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Encrypted from Shadow 1-8 to Courscant Spec Ops team (Trixie, or whomever)

Dear whomever is reading this,

I would like to talk regarding my job skills regarding joining a possible Special Ops area of your guard. I have the experience needed for the job as I can explain to you what I can do.

Regarding: Shadow 1-8

Shadow 1-8, 

Sending encrypted messages on this frequency is a good way to get yourself flagged and arrested by Imperial Intelligence. I suggest, that if you seek employment with the Empire, you prove yourself capable. You have no service record on file that I can pull up so I have no way of verifying your claimed experience. Prove your worth to the Empire and then maybe we'll talk. 

-Cyber Agent Hannibal

Quote:In Layman's terms: You should probably complete one of the intro Faction quests for the Empire to get someone to talk to you. Once you do, you have Agent Hannibal's contact info now, so you can use that as your contact if you'd like. 

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