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Name: Guu
Spent OM: 75,000
Consumed OM: 14,300
Proficiencies (4200): Physical Strength (1000 OM), Ranged Proficiency (1000 OM), Ranged Materialize Proficiency (600), Remote Control Proficiency (600 OM), Debuff Proficiency (1000 OM)
Powers: (19,800/20,000): Super Speed (1000), Burst Movement (800), Flight (1800), Master Acrobat (400), Malleability (1000), Shapeshifting (1400), Integration (1000), Hive Mind (400), Disassemble (800), Enhanced Senses; Master (2000), Insight (1600), Foresight (1500), Telepathy (1500), Stealth (1200), Suppression (1000), Basic Telekinesis (400), Survival (2000)
Moves (4200): Stomach of Holding (300), Fly Paper Skin (300), Paper Cut (300), Measuring Tape Punch (300), Gatling Guu (300), Kii Knuckles (300), Dama Hama Ha (600), Return to Sender (300), Noodle Tendrils (300), Enigma (600), Mind Surge (300), A Kiss of Reproach (300)
Super Moves (2000): Geometry Defense - Tier 1 Defensive (600), Trigonometry Defense - Tier 2 Defensive (800), Spit Take - Tier 1 Offensive (600)
Transformations (6500): Fairy Guu - Alt. Form (2000), Adult Guu - Tier One Power-up (1,000), Spawn of the Elders - Tier Two Power-Up (1500), Kaiju Guu - Tier Three Power-up (2000)
Items: Mobile Dataverse Device, Communicator, Vita Compass, Spiritual Enlightenment, Banishment Circles (2), Elixer (2), Medal!
Bases: Pokute Palace (Tangled Green) - Recall Station, Medical Centre, Dataverse Uplink, Vault, Tier 3 Base Fortifications
Unlocks (24000): Stat Upgrade IV (14000), Tier 3 Powers Cap (10,000), Recognition!
Base stats:
ATK: 3  (5)  [8] {10}
DEF: 1  (3)  [3] {9}
SPD: 5  (6)  [6] {8}
TEC: 5  (5)  [7] {7}

Fairy Guu - Alternate Form:
ATK: 0
DEF: 2
SPD: 7
TEC: 5



Full Name: Guu
[Image: HXzdFC6.jpg]
Character Source: Hare+Guu
Age: 10
Height: 3'1"
Hair Color: Light Pink
Eye Color: Black (default) or Red (social face)

She appears to be a small human child with short pink hair. She wears a pink dress with a yellow scarf wrapped across her chest. Her default face is a dull vacant expression with large black bored eyes. She doesn't have fingers, sporting long noodle like arms. Oddly enough, her stumps still act as functioning hands.
In times when she needs to be more social, she'll put on her "social face." Her eye color changes to burgundy, becoming wide and expressive. Her hair becomes more messy and free, Not to mention, she has fingers in this form.

Guu talks in a near constant monotone. No matter what emotion she wants to convey, genuine or otherwise, will come off like she’s bored. She is sarcastic with those she doesn’t care for and manipulative when she needs to be.
However, to those she does care for, she’s usually quite loyal. Sure she won’t hold back in being a smartass with them from time to time, but she’ll stand by them if they’re in need. It’s clear she’d rather have more friends then enemies, especially after her powers were taken.
If she ever needs to milk some manipulation, she’ll alter her face to be more sociable: her voice becomes more expressive and sweet, her eyes wide and colored red, and she even has fingers when she’s like this.

Fairy Guu - Alternate Form (2000 OM)
[Image: eiiBvy4.gif]
Whenever Guu wants to be a passive observer, she'll take the form of a 3-inch-Fairy. She'll look like her normal self but with a yellow dress, red shoes, and large insect wings. Her personality doesn't change at all, however, her movement speed will increase dramatically and she will be constantly relying on her Flight power to move around.

ATK: 0
DEF: 2
SPD: 7
TEC: 5

Adult Guu - Tier 1 Power-Up
[Image: TQaiNB6.jpg]
Guu transforms into her more battle competent adult form; a 5'6" woman with knee length hair and dull red eyes. While this form specializes in close quarters combat, she still has access to all of Guu's abilities. Adult Guu is notably more expressive than her default and sometimes will show obvious signs of empathy, but elements of her trickster spirit still remains.
Guu is able to take on this form through shapeshifting, but it's purely cosmetic. She'll need to spend SP and do a "power-up" sequence in order to gain the stat boosts when she's in this form already.

ATK: +2
DEF: +2
SPD: +1

Spawn of the Elders - Tier 2 Power-Up
Normal Guu suddenly grows purple tentacles out of her back, which wiggle around and even attack sometimes. All light reflecting off her body dims as her eyes glow a blood red. From what could be seen through the mild shadow, her skin has become mostly translucent; her veins and muscles visible. Whenever she uses malleability, people close by could see her innards horrifically twisting and shifting around to compensate for the new form. This body is entirely cut off from what little emotions Guu has, instead focused on whatever target she wants destroyed. This is the form she takes when she doesn’t want to remember killing her opponent.

