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Specter Knight

Name: Specter Knight
Spent OM: 4500
Consumed OM: 0
Proficiencies (1000): Physical Strength (1000)
Powers (3200/8000): Burst Movement (800), Master Acrobat (400), Survival (2000)
Moves (300): Specter Scythe (300)
Super Moves (0):
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Unlocks (0):
Base stats:
ATK: 3
DEF: 1
SPD: 4 
TEC: 2
[Image: Fyhj2eT.gif]

[ S P E C T E R     K N I G H T ]

[Image: 0XJvwqE.png]

Long ago, The lands were untamed, and roamed by legendary adventurers. But although the land is peaceful... for some, there is a price to pay for greed. Donovan, thief and adventurer extraordinaire, was enlisted for a harrowing expedition to the Tower of Fate by his long-time partner and closest friend, Luan Seatlan. Luan believed that there existed a powerful amulet within the tower that could protect his son, Reize Seatlan. Donovan believed it to be a mere legend, not worth the risk of scaling a tower filled to the brim with monstrosities and traps. However, the thief was motivated by a personal debt he owed to Luan. His boy was shaping up to be a promising adventurer, but his reckless nature could end up causing more pain than pride in his father. For all that Luan did for Donovan, the humble father only asked that, if he ever met his end early, Donovan would look after Reize like he was his own. Motivated by this promise. Donovan joined Luan on his journey and the two men set off for the Tower of Fate. After scaling the base of the tower and cleaving through countless monstrosities patrolling within, they then find the amulet within the main sanctum. Right before taking it, a heavily armored woman wielding a massive shield barges in and introduces herself as Shield Knight.

[Image: latest?cb=20180119124931]

Shield Knight warned the two adventurers about the dangers of the amulet, moving to protect it with her life. Donovan believed that Shield Knight was trying to take the amulet for herself, and urged Luan to just take the amulet. Luan reconsiders about taking the amulet because of Shield Knights warnings, which prompts Donovan to curse Luan for being a coward. Shield Knight then attacks Donovan, causing a brief battle between the two warriors. The knight was a figure of legend in the business of adventurers, but the thief was powered by an unprecedented ferocity borne of the amulet's corrupting influence. Donovan violently struck down Shield Knight and rushed to grab the amulet, the tower beginning to destabilize and crumble around the sanctum. Luan knew that the amulet wasn't worth leaving his son fatherless, but he wasn't prepared to leave Donovan either. The man tried to convince Donovan that the amulet wasn't worth it. Without much hesitation, Donovan sliced Luan across the chest and shoved him aside, leaving a 'coward' to bleed out. Before Donovan could kill Shield Knight as well, the floor of the sanctum collapsed.

Donovan would fall to his death into the gaping chasm beneath the sanctum, his last sight being Shield Knight watching him from above.

When Donovan awoke beneath the rubble of the tower, he was nothing but a corpse. His body was torn, his flesh flayed and his bones shattered. In the limbo between life and death, he met the Enchantress - a powerful sorceress that emerged from the depths of the tower. She offered the dying thief a proposition; she would resurrect the thief as a powerful undead revenant shackled to her will, and give him the task of recruiting an invincible order of eight knights that would serve as the enforcers and lords of a burgeoning regime. Upon completing this harrowing task, the thief would be given his humanity once more, coupled with boundless power and freedom. Another chance at life, at the cost of temporary bondage.

It seemed like it was Donovan's only option. It was a chance to wash away the great sin he had just committed and keep the promise he had made to Luan. Donovan agreed to this unholy deal, and the Enchantress imbued his ragged corpse with insurmountable power, and created a scythe that befitted the title of her new undead servant:

Specter Knight. And so began the events of Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment.

[Image: latest?cb=20180119124930]

Specter Knight embarked on a journey through the Plains of Passage, Pridemoor Keep, the Lich Yard, the Explodatorium, the Lost City, the Iron Whale, the Stranded Ship, the Clockwork Tower and the Flying Machine to recruit an order of powerful, invincible knights. Predictably, none of the greedy knights were willing to bend a knee to the Enchantress so easily - they had to be convinced by scythe. Specter Knight tore through King Knight, Plague Knight, Mole Knight, Treasure Knight, Polar Knight, Tinker Knight and Propeller Knight. Each was powerful in their own right, but they were all easily defeated as Specter Knight grew in power with each encounter. When it seemed as if his task was almost complete, a ghost had emerged to test Specter Knight's humanity; Luan's now-aged son, Reize Seatlan. Reize didn't recognize Specter Knight as Donovan, but Specter Knight immediately recognized the boy and urged him to run far away from the Tower of Fate. The Enchantress emerged and was amused by this development and chose to turn the boy into Specter Knight's own 'apprentice' - by showering him in unholy magic and turning him into a deranged undead servant.

