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Name: Link
Level: 3
Spent OM: 10200
Proficiencies(3600): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Debuff Proficiency (1000), Area Attack Proficiency (600)
Powers(400): Master Acrobat(400)
Moves(3000): Master Sword (300), Hylian Shield (300), Fairy Bow (300), Spin Attack (900), Magical Arrows (600), Dual Clawshots (300), Paraglider (300)
Super Moves(1200): Megaton Smash (600), Light Arrow (600)
Transformations(1000): Ring of Lightning (1000)
Unlocks(1000): 1st Stat Increase SPD
Base stats:
ATK: 3
DEF: 3
SPD: 2
TEC: 3


Character Source:

[Image: 220px-Zelda_Logo.svg.png]

Character History:

[Image: flat,800x800,075,f.u1.jpg]

Link is born during the Hyrulean Civil War, and is left in Kokiri Forest by his dying mother in an attempt to spare him from the widespread violence. From then on, Link is fostered by the Great Deku Tree, who raises the Hylian child as a Kokiri so that he will fit in with his peers. However, as Link does not possess a fairy like other Kokiri, he is always something of an outsider, especially in the eyes of Mido, the self-appointed "Boss of the Kokiri".

When Link is a child, the Gerudo King Ganondorf places a curse on the Great Deku Tree in retaliation for the guardian's refusal to hand over the Spiritual Stone of Forest. The Great Deku Tree sends the fairy known as Navi to Link, who serves as the boy's Fairy companion for the duration of the game. With Navi's guidance, Link acquires a sword and shield and defeats Queen Gohma, a parasitic monster placed inside the Great Deku Tree by Ganondorf. His health sapped by Ganondorf's curse, the Great Deku Tree bestows the Spiritual Stone upon Link before his death, bequeathing the boy to travel to Hyrule Castle and speak with Princess Zelda. Upon exiting the forest, Link's childhood friend Saria gives him the Fairy Ocarina, with which he can play the various songs he learns on his journeys. Upon reaching Princess Zelda inside Hyrule Castle, the princess tells Link about Ganondorf's malicious plans to take over Hyrule, and tasks Link with finding the Spiritual Stones of Fire and Water.

Link retrieves the two remaining Spiritual Stones, aiding the Goron and Zora peoples who guard them in the process, and sets off for Hyrule Castle Town to place them in the Temple of Time. Just outside the town, he encounters Zelda and Impa as they flee from Ganondorf, who has seized Hyrule Castle. Zelda manages to toss Link the Ocarina of Time as she flees, which he uses in conjunction with the three Spiritual Stones and "Song of Time" to open the Door of Time, revealing the Master Sword, which he pulls from the Pedestal of Time. Upon doing so, however, Link is sealed inside the Sacred Realm for seven years, as in his current form he is not judged capable of saving Hyrule as the Hero of Time.

Link awakens seven years later as a young adult, in the safety of the Temple of Light inside the Sacred Realm. During these seven years, Ganondorf has gained the Triforce of power and conquered Hyrule. Rauru, the Sage of Light, informs Link of the conquest of Hyrule, and instructs him to find the other five sages. Link traverses five temples in order to rescue the sages and awaken the power within them. They are Saria, the Sage of Forest; Darunia, the Sage of Fire; Princess Ruto, the Sage of Water; Impa, the Sage of Shadow; and Nabooru, the Sage of Spirit. With these five sages awakened, Princess Zelda reveals herself to Link as the seventh sage, only to be captured by Ganondorf. Aided by the power of the remaining sages, Link is able to enter Ganon's Castle and navigate its depths. He defeats both the King of Evil's Gerudo form and his monstrous Ganon transformation, freeing Hyrule and Princess Zelda. The princess then sends Link to the Child Timeline to regain his lost seven years.


Brave, compassionate and dedicated, Link is the quintessential Hero. Selfless in nature, Link will go to great lengths to save friends and even, to an extent, foe alike. Link also possesses a natural dexterity, he can quickly understand the complex mechanics behind things or figure out an opponent's weakness to use against them. This has proven invaluable in many situations, with both foes and allies alike showing surprise at his ingenuity. However, recent events have knocked his self confidence somewhat, causing him to occasionally hesitate. 

Link deeply values his ties with loved ones. His care towards allies has been noted several times, and is considered by some to be one of his greatest strengths.