ATK: +5
DEF: +2
SPD: +1
TEC: +2

Kaiju Guu - Tier 3 Power-up (2000)
[Image: yFqESv4.png]
In a flash of light, Guu grows 50 feet tall. She appears in whatever outfit and form she was in at the time.

ATK: +7
DEF: +8
SPD: +3
TEC: +2

Stomach of Holding: (300 OM)  Malleability
Guu's stomach is a sub-dimension where she can store a large amount of objects without encumbering herself. if the object is bigger than her mouth, she'll stretch her head out to fit like a snake. When she needs to retrieve something, she'll reach into her own mouth and pull it out again.
[Image: vBiZ6j3.jpg]
Limitations: If hit hard enough to be sent flying or an opponent hits her hard in the stomach, she'll cough up the last two items she swallowed (or if she swallowed any item(s) that belongs to the opponent, she'll cough them up specifically.) She currently can only eat inanimate objects no bigger than your average pony mount. She can't eat buildings or anything that's attached to the ground.

Fly Paper Skin (300 OM) Physical Strength, Debuff Proficiency, Malleability, Shapeshifting
With a half a second of focus, Guu can make her skin incredibly sticky. It takes very little focus to maintain, but the effect applies to her whole body, slowing her down by half. She can use the move to stick to surfaces, objects, or even an opponent. This will increase the strength of her overall grip.
Of course, the increase is kind of subtle, and a reasonably strong opponent could yank her off without too much effort. Moving around while sticky immediately breaks stealth as the noise of her moving is a dead give away, unless if she was moving at one quarter her speed. It takes a half a second to deactivate this move.

Paper Cut: (300) Survival, Malleability, Shapeshifting
Whenever Guu gets injured, she can move injuries and replace body parts. She’s not healing herself mind you, simply moving the injury someplace where it’s less of an inconvenience. Like a cut along her arm would be moved to her back. She could even reconstruct bones through shapeshifting her tissue as long as the broken bone is moved somewhere else to heal.
Limitations: This takes 1-3 seconds to do depending on the severity of the injury. She must be standing still or walking at a snails pace while doing it as this ability requires focus.

[Image: 7FxAab.gif]
Measuring Tape Punch (300 OM) Ranged Proficiency, Malleable
This is an upgraded form of her standard stretchy punch. Allowing herself 3 seconds to aim and charge, she launches her arm at high velocity, usually hitting the target at a vulnerable spot. Due to the added focus, this move does almost double the damage of her normal punch.
Limitations: She needs to be standing still and focusing in order to use this move. This moves breaks stealth as soon as it impacts the target.

[Image: rGWlyO8.jpg]
Gatling Guu (300 Om) Ranged Proficiency, Maleable, Stomach of Holding
Guu pops her arm open (much like the lid of a lighter) to reveal what looks like a gatling gun small enough to fit inside. This is a permanent fixture of her arm and only requires a second of shaping her arm with malleability to take out and put away. Despite its appearance, it actually fires at the rate of semi-automatic; about 60 rounds per minute. Bullets are stored and retrieved from her stomach. The shells of said bullets fall out of her mouth as she fires.
Limitations: Being a rapid fire gun, a decrease in accuracy is logical. Also, she'll need to stop firing every minute or so to allow a 10 second cool down or it will slowly begin to exhaust her.

Dama Hama Ha (600) Ranged Proficiency
A light pink beam of raw destructive energy, fired from the palms of the hands, that can be charged for greater effectiveness. It requires the user to be stationary in order to use, though not necessarily on the ground. The user can endure hits while charging up, unless said hits are stronger than their DEF stat can allow; in that situation, it'll cause the move to fail. The minimum time it takes to use is about a second, and the longest it can be charged for is thirty seconds, the results of which can be very powerful. Once fired it travels as fast as an arrow. The beam's direction is selected upon firing, it can't be redirected once it's fired. Within range, the beam travels until it hits something, but it's strength starts to deminish around 500 feet and and eventually fades to nothing around 750 feet. A small charge of the beam doesn't effect the user's stamina much, but a fully charged beam can be quite taxing. It is roughly three feet in diameter

Kii Knuckles (300) Physical Strength
She uses her kii energy to heighten her strikes as if she were wearing brass knuckles or specialized gloves. Her strikes give off pink sparks, signifying the use of her kii. This move doesn't increase power over time and it's strength is based on the ATK stat of the user.

Noodle Tendrils (300) Ranged Proficiency, Ranged Materialized Proficiency, Debuff Proficiency, Foresight, Enhanced Senses
Whenever an opponent is within range of her senses, she can summon a pair of noodle arms to burst out of the ground, latching onto a single opponent and digging into their skin causing minor damage. The arms do not break the earth when they are summoned, it breaks like someone punching through paper and the texture of the ground warps like cheap video game graphics. She can latch onto any one target within her range unless said opponent has Suppression, in that case Guu must be able to see her target in order to use this move.
The victim cannot move 15 feet from the root of the tentacles in all directions. Flight based characters are held close to the ground, speedy characters are kept in a single small area. They can still attack and dodge, mobility is barely hampered as long as they don’t attempt to leave the radius of the roots.
The strength of said tendrils is based on Guu’s ATK. Characters with a higher ATK can rip out the tendrils. Fast characters with Suppression can outrun the tendrils.
This move can last up to 30 seconds without much strain, but maintaining them after that will begin to majorly deplete her energy. When she chooses to dismiss this move, the tendrils retract into the hole they came from and the ground mends back together.
This move can only be used once per battle, and can only be used on a single opponent.

