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Mochikomi Shin Jidai

Name: Mochikomi Shin Jidai
Spent OM: 4800
Consumed OM:
Proficiencies (1000): Ranged (1000) 
Powers (2200/8000): Telepathy (1500), Advanced Enhanced Senses (1700)
Moves (600): Fox Fire (600) 
Super Moves (0):
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Unlocks (0):
Base Stats:
ATK: 3
DEF: 1
SPD: 3
TEC: 3


Fox Fire:(600 om) (Ranged Proficiency)
Mochi can passively generate one 12” softball of liquid fire, visually similar to a will-o-wisp every 20 seconds while in combat. maxing out at 9 balls summoned at once time which orbits her. She can use her hands and as tails to control and throw these balls. Upon being thrown they are fire and forget and she no longer has control over them. She can release one at a time or all nine at once. When all nine are out there is no timer. the second another ball has been fired and exhausted either by connecting with the target or fizzling out the 20 second timer starts anew and after 20 seconds she can summon another ball. Thus if Mochi shot all nine at one time she would have to wait for all of them to expire as well as the timer to reset and count to 20 again. Then she can summon another ball.  It would take her 3 mins to summon nine balls and at a steady rate would be able to fire 180 fireballs and hour. This is not meant for sustained Target saturation and keeps Mochi more has a hit and run fighting style.  Consent pressure to have her expend her fox fire will ensure the opponents increased survival rate. (NOTE: No way currently that mochi could even sustain 180 fox fire and hour, numbers above are just explaining the time it takes.)

Given Name: Mochikomi shin jidai
Meaning: bringer/bearer of a new age

True Name: Ai no Beara
Meaning: bringer/bearer of tenderness

Age:5000 Celestial Years
Gender: Kitsune ;) 

[Image: iSaeJ0j.png][Image: vS72oBi.png]
[Image: bFKzHcC.png][Image: 1pv6Byl.png]
[Image: T1a9s0W.png][Image: 1Llm9Gn.png]
[Image: cUSogxa.png]


Before Omni
It all started with the goddess Inari, responsible for fertility, wealth, business, and especially foxes.This god saw the raging chaos and the sterile tranquillity and made a pact among the realms of the cosmos. A pact to create a being whose sole purpose was to make ripples in tranquilities stillwater and to calm chaoses raging storms. For there is no progress if all is calm, and loss of progress if all is chaotic. Inari search through the pool of mortal souls that await rebirth again and again. They took their time searching through each souls past lives over and over again until she found the one.  The one soul that will be her avatar, her kitsune zero.

The souls spirit name was awoken and it called itself “Ai no Beara” (bearer/bringer of tenderness) Inari placed this soul on a remote world that needed dire assistance, and following a frightful storm, a fox family would give birth to the first kitsune. Come morning-after birth the skies were clear and ample food was nearby for the new family to easily acquire they nourishment they needed new additions. This is when the mother foxes notice that one of her daughters was different, and the feeling of balance within her lend her to be given the name Mochikomi Shin Jidai (bringer of a new age)

It took 100 years for Mochi to understood why she outlasted everyone and everything she cared about. The environment around her only kept reinforcing this day in and day out as she had to be smart to survive every day. What sealed her fate was the growth of a second tail, utterly marking her as a rare creature to be hunted by everyone that heard the rumour of a fox with two tails. While being hunted for over the next 100 years she learned more about the occupants about this world and why it was driven into chaos. She was at first hand at their fear of anything new or that they did not understand. Outwitting and even defending herself when cornered she learned to blend among the mortals and learn their ways.

Eventually, she stumbled upon the concept of gods and was curious which one may have created her. But alas the mortals did not have these answers. After many more years and tails, she grew wiser and more self-aware and looked among the cosmos and achieved ascendancy. She met her god inari and was tasked with assisting her god in fulfilling her purpose and the plans that they had for her. The mere fact that her first kitsune survived and ascended gave the knowledge inari needed to complete her plan and spread more kitsunes over the cosmos.

From this point forward