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Kuroji Setsu

Name: Kuroji Setsu
Spent OM: 6000
Consumed OM:
Proficiencies (1400): Physical Strength (1000), Buff (400)
Powers (4000/8000): Master Super Jumping (800), Flight(1000), Master Acrobat (400), Burst Movement (800), Super Speed (1000)
Moves (900):
鬼百合 ( Oniyuri; Tiger Lily ) - 600 OM
土遁·軽重岩の術 ( Doton: Keijūgan no Jutsu; Light-Weight Rock Technique ) - 0 OM
封入の術 ( Fūnyū no Jutsu; Enclosing Technique ); Lvl 1 - 300 OM
Super Moves (0):
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Unlocks (0):
Base Stats:
ATK: 3
DEF: 2
SPD: 3
TEC: 2

Move Descriptions

鬼百合Oniyuri; Tiger Lily )
Type: Augmented Physical Attack
OM: 600
DescriptionOniyuri is a basic fighting technique of Setsu's that involves the concentration of chakra/energy into ethereal blades at exactly 6 inches from the tips of his fingers, and which then extend a length of 6-18 inches. When in use, the fingers which direct the blades must be straight and so can be limited from one to five total blades per hand. This can be devastating to soft or unguarded targets, but is lacking in piercing ability when it comes to harder materials like metal though it can parry them.

封入の術 ( Fūnyū no Jutsu; Enclosing Technique ); Lvl 1
OM: 300
Description: This move is a storage technique. The user places an object within a drawn circle spell fuuinjutsu and performs a series of handseals, the object disappears in a poof of smoke and a fuuinjutsu mark, denoting the object appears, in the center of the circle. This not possible with moving objects or living objects. Also excluded are things already in motion and objects larger than what would fit in a 8 x 8 x 8 foot box cannot be stored. Requires time to lay a scroll flat, place the object in the center and perform the necessary set of hand-seals( hand seals would take about 1-2 seconds to perform if the user isn't distracted ). The sealing is not a combat technique, but the object can be called relatively quickly from the scroll by the touch of a hand and a one handed seal by the other. Like other space-time ninjutsu / fuuinjutsu, this technique will draw on significant energy for the user to both perform sealing and in the calling back of the object. 
Note: There is a limit to how many objects can be stored and it is dictated by the amount of scrolls and prepared sealing circles Setsu has. These scrolls are about 4 inches tall and when rolled out reach 10 feet. A 12 inch sealing circle is required for the Enclosing Technique at this level, and so each scroll can contain 10 separate seals. Setsu has 4 of these scrolls in his vest. If a scroll is destroyed it becomes much trickier to recall the object(s) and would perhaps even require a new technique, altogether.

土遁·軽重岩の術 ( Doton: Keijūgan no Jutsu; Light-Weight Rock Technique)
Type: Flavor Move
Om: 0
Powers: Flight
This is just a flavor move to explain flight for the character Kuroji Setsu. Utilizing the earth release, the user achieves flight by reducing their weight and the effects of gravity on their body. Through proper manipulation and body movement flight in any direction is possible, however while using this technique all of the user’s blunt physical attacks have a notable reduction in force.

History and Appearance

Source: Original Character; Narutoverse
Physical Description: Gratuitous brown hair on his head, and a rough shadow of a beard. Shifty green eyes and an indifferent expression. Loose and limited clothing. A zipped up combat vest, with a t shirt underneath. A scarf around his neck. Loosefit pants with a tied belt and sandal-toed shoes.

History: Setsu comes from a world characterized by the presence of chakra and shinobi lines that utilize it. He was born into a family line who carried with them a hidden pact with a mysterious entity known as オニ画家 ( Onigaka ). オニ画家 bestowed his gift on the clan as tribute of this secret covenant in the form of powerful techniques and rituals. A gift that would be the envy of many outsiders.

Setsu was cast out from his clan's home as they were wiped out. A disastrously powerful being entered their residence and made it it's new home, making sure to leave no being alive. Setsu was only through sheer luck able to escape and make it to the nearest village, where he managed to integrate and eventually work up to the Genin level. He feared this being would hunt him down and so sought power recklessly, eventually going as far as to abandon his new village to join the ranks of a malevolent Doujutsu master. He was brainwashed and turned into an elite shinobi over the course of many years. Eventually a rebellion was formed as this tyrant expanded his territory and Setsu clashed with children, now adults, whom he had been close to in youth.

If not for the rebellious efforts by several of Setsu's childhood friends, he may have blindly served this lord of illusion the rest of his life. Tragically, the veil of his deception and manipulation fell only as he took his best friend's life and was dealt a significant enough blow that he could no longer utilize his previous gifts. He then fled from any sort of remainder of the conflict and set off from the mainland. Hoping he could rebuild himself and one day return to seek vengeance.

Knowing little of sea travel and haunted by the fragmented and demonic force that had enslaved him, Setsu somehow managed to reach an island he had never seen on any map. From this island he managed to somehow fend for himself and live in relative peace, struggling all the while to make sense of his experiences.

Through meditation and ritual he has tried to reconnect with the being that had gifted him and his now defunk clan their abilities, however, he has found only failure. Living in a state of without, he begins to appreciate what he had when he was all too naive to be thankful. His efforts to transcend yielded unexpected fruit though and encountering shadowy, animalistic being leads him to a gateway which he steps though.
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