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Yukika Inoue

Yukika Inoue, aka The Megitsune

Spent OM: 4600
Consumed OM: 0

Proficiencies (1000): Physical Strength (1000)
Powers (2300/8000): Telepathy (1500), Burst Movement (800)

Moves (300): Ryuu (300)
Assists (0):

Unlocks (1000): Stat Increase I (1000)

Base stats:
ATK: 0
DEF: 1
SPD: 5 
TEC: 5
[Image: 6ccef516870aa6b562343cffc7072d16846516ac_hq.gif]

General Information


In a world where monsters and disasters are a daily hurdle, heroes are needed more than ever. Whether those heroes are special in their own right or just regular people that want to do good for their community. One such girl, a young member of society, grew up watching these heroes save her home countless times over again. Growing up, Yukika had a decently normal life, besides having lost her mother at an early age. Her father is very protective of her, but she still attempts to a way to see her dream come true: To become the hero like those who have saved her before.

At the age of 14, Yukika developed a special ability that would give her a shot at becoming a hero. That ability was telepathy, the ability to read any simple-enough being’s thought by just gazing at their facial expression. However, no in the world knows that she possesses such a power, or really even knows who she is. Even her father has no idea of amazing telepathic ability she was randomly gifted with. At the age of 16, she applied to be a hero at The Hero Association and was barely accepted as a class-C ranked hero, at the very bottom of the rankings. This did not discourage her though; her dream had just begun.

She made her way up in the ranks of the Heroes Association rather quickly with her amazing support ability, using it to distract high-threat-level monsters until much more powerful heroes arrive to actually destroy it. After all, she was just a 16-year-old girl - How could she kill Tiger-Level threats? However, it only takes one bad decision to ruin everything. In the even of a God-Level threat(The worst) she attempted to prove herself and failed. Upon meeting the dragon-like monster that tore down over half a city she barely survived a single blow and was hospitalized. She has yet to wake up, yet still dreams in the world of The Omniverse.


[Image: 44046b42460571f234192b6d290c063e.jpg]

Yukika Inoue is a 16-year-old teenager with fair skin and long, silk-black hair. She is constantly seen wearing a black and red kimono made of fine silk, as this is her ‘superhero outfit’. Her aspect come to a height of 5’ 1 and weighs in at 113lb. Yukika’s eyes are the color of the hazel, looking slightly greenish in the iris. She is scrawny, but only because her muscle-mass is minimal. She is not a toothpick, just lacks extra muscle. As you might imagine, she is extremely weak unable to cause much damage by herself. Even so, she wields a small dagger known as a Wakizashi to defend herself.


Yukika is a timid, young girl. She finds coping with stress difficult and her confidence lacks unless she is wearing her mask. While wearing her mask, she comes off more serious and quiet than without it. She is aspiring to become a well-reknowned hero, a symbol of justice for the people around her. However, the real reason she loves being a hero is simply because she finds it exciting and fun. When she loses her mask, she loses her composure. She visibly becomes nervous and her abilities lack, compared to when she has her mask.

What is a Megitsune?

She poses a being called a ‘Megitsune’, a Japanese word that can be translated to ‘Vixen’. They are much like Kitusne fox-spirits, only more human-like. The can be comparable to a succubus, but often don't take that turn. The Megitsune are more interested in causing subtle chaos for no reason, especially to shrine maidens, mostly because they’re the easiest to piss off. Why? Because it’s fun.
[Image: 6ccef516870aa6b562343cffc7072d16846516ac_hq.gif]

Moves and Super Moves

Ryuu; requires Physical Str. (300)

A simple, 18” blade fashioned with a hilt that is decorated in white flowers. It is a one-sided wakizashi used in quick motions and unpredictable ways(or else it wouldn’t be called a ninja blade, would it?). It takes only a second to summon from her hammer-space if unsummoned.

Fodder Move - Kitsune Mask; requires Telepathy

The Kitsune mask is the trademark of a powerful trickster spirit, and a trademark to Yukika's ensemble. The mask hides her face and conceals her identity, while also enhancing her somewhat weak telepathic powers(The enhancement the mask has brings it up to the telepathy standards in the Omniverse.) Without the mask, she is visibly nervous and has trouble reading minds and actions. Yes, it can be broken with force.
[Image: 6ccef516870aa6b562343cffc7072d16846516ac_hq.gif]

Transformations & Assists


None, yet.

Alternate Forms

None, yet.


None, yet.
[Image: 6ccef516870aa6b562343cffc7072d16846516ac_hq.gif]

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