Specter Knight could do nothing against the Enchantress as it was her magic that was binding his flesh together, but the contempt he harbored for his maker reached the boiling point. Another ghost from Donovan's past chose to resurface as well; Black Knight. Black Knight stormed the Tower of Fate upon his mighty steed Terrorpin, chasing after a fools errand. When Specter Knight came to stop his advance up the Tower of Fate, the Enchantress appeared to confront the Black Knight herself. It was then that Black Knight recognized who the Enchantress truly was;

Shield Knight, who had taken the amulet for herself and was twisted into the Enchantress.

Specter Knight realized this as well, and his broiling hatred came undone. Shield Knight was the one who had interfered with Luan's journey, and ultimately caused Donovan to accidentally kill Luan. She was the one who started the fight, and caused the tower to collapse. She was that essentially gave Donovan a choice between bondage or death, and used him as a tool to effectively subjugate the land. And now, she's gone and threatened to claim the life of the boy whom Donovan had promised to protect.

Without hesitation, Specter Knight did a heel-turn and sought to kill his creator at any cost. The Enchantress forced 'dark' Reize to fight for her, and Specter Knight couldn't bring himself to kill the boy, even if it meant he'd have his revenge. The Enchantress needed an eighth knight for her Order of No Quarter, and she had no qualms about eradicating Specter Knight herself and using Reize as her final knight. It was at this point Specter Knight realized that the Enchantress' power was too much to test his own strength against. It wasn't worth the cost of Reize's freedom - 'it isn't worth it' became the theme of his tragic circumstance. Specter Knight then demanded that he himself would become the eighth knight as opposed to Reize. To prove his loyalty to the Enchantress, Specter Knight sacrificed the keepsake locket that would've given him his humanity and gave it to Reize instead, ultimately resulting in Specter Knight being cursed with permanent undeath and bondage to the Enchantress' will.

The Enchantress was amused by her servant's paltry display of loyalty, so she allowed Specter Knight to return Reize to a village far away from the Tower of Fate. Specter Knight was shackled to the Lich Yard, becoming it's baleful guardian, as well a warden to it's undead inhabitants. The last living being Specter Knight would speak to was Black Knight, who urged him to fight back against the Enchantress. Specter Knight called it a fool's errand - there was no stopping the Enchantress, and the lands will never be free from her regime. He knew firsthand the power of the Order that he himself recruited, and there was no hero in existence that could hope to get past them.

Black Knight left without much else to say.

The Lich Yard fell to deathly silence once more, and Specter Knight was doomed to wander it's lonely moors for all eternity.

That is, until he vanished overnight.
[Image: Fyhj2eT.gif]

Specter Knight is a thoroughly cruel individual, showing sheer coldness towards his enemies, as well as being somewhat sarcastic. He isn't above making scathing remarks towards anyone he talks to, such as taunting Shovel Knight with the memory of Shield Knight by insisting she is dead, or mocking Plague Knight's cowardice by reminding him that he'll never be able to confess his love for Mona. Specter Knight himself doesn't have many loved ones and has gradually become devoid of emotional impulses and connections, lacking any empathy for other individuals.

"This is no place for the living, mortal. You shall be summoned when it is your time. And everyone has a time, as we saw with your beloved Shield Knight."
"HSS.... A mask indeed. As befits a hollow, blustering fool. You hide only from yourself. [i]How tragic that you shall never emerge from cowardice, for here... your story must end."

[/i]Though, as proclaimed by the Edge Farmer, Specter Knight is predictably. . .edgy. He's distant, grim and extremely hard to have a conversation with. He speaks rather eloquently, but he has a tendency to hiss whenever he's agitated or angered. He has little social awareness , and may make painful statements without having any intention of taunting anybody. In the past, his motivations were largely dictated by others - he's been used as a tool and servant for many years. In the Omniverse, it's likely that his motivations and ambitions are drawn from his desire for freedom and his hatred for those who would subjugate him, regardless of their intentions.

