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[Image: 250px-Wario_MP100.png]

Name: Wario
Spent OM: 3900
Consumed OM: 0
Proficiencies (2600): Physical Strength (1000), Area Attack (600)
Powers (800/8000): Burst Movement (800)
Moves (900): Wario Charge (600), Bite (300)
Super Moves (600): Wario Waft (600)
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Unlocks (0):
Base stats:
ATK: 5
DEF: 4
SPD: 0
TEC: 1


[Image: 250px-BamBlackBetty.jpg]
Wario Charge (600) [Physical Strength, Area Attack, Burst Movement]

1. Wario sprints forward 10 feet. All enemies in his path take serious damage and are knocked aside a bit. Upon hitting a target, Wario himself takes a little bit of damage from colliding into things at such high speeds. 

2. Wario charges forth with all of his considerable strength, for a short distance, not that fast. He moves a negligible distance. However, the sheer force of his movement carries forward in a veritable sonic boom, doing light damage to enemies in an area and likely knocking them back 5 feet. This area originates from Wario, is 5 feet wide and 10 feet long. After this, Wario is left open to attacks for a brief moment as he stumbles forward a bit.

Both uses of this move are about as exhausting as a real-life football tackle. This is considered a use of Burst Movement.

[Image: latest?cb=20080106185440]
Bite (300) [Physical Strength]

Wario unhinges his jaw and bites on a target like a maniac. If his STR is higher than his opponent’s, they become trapped in his bite for three seconds. While they can still do some Moves or Super Moves within reason, they cannot move and steadily take damage from Wario’s teeth. Eventually, (or if the target’s STR is higher than Wario’s) the target can (with some effort) break free from his bite. This Move is quite exhausting for Wario, and while he has a victim in his jaws, he may not move or use any other Moves. 

[Image: 250px-Wario_Wario_Waft_-_SSBWiiU.jpg]
T1 Super Utility
Wario Waft (600) [Area Attack]

Wario releases the mother of all farts, forming small mushroom cloud of methane. Everyone with any orifices in a spherical area of 12 feet within Wario is surrounded by a cloud of toxic gas (unless you're underground or something). For every second you are within the cloud, you take some more choking damage. The cloud lasts for 30 seconds. Such a massive gas cloud takes quite a bit of energy to generate, and Wario will find that he only has a limited amount of Stomach Power (SP) to repeat it in a fight.


[Image: latest?cb=20130721184013]
Copy Flower (300) [Burst Movement, Homing]
A Power Flower Wario stole from the Mario Bros. a long time ago. Wario instantly creates a very, VERY temporary copy of himself within 5 feet (with some effort). This copy can use Burst Movement and then hit a single target with a basic bludgeoning attack (punch, jump on, golf club, tennis racket, etc), after which it instantly vanishes. The original Wario suffers the energy expenditure of this attack. He also suffers any damage the copy sustains. The instant the copy is damaged in any way, it vanishes. After six uses, the Copy Flower shrivels and Wario cannot use this Move until he can sit down and make a new one.

[Image: gif_by_cavenglok-dcf89fn.gif]
T1 Super Attack
Swing Bros. (600) [Physical Strength, Area Attack]
Wario creates a clone of himself. They join hands and the original starts spinning very slowly. After a brief speed-up time of two seconds, the two Warios become a terrifying cyclone of yellow and purple for 8 seconds. Anything within 8 feet starts taking moderate damage. Wario can move at his speed, but will have difficulty changing direction. Any damage the clone Wario sustains will be carried over to the original Wario, but will not cause it to disappear. He doesn’t take damage from colliding with a target. This Move is fairly tiring, forcing him to spend SP. This doesn't count as a use of Copy Flower.

[Image: 36bc9b009b823cc91886175a7e65d8e2.jpg]
[Image: signature_wario_by_dusk_likes_hot_dogs.png]

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