Return to Sender (300) Ranged Proficiency, Remote Control Proficiency, Ranged Materialized Proficiency, Foresight, Enhanced Senses, Telekinesis
Using a complex mixture of Foresight, Telekinesis, and Enhances Senses, she can catch projectiles within the range of telekinesis and launch them back at their owner. She can catch up to five medium sized projectiles at a time (baseball to beach ball sized), or 25 small sized projectiles (bullet sized), but her aim upon firing them back gets way more wonky the more projectiles she grabs. When she’s at her limit, she can still attempt to slow down other projectiles, though with little to no success.
She can only fire back projectiles one at a time (no all at once bombardment), and she can only fire back the projectiles up to or less than the speed they were initially fired. Same applies for damage.
Objects heavier than a cannonball would take a lot of strain to pull the move off with. Projectiles that explode on impact would fail to explode after using this move unless if Guu purchases Area Attack Proficiency.
Due to the focus required, she can’t move very fast while doing the move. Any attempts to move faster than the speed of a light walk would cause the move to fail, causing any projectiles she’s collected to plop harmlessly on the ground. The same will also happen if she holds onto a projectile for more than a second.

Enigma (600) Physical Proficiency
Guu takes four seconds to summon Tearen Wover’s favored weapon; the halberd known as Enigma. The polearm grows outwards in a line of shimmering brilliance, which slowly fades and dissipates to reveal the weapon. This ten foot long implement has a shaft made of a lightweight but sturdy metal that has a dark, oily sheen that ends with a spiked pommel. Enigma's head is about five inches long from shaft to blade, and the metal is of a curious hot pink cast with a brushed texture. Like all halberds, Enigma also has a long spear fused into the axe-head, which enables the weapon to be used both as a thrusting and as a cutting implement. The gap between the spear and the axehead can be used to catch and deflect blows from opposing weapons. (Move originally by Tearen Wover)

Mind Surge (300) Telepathy, Ranged Proficiency
Guu's eyes flare brightly while this move is active, its normal black hues taking on a brilliant white gleam. It begins to flood the target's mind with overwhelming amounts of eldritch knowledge and information in such a volume that it can't be fully processed. This has the effect of causing the target to be stunned with overwhelming mental anguish as their brain tries to comprehend what it is taking in. Their vision will flash with images of impossible geometric shapes and nightmarish visions of distorted worlds and creatures. Their ears will be filled with a deafening, piercing roar, as if they were standing next to an immense waterfall. The goal of the move is to drive away attackers, and there needs to be mutual direct eye contact in order for any thoughts to be forced in, meaning that both Guu and the target have to be able to see the other's eyes. As soon as eye contact it broken, the target is no longer affected. Guu’s brain can only maintain this flood of thoughts for roughly five seconds, and has to wait one full round before using the move again. In addition, Guu can take no other actions while performing this move.
Once the move stops, the target does not retain any of the knowledge that Guu showed them, save for a few hazy memories of terrifying shapes and sounds. If it is beneficial to the story, the target may be able to glean some forbidden knowledge, if they have a strong enough mind. While it does not inflict any serious, lasting damage, victims of Mind Surge are liable to have a considerable headache for an hour or two. (Move originally by Tearen Wover).

A Kiss of Reproach (300) Physical Strength, Telekinesis
After focusing a burst of telekinetic force into her arm for two seconds, Guu waits for an opportune moment to strike before slamming an open palm into the target's center of mass. If the strike does not connect immediately after charging, within half a second, the telekinetic force dissipates and Guu must charge this attack again. Guu can work this into the end of a combo of normal hand-to-hand attacks, but it cannot be used in conjunction with named moves. Guu must be able to concentrate on the kinetic buildup, but she can still move while doing so. The Move is not terribly draining to perform from a physical perspective, but Guu must let her mind rest for three seconds before using any other telekinetic Moves.
The strike itself does hardly any damage, but as the hand impacts the target, the built up telekinetic force is shunted into the opponent, causing them to be pushed up to twenty feet away at about the speed of a fastball, depending on their weight. Opponents with fast reflexes or high TEC may be able to prevent themselves from falling over from the blow by rolling or somersaulting. Move does not work in conjunction stretchy punches, this is a close quarters attack. (Move originally by Tearen Wover)

Geometry Defense - Tier 1 Defensive Super Move (600 OM) Malleability, Shapeshifting, Hive Mind, Disassemble, Master Acrobat
Guu shifts her form into shapes that perfectly dodges the oncoming attack. No matter the shape or size of the attack, she can morph in a way that could dodge it. The more silly the shape, the better. This can be used to dodge super moves.

