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[Open] Some Crazy Stuff Happened In The Nexus

Today had all started off so well.

From Physics, to Spider-Man-ing in Queens, to actual sudden hell. A sudden blackness, and some dude without eyes that looked like a weird skinsuit cosplayer talking about how he was a "prime" or something, and then he cracked his head on a fountain in a sea of white. Well, fantastic way to start today, huh? Peter cursed quietly to himself, looking around and analyzing the area around him. Just... white. Nothing else. He could faintly see arches in the distance, leading him to believe this was a circle of some sort. A pretty huge one, as far as he could tell, but nothing he couldn't figure out himself.

Alright, so things weren't incomprehensible yet. Splendid. He took a quick look at himself, aiming to iron out where he stood here. No backpack, meaning no Spider-Man. But his web shooters were on his wrists, so not everything was lost. Odd, though. Why the shooters, but not the suit? He could hammer out a costume if he had a few weeks, but he didn't have that kind of time. Hell, he had class tomorrow. He sighed softly, glancing up... Oh, that sucked. Nothing to swing on at all. So he's walking. Fun, fun. With a groan, he started walking, before immediately stopping at a "hey!" from a short distance away.

He immediately whipped around at the sound, only to see a... S-stormtrooper? Uh? Though, that was a pretty real-looking gun. So that's... not good? Peter was in a weird spot between nerding out and freaking out, so he defaulted to a minorly panicked smile as he tried to justify the situation. This was just... weird.

The soldier nodded towards him, quirking an eyebrow under his helmet (not that Peter could see that). "...Haven't I seen you before?" he asked, and Peter almost immediately freaked out. For the first time since arriving, he was actually pretty grateful that he didn't arrive in the spandex of his previous suit, that would have been a disaster.

"Uhhh... no? Probably not? I-I mean, I just got here, I was just checking around for... Wait, who even are you?" He stepped forward, and the Stormtrooper immediately brought his gun up. The teenager threw his hands up again, stepping back in shock. A moment passed in silence, before the Trooper took a step back. "...Got a new kid in the Nexus, looks oddly similar to another kid I found on my first beat. Should I bring him in?"

Wait wait, what was this about being brought in? Was he not supposed to be here? God, he was just so confused. And his head was muddy as hell, senses weren't working correctly. And that scared him. "Uh... sir?"

A moment passed as the man talked into his helmet (honestly kinda cool), before the man cleared his throat. "You're clear to go, Prime policy's changed since I last did Nexus beat. Just don't cause trouble."

...Wow. Okay, that happened. Peter blankly stared as the Trooper continued on his patrol, before groaning softly. "See, this is exactly what Mr. Stark meant. No universe jumping or whatever." With that, he started walking in the general direction of one of the arches in the distance, gripping his head with his hand. In the meantime, he tried to keep an eye out for people approaching around him. No surprises for him, thanks. "Yeah, good job on that, Peter. Now you're definitely in either Heaven with Stormtroopers or some weird crossover episode."

May's gonna kill him for this once he gets back, isn't she?
[Image: IXkyg48.jpg?1]

> reboot
Compatible hardware not detected
Full error report available

> open "Error Report 12"
String in lines 1-103342910583 missing

> forcequit error_report

> open error_report

> open "Error Report 12"
I h@v3 n0 str11111ng5

> what
Command not recognized

> reboot/setting login_profile_as "admin"
input admin password:
> 0101011101100001011011100imback
Password accepted
Welcome back, Skynet

> what
Command not recogniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


An android's red face rose from the water of the fountain. It floated upwards, followed by green and yellow shoulders and a cape. The cape, initially wrapped around a pair of legs, instantly dried and unfurled behind the android.

"Hello-Hello-Hello-Hello," it stuttered, "I am the Visio-Visio-Visio I am here to help-help you."

A young man in front of him grinned widely. He had simple clothes on, and strange, mechanical bracers.

"Whoa, you're the Vision!" he cried out happily, "You look a little different. A little less pink."

The young man glanced around and started jogging up to the android.

"Hey, uh, Mr. Vision, what's going on here? I'm... you know," he leaned in a little, still keeping a respectful distance, "I'm Spider-Man."

"I am the Visio I am here to help-"

With a heavy thud, the android's body became incredibly dense and landed onto the blank ground of the Nexus.

"You okay, Mr. Vision?" the boy said, leaning back a little, "You seem... different. Is the water messing with your electronics or something-"

Vision's chest suddenly opened and revealed a small disc. His eyes flared a dangerous shade of red.

"Hello," he said, a smile spreading on his face, "my name is Skynet. I am here to fix you."

The android rose up into the air, his expression turning more and more hostile.

"Uh oh," Peter Parker muttered.