Though his loyalty to the Enchantress was forced, his loyalty to his late-friend Luan is genuine. He swore to protect Luan's son, Reize, at all costs, even at his own life. He honors this oath so far, that he took Reize's place as the 8th knight of The Order of No Quarter, relinquishing his own free will to The Enchantress, and then used the locket's power that could have restored his humanity to save Reize from the Enchantress's power. While he can be genuinely ruthless and cold, his heart is not as dead as he is. He still feels incredibly guilty over having accidentally caused the death of Luan. Specter Knight internally seeks to restore his personal image of himself and wash away his own guilt and self-hatred. As proclaimed by Red, Specter Knight may be a bit too 'sentimental' for undead life after all.

TL;DR grimdark, edgy, tragic villain of circumstance that is slowly becoming an anti-hero.
[Image: Fyhj2eT.gif]

ATK: 3 - Specter Knight's undead form is kept animated by the Enchantress' necromantic magic, even in the Omniverse. Despite being what looks like a fragile walking corpse in armor, Specter Knight's ferocity and fluid fighting style translates into impressive offensive power. He's not that physically weak, either - he can still keep jump all over the place even while wielding that big scythe in one hand!

DEF: 1 - There is a price to pay for undeath. Specter Knight is the second-most fragile knight of the Order of No Quarter, just above the pathetic and diminutive Tinker Knight. In his own universe, he relied on collecting Willfull Wisps and using Will Skulls to keep the necromancy holding him together topped up, but even then it didn't take a powerful move to put Specter Knight in a bad position. With no Will Skulls in the Omniverse, Specter Knight isn't in any position to be tanking energy blasts.

SPD: 4 - Of course, there's still a reason why ol' Specty was able to defeat seven knights in a row. Specter Knight is an incredibly mobile, ferocious revenant that relies on speed and acrobatics to cut down his foes. Being an emaciated corpse allows for Specter Knight to stay lightweight and limber, and this speed allows him to deliver multiple crippling strikes with his scythe before absconding from the enemies' retaliation.

TEC: 2 - In life, Donovan was a cruel and calculating thief who's quick wits kept him out of trouble. In death, there's a price to pay for power and speed. Specter Knight is still a skilled warrior and can certainly back up his ferocious speed with some brains, but the rush of combat may stray his focus somewhat.

>>Physical Strength
As stated above, Specter Knight's strength isn't anything to sneeze at. His melee-oriented style lends itself to needing the strength to heave around a heavy scythe. It's impressive enough that he's able to move fast even while carrying an unwieldy weapon.

>>Burst Movement (800 OM)

In his own universe, Specter Knight had an ability known as the 'dash slash', which allowed him to burst forward with sudden speed and slash into enemies and objects with his scythe, using the momentum to carry himself onto ledges and platforms too high for a regular jump. In the Omniverse, Specter Knight's ability to suddenly double his speed is the 'dash slash' translated. Expect him to use the burst of movement in the same manner, turning into the crimson blur of a scythe.

>>Master Acrobat (400 OM)

Being a master thief in life has it's benefits. Specter Knight's diverse mobility options are perhaps his greatest advantage over his opponents. He'll regularly make use of wild flips, leaps, jumps, slides and dashes to remain out of reach of his enemies while delivering his own decisive scythe slashes inbetween. In particular, Master Acrobat manifests as penchant for wall-jumping, wall-climbing and grinding off of rails with a scythe as a 'board'.

>>Survival (2000 OM)
As the signature ability of zombies and other creatures of undead origin, it's no surprise Specter Knight has this. Even as his will fades and his undead body is racked with damage, he'll fight at full strength and remain incredibly dangerous until the energies keeping him clung to life have been completely extinguished.

>>Specter Scythe (requires Physical Strength) (300 OM)
A large crimson scythe, it's 'head' about four feet across it's length and one foot at it's base, fastened upon a five-foot wooden shaft. It's strikes are powerful and sweeping, and with the proper technique and speed it can be as fast as an average broadsword by leveraging the weight upon it's head. It is Specter Knight's signature weapon and favored method of attack - he'll use this most often in combat.
[Image: Fyhj2eT.gif]

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