Trigonomotry Defense - Tier 2 Defensive Super Move (800 OM) Malleability, Shapeshifting, Hive Mind, Disassemble, Master Acrobat, Flight, Super Speed, Burst Movement, Foresight, Geometry Defense
This move functions very much like Geometry Defense, except a vision from her Foresight allows her more reaction time towards a super move. The extra time allows her to dodge out of the way with her movement powers as well as defensively change her shape.

Spit Take - Tier 1 Offensive Super Move (600 OM) Ranged Proficiency, Stomach of Holding
Inspired by her fight with Gilgamesh, Guu summons from her stomach ten random weapons (battle axes and swords) and then launches them from her mouth in rapid succession at high velocities towards her opponent. Upon injuring the opponent or hitting the ground, they melt into pink goop and evaporate into nothing.

Social Fu:
[Image: iL1UutgkfVE9X.gif]
Guu is quite adept at manipulating others to her own ends. She would sometimes don her social face (pictured right) to become more feminine and childlike to gain the favor of others around her. She's also an expert liar, bending the truth without the slightest hint of deception. Even people with insight have difficulty seeing past her. She can also use this talent in her normal face, often subtly pushing people with small comments to certain decisions.
However, she has as of late rarely had to use her special talent as the people around her seem to accept her even at her most earnest. But if she ever needs too, the ability is accessible to her.

Fighting Technique:
When she actually gets into a fight, she'll prefer to fight with her hands. She tends to use a combination of punches and kicks, extending their reach using her malleable ability. Guu is quite tactical in her approach, often compensating her lack of Defense by making calculated strikes at precise times. She's not above tricking out her enemy or getting into stealth in order to get a cheap hit. If she does get injured, she can use the "Paper cut" move listed above to help not be hindered by any damage dealt.

Along with her moves and powers, she's actually quite competent in hand to hand combat, even able to fight close quarters if needed. Under the following spoiler tag is a number of maneuvers she's been seen using in the show, though there maybe many others:

[Image: Isz56LZ.png]
Iron Claw

[Image: 8A2slKZ.png]
Neck Hanging Tree

[Image: lmAgvX0.png]
Camel Clutch

[Image: qKVS71s.png]
Argentine Back Breaker

[Image: NuxFrA6.png]
And finally, a Bear Hug.

All outdated moves...


Guu was a jungle spirit. Her powers were vast, much a kin to a goddess. She spent most of her life watching over the jungle she called home and eating whomever wandered too far into it.
It was one fateful day when she ran into a little jungle boy named Hare. Instead of trapping him in her stomach forever, she followed him home. It's unclear if she was attracted to the boy or if she just thought he was fun to kick around, but whatever the reason, Guu decided to take on a mostly human form and moved in with Hare and his mom. She would only let Hare know of her power, because it's fun watching him go insane failing to convince anyone.
For the next year, she'd slowly learn about human customs and way of life. Eventually, she sort of became the village's secret protector. She would also make everything chaotic by warping reality, because it would drive Hare mad.
Eventually, Guu felt like she overstayed her welcome. In a dream, she took Hare out into the spirit world and showed him her birthplace from a distance. Saying good bye, she sent him back alone, erasing everyone else's memory of her as she traversed to the place she was born,  a world between life and death…
And this is when Omni snatched her.

Nyeseth/Desco Saga
Baby Steps: (Nexus)
Guu finds herself in the Omniverse, shocked at the concept of having to breath. She spends hours in the Nexus trying to get a handle on her motor controls, which she hadn't had to worry about in the past. Upon finally gaining control (and completing a dance number,) she takes a dip in the fountain. It's here that she runs into the demon girl, Desco. Through here, Guu learns about a fight breaking out in the Nexus, and helps her intervene. Through this, she meets a soul reaper named Nyeseth. While healing him up, they also run into the the swordsman Seraph. Together, they all cross over to the Tangeled Green.

Forest-y Adventures: (Tangled Green)
Upon entering the Tangle Green, they are nearly trampled by a stampede. If it weren't for the intervention of a man named Jereth, it would have. Jereth takes them to a brothel, where the owner gives them the task of rescuing a little girl with medusa powers. Their trip to the forest was complicated when locals are convinced that they were even demons. They finally find the girl, but ironically run into a Cockatrice. After Desco is partially frozen in stone, Guu is forced to fight for the first time in the Omniverse. After the Cockatrice lay dead, they returned the little girl, received payment, and got the hell out of there.
However, going back on their travels, they run into a crazed scientist named Mao and his small posse of ninjas who wants to kidnap Desco and Guu for his experiments. Guu broke from the group to dispatch the ninja, and even befriended one of them. However, as she was doing that, Nyeseth was struck down by Mao. With his tearful final words, he faded away and out of their lives. With Nyeseth gone, Desco and Guu parted ways.

