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Corporal Light

Name: CM-CpL 10093 "Corporal Light"
Spent OM: 5300
Consumed OM:
Proficiencies (2000): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged (1000) 
Powers (3000/8000): Healing (3000) 
Moves (300): DC-15s (300)
Super Moves (0):
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Unlocks (0):
Base Stats:
ATK: 3
DEF: 3
SPD: 1
TEC: 3
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                                                                                          CHARACTER HISTORY:

“Light,” as he will henceforth be called, was born amongst a second generation of clones, after the first generation had already started dwindling due to the long Clone Wars. This second generation was born in the middle of the Clone Wars, during the point of time where the Galactic Republic was facing its darkest hour against the CIS forces that would only worsen as the war neared its end years down the line. CM-CdT.10093--”Light’s” official designation,-- was born and raised in a pod alongside thousands of other clone soldiers, bred precisely for the war effort and little more than that. Light’s role in the grand scheme of the role was to serve as a combat medic, and thus received training proper to this role. He was very quickly reassigned, however, to a more traditional soldier role, after a series of simulations and incidents on Kamino training grounds showcasing a personality more befitting of one: ceaseless determination, a sense of martyrdom, and an almost senseless tendency for self-sacrifice. The Kaminoans could not identify the root cause, although they suspected his trainer, a bounty hunter, installed some of these traits into him.

Regardless, Light successfully completed his training on Kamino and was originally assigned to the 22nd Battalion, led by Admiral Kendall, and serving as a private for the 22nd’s Alpha Squad. He participated in numerous battles, of which his martyrdom and determination became quickly apparent. He soon grew a hefty amount of respect within the 22nd Battalion, including the attention of the Admiral herself. “Light,”-- or 10093, as he was still called back then,-- also grew to know the medical staff on their flagship, The Acklay, rather well, and not just because he had ended up becoming a frequent visitor for his actions. A part of this stemmed from his knowledge of medicine, remnants of his medical training. One of his closest friends was CM-SgT.36874, “Sergeant Needle,” called so due to his odd fixation with needles. “Needle” held a very idealistic attitude toward the war, in stark contrast to his superior, CT-LT.12224 “Lieutenant Charger,” and his more cynical take on the war effort. Said idealism impacted “Light” immensely and still does to this very day.

Eventually, “Light’s” actions paid off. Admiral Kendall assigned him and a few other troopers, henceforth known as a whole as “Dusk Team,” with a special mission for them. Said troopers were “Lieutenant Charger,” “Sergeant Needle,” “Light” himself, a fellow trooper called CT-CpL.44223 “Corporal Rancor,” and an engineer called CE-PfC.22212, with no distinguishing nickname. Their task? Capture a Rodian terrorist named Vodan whom contained vital CIS intelligence and take him to a nearby prison named Canthall Prison.

The mission went off without a hitch. They captured Vodan and delivered them to the ice planet where Canthall Prison was based. They remained on the Prison and guarded Vodan, bearing witness to some of the atrocities that had been committed there and the general unrest brewing underneath. “Light” found himself questioning every bit of it, wondering what precisely was going on.

Eventually, something happened one day. While no official record is around as to what exactly happened, all anyone could figure was that the power for the entire base shut off, which subsequently shut down both the security systems, the cell locks containing the inmates, and completely removed the heating, turning the entire complex into a cold, dark place.

Within the span of a few hours, the prison turned into a war zone, with few survivors. Before Light escaped, almost every other clone had died, including his friend “Needle” and almost every other member of Dusk Team minus his superior “Charger.” The experience traumatized “Light,” leaving him with a burning hatred for droids, specifically Commando droids, and a massive fear of the dark. He thus took to light for comfort, earning him the title. The experience, however, also gave him horrific post-traumatic stress disorder in the form of hallucinations, general anxiety attacks, endless guilt, and an increase in his own martyrdom and hero complex.

