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[Open-M] A Demon's Revenge

He was planning on this for a while but other things have screwed up his judgement as of late the demon wanted revenge. Tyson thought long and hard about this thinking the human race needed to die well some of them maybe half of the population in the Omniverse. 

Maybe that will calm his rage finally once this was achieved his evil soul can finally get some closure for his human past life putting it to rest. The plan was thought of but now it needed a good name that the demon could finally get started "The Hellraiser Elimination Plan" sounded pretty good enough but who should the demon start with. Camelot was fill with fresh new prey and the demon thought about it wondering who would really for this someone with good intentions or someone that was purely evil that had to die. 

So many decisions yet so little time then the demon may get his answer a bunch of robbers we're coming back from killing a man even burning down his house. Tyson wonders if this is where his demon plan should they seemed to have such evil intent within them but the demon may have to flip a coin to see if he kills the bastards. He overheard someone about the robbery gone wrong and an entire family was still within the house while it was burning something else about money being involved. This was horrible they didn't even stop and think first robbing first and burning people later which is why they'll be the first people placed his elimination plan. He calmly lowers his head hoping the family they killed find peace because they sure won't as the robbers we're arguing with each other. It was good too the demon could just kill them all and that's it no way they'll need to suffer more violently for it to gore filled bloodbath. One of the robbers was arguing again with his teammates about the botched job trying to get their stories straight so no one finds out about this, Tyson knew though.

"I didn't want this to happen, We didn't have to kill the old man and his woman like that. You and Joey decide to burn the house down????" Robber said.

"Hey we couldn't leave any witnesses....The local authorities won't know what happen anyway. We're free in the clear. Chill we're safe" Robber #4

"I could still hear that old woman screaming....Why did you have to do that?" Robber #2 said.

"Just business, It's the way I like doing things" Robber #4 said.

"Calm down everybody the shit is over it's tragic but we got away just not that family. We screwed up and poor old ass family got hurt end of discussion" Robber #5

"We'll have to deal with the consequences of our actions...Soon Enough but not today" Robber #3 said.

"I like that way of thinking right there consequences. Right there was perfect all of you will be just perfect for the beginning of my elimination plan just eliminating you vile beasts off the face of the Omniverse. How dare you hurt the innocent like that judgement is at hand. Luckily, I'm the executioner and if we all meet in Hell your suffering will the first thing on my list". Tyson yelled.

The demon attacked viciously slaughtering the robbers just hearing them trying to escape was music to his ears. Death was their punishment attacking with full and demonic rage striking the killers with his sword cutting them apart piece by bloody piece. Blood was being smear onto the walls leaving nothing but carnage in the demon's revenge plan. Slaughtering evil in it's tracks help him out a lot killing about four of the robbers still the elimination plan wasn't complete though leaving one of them alive. But however it would send a loud message to everyone else watching to helpless robber crying for mercy where was this when his friends harmed an elderly couple. Not realizing for every action the demon was going make a blood reaction to their evil, Tyson grabbed the broken robber from the ground. The demon started torturing the robber some more before stopping allowing the bastard to crawl out to abandon house leaving a blood trail. Tyson thought this was just the beginning to make criminals beg for mercy and killing the unjust and evil parties for wrong doing almost like a dark vigilante taking some good vengeance on people. Still, Tyson's elimination plan has a long fucking way to go before it was finally completed then he'll rest finally. 

"Run, Parasite or crawl if you must tell you human race something has come into their world. Someone deadly hunting and killing people purely of evil you humans destroyed everything I cared about. How does it feel when I take your existence away from you all? Tell them to act more properly. Yet tell them quickly while you're still alive and not dying just yet" Tyson said calmly.

Tyson started walking away from the scene heading off near some mountains....

The wounded robber was crawling and bleeding badly until some local villagers we're coming back from a tavern. They notice a bleeding person and they started yelling for help they wanted to know who did this. They bring in the wounded guy into the tavern but the man was dying they slowly tried treating his wounds. A head nurse started operating but they couldn't stop the bleeding. 

"Demon......A demon stopped us.....Killed my comrades....all dead. Just because we hurt and murdered and elderly couple.....A demon created by Satan stopped us.......Something about human elimination plan.........Help" Robber said.

"Omigod, I can't stop the bleeding his wounds are too damn severe.....WHO DID THIS TO HIM" Nurse said.

"Someone got this guy good??? His buddies must have hurt some old folks and this demon.....attacked them. I never heard of a demon of vengeance" Villager said.

And that was the work for the day finished. With a tired sigh, Meira slumped in her chair, its loose, wooden backrest creaking quietly as she leaned back. Her head lolled, eyes staring blankly at the plain ceiling above, stained slightly orange from the early dusk light streaming in through the window behind her. Faint voices, cheers, and laughs and general chatter echoed crept into her still room, loud enough to be heard, yet silent enough as to not overpower the samurai’s quiet breaths.