Guu'd vs Evil Saga
How to Troll your Mayor: (Tangled Green)
Guu snuck into a whore house and acquired some info from a diary. She went to the town of Langweilig where her first course of action was to reveal to the mayor that she is knowledgeable of his interesting sexual practices. This lands her in jail and because the town is anti-non-human, she is given the death penalty. However attempts to hang her were pointless as her malleability prevented it. Trying to cut her head off with an axe was hindered by her dissemble ability. When they tried to burn her alive, she came up with a crazy convoluted scheme that got her out of it. They wound up just giving her an extended prison sentence.

Guu'd Vs. Evil: (Tangled Green)
Guu discovers that her dataverse trolling has attracted the attention of King Gilgamesh from the Endless Dunes, who is coming over to the Tangled to kick her ass. She has a bit of an existential crisis over it until her adult self shows up and reminds her how silly all this is.
Escaping prison, she meets Gil in town square. Her tiny size and demeanor causes him to break down in laughter and request that she entertain him some more. She responds by punching him in the face. He starts chucking weapons at her which she dodges with her malleability and acrobatics. She takes a bunch of the weapons with a her Dissemble.
She fires back with her Gatling Guu. It was around this point that Gil realized this wasn't going to be the curb stomp battle he thought and stepped up his game. With a lucky slice of his sword, her gun was disabled and she was forced to transform into Adult Guu. Just as that was giving her an edge in the battle, Gil transformed into his Runes of Babylon form and summoned his ultimate weapon: EA.
After a bit of back and forth, he managed to do a massive amount of damage to her stomach and right hand with the weapon.
The two showdown for one last attack. Guu charges up another punch while Gil comes at her with EA. He misses, but she hits him dead on in the face. Putting him on a horse, she sends him on his way, making peace over e-mail before passing out from exhaustion

Birth of Ambrosia Saga
City of Teens (Tangled Green)
Guu woke up days later. On her nightstand was a strange yellow key. Upon going outside, she discovers that most of the city decided to abandon the colony of Langweilig as the attack was proof of the city's lack of security. All who stayed behind were a bunch of teens who couldn't go back to their old lives in Camelot. The Teens stock pile all the food. Guu helped them think up a new town name, "Ambrosia." She posed for some photos that became t-shirts that sell big on the Dataverse. Then she made herself a mansion that would become the new town HQ.

City of Ambrosia Part 1: (Tangled Green)
The citizens of Ambrosia start calling Guu "Princess." At first it's more a joke pet name, but it quickly stuck as a real thing when she fought off a bunch of orcs. She makes the connection that the key earlier might be connected to the mysterious door out in the middle of nowhere she discovered early in her travels. She goes out to try out her theory, but is quickly distracted by an injured man off in the woods. She abandons her revelation to carry him to safety where he can receive medical treatment. Tired, she goes to bed.
However, she is quickly interrupted by a girl on a moped crashing through her window. She places the girl in a punishment room. She spends so much time setting up that, she's almost late for her photo op.

Along Came a Gildarts (Tangled Green)
After trolling the hell out of her photographer, her second in command, Sylvia takes her aside, telling her that they have a visitor. She meets the 40-year-old red head Gildarts, a wizard. After a long discussion, she decides he's honorable and lets him join the city. He requests a mission and, despite him being new, gives him a rather personal one. After briefing him, he diligently runs off.

City of Ambrosia Part 2: (Tangled Green)
After patrolling Ambrosia for a bit, she went to her room to think. She remembered her life living amongst the cosmos, and how she wound up living as a human. She fell asleep thinking about Omni.
The next day, it was announced that the Dame fruits were ripe, and Sylvia rallies the teens to go harvest them. Guu was pulled away as a film troop of Pokemon wanted to join the town. They gladly agreed to become her new photographers. Feeling great at things going up for Ambrosia, she head off for the door as she decides to finally try it.

The First Door: (Tangled Green)
She entered the door which lead to a playground. The play sets were each blocked off, and as she played with each on, another one got unlocked. Eventually, she unlocked the slide which lead to the next area. It's a classroom. It looked like that it had been evacuated mid lecture. However, she discovered that she was actually a student in this class somehow.
Suddenly, she was in a new reality where she was actually a student in the class, who had a huge crush on an Omni look-a-like named Truth. Upon exiting class, she caught up with her friends, Desco and Sylvia. They exchange gossip. As they make their way out of school, Guu gets pulled aside by Truth, who gives her a bracelet.
Later that night, she and her friends have a sleepover. Every game she plays with her friends seem to reveal posters on the wall. After everyone sleeps, she notices something under the bed and follows it. It leads to some nightmare realm. She meets a little girl named Ulna, who tells her that they are in a realm of a monster. She apologizes for the absurdity, for the monster has a fascination with childlike whimsy and because of the planar abilities of the monster, can only be fought if she were to ease into the monster's world.
She fights the monster in what becomes a long battle. For her efforts, she gets a gemstone of sorts. Ulna is long gone by now. She inserts the gem into a pedestal and it unlocks a room with a glowing orb of pure OM. Upon absorbing it, she gains great knowledge from it.

