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Tyson Renegade

Name: Tyson Renegade
Spent OM: 12,500
Consumed OM: 
Proficiencies (4200): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Area Attack (600), Area Defense(400) Ranged Materialize(600), Ranged Control(600)

Powers (4000/8000): Super Speed (1000), Burst Movement (800), Master Super Jumping (800), Master Acrobat (400), Advanced Telekinesis(1000)

Moves (300):  Bloodskal Blade (300)
Super Moves (0): (like above, but also include the tiers)
Transformations (1000):  Dark Revenant T1 Power Up (1,000)
Assists (0)
Unlocks (3000) Stat Upgrade I(1000), Stat Upgrade II(2000)

Base stats: 
ATK: 5 (2)
DEF: 2 (1)
SPD: 3 (1)
TEC: 2 (1)


[Image: Tyson.jpg]
Name: Tyson Renegade
Former Human Name: Tyrone James Williams or T.J. Williams
Character Source: OC (Original Character)
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 218 lbs.
Age: Estimated  around 200 Years Old
Hair: White (Formerly Black)
Eyes: Red (Originally Brown)
Complexion: Dark Brown (A dark complexion of an African American Heritage)
Physical Description: Tyson is a super hybrid of a demon and Oni having both heritages fused into one perfected body. He has a muscular build having a dark brown complexion though his body is ripped. The strangest thing about him? Is his left arm...Being mutated in something of a warmonger's arm. The arm itself is freaky it having various sharp claws on different parts of the arm [Fingers, Knuckles, Shoulder and the Elbow]. The hybrid demon has horns on his forehead that will come out his demon forehead and they'll start to bleed. Having red eyes and bleached hair sometimes looking white or faded yellow. The demon's clothing is sometimes of a gentlemen's attire or street attire depending on the situation is good or bad but sometimes it doesn't really matter to him. Like some humans, Tyson wears underwear having on black underwear and black socks. Now for his attire consists of black baggy jeans, a white sash, and customized sneakers to look more human.

History: His memory was completely erased still his family, friends everything was gone. Before all this, He was once known as Tyrone James Williams a nice teenage adult with a promising start throughout the years living the American dream. Finishing High School and starting college over the years manage to have a girlfriend that stood by him through tragedy. Everything seemed alright until a wicked plan came in the works and Tyrone was targeted. An evil gang attacked and killed Tyrone and with his dying breath swore revenge and his soul was sent to Hell, Tyrone made a deal with the dark lords. But the demon scientists had other ideas for the burnt human making him into a test subject for demonic power. The test subject was ready his memories and everything about him was erased being the final test subject. He was checked constantly seeing if his body was stable enough to begin the project. Test Subject #71689 was ready as guards took him and placed him inside some tank as it started filling up with water. Unknown creatures began Project Zenotic as demons we're sacrificed and their powers and abilities were placed into the creature. It did something to left arm as it was being ripped apart as demons replaced it completely. The test subject survived the procedure his body was stable.

It was a complete success as Project Zenotic was breathing but his creators knew one day the creature would become powerful. But the birth was complete sooner enough the creation started growing over the years. The decision was to send him to another planet and then a pre-determined point come back to check on the creature's progress. Project Zenotic wanted to know what his purpose was something the creature wanted desperately his creators wanted him to become the ultimate killing machine.

Project Zenotic was given a demonic test run of seven days. Under the name Tyson Renegade, He was temporarily given his memories back allowing to seek revenge upon his enemies. Tyson performed perfectly but some demons thought the hybrid was stronger than a normal demon. This was confirmed when his blood tests came back something was very odd because a strong demonic power stood out from the rest. The bloodline of Zenotic Amon one the legendary demons of hell none of the demon scientists thought nothing bad would happen. After his blood results, Tyson was determined too great of a threat if the dark bloodline existed within him. Over the years, Tyson's strength was too strong as were some of his powers...They had no choice the decision was made to erase his memory in time it would come back. However, The dark creators thought this creature would become a threat upon them with his memory gone the creature reverted back into a demi-human form. 

