everything, but that there are also markets he could go to. Jack has also learned that the powers he wielded as a Green Lantern do not function in the Omniverse, at all at present, something that is irritating to him to say the least. From there, Jack has made his way to Camelot in hopes of getting new clothes, and discovering more about the Omniverse.
  • In Blackest Night: http://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?...#pid133934 [Complete] In Blackest Night, Jack visits the world of Camelot. Later during the thread he is going to gain his Oan Power ring, and start on the path to upgrading the ring into a full fledged Green Lantern Ring for himself, so he can become a Lantern fully. Having figured out how to work Omnilium to a degree Jack has managed to make his way to the island of Dalaran. Jack aimlessly wandered through it and came across a merchant. There he's been reunited with Arcee. Jack has reunited with Arcee and has gained the Oan Power Ring. 
  • No Evil Shall Escape My Sight: http://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?...#pid134191 [Complete] In No Evil Shall Escape My Sight, Jack Darby learns how to operate his power ring, and discusses things with Arcee. This starts him down the path to get an official Green Lantern Ring for himself. Little does he know he is going to have to fight a clone of Starscream later. Jack also learns of an island that has green crystals that store the energy of will, later on. 
  • Boot Camp [Complete] http://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?tid=10278 In Boot Camp Jack continues his journey to become the Green Lantern of the Omniverse, and starts determining that he needs to put together a Green Lantern Corps. Jack meets the individual Grapefruit and learns some about the Omniverse,  namely that there are other Primes. In addition he spitballs and tells Grapefruit that Omnilium could be capable of treating wounds, but is not sure. Once he is done, Jack begins the drive back towards the Nexus on Arcee. 
  • The Emerald Spark [Complete] https://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?tid=10336 Jack goes exploring and learns that not all the individuals in the Omniverse are human. After a period of inactivity he leaves the mysterious mouse creature to explore the Tangled Green some more. 
  • Will Versus Fear - Round One, Fight! [Complete] https://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?tid=10423  In Will Versus Fear, Round One Fight, Jack faces off of against a member of the Sinestro Corps. Defeated without her so much as using her power ring, Jack's hands are both amputated, and he is knocked unconscious, left for dead. 
  • The Extinguished Jade Candle [Complete] https://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?tid=10507 In the Extinguished Jade Candle, Jack has began the path to rekindling the flames of his will power. In addition he has made his way down to one of the lower Tiers in order to prepare himself for the coming battle he's going to have. 


Bases / Base Upgrades: 

N/A yet


Arcee - Jack's old partner from when he was a human. She was brought to the Omniverse by a different Prime than Jack, and has been searching the Omniverse for him ever since. She has also been looking for the rest of Team Prime. 

[Image: latest?cb=20131113213814]

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