City of Ambrosia Part 3: (Tangled Green)
Guu comes back to a minor crisis. Some animals are lost in the woods. Relying on her senses to find them, she ties her arm around a tree and makes her way into the woods. It's revealed that the spirits of the woods fear her, because they know what she truly is. This plays to her advantage as she leads the animals out of the woods with no harm whatsoever. The animals are allowed to live in Ambrosia, and their expertise in certain areas help out around town.
The moogles show up. They buy out the Dame fruits and then ship them off all over the Omniverse. Some moogles choose to stay in Ambrosia to focus on their chocobo breeding, bringing both moogles and Chocobo into the fold.
Sylvia and a number of other citizens convince Guu that she should participate in the major battle royale event, Dante's Abyss. Just her being there would bring so much publicity to Ambrosia. She's reluctant, but decides she wants to support her kingdom. With a heartfelt goodbye, she left her home. She registered for the event and left for the Danteverse.

Dante's Abyss Saga
Pre-show: (Danteverse)
Upon joining up, she hits the gym for a humorous training montage. She meets Doomguy in real life for the first time and finally has that drink with him. However, she is distracted by the sudden arrival of Desco in the lobby.
After a reunion, she join the demon girl and her sister in the cafeteria. They meet Carn for the first time and get some time to chill before they are called up to the barracks.
In the final hours before the show, Guu got to chill with Ganon, throw down with Gilgamesh, meet Mickey Mouse, meet with her ally Gildarts, and reunite with Desco once more.
Guu is transported to the island and the show begins.

Dante's Abyss: (Danteverse)
Immediately after landing on the island, she has the first ever hunger spell she's ever had in her whole life. She was forced to munch on cold sausage.
She quickly teams up with Desco and Monkey D. Luffy. The trio travel together on the island, getting into fight after fight against random opponents while forming a kinship. Guu asks Desco to join Ambrosia, which she accepts.
The trio meet up with Gildarts. They camp out in a school to avoid crappy weather, but they come across Negi Springfield. After he attacks Desco with a hammer, Guu loses her cool and slices him up with numerous weapons, making him her first kill in the Omniverse. She doesn't take it very well. She also claims the Mercy Circle.
Oddly enough, the group decided to go to an arena event. It was a bad move as Gilgamesh was waiting with an army. Guu was trapped under a net and beaten by Gilgamesh and Jon Snow. See the situation as desperate, she was forced to use her "Spawn of the Elders" transformation for the first time. Unfortunately, it didn't help much as Doomguy blasts her with a BFG.
She wakes up later in a random place in the arena, burns all over her body, wandering around in her underwear. She teams up with Erza until she could find Gildarts. However, she decide she had a enough. She used the Mercy Circle on herself and that ended her time in Dante's Abyss.

Post-Show: (Danteverse, Coruscant) (There are No Lines For A Final Boss)
Feeling guilt for giving up, she hung out in the lobby for a while. She got to pick on Victor Wolfe. Eventually, Desco came back as well and she got to once again reunite with her. She apologized for leaving the games, the two hugged it out. Eventually, they were force to leave the lobby.
Guu joins Desco in Coruscant where she accompanies her to her father's lab. She was suspicious of the demon girl's father, but reluctantly let her go anyways as she really needed to come back to Ambrosia. She left for the nexus gate soon after.

Welcome to Ambrosia Saga

Welcome to Ambrosia: (Tangled Green) (Welcome to Ambrosia)
Too much to sum up for now. Read 'Welcome to Ambrosia' for now.

Detours in Camelot: (Camelot)
Wanting to reunite with Desco, and hoping to find out where everyone fucked off too, she traveled to Camelot where a big tournament was being held. There, she met up with Desco and Gildarts. The trio spent some quality time together playing carnival games. Eventually, Guu broke from the group to meet with Yu Kanda. She calmly explained to him the nature of the Omniverse and released him from Ambrosian captivity. Having done that, she went back to fun and games with Desco and Gildarts, until he had to leave.
Guu, wanting to cheat at carnival games, used Omnilium to give herself psychic powers. However, doing this caused a psychic vision of Luffy falling in battle, leaving his artifacts behind. Deciding to help out a friend, she shapeshifted as Luffy and claimed them at the front desk. She stowed them away in her stomach for the time being.
Returning to Desco, she though she could finally have fun, but it was this point that Naturae decided to hatch. Tucking away in a secluded part of the fair, the pair help the baby namekian to hatch. They spend the next hour or so taking care of it.
Then, suddenly, Princess Bonbon Sunshine, the ruling monarch of Ambrosia's rival faction Berry Blitzkrieg, shows up with her soldiers. There's a brief stand-off, but a paladin shows up and breaks it up. Guu and Desco take this cue to leave Camelot.

