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Beta Ray Bill

Name: Beta Ray Bill
Spent OM: 5000
Consumed OM: 
Proficiencies (2600): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged (1000), Remote Control (600)
Powers (1800/8000): Flight (1800) 
Moves (600): Stormbreaker (600)
Super Moves (0): 
Transformations (0): 
Assists (0): 
Unlocks (0): 
Base Stats:
ATK: 3
DEF: 3
SPD: 2
TEC: 2
[Image: maxresdefault-600x375.jpg]

[Image: Y5EyaBW635t9KxFASUL1z10PkvJc2RX1S9zeDbwC...6YdAsmOjzV]
(First appearance in The Mighty Thor  #337)

Born to the planet of Korban set in the Burning Galaxy Beta Ray Bill was a proud warrior among his species the Korbanites. To despair however their part of the galaxy was destroyed by the fire demon known as Sutur, in one of his conquests after Asgard. In response the to the destruction of their home the Korbinites left the Burning in a massive fleet but not without making a guardian to protect them during their travels for a new home.

[Image: 8W7RhXo50xi_89wFeJYf1aThiQK5PTwmRBxy-ZNZ...Gm-hzrnuTr]

Bill went through numerous challenges, augmentations, and tests turning him into a cyborg. During the fleet's arrival of the Milky Way galaxy Earth’s organization known as Shield detected it via satellite, in response Director of Shield Nick Fury tasked the demigod Thor to investigate. Upon arrivel of Bill’s ship Scuttelbutt in amass confusion they battled. During the fight Thor somehow lost possession of his hammer Mjolnir allowing Bill a chance to left it making him the first being besides Thor and Odin to lift the hammer. With Thor’s hammer Beta Ray Bill instantly gained the powers of Thor himself and as well as a similar costume design.[Image: iCkHfpKIV_IVqFDvk_ILtRwt0L4UZJns0nrW8AyR...bileFXy_cP]                                      [Image: jJdBKdzmDVQ2FFKJwopmpIfPLc3IbC2IWXiwZ0I0...456J2YqSRq]
Witnessing the set of events Odin transferred Thor and Bill back to asgard and set forth a test to see the combatants in a fair fight. Battling to the death in the real known as Skarthiem both Thor and Bill fought until exhaustion. Due to Bill’s physiology he recovered before Thor did. Refusing to kill his downed opponent Bill passed Odin’s test. Thereafter Odin created a new hammer dubbed Stormbreaker which also contained the power of Mjolnir. Becoming friends with the prince of Asgard Bill, Thor, and the warrior Sif returned to the Korban fleet to fight off Surtur’s army, saving the Korbinites.

[Image: AxUDuXpuaTChc9sse4OQ16yL8J2dliNCigpI9sQZ...swzqvz6-5U]                       [Image: j-ex2y10fyl2O4FEUNGCyLEZQb2yAlV0O99xMfIQ...ccR_5aG3XR]

In later Adventures Bill went off to fight the world eater Galactus in an effort to save his people’s new home. During the large battle with the omnipotent being Bill was eventually defeated and from there Omni took him.

[Image: BrrU-d5lS-pk9v9oKOzePzQDeztXtSBim7GToWzy...OlfLysn3KA]
[Image: maxresdefault-600x375.jpg]


[Image: ALtOmPeGWMTs130a5S64ESJnVLjfqG1uU_Evfg4P...2YNkhRE5Qu]Three feet long, one and a half long from the head it was created the same way as Thor’s hammer Mjolnir. The hammer is gold in design with a form of an ax blade on the opposite side of it. The hilt has intricate carvings that swirl to the pommel. In combat, Bill uses his hammer to crush, smash, smack, and bash opponents controlling electricity into each hit. Though Bill does possess the powers Thor, swinging the hammer relatively still tires him.  Outside of combat Beta Ray can smash open objects and bash open doors. In addition to combat, only the worthy and Bill himself can lift Stormbreaker. The hammer can also be thrown at enemies and return back into Bill’s hands. In doing so it takes a moment for the hammer to return when thrown. When throw Beta Ray can roughly throw the hammer at speeds of 100 mph. (Speeds that a professional baseball player can pitch.)
[Image: maxresdefault-600x375.jpg]

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