What an uneventful day it had been. Everyone in the villa was as happy and healthy as ever, and quite notably not missing, their scouts had returned back unscathed (as per usual), no injuries during training, so on and so forth. It had just been... a normal day. Or at least mostly normal. There was still the matter of the fairy hostage they had managed to capture days ago.

How long had it been now? A week? Two weeks? However long it had been, it didn’t really matter. They still had her, and Meira was quite certain that wasn’t about to change anytime soon. Their “friends” over at the other village probably didn’t even know she was gone, outside of perhaps this mysterious “Lady Death” that Belle had stuttered out and immediately regretted. Or possibly whoever Clownpiece was. The fairy had mentioned the Hakurei more than a few times, and even in their... interrogations... continued to stubbornly argue that the Miko had been the one to send her on such a reckless mission.

Yes, the little brat held quite firmly to the fact that Reimu Hakurei, famously known for wanting to do everything her way - or rather, not wanting to do these things per se, but needing to if she was to have any peace and quiet - sent a fairy out to halt an attack. Unable to really get anything else out of her (damn she was stubborn for a fairy) and not really familiar with the Hakurei Miko, her brothers-in-arms had given up and accepted Belle’s explanation. Meira, on the other hand, did not believe it for a moment. It just didn’t fit.

And so, she also didn’t believe that Miss Hakurei would realize the fairy was missing. Hell, it was hard for the samurai to imagine her even realizing the fairy existed in the first place. But in the end, unable to really argue her point without giving away exactly how familiar with this “Reimu Hakurei” she was, all she could really do was put her foot down that they weren’t acting on any of the information they’d managed to extract from her yet and ended the discussion. An abuse of authority? Sure. Something that inevitably landed her in hot water? Yes. But it was something she needed to do. Right?  

Of course, even without her meddling, this new information didn't really change anything anyway. To Aldwood’s militia, they already had a face, a target, and a location. They had their eyes over in the other village to thank for that. So all they really got from this was a name or two, and the knowledge that the people they should have managed to take out already knew about their rivalry, and were aiding them.

To Meira... Well, she actually wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. Her world had been upended. Aldwood was her home. It had been for some time now. She’d never been the overly nationalistic type, but if she needed to protect her home, then so be it. If she needed to ensure the safety of her home, then so be it. While she’d never really bought into the Duke’s propaganda (she sincerely doubted they ate babies), the fact of the matter was that their neighbors had attacked them several times (and Aldwood had returned the favor several times, of course).

Never had the other gained the upper hand, and each excursion only left both villages hurting for supplies, and bodies. While there had always been temporary armistices, by now the hostilities ran too deep for diplomacy. While she’d never particularly minded this before, now this troubled Meira deeply. The Village had one hell of a leg up over them. Not only did they have Primes now, something neither side had been blessed by in the past, the fairy’s attack had left them wanting for supplies. The samurai sighed deeply, sinking even further into her chair.

She shouldn’t have done that.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew she should've just subdued the fairy then and there. She should've just continued to march on the Village, like intended, putting all this nonsense about Reimu Hakurei out of her head. Certainly, the Miko couldn't have been too attached to the village anyway, right? She'd only been around for a few days. There was no way she'd lay down her life for them, right? And what if she did? Couldn't Meira just... claim the go-shintai like a certain foolish, younger self of her aspired to do back when she lived in Gensokyo? Fulfill that pipedream of hers?

No. It... it just didn't feel right. She'd long since given up on that dream. It didn't fit her anymore. Meira closed her eyes and drew in a deep breath. That didn't matter now. The why of all this didn't matter now. She could ruminate on why why why she'd done all this all she wanted, but it didn't change what she had done and what came of it. She'd let a fairy slip through her grasp and launch an attack on their forward camp. They were out weeks worth of rations and arms thanks to that "slip-up." She suppressed the questioning of their prisoner, ordering that they weren't to act on any of the info pried from her. It was no surprise she was in hot water with the Duke now.

While he hadn't said anything explicitly questioning her allegiance, questioning how loyal she truly was to the Duchy, Meira could hear it in his voice, in his orders. As per the orders of the Duke himself, she was no longer to be involved in the actions they would take towards the Village. Though that wasn’t said in so many words. Rather, she was told that, in the interest of public safety or something like that, she was to head out to one of their neighboring Villas, closer to the mountains in the east. There, she was to investigate a purported demon attack and, being one of their more competent demon-slayers, deal with it should those rumors turn out to be true. 

