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Peter Parker

Name: Peter Parker
Spent OM: 4300
Consumed OM (0): (for consumed items or OM permanently lost from respecs, etc)
Proficiencies (2000): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Debuff Proficiency (1000)
Powers (700/8000): Master Acrobat (400), Basic Super Jumping (300)
Moves (600): Webs (600)
Super Moves (0):
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Items (0):
Artefacts: None
Bases (0);
Unlocks (0);
Base stats:
ATK: 2
DEF: 2
SPD: 3
TEC: 3
[Image: r3QXYio.png]

Prologue: Responsibility (Pre-Omni):

Chapter I: Amazing Fantasy:
To be written!
[Image: r3QXYio.png]

Combat (WIP):

Webs (600 OM) [Requires Ranged Proficiency, Debuff Proficiency, and Master Acrobat]:
Using a metallic wristband and a chemical mixture of his own design, Peter's created fairly simple designs for projecting the chemical substance at high speeds. So basically, shooting webs. The wristbands aren't exactly astronomically advanced, just a metal band around his wrist, with a canister and a button on the underside. He presses it with his fingers, and the webs come out of a hole facing out, about as fast as an arrow would fly. These are mainly used for two different functions: short bursts, or long strands.

Short bursts are simply that, short bursts. Their primary function is to entrap singular body parts, sticking them to whatever's nearby, or forcing them to work around having a body part stuck. Of course, this webbing isn't unbreakable, but it takes a decent amount of strength to break them off. That being said, they cut rather easily, meaning with a sharp object on hand, you can cut loose rather quickly.

Long strands, on the other hand, are used as a mode of transportation, such as a zipline or swinging from one structure to another. A much simpler application, but a much more useful one for everything outside battle. These webs can travel around 100 feet, to accompany their home turf, NYC.

Peter is very adept at creating his webbing, but he doesn't have an infinite amount per cartridge. After about a minute and a half of constant use in battle (forty-five seconds for each hand, but this is merely aesthetic), he will run out, meaning he has to spend thirty seconds putting in and setting his cartridges, meaning he can't use his webbing at all. In addition to this, Peter has to wait almost a second (around three fourths) before he can shoot webbing after he's shot one, as his shooters re-pressurize.
[Image: r3QXYio.png]

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