Before he was sent to the Omniverse, “Charger” paid him a visit, urging him not to give in, to give up and be overwhelmed by his broken mind. To keep fighting for what he knew was right, no matter what.

Light still remembers those words, even if the rest of his memory has been siphoned away as a result of the Omniverse.
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Character Description:

Name: CM-CpL.10093 "Corporal Light"

Age: Mental and physical age of a traditional 20 year old.

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 130 ibs

Skin: Slightly tanned

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Clothing Description:

Head: Wears a Phase 1 Plastoid Clone Trooper helmet on his head, modified to carry two pairs of large, bulbous flashlights on the sides. These flashlights can serve to illuminate all patches of darkness, although they serve little combat functionality despite their insane brightness. Behind the helmet is that of a man with a striking resemblance to a hardened military man: the eponymous Jango Fett, albeit one with a carved-up crew cut.

Torso: Wears normal Phase 1 Plastoid Clone armor, with a blue shirt underneath to prevent chafing. Orange, painted lines run along the edges of his armor, right down to the joints of his limbs. He keeps his DC-15s blaster rifle holstered on a belt around his waist alongside his medkits, extra pair of batteries and a singular flashlight.

Arms: Plastoid armor covers his arms, with thick, blackened gloves surrounding his hands. A pad on his left hand contains a small communicator, albeit broken in its current state.

Legs: Plastoid armor covers his knees and legs, with thick, armored boots covering his feet.
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Personality + General Characteristics:

Basic Statistics
Name: CM-CpL.10093 “Corporal Light”
Age: 20

Nationality: Possesses the DNA of a traditional Mandalorian, specifically that of Jango Fett.

Socioeconomic Level as a child: Barely even a consideration, as his entire life was more or less spent either in a pod or training for battle. Money is barely a concept and thus he likely would have no real idea how to handle it.

Socioeconomic Level as an adult: Barely even a consideration, as his entire life was more or less spent either in a pod or training for battle. Money is barely a concept and thus he likely would have no real idea how to handle it.

Hometown: Kamino. It is the closest thing he has to a home, as he was born there, and he takes pride in this fact. While the memories of it are blurred due to the constant training and the Omniverse’s screwing of his memory, he takes a special fondness to rain and ocean waves as they most resemble Kamino’s weather.

Current Residence: N/A. As he is just starting out, he has no home.

Occupation: N/A. As he is just starting out, he has no job.

Income: Limitless. Due to his position as a Prime, he basically can make endless amounts of money just by doing things. He’s not yet aware of this fact, however.

Talents/Skills: Being a soldier, he is endlessly good at fighting. Being a medic, he also possesses skills at healing as well. His experience as a prison guard has also given him some knowledge of prisons and their handling.

One of Light’s primary flaws is that he believes he is only good at soldiering and fighting, as that was literally all he was trained to do. Thus, thrust into world with no real good cause to fight for, he’s lost and confused. He will, however, find some other, more meaningful skills and talents later on that will eventually help him realize he does not need to fight to have purpose.

Salary: Limitless. Due to his position as a Prime, he basically can make endless amounts of money just by doing things. He’s not yet aware of this fact, however.

Birth order: Corporal Light is a second-generation clone trooper, born in the mid-point of the Clone Wars. The general description of these generation of clones is that they possess both the idealism of the last-generation and the cynicism of the first-generation in more or less equal spades. Light tends to be on the more idealistic end of the spectrum despite his own issues.

Siblings (describe relationship):

First-Generation Clones - Light has a bit of weariness surrounding them, alongside respect and understanding. Despite his misgivings on their generally pessimistic nature, he nonetheless understands where they are coming from: they have fought for so long, against an enemy that never stops coming, that it never seems like the war could end, not to mention the various horrors breaking their minds as well. And, like all clones should, he will defend them to the death because they are his brothers.

Second-Generation Clones - Being the clones he was born with, Light obviously has special fondness for his fellow brothers here, especially when compared to the First-Generation Clones.

