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Little Rose

Name: Little Rose

Spent OM: 6200
Consumed OM:

Proficiencies (3000): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged (1000), Debuff (1000)
Powers (2000/8000): Survival (2000)
Moves (1200): Toxico (600), Cero (600)
Super Moves (0):
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Unlocks (0):

Base Stats:
ATK: 4
DEF: 5
SPD: 1
TEC: 0
ATTENTION: Lilith and Evan are
manifestations of Rose's broken
mind, please do not respond to
them unless you have Telepathy.

Base Stats:
Atk 4
Def 5
Spd 1
Tec 0
[Image: 6EAE58367061BD66264BC0B456C8D7BD3F2D9658]

Rose Colt

Bleach OC

Rose started as human as all Hollows do, she was Lilly White.

Born and raised in England she was treated like a princess by her mother and like a stranger by her father. Mr. White had acquired some debt from gambling away what little money he made. One night Mr. White was drunk and his wife started a fight about the financial strain he was forcing them into, and this created a conflict that ended with a bloody knife.

The child was next, but instead of killing her Lilly’s father sold her into slavery and she was shipped down to Africa where she becomes another man’s property for some time before he dropped her in the lap of a worker. Upon discovery of the tombs, Lilly and many other slaves were sent down to retrieve the treasures within.

How she died is never discovered, but to be sure it was either one of the various booby traps laid by the pharaoh's orders or the lack of oxygen. Given Rose’s nature, it was likely she suffocated.

In the darkness, Rose met a friend named Lilith, a bossy little girl who began to tell her what to do, when, and how. This leads to a lot of shenanigans, but most notable was ripping out the spirit chain in her chest, and evolving through to Gillian and becoming too large for the tombs to hold.

Eventually, she meets Evan, the second person she’s met since death and not by coincidence. Evan isn’t defined as much older than her, he is handsome and seems to always have the answers. At this point, she has reached the Adjuchas stage and Evan convinces her to rip off her mask to become an imperfect Arrancar.

Without anyone else to guide her she sought out the human world where she met Keyno. Keyno attempted to take care of the strange little girl. However, this brought her to the attention of a powerful Hollow. Akumu. Akumu convinced Fumetsu that Rose would be worth incorporating in their little group despite Keyno’s initial objections.

Rose is then used for several things, none of which she is given the choice to object, or the will to do so. She does everything Akumu asks of her, including turning on Keyno and nearly killing him.

Akumu then released her to do as she pleased, not having any directions she roamed the human world for a bit before meeting Asuna and Junko. Both of them thought it was best to attack first and ask questions later, and that question was if she would be Asuna’s Rook.

After some consideration and Akumu’s permission, nay, order. Rose agreed to it. She was with another Arrancar named Dellindis who just finished teaching her important lessons when Omni showed interest in her.


Appearing as your average 19-year-old girl, she has long blond hair that reaches her knees. Rose is 5’3” with cream colored skin and gold colored eyes which glow just a bit. She is usually found as naked as she can be, the only thing keeping her modest is the dark purple chitin plating that forms bikini armor. This also runs long her spine creating a spiked collum which generally hurts anyone trying to make an attack from behind.

Her mask remnants are the lower end of a scorpion’s “jaw” that attach to her neck like a bone white necklace. Her Hollow hole is clearly in the center of her chest.

Other mutations include blackened blisters that dot her legs and upper arms, and one side of her face.

Physical Prof
Ranged Prof
Debuff Prof


Requires: Physical Prof, Debuff Prof
The Weapon
Rose’s Zanpakuto comes in the form of a Glaive. The head of this long arm is a foot long barbed and serrated blade that resembles a Scorpion’s stinger. The metal is black and the surface has pores which are how she distributes the poisons. It has a counterweight on the end of it. Weapon’s full length is 7 feet long in total and made completely of her spirit.
Pink Poison
Toxico produces a pink liquid through the pores, covering the blade with it in a matter of 1 second and creates a poison that lasts for 2 successful attacks before it needs to be replenished. This poison numbs the pain receptors in the cut so that the opponent doesn’t realize they’ve been hit until they inspect the damage or the numbing wears off in approx. 5 seconds after the poison has been administered. This allows Rose to attack the opponent several times before they sense the oncoming danger. Depending on the severity of the attack the opponent may bleed out before he/she realizes what’s happening.
Sensory Powers will give the creature an advantage of figuring this out a lot faster than anyone without one. Insight can tell the user what the poison does.

Requires: Ranged Prof
The most basic attack a hollow can produce. Rose’s are stronger than the average hollow. Each one manifests from the flattened palm of her hand or the tip of Toxico. Each cero is about the size of a softball, is sickly green with a pink glow, and moves about the speed of your average arrow. Producing these is surprisingly easy for the hollow and she can use them almost indefinitely but only one at a time. It takes 2 seconds to create, and another second of rest before she can fire another one. After launching the cero the faintest impact releases the stored energy in a violent explosion.
Rose can also charge these, every 2 seconds after that she holds off from attacking makes the cero bigger and thus stronger. The longer the charge, the more dangerous. This drains her energy and fatigues her much faster.

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