Fighting Style:

[Image: latest?cb=20160117100809]
Link prefers melee combat, given his extensive training with the Master Sword. However, given the opportunity, Link will engage and enemy from range with a salvo of arrows, to wear his opponent down before closing in. The Hero has a wide array of tools at his disposal and is not shy about using each and every one, should the need arise. During combat, Link remains level headed and calm, rarely losing his temper, analysing every step his opponent makes and assessing which tool to use. If possible, he will use every opportunity to "lead" his opponent, pushing them in a certain direction or opening them up for a certain attack. 




Master Sword (Physical Strength)  
[Image: normal_zu_01.jpg]
A weapon forged by the goddess Hylia in ancient times, imbued with the power to defeat evil. Even the strongest of monsters feel the cold sting of this blade. The sword measures 4' in length, including the hilt. The Master Sword may cause evil-aligned Primes to feel ill at ease. (Think goosebumps or a shiver down their spine. It provides no advantage in combat, just a bit of flavour.)
  • Spin Attack (Area Attack, Physical Profs)
The Spin Attack has three stages. The first is simply Link performing a 360-degree slash, damaging all enemies caught in the strike, moreso than a simple strike with his sword. This stage of the attack's range is simply his sword's reach (variable depending on the sword Link is wielding, but for the time being, only the Master Sword). The second stage requires a charge time of 2 seconds and enhances the range of the attack by unleashing a wave of blue energy, extending the reach by 1.5 foot. The third stage requires a charge time of 4 seconds and enhances the range even further, by adding on another 1.5 foot, totaling 3 foot away from the tip of Link's sword, and changing the blue energy to orange. The orange energy also leaves a lingering burn on the target.
Hylian Shield
(See above image for reference)
Decorated with the Triforce and the Royal Family Crest, this metal shield is an excellent defense against other weapons such as swords, arrows, and fire. The shield itself measures 26" in length, 24" in height. 

Fairy Bow (Ranged Proficiency)
[Image: latest?cb=20090318100724]
A simple Bow and Arrow Set. This bow is only capable of standard firing distances of any standard bow, the quiver holds 15 arrows, refillable by either picking up fired arrows or resummoning any lost.
  • Magical Arrows (Ranged, Area Attack, Debuff Profs)
Link stores 15 arrows in his quiver, 3 of each Magical Arrow (9) and 6 regular arrows. These are replenished either by summoning or simply retrieving the fired arrows. Magical arrows revert to regular arrows and must be reenchanted if collected. Resummoning Magical Arrows retains their enchantment. 

Fire Arrows - Fire arrows are one of three special types of arrow that Link can obtain for the Fairy Bow. When a Fire Arrow hits it's target, it momentarily bathes the impact point in flames, leaving a lingering burn that can hinder the target. 

Ice Arrows - The second special type of arrow Link can obtain, as their name implies, these arrows are enchanted with the power of ice. When the arrow hit it's target, the ice arrow freezes the immediate area around the impact point, slowing movement or stopping it all together.

Clawshot (Ranged Proficiency)
[Image: $]
This tool consists of a long chain connected to a discharging claw that Link can fire to either pull items or people towards himself, or pull himself towards certain surfaces. In combat, the Clawshot is generally useful as a makeshift ranged weapon, with the advantage of not requiring any ammunition. 10 foot, max range. They'll cover that distance in little more than a second, but requires time for aiming.


[Image: $]
A simple Paraglider that Link can summon, to help with descending from great heights. Piercing the cloth of the glider disrupts his descent and destroys it. It measures 2x2 foot. 

Super Moves

Light Arrows - Tier 1 Super Move - Utility - (Ranged, Area Attack, Debuff Prof)

Link draws and fires an arrow enchanted with the power of Light. When the arrow hits it's mark, the enchantment erupts into a large area of blinding white light, spanning 4x4 foot. The Light simply dazes enemies, blinding them for 5 seconds and leaving a slight haze, for a further 5. 

Megaton Smash - Tier 1 Super Move - Attack (Physical Strength, Area Attack)

Link leaps high into the air, summoning the Megaton Hammer on his way. He then brings the hammer into a vicious downward strike, causing a fair amount of damage to the first person he connects with. Should he not hit a person, the Hammer leaves it's mark on the ground. The Hammer is then dismissed, dissipating into little more than a sparkling puff of smoke and leaving Link a little more drained than before. Repeated use of this attack drains Link rapidly, leaving him exhausted (shown through remaining SP).

Transformations/Power Ups

Ring of Lightning - Power-up - 1000 OM

Link activates the Vongola Ring of Lightning. Emerald green electricity dances across the surface of his body before finally settling within the Master Sword and Hylian Shield, bolstering Link's defense and sharpening his attacks. 

ATK: +2
DEF: +2
TEC: +1

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