Honestly, Meira doubted there was actually one, and she figured the Duke probably thought the same. But it kept the samurai somewhere where she couldn't meddle in this affair between the Duchy and the Village. And that was all the Duke was looking for. But of course, on the off-chance that it was something, well then... problem solved before it became their problem. A demon running amok through their Duchy was the last thing they needed right now. Probably nothing, though. Meira lifted from her seat with a groan and set to work packing up a few necessary supplies for the trip. Rations, camping equipment, her sword, the usual. In the morning, she’d set off. She didn’t imagine the trip should take too long, even with the stretch of rough forest between here and there. Certainly, she should be able to reach it by nightfall...
[Image: testclown.png]
Yuuka Kazami Wrote:Reimu comes back to make another pass at Meira and she just has an idiot neck child.
Credit to Yuuka for the sig

All this for some money or treasure the demon was wondering why humans we're so cruel in their actions just assholes. The elderly couple didn't deserve any of this however this demon wasn't going to pray for them for they have been avenged and their killers given death sentences. Nothing else to but clean up see what goodies they have and perhaps if the demon feels like it return the items. 

Tyson thought that might be pointless now because of the house burning down still the demon hated humans yet the demon was weak in power. He wasn't really ready to return back to those vampires and their covenant yet because the demon wanted to achieve three things before returning back. Finding some way of restoring his magics and powers and that was the most important ever since coming here, Omni must have done something. Whatever that creature must've shutdown his connections with the dark magics and ancient sorcery hoping their was some way to regain it and use it's deadly power once again. The second was regaining his dark transformations......Right one the demon managed to restore one of them and so many more of them to go then he'll be ready to claim some territory. Finally, Tyson's armies the demon didn't know what happen to them, Enchantress, Eric, Demonica and Drakkon and the rest of his demon elite soldiers. 

He started walking over to some waterfall and started cleaning the blood off him as the demon was preparing his next move. "Those murderers are dead but one of them got away if he was smart then he'll never attempt something like that tragedy ever again. The evil ones will die by my hands the elimination plan is in full swing" He thought.

Feeling a lot better about his actions the demon started riding on his horse hoping his next journey will provide better sport. He stops after hearing something a cat crying but howling in pain. A bunch of sick teenagers had the cat and some kittens corner they we're about to do something really stupid seeing one of them holding an axe. Tyson thought this wasn't his problem about to ride off then thinking about those kittens a part of him didn't want to intervene but the demon had something of soft spot for animals. The teenagers was pointing at the cat as the two jerks were holding the cat down as the sick teenager was about to raise his axe at the kittens. Tyson blocks the attack as the teenagers we're wondering who this asshole was it was somebody that a human shouldn't piss off at all. "What are you fuckers doing? Hell is going to enjoy you sickos once I'm through with you all. But I'm curious...to know why your homo sapien nature feel your higher than any other species. That you have to do something extremely horrible to make you all feel better??? I mean a mother cat and hurting her kittens that's a real low" Tyson yelled.

"Hey You get out of here... We're just practicing execution styles wanting to be ruthless assassins. You stopped us from out training you jerk" Teenager said with a rude tone. 

"Not like that you guys aren't....and not with animals either" Tyson replied.

"What the fuck? Who does this hero guy think he is telling us what to do? I got an idea let's deal with him first then continue our training" Another teenager said.

"Let's surround the hero so he doesn't get cold feet" The third teenager said. All started getting around the demon but all this was doing was pissing the demon off. Tyson thought showing no mercy should be enough however they haven't killed anyone yet so teaching them a lesson should do for now.

"Any last words???? Hero Jerk" The fourth teenager said.

Tyson calmed down seeing the mother cat was alright protecting her little kittens which was good. It means these monkeys wouldn't suffer violently "School is in session and the doctor is in. But a word of advice though respect your elders and treat animals like you want to be treated. Because of never know where a demon get to do the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE WITH YOUR BRAINS" Tyson said violently with rage and compassion.

He started beating up the teenager his strength was too much of them....two teenagers didn't even know how to fight. They we're just too easy beating them all up still the demon was about to go to kill mode but the kittens we're alright. Tyson was going to kill them but stripping the teenagers naked would suffice so they never did anything like this ever again. Taking their clothes and their weapons hoping the mother cat and her kittens we're alright gently calming down the mother cat as she was thankful. "It alright it's all over....They won't harm your children anymore" He said quietly.

The punks we're stripped naked and Tyson started hearing off hoping for some better game then again. He should be careful if he not then the possible chance of running into some demon hunters would happen the last time that didn't go so well. One of the reasons the demon needed to restore his powers so he can deal wth any demon hunters and defeat them. "I've got to get more powerful and better in strength...I will reclaim my lost powers back within me" He thought.

Hours later, A villager riding his wagon shows up seeing the naked teenagers in the lake "Omigod, I knew it.....Johnny and his gang buck nekkid someone got you guys good and about time. You guys are always starting trouble doing stupid ass shit. Look at you guys now high as a kite"

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