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Mordus Goldenmane Roster

Name: Mordus Goldenmane
Spent OM: 3000
Consumed OM: 2400
Proficiencies (2600): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged (1000), Remote Control (600)
Powers (400/8000): Master Acrobat (400)
Moves (2): Fists O’ Fury (300) Spectral Limbs (600)
Super Moves (0): (None Yet)
Transformations (0): (None)
Assists (0): (None Yet)
Items: (Clothes)
Artefacts: (None Yet)
Bases: (None Yet)
Unlocks (0); (None Yet)
Base stats:
ATK: 4
DEF: 1
SPD: 3
TEC: 2

Appearance, is as seen in the picture, minus the staff, though Mordus might try and attain a new one, it’s kinda like a nobility status sign.



Fists O’ Fury (400 OM, Physical Proficiency)
Mordus can charge up a melee based attack for a maximum of 40 seconds, and a minimum of 5 seconds. He must stay completely still. After charging this move, he can inflict a number of melee based attacks in the span of a few seconds, how fast these attacks are depends on the time spent charging it. I.E he spends 5 seconds, he can make a number of quick attacks in five seconds. Essentially, he gets really fast for a certain amount of time.
EX. “Mordus watches as the thugs step out from the ally way shadows. He notes their numbers, and proceeds to stand completely still. They slowly incircle him in the span of 12 seconds. The first thugs launches at him and time seems to slow to Mordus. His fists fly up and connect with the mans throat and gut. In one second, the man lies dead. Mordus turns to three others. He kicks out and flys at them in a fury. In another four seconds, they to lie dead. In seven more seconds, the rest of the thugs lie on the ground, lifeless and cold.”

Spectral Limbs (600 OM, Physical Proficiency, Ranged Proficiency, Remote Control Proficiency)
Mordus can summon another set of arms, ranging from normal sized, to as thick as trees. Summoning is instant, usually with a clap. Mordus can keep them on his person, giving him more limbs to attack with, lift, etc. Or, he can summon them as physical arms in a range of 50 feet. He can slam them into people, pick things up, etc. They work as really big (Or small) summonable arms, that don’t have to be attached to him. The only downsize, is that if they are not attached to his body, he has to stand still and control them with his normal arms, miming the movements.

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