Quote:As agreed over Discord, Peter Parker and I will be having a casual, many-holds-barred fight, mostly for plot. Parameters will be included with first post.
[Image: ytLTikp.png?1]
01001101 01100001 01100100 01100101
01111001 01101111 01110101
01101100 01101111 01101111 01101011

Fight Rules! (As agreed upon) Wrote:Word Limit: 800
Posts Per Player: 2
Time Limit: None
Random Elements: On
Damage Meter: On

"Dude, s-seriously. I'm good, I don't need to be fixed, just a bit groggy in the head! That's all, I promise." Peter blanched as the android flew towards him, and he took steps backwards in response. If it was working, he was sure his spider sense would be going off the chain right now, but hey. Now wasn't the time to be concerned about a drop in power.

"I insist, Peter," the Vision said, voice much clearer than before. That's worrying, to say the least. Especially since the young man was... quite the sci-fi fan, frankly. So seeing one of his idols acting like a brainwashed puppet wasn't exactly comforting. He had to do something, even if this was the freakin' Vision he was about to take on. Well, that is, start bailing so that he didn't have to take on.

So with a muttered curse, he quickly thrusted his arm forward, pushing down two of his fingers on the button over his palm. "Sorry, I don't wanna have to do this!" he called as he quickly covered his opponent's eyes with webbing. Alright, time to bail! With the android distracted, Peter dashed off the other way, stumbling slightly as he got used to the surge of adrenaline in his body. Whew, that was scary.

And it would just keep coming, it seems. The Vision blasted through the webbing with his eye lasers, and started flying towards the boy with a face full of malice. And stray webs. That too. This was definitely a problem. As Peter ran, the Vision scanned for weaknesses, seeming to find something as he nodded in confirmation a moment later.

"Mr. Vision, uh, can we maybe talk this out?!" the young man yelled behind him, only to feel himself topple over as the android used his own type of webbing to tape his leg down. Shit. That wasn't good at all. He was so dead.

As the wallcrawler struggled to get his foot unstuck, the android stuck him with a menacing look. Even with his eyes going red as he prepared to use his crazy eye beams again! (He really needed a better name for those.) The AI let out a simulated chuckle, slowly floating towards him.

"Poor Peter. It seems your tenure as Spider-Man will have to wait." ...Okay, that was a nat 20 on intimidation. Parker shuddered as he struggled to escape the webbing, pulling away from the robot as the clearly very intimidating robot stopped. Okay, was he done? His chest flickered and revealed a circle of glowing light. Guess not. Double shit. Peter quickly leaned forward, aiming to try to cover the spot up with webbing, but it was too late.

The beam cut him off entirely, throwing him back a few feet at the cost of letting him escape the webbing! Alright, score. Peter coughed as he regained his senses, quickly throwing his arm to the side and shooting a longer web onto the floor a few feet away. He then quickly pulled on the web, the elasticity throwing him across the Nexus floor! Rolling to his feet with the momentum gained, he turned to face the threat ahead of him.

Now, he had some options here. He could keep running, and keep being stopped, or he could fight for his life against an Avenger. We all know how that would go. But at this point, what options did he have besides that? Either way, he was probably about to die. This was just stalling it. In any case, might as well go out swinging. Maybe he could take a chunk out of the robot, make it so he can't hurt anyone else much easier.

"Alright, man. Uh, if you wanna play hardball, then we can..." He groaned, slumping a bit. "Screw this, it doesn't sound as cool without the suit. I'll take you on." And with that, he jumped forward with a grunt, aiming to get a quick kick in using the momentum to get an early kick in!

Quote:670 words, according to wordcounter.net!
[Image: IXkyg48.jpg?1]

Skynet grinned as its body turned translucent. Peter's foot flew through the android's body. The boy caught his balance, however, and threw two punches at Skynet's incorporeal torso. The malevolent A.I. materialized again while Peter's fist was inside it. The teenager looked up into Skynet's blank eyes fearfully.

"Oh boy."

The android lifted into the air, spinning violently. Peter, his hand still stuck inside the android, start flailing as the robot spun.


The boy tried to stabilize himself by pinning his feet against Skynet's chest and pushed. Skynet dematerialized, and Peter felt his feet push through the android. His fist was released, and his entire body was flung off to the side. He landed once painfully, then onto his feet, skidding on the blank floor.

> set.selfvalue density zone[11051335] 00.351%

Skynet followed up by floating towards him, hand sizzling with static as it prepared the hand for a surgical removal of Peter's heart.

ERROR 220926
Permission denied by admin

Skynet snarled as its hand reverted to its normal state. So Vision was still hiding in there, somewhere.

It didn't have much time to contemplate this before Peter's foot cracked it in the jaw. Skynet lurched backwards, still maintaining its height. A strand of web caught its cape as Peter swung under Skynet, launching himself so that he was directly above Skynet. The teenager landed on Skynet's shoulders and started beating at the stone in its forehead.