Spouse (describe relationship): No spouse of any kind, mostly due to the fact that the concept of romance was something clones never really “understood” very well. Thus, the idea of romantic love would be foreign and potentially terrifying to Light.

Children (describe relationship): No children. The closest one could get to a child for him is a Third-Generation Clone, and even they are more like little brothers than anything else.

Grandparents (describe relationship): None to speak of.

Grandchildren (describe relationship): None.

Significant Others (describe relationship): None, as the idea of romance and sexual love is foreign to a clone trooper. Thus, the concept is a little terrifying, even Light would even understand to begin with.

Relationship skills: Despite being largely trained for war, Light is a decent people person in and of himself. He possesses enough enthusiasm and joke mentality to maintain interest. It’s enough to keep people unaware of his own issues.

Physical Characteristics:

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 130 ibs

Race: Mandolorian

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Skin color: Slightly tanned.

Shape of Face: Carbon copy of Jango Fett’s.

How does he/she dress? Outside of battle, a typical light-blue recreational uniform, standard issue for clones.


Satisfied - He tends to loudly sigh in relief and smile a bit whenever he’s satisfied by something.

Amazed - Basically the same reaction as Stunned, just without intimidation or confusion.

Scared - When scared, he instinctively reaches for the nearest light source (usually the lights on his helmet,) as if the light could draw whatever scared him away. Alongside this, he noticeably tenses up and starts looking around, as if analyzing the area in case of a fight.

Nervous - Basically a milder version of his Scared mannerisms. He tends to glance around, looking for an exit, and occasionally reaches for a light source.

Stunned - His eyes noticably widen, his shoulders slump, and he gives whoever shocked him a very intimidating/confused stare, depending upon what stunned him made him feel. 

Confused - He oftentimes just stares at whatever is confusing him, giving off a slight scowl in the process. Sometimes he shakes his head in utter exasperation.

Curious - One of his few vocal mannerisms. He tends to give off some variation of a “huh” sound, and often tries to get a closer look at whatever he’s curious about.
Funny - He tends to laugh really easily, even at jokes that aren’t even all that funny.

Embarrassed - He tends to back away from something that embarrasses him and tenses up as if entering a fighting stance. If not this, he usually either stammers or locks up at attention as if being scolded by a superior.

Angry - He tends to hyper-focus on whomever/whatever is angering him to the expense of anything else.

Irritated - He usually frowns and groans, his muscles tensing up. He also tends to press against his temples, or the helmet equivalent, depending on whether he is wearing his helmet or not.
Sad - He hangs his head low and loosens up, not really paying attention to anything else around him. He also tends to look away from whatever is making him sad, as if to hide his own emotions.

Love - He tends to become extremely excitable, with boundless energy to boot.

Fight - When getting ready to fight, he instinctively checks his available weapons, all of his light sources, and scans the room for any advantages he can muster. He is eerily calm and stoic this way.

Habits: (smoking, drinking etc.) None so far.

Health: Healthy as can be, perhaps even more than the average person considering his upbringing.

Hobbies: He has a fondness for the Star Wars equivalent of chess, although he is terrible at it. He also spends most of his time when not soldiering working out, brawling with his fellow soldiers, and logging.

Favorite Sayings:

“Let there be Light…” - While the tone may vary at times, the general usage of this saying refers to Light in general. He typically uses it as a one-liner whenever making an entrance on a scene or when going from complete darkness to complete light.

“Prisoner 21017…” - Not so much a favorite saying so much as a ‘trigger word’ for Light, as that was the prisoner he and his team escorted to the prison that he suffered PTSD from. A mention of this phrase never fails to trigger his PTSD.

Style (Elegant, shabby etc.): Definitely overly formal outside of his armor.