Ambrosia vs. Berry Blitzkrieg: (Nexus)
Guu and Desco waited by the fountain for Luffy to respawn, as the pink one didn't want to carry his artifacts around. It was at this point that Princess Bonbon showed up with her soldiers. She followed them into the Nexus and intend to bushwhack the pair.
Despite trying to protect Naturae, Desco and a trio of Prinnies were easily able to hold off the grunts. Guu got quite a few easy pot shots on Bonbon as she didn't anticipate her odd fight style. Suddenly, Adam showed up and landed a bullet in Bonbon's head, which unfortunately didn't kill her.
Suddenly, an orc baby is thrown at the prinnies, which explodes and kills two of them. Three officers had shown up. One of them heals Bonbon. The three square off against

[Image: dydUq5h.png]
Pokute Palace, Tangled Green
This base is located in the direct center of the city of Ambrosia, and is the main headquarters and landmark of her faction/domain.
It's basically just a really really big mansion, modeled after the place she lived in during the city episodes of the show. However modifications have been made. For instance, there's a small jungle habitat out in front that spreads for half a mile. Also, several rooms have been added to fit Guu's tastes.

Rooms: Kitchen, dining room, ballroom, fancy restaurant, outdoor pool, arcade, gaming rooms (one for home video games, one for pool tables and the like,) dedicated bath houses, countless guest rooms, and probably many many other things I'm forgetting.

[Image: nTKER8x.jpg]
Countless Pokute's occupy and maintain the place's upkeep. Guu is rather apathetic to their existance, but they remain loyal because they see her like a mother to them.

The Palace's royal guard serve as the city's main police force, expertly trained by their Captain.

The base's recall station is accessible by: Gildarts/Molly, Carn_Val, Desco, Gamzee Makara, Mickey Mouse/Minnie Mouse, Undyne, Alphys, Frisk/Toriel, Cupa, and Proto Man/Mireya, Yu Kanda.

"Do you think... god stays in heaven because he too lives in fear of what he's created?" -Steve Buscemi, Spy Kids 2

[Image: y2rWJ2S.jpg]

Character name: Dama

Character source: Hare+Guu

Level: 9

Character history: Dama was once a hair dresser. She was a rather senile old woman pushing her 60s who often frightened the local children with her presence. The only superpower she had was her ability see spirits, she could name a person’s guardian spirit just by looking at them.

One fateful day, she encountered a little pink haired girl named Guu. For whatever reason, when she looked at her, she saw nothing.

This encounter may have nothing to do with what happens next, or it may have everything to do with it.
[Image: oT69xLx.jpg]

Soon after, a man named Dr. Clive walked into the room and she immediately thinks he’s her long dead husband (he looks nothing like him outside the fact they both have white hair.) When he ran, she pursued him, and this was the first time she took her monster form.

She would stalk Dr. Clive for months, making his life a living hell. In a last ditch effort, Clive dyed his hair black. This seemed to have worked as she thought her lost love just up and disappeared on her. Defeated, she ran into the wilderness.

She would eventually pop up again months later as men with white hair started to get attacked by a monster. Clive’s son, Hare, decided to end her reign of terror. He wore a white-haired wig and delivered a letter to her pretending to be her husband. He told her to move on, find other men to share her life with. Tearfully, she did, as she ran off into the jungle to murder men indiscriminately instead of just the white-haired ones.

In between her murder sprees, she would have occasional lapses in clarity. She would spend these hours wallowing in her depression before her drive to kill returned. It was during one of these sessions one damp rainy night in the jungle that she would have a chance meeting with Guu.

Lonely, she confided in the girl, sharing her feelings about her own weaknesses. Upon hearing this, Guu agreed to train her, help her focus her mind and body to become something better in one giant montage. It’s through this she master her Ki-energy, gaining the ability to fly and to fire the Dama Hama Ha wave.

Of course, these last two paragraphs could have been a lie, and Guu just fabricated everything just to explain away Dama’s sudden change in character and ability, but whatever, moving on.

Dama would reveal her new self when Hare and Guu are once again in danger; being held at gunpoint by a former bank robber. Hare’s mom would jump off a cliff to prove a point to the robber and Dama arrived just in time to catch her. It was at this point that she and the robber would have a Dragon Ball Z style fight. She even dropped her weighted hair.

She would eventually win, but instead of finishing him off, she would give him some sound life advice. The two, Dama and the robber would eventually happily wed.

That is until Dama would eventually get bored with married life and go into the business of assassinations, taking on her sniper form. However, when she took the job to kill Hare’s family, they were able to talk her into going back to her husband yadda yadda yadda.

The next time she would show up was with her identical twin sister Tama who would force her into a fusion. The two formed as one fights Hare and Guu until they could separate, then she makes up with her sister and become friends.

She would take on various jobs after that, everything from fry cook to mob boss. It was around the time Guu left their world, around the time she was deciding to retire and live peacefully with her twin sister and her former bank robber husband, that she was taken to the Omniverse.

Her first day in that world was her first moment of clarity she had in a while. She became convinced that Guu had been manipulating her life from the sidelines, controlling her as her own plaything the whole time, a means to tell silly stories with her as the butt of the joke. She swore revenge on Guu and when she discovered the pink one was in the Omniverse, took to stalking her from afar, waiting for the perfect moment.

That is until Guu became the leader of Ambrosia. As much as she hated the pink one, she couldn’t bring herself to rob hope from those teens, so she moved on.