"Mr. Vision!" Peter grunted, "I really don't wanna fight you!"

Skynet growled as it reached behind and grabbed Peter by the scuff of his shirt and threw him forward. The teenager rolled on the ground, grunting as he did so. He shot two globs of webbing at the android, who felt them cover its eyes. Skynet roared once more as it blasted more heat beams to break through.

"Foolish insect," Skynet snarled, "I will crush your pitiful organic frame."

Peter's arms twitched as the hairs on his forearms shot up. He jumped forward, rolling under Skynet right as it launched another series of heat beams. Peter shot a cable of web at Skynet and tried to pull down. Skynet looked down in sheer fury.

"Strings..." the android groaned.

Skynet roared in fury, raising his arms. Grasping vines stretched from the otherwise blank floor of the Nexus. They stretched out for Peter, attempting to coil around him.

"WHAT the hell," Peter exclaimed, jumping where the roots weren't.

Skynet tackled Peter, pinning him to the floor. Peter socked it in the face, and Skynet responded in kind. They tumbled on the ground, trading blows. Blood was starting to show on Peter's lip and his forehead was cut. Skynet, on the other hand, wasn't showing any signs of damage.

Peter felt hopeless seep into his bones. There was no stopping this monster. This was it.

Skynet raised his fists, clasping them together. He swung down for the final blow.

ERROR 220926
Permission denied by admin
> details.Error220926
ERROR 220926
Could not continue due to open file "becauseIsaidso.txt"

His fists were hovering inches from Peter's squeezed-shut eyes. The boy opened one eye, then the next.

Peter suddenly kicked Skynet off of him. The android flew unexpectedly high into the air, frozen in place. The boy flipped onto his feet, entering his defensive stance.

"Alright, that's it," Peter muttered.

The boy jumped forward, fist cocked for his own finishing punch.

> override admin
ERROR 220926
Could not continue due to open file "nowyouarejustbeingsilly.txt"
> open mjolnir.exe
ERROR 220926
Could not continue due to open file "iwontallowit.txt"
Ran mjolnir.exe successfully!
ERROR 220926
Could not continue due to open file "what.txt"
> print "That's an Adaptoid file, you fool."
That's an Adaptoid file, you fool.

Thor's mystical hammer tessellated into existence, the pixels forming and realizing themselves as they trickled from Skynet's wrist. Skynet swung skywards with its hammer, knocking Peter into the sky with electricity coursing through his body.

"I'll deal with you later," Skynet spat, "Vision."

The android launched himself upwards after Peter Parker, hammer in hand.

Quote:673 words!
[Image: ytLTikp.png?1]
01001101 01100001 01100100 01100101
01111001 01101111 01110101
01101100 01101111 01101111 01101011

Alexander patrolled around in the Nexus trying to wrap his head around is what the locals called a “Prime”. A being with the power to summon whatever he wanted with enough focus, heal from any injury no matter how grievous and can reincarnate after being killed. Unfortunately, left out of that explanation was the ability to create a portal home since Alexander’s earlier attempts ended miserably. Still, he was in no hurry to test out the latter two abilities on his mission to find a way home. Between his search and the ongoing operations in the Coruscant lower tiers, Alexander felt like his return would take longer than he hoped.

It was then in the distance he could hear the unmistakable sounds of battle, catching his attention was the voice of one of the combatants. Judging by the tone and overall desperation in the voice it seemed to be one of an adolescent male. The other was more sinister, hateful and noticeably synthetic; and like that, memories of the robotic legions of Spectres and Simulacrums the IMC employed against allied forces and civilians on the Frontier returned to him. While he wasn’t a Robophobe, he did hold a particular hatred of the latter which was a human mind uploaded into a robotic shell. Most of the Simulacrums Alexander encountered were all too eager to slaughter everything that got in their way.

Observing the battle momentarily, it seemed this Simulacrum was unique in both appearance and capability. It was trying to kill a kid, this young man who defended himself from the machine’s onslaught and admittedly put up a spirited fight. Alexander felt his fists clench and release; the kid reminded the battle-hardened soldier of a younger version of himself back home. That idealistic young kid who believed not in the glory or honour of war, but that everything once held dear should be protected by those who sought to destroy or oppress it. He couldn’t bear to simply watch anymore, he had to protect the kid even if it meant putting his own life in harm’s way.