Greatest flaw: His Fatal Flaw, in a lot of ways, is a combination of his lack of purpose and his martyrdom. With no one to fight for, he must endlessly search for a cause to fight for, stopping only when it becomes clear the cause he is fighting for is not the cause he wants. He’s so desperate to fight for one he tends to miss obvious cues relating to a faction’s true nature, and he’s perhaps asking for too much most of the time, expecting one hundred percent perfection. As a result, it’s easy for him to become disillusioned. Not to mention that his PTSD worsens with every cause he can’t find and assists only to discover their true nature, adding onto his own guilt.

Best quality: His boundless determination and idealism. Those who fight him learn that NOTHING stops him until he wins, and will keep going even if, by all rights, he should be staying down. Indeed, what prevents him becoming an apathetic mess is his attitude: he still believes there is an ultimate cause worth fighting for above all else. All he needs to do is find it. This is a big problem: he thinks he needs to fight and die for a cause for an ideal to work.

Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes

Educational Background: His education is fairly unorthodox: most everything he knows comes from experience. Thus, he’s knowledgeable about firearms, some melee stances, and general fighting, while being fairly naive about more complicated things.

Intelligence Level: Very much smart, allowing him to catch up quickly with others if he doesn’t understand something.

Any Mental Illnesses? PTSD is a big one.

Learning Experiences: His entire training was one large learning experience: a clone is meant to fight and die for the greatest ideal there ever was: The Galactic Republic. That is what one is supposed to do.

His experience at the prison has also given him an irrational hatred of droids, specifically commando droids, and has taught him to be extra cautious to win every battle imaginable, and to more specifically, never ever stop fighting.

Character's short-term goals in life: Find a cause to fight for.

Character's long-term goals in life: Regain sense of purpose, recover his memories.

How does Character see himself/herself? He does not hold all that great of an opinion of himself. This is largely due to his PTSD and guilt over the loss of his brothers in arms at the prison.

How does Character believe he/she is perceived by others? He is aware that other people hold varying views on him, ranging from hatred to immense respect.

How self-confident is the character? Despite his guilt and lack of self-respect, he is nonetheless very sure of himself and very confident in his abilities.

Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof? He is not a very rational person outside of battle-- in some cases, not even in battle. This is mostly due to inexperience of life in general, as well as some issues he needs to work on clouding his judgment. He is more logical, almost eerily so, while fighting.

What would most embarrass this character? Romantic or sexual love, as it is something he doesn’t understand at all.

Emotional Characteristics

  • Determination. One could even say stubbornness, but it is very clear that Light cannot be swayed by something once he has made up his mind on it.
  • Stubbornness. His determination can lead to this, as he can keep doing something even when it’s clear that he can’t or shouldn’t. For instance, if a group seems like it works for him, he’ll keep fighting for them until it becomes obvious it’s not, only furthering his guilt and PTSD in a lot of ways.
  • Curious. Due to being a clone trooper, he’s naturally a little bit curious as to the cultures and societies around him, as his upbringing is largely military in nature. Thus, he consumes culture easy.
  • Idealistic and Optimistic. He’s a very positive person overall despite his issues, and he always assumes the best of a situation. It is hard to get him to realize someone is bad, but once he does, his opinion of you automatically 180s. He fights for ideals more than he does reality, which can be very beneficial.
  • Lack of purpose. His greatest motivation and a real weakness. He doesn’t quite know what to do with himself without a cause to fight for, causing him to endlessly search for this cause.
  • Lack of individual. While he still has a unique personality, this has more to do with his mindset than anything else. He literally cannot see himself, at the moment, as being anything other than a weapon of the Grand Republic, the great ideal he strives to bring about.
  • Martyrdom. His endless pursuit for a cause to fight for is a case of this, as he fights more for ideals than reality. This leads to him fighting forces way over his head for no other reason other than because his chosen cause demands it, damn the consequences. While noble, it makes life hell for Light.
  • Strong sense of right and wrong. Light really does seem to know what is right or what is wrong, at least in his mind. For the sake of story, he’s almost always morally right and is innately a good person.
  • Black-and-white. This being said, Light does not really know how to deal with situations where there is no obvious right or wrong answer. The idea of the Galactic Republic and his own idealism is so ingrained into him that he can’t do much but double down on whatever his original point is when faced with a moral conundrum such as this.
  • Lack of foresight. He tends to do things that can have larger repercussions in the long run that he doesn’t intend nor foresaw.
  • Naive. It tends to take rather obvious displays of wrongness or something else he takes offense to for him to be clued in on something, as he naturally assumes everything has a reason. As such, he’s a bit easily swayed.
  • Light. Due to his phobia, he takes unusual pleasure in light that borders on obsession.
  • Rain and the ocean. This is primarily due to Kamino, a water planet, being his home.
  • Dark. He has a phobia of the dark that only spurs his PTSD and anxiety attacks.
  • Droids. After his experience in Canthall Prison, he has grown to despise all droids and will attack any on sight on sheer principle and out of revenge for his fallen brothers.
  • “Weapons of war,” like other clones, drones, etc. He’s fine with them, as he himself is a clone, and thus doesn't really see a fuss over any removal of individualism for the sake of warfare.
  • Removal of basic rights. That said, there are some lines he will not stand to be crossed. These lines run along the morals of the Grand Republic: democratic, diplomatic, fair, free, and just. Anything that violates those core tenants he does not stand.
  • Planets (more specifically Tynion.) It more has to do with his unfamiliarity of the galaxy, thus he is eager to consume culture whenever he can. Despite his lack of familiarity with the generally unique societies and species of the galaxy, however, he’s not naive, as his time on the battlefield has taught him a few things, mostly in terms of how many people do suffer.

