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Thomas Eckersly

CHARACTER NAME: Thomas Eckersly


CHARACTER HISTORY: Born in Kansas City, 1941, Thomas has always had a life fraught with struggle and turmoil. From a young age, he was involved with the italian mob alongside his friends in his mostly-italian neighborhood. Proving himself to be an able enforcer by the age of 19, Thomas was on track to become a made man before he was drafted into the war in Vietnam. In Vietnam, he performed great atrocities in the name of his country, scarring himself forever. Upon his return to Kansas City, he was approached by his friends to perform another job for the italian mob and cement his place in the family. Thomas, however, refused, and after weeks of deliberation, the mob found that the man had known too much to be left alive. At a bar in Kansas City, Thomas was shot three times in the back. In a slow haze, Thomas passed out and woke up in The Nexus.

 [Image: Vietnam-Laurie-2.jpg]

ATK: 2
DEF: 1
SPD: 3
TEC: 4

Ranged Proficiencies
Physical Strength


Smith and Wesson Model 27: 300OM
A chrome six-shooter that is very effective in short and medium range. Although slow to reload, the power of the Smith and Wesson Model 27 makes up for it with pure stopping power.

Madsen M-50: 300OM
A chromed out submachine gun that is effective in short and medium range. With a high firing rate, the weapon trades stopping power for mobility and ease of use.

Bowie Knife: 300OM
A formidable weapon at close-range, the Bowie knife is a 16 inch fixed knife. 

Quickdraw: 300OM
Thomas can draw his Smith and Wesson with remarkable speed, getting to his hand before the opponent is able to react. 

Knife Throw: 600 OM
Thomas can throw his knife up to medium range with pinpoint accuracy. Can be used while running, jumping, driving, or any sort of movement. Can also be used to throw anything as an improvised weapon.\

Death-Haze: 600 OM
Thomas can go into a mental haze where he feels no pain, feels no emotion, and simply kills all that is around him. Can be used under any circumstance, but if used, Thomas must act accordingly and attempt to murder everything living around him. Being in the death haze provides Thomas with a +1 to ATK and TEC.

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