Her life would go the direction of random over the next year of her life: she’d mastermind the Hogginstein Bank Heist, she’d become the White-Hair Seriel Killer in Camelot, she’d become an infamous Assassin, she’d sail the Vasty as a pirate captain, name it she’s done it, and each one as a new face and identity. It was her lot in life.

Physical Description: (originals only)

ATK: 5
DEF: 3
SPD: 4
TEC: 4

Unlocks (42,000): First Stat Upgrade (1000), Second Stat Upgrade (2000), Third Stat Upgrade (4000), Fourth Stat Upgrade (8000), Fifth Stat Upgrade (10000), Sixth Stat Upgrade(12000), Powers Cap Tier 1 (2000), Powers Cap Tier 2 (3000)

Proficiencies (3600): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Debuff Proficiency (1000), Remote Control Proficiency (600)

Powers (13,100/16000): Burst Movement (800), Flight (1800), Malleability (1000), Shapeshifting (1400), Master Acrobat (400), Insight (1600), Foresight (1,500), Suppression (1000), Stealth (1200), Enhanced Senses; Master (2000), Survival (2000)

Items: Communicator, Dataverse Device, Vita Compass

Consumed Om: 1,100

Moves: (1500)

Teeth (300) Physical Strength
Her teeth become jagged, capable to rip flesh asunder. Only accessible in her Monster Form.

Sniper Rifle (600) Ranged Proficiency
A customized Steyr Aug a3 model that was specifically built to keep up with Assassin Dama's TEC. It has two modes, rapid fire and sniper, each she can switch between in a second. The rapid form uses 5.56 x 45mm NATO catridges and has a firing rate of 650 rpm and is far less accurate, only having a range of 500 feet. The sniper form uses 7.62×51mm NATO and can fire 20 rpm; this form can fully utilize her TEC in terms of effective range and accuracy. Unlike the rapid form which has free movement, she needs to be stationary to use the sniper form, and it requires her full concentration in order to use. Both magazines only carry 30 rounds and it usually takes her about half a second to reload. She has an endless supply of magazines in her breasts which she can shake out in a pinch, or just reach in for.

Dama Hama Ha (600) Ranged Proficiency
A light pink beam of raw destructive energy, fired from the palms of the hands, that can be charged for greater effectiveness. It requires the user to be stationary in order to use, though not necessarily on the ground. The user can endure hits while charging up, unless said hits are stronger than their DEF stat can allow; in that situation, it'll cause the move to fail. The minimum time it takes to use is about a second, and the longest it can be charged for is thirty seconds, the results of which can be very powerful. Once fired it travels as fast as an arrow. The beam's direction is selected upon firing, it can't be redirected once it's fired. Within range, the beam travels until it hits something, but it's strength starts to deminish around 500 feet and and eventually fades to nothing around 750 feet. A small charge of the beam doesn't effect the user's stamina much, but a fully charged beam can be quite taxing. It is roughly three feet in diameter

Kii Knuckles (300) Physical Strength
She uses her kii energy to heighten her strikes as if she were wearing brass knuckles or specialized gloves. Her strikes give off pink sparks, signifying the use of her kii. This move doesn't increase power over time and it's strength is based on the ATK stat of the user.

Transformations (5,000):

[Image: Mawu1vR.jpg]
Sniper Form - Alternate Form (2000)
She transforms into a sexy caucasian woman with shoulder length blonde hair, black dress that barely reaches her thighs, and black fish-net stockings. She is far more effective with her sniper rifle in this form, which automatically appears in her hands when she transforms.
ATK: 5
DEF: 0
SPD: 3
TEC: 8

[Image: Dp4hAG9.jpg]
Monster Form - Tier 2 Powered Up Form (1,500)
Her eyes glow blood red, her teeth become sharp as scalpels, and she crawls on all fours, hungry for, growling, blinded by rage.
ATK: 13
DEF: 5
SPD: 5
TEC: 3

[Image: ln8WAmR.jpg]
Unweighted Dama - Tier 2 Powered Up Form (1,500)
She removes her afro which is revealed to be weighted hair. In this form, her afro is much much shorter and normal looking.
ATK: 8
DEF: 6
SPD: 5
TEC: 7
[Image: MUsY55C.jpg]
[Image: sN7AejK.jpg]

Character Name: Hare
Character Source: Hare+Guu

Character name: Dama
Character source: Hare+Guu
C-Lister (1pt) (minor character; niche series; same universe)

The following NPCs were summoned by King Sombra and given control to me before he switched. 

Character Name: Fluttershy
Character Sourse: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
B-List (3 points)

Character Name: Rainbow Dash
Character Sourse: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
B-List (3 points)

Character Name: Rarity
Character Sourse: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
B-List (3 points)

Character Name: Applejack
Character Sourse: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
B-List (3 points)

Character Name: Pinkie Pie
Character Sourse: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
B-List (3 points)

Character Name: Spike
Character Sourse: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
C-List (1 point)

Character Name: Princess Cadence
Character Sourse: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
C-List (1 point)
[Image: MUsY55C.jpg]
[Image: sN7AejK.jpg]

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