One of his creators...Thought Project Zenotic was going to be a great asset in the years to come. They teleported him on some weird looking planet returning back to their home. The creators we're confronted and killed by this High Counselor for selfish reasons...no one knows why either. Tyson fought against the High Counselor killing him before his memory was erased. The man couldn't remember anything. Someone went to great legendary lengths to erase his memory the man doesn't know anything about himself just his name...Tyson Renegade. 

One question remains and that Tyson always asked himself. "Who am I?"

PROFICIENCIES: Physical Strength, Ranged Proficiency, Area Attack, Area Defense, Ranged Materialize, Ranged Control


Super Speed: A technique that allows you to move up to double your normal movement speed by sacrificing maneuverability and turning speed. It takes several seconds to build up speed from your normal top speed. The faster you go, the longer it takes to turn and slow down. At 150% of your normal top speed, you are still able to turn, but in a much wider turning arc. Finally, at double your normal top speed, you will only be able to run in a straight line. Super Speed can be used in conjunction with Flight to traverse distances much faster. 

Burst Movement: This allows you to quickly move at up to double your normal speed. The downside is that is only usable in second-long bursts (with a second in between) and drains the user much more than normal movement, making it a quick way to tire oneself out in battle if constantly used. This serves as a useful 'dash' that can be used for closing gaps quickly to attack, dodging attacks, and confusing an opponent. Already-speedy characters who use burst movement can look like they're teleporting, but it is really just fast movement. Burst Movement can be used in conjunction with Flight. Burst Movement may also be used in conjunction with Super Speed to make fast turns and stop/start quicker, but it does not allow you to surpass double your normal speed. 

Master Super Jumping: Allowing him to transcend humanity's natural leaping limitations. Not only can those with Super Jumping jump higher, but they can also 'double jump' by kicking off vertical surfaces. Allows Tyson to jump up to 60 meters high. 

Master Acrobat: Tyson can perform handstands, flips, and cartwheels with ease, even while attacking or defending. 

Advanced Telekinesis: The ability to remotely move objects with the power of your mind. Without derivative moves, it will allow you to pick up and manipulate objects in the specified radius. The strength of telekinesis is based on your ATK stat and gives you the same ability to lift objects that the Physical Strength proficiency does, with the caveat that the further away something is, the harder it becomes to lift and manipulate. At 50% of your maximum ranges, your telekinesis will have half of its power. At your absolute maximum range (which is determined by the level of Telekinesis you have) you will only have a tiny fraction of the power that you have up-close. Moves will be required in order to do other things such as telekinetic waves that can push back enemies or deflect projectiles or to create walls that can block moves and enemies, or affect Primes. However, you do not require additional moves to, for example, lift and throw objects at people, or try to snatch moving objects out of the air (this will be very difficult, however, and require a high TEC for effectiveness). [The maximum range of ~60 meters (~200 feet)]


Bloodskal Blade: A legendary vampire sword, Remade from the vampire queen Lilith. The blade itself almost having the same strength also the same to a zanpakuto. What soul reapers called soul cutters. The original sword was retired and the ancient vampire remade the steel sword completely from Tyson's blood. Tyson's blade looks something close to a Roman gladiator sword, Having a long triangle shape looking like a great sword made to be sharp. With a blade length of about  29; 7/8 inches unlike regular greatswords this looks something sword and a katana wrapped into one. Tyson used the sword to kill his victims as somewhat the sword starts glowing red almost like it was licking the blood of its victims. As the blade is literally an extension of his soul, he wields it effortlessly, being capable of dealing blindingly fast slashes with apparent ease.
Bloodskal Blade
[Image: Bloodska-Blade.png]


Dark Revenant: (Tier 1 Power-Up) In this state, Tyson is seen having a dark blue aura emitting from his body. As his muscles are a bit stronger and his eyes are pitch black almost close to a pure evil demon. With his physical abilities being increased within this dark evil state. Tyson's voice will more demonic sounded like he possessed by an evil spirit. Almost like two people talking at once. 
[Image: Dark.gif]
Dark Revenant Power-Up
ATK: +2
DEF: +1
SPD: +1
TEC: +1

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