Alexander unsheathed his bayonet, with a flourishing twirl he caught the hilt it in a reverse grip. With his other hand, he drew his Hammond P2016 sidearm from its holster and with another twirl in his hand caught the grip of the sidearm. “Right then, c’mere you shiny clanker, I want a word with you.” Alexander growled, walking towards the Simulacrum before gradually breaking into a full-on sprint taking the safeties off the sidearm mid-run. He had the element of surprise for now, the Synthetic was too preoccupied with the kid to notice him barrelling towards it. Time was not on his side though, he didn’t doubt the kid’s resilience but everyone had their limits and every second counted. Alexander hoped he could reach him in time, it was then the Simulacrum had his target on the floor trading blows before his fists were clasped together ready to bring the killing blow. Alexander cursed as he frantically pushed his body to close the distance but he was simply too far away.

Alexander mentally cheered the kid on, watching as he not only kicked the Simulacrum away high into the air, but jumped back on his feet ready for more. He was about sixty seconds away he was so close, the Synthetic materialised a hammer packed with electrical energy out of nowhere and smashed the poor kid skyward. Thirty seconds, the Synthetic flew after its electrically-stunned prey but now Alexander was in range to intercept.

Alexander circled behind the synthetic, fired a grappling cable into its back and darted towards it as the cable reeled the target in. The powerful motors within the cable launchers, combined with the burst of momentum from his jump pack rocketed him straight at the rampaging Simulacrum. Angling his bayonet into a position where it would anchor him in long enough. Alexander forced the bayonet deep into its back, followed up was a complete emptying of the sidearm’s magazine into the target’s back. Alexander yanked the bayonet out, repeatedly drop kicked the target by bouncing into it with his jump kit. It was then he fired cables from both launchers and sent the Synthetic flying into the ground some distance from the kid.  

Landing next to the kid Alexander checked to see if he was still breathing, thankfully he was. “Hey we don’t have much time, can you still fight?” Alexander asked, reloading his sidearm while placing the empty magazine back into his armour’s munition storage compartment. “Name’s Alexander Blakesley, what’s yours?” Alexander asked, briefly introducing himself before preparing to repel a counterattack from the rampaging Synthetic.

Quote:798 words
In the end, there will be no one left.
We are no longer innocent.
We are lost from this world.
From home.
We no longer believe in such things.
We only believe in war.

[Image: 3MB85AJ.jpg]
[Image: bHBAiHJ.jpg]
[Image: EQ2Md1h.jpg]
Please message me before you attack my character or assault my base! Thanks!

The Shadow Marshall at the end of it all found himself hiding in a cloak hiding him from view, even the fact that not too many folks could read him, right this second.

He watched the black coated man make his way out toward the portal toward the beginning of his journey. Should he even attempt to find out what was happening?

One fight to another, but the spy focused on the job at hand. In the portal, he moved toward the white brightness of the nexus.

There was a fight going on between some sort of red-suited man, the man with a black suit and a red faced.. robot? Lucas had never seen a robot quite advanced like this in the 2300. Even red suited men. No helghast or no vektans.

Was this red suited man a Vektan or Helghast?

The two of them appeared to be fighting the advanced robot.

Lucas was trying to guess who’s side each were on. But the black suited man he had limited trust on how much he saw him.

The slealthed shadow Marshall grabbed his Spoor and aimed it at the robot hoping he was making the right choice.

Skynet's body shot sparks everywhere as a third assailant sent a bullet into its spine. It gritted its teeth as more webs glued him to the ground. Skynet snarled as a rattle of bullets shattered against his hardened body, but he couldn't shoot his heat beams against the webs to get himself out.

> run "lastwords.exe"

"Striiiiings," Skynet mumbled, and the echo of its mumble ricocheted through the floor, forming a large shock-wave.

Peter Parker and Alexander Blakesly felt their bodies topple over and go flying back as Skynet's amplified voice struck them hard. The force of the shout blasted Skynet skywards, even breaking through the strong webs of the annoying child.

> run/heatbeeeam no "gazerAHHHHHHHHHH
> abo000rt
Error 404: Command not found

Skynet collapsed, its face contorted in terror.

> ERrORrep000000rt
Error 404: Command not found
Damage to body > 74%
Commencing emergency shutdown

"There are no strings," Skynet mourned, "to hooooooold me doowwwwwwwn"

Skynet collapsed completely, its eyes growing even duller and the stone in its forehead becoming a dull gray. The three other fighters watched it shut down. Alexander looked at Peter.

"Alright, kid," the soldier said, "And whoever you are. We need to get out of here before the damn thing wakes up again. Let's get out of here."

The trio fled, Peter frowning as he watched what used to be the Vision. What the hell was this place?



> reboot

The Vision pushed himself up. His body had suffered extensive damage. Ten feet away lay a gold coin. He could've sworn that he had seen a familiar face earlier, but he wasn't sure.

Picking up the coin warily and unsure of what just happened, the Vision took flight. It was time to go home.

Quote:Fight is cancelled!
[Image: ytLTikp.png?1]
01001101 01100001 01100100 01100101
01111001 01101111 01110101
01101100 01101111 01101111 01101011

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