Introvert or Extrovert? Extrovert. He tends to do well around people in general. It’s when he’s suffering from PTSD or otherwise feeling down and out does he introvert.

How does the character deal with anger? Tends to deal with it by being rather stoic about it, unless he is in battle. If he’s angry and not in battle, he tends to just take it out on a training dummy somewhere, or otherwise vents to his holo-log. When in battle, he’s noticeably more ferocious and ruthless.

With sadness? He tends to shut himself away, expresses his thoughts to his holo-log, and otherwise just tries to be left alone. He also starts crying during this moment.

With conflict? He tends to embrace it, seeing it as expected and not all that big of a deal and something he can easily solve. If it’s not easily solved, he just keeps trying until he solves it. Internal conflict, however, is something he cannot take well, and often tries to avoid by not acknowledging it. This conflict is also represented by his PTSD, which tends to remind him of it.

With change? He can more or less handle it well unless it is particularly important to him.

With loss? He more or less comes to expect it and accepts it. WIth his clone brethren dying, he can more or less handle it unless he particularly cares about them.

What does the character want out of life? More than anything else, he wants to bring the ideal of the Galactic Republic, where democracy reigns and peace and happiness is everywhere, to the rest of everywhere.

What would the character like to change in his/her life? He would like to find the cause that could bring the above ideal.
What motivates this character? A heap ton of idealism about democracy, peace, and happiness, as well as a bad case of martyrdom.

What frightens this character? The dark, commando droids, and certain trigger words and sounds like the humming of a vibrosword and Prisoner 21017.

What makes this character happy? Seeing all of his work for a Galactic Republic pay off (democracy, peace, happiness.) This brings no less than pure joy.

Is the character judgmental of others? No, unless they are CIS sympathizers.

Is the character generous or stingy? Rather generous.

Is the character generally polite or rude? Generally polite unless provoked.

Spiritual Characteristics

Does the character believe in God? He isn’t aware there could be a God.

What are the character's spiritual beliefs? He has none.
Is religion or spirituality a part of this character's life? No.

Small Quirks and Mannerisms:
  • Even at his most emotional, he almost never closes his eyes. While he’s not obviously scared of the dark while blinking, he often can’t help but feel a little nervous closing his eyes for too long, so he often does not close them even at his most stressed out or nervous.
  • He’s not afraid to be emotional and express how he feels in a situation. If he feels hurt, chances are some light tears will be shed.
  • He actually prefers being called “Corporal 10093” instead of “Corporal Light,” but will refer to himself as both because he knows people prefer Light more due to ease of naming.
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Loved - Liked - Neutral - Disliked - Hated - Feared

Loved - Liked - Neutral - Disliked - Hated - Feared
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ATK: 3

Due to intense physical training inherent to a clone trooper’s development, it makes sense that a clone is expected to be physically fit enough to kill with their own bare hands in true Mandalorian fashion, if need be. The omni-physics have slightly enhanced his normal strength, thus maintaining the deadly nature of a clone trooper’s arsenal.

DEF: 1

There is a reason most clone troopers worth their salt were not fond of the Plastoid Phase 1 Clone Armor given to them when they became soldiers for the Republic. Outside of its general uncomfortable nature, it was also basically made of plastic, as the name implied, meaning it did not offer much protection from projectiles and blaster fire. Its effectiveness has been minorly improved for the sake of omni-physics, although not enough to prevent certain death if “Light” takes one bolt too many.

SPD: 3

Due to intense physical training inherent to a clone trooper’s development, it makes sense that a clone is expected to be physically fit enough to run a marathon if need be. The omni-physics of the Omniverse have only served to further enhance “Light’s” already impressive clone speed.

TEC: 3

Clone soldiers are trained from birth to be the world’s perfect cannon fodder. With 10 years of nothing but pure military training, it’s natural that, even with their purpose being the human equivalent of droids, they would possess skill far superior to that of witless machinery. Indeed, “Light” is a soldier of very respectable skill; he’s a good shot with a blaster and a melee warrior worthy enough to be taken seriously, if nothing else.


Physical Strength Proficiency (1000 OM) - Of course, being a clone trooper, it is natural that one must be physically proficient in order to stand a chance on the warfront. Therefore, Light is fairly strong, and possesses enough technique to make him a threat in close quarters.

Ranged Proficiency (1000 OM) - All the strength in the world won’t help in the age of blaster rifles and thermal detonators. Therefore, a clone trooper needs to have a high amount of proficiency with that of ranged combat, of which Light himself definitely has.


DC-15s (requires Ranged Profiency) - 300 OM
  • Simple. Only really has one function: shoot bolts. These bolts, blue in color, cannot really be affected in any meaningful way through any action on “Light’s” part.
  • Can be used both standing still and while on the move, although “Light’s” accuracy worsens a bit while firing on the move due to the split actions.
  • Practically instantaneous. It merely requires a pull of the trigger to be fired.
  • Automatic. Bolts fly out fast with about a half-second interval between each shot.
  • Fast. Each bolt is about as fast as a normal bullet.
  • Accurate. Despite the speed and automatic nature, it is a surprisingly accurate weapon.

  • Weak. Due to its nature as more like the Star Wars equivalent of a submachine gun in a lot of ways, each individual bolt is much weaker than a normal bolt. It would be reasonable to assume that it would take multiple bolts to take down a standard foe.
  • Short. The bolts are not very long nor particularly big; indeed, they are rather like small, one inch cylinders. Thus, they are easier to dodge than one might expect.
  • Overheating. Due to the balancing nature of the Omniverse, another flaw of the DC-15s was added upon “Light’s” summoning. After about six seconds of constant firing, the rifle overheats and refuses to fire unless given time to cool down. Said time ranges from two-three seconds. Any attempts to fire this gun before the cool down just results in a harsh buzzing noise and tibanna-gas billowing out the side.

Those hit with the laser bolts of a DC-15s feel a burning sensation, as the ammo in the laser gun are literally heated lasers. This does nothing but just hurt bad, however, and is not the equivalent of damage over time.


Healing (3000 OM) - Due to his status as a combat medic, Light is trained with how to properly heal others. The Omniverse has extended this benefit to allow him more efficient ways of healing himself, and thus gives him multiple medkits for this purpose. Using these, as they count for his SP points, he can heal himself and any one target and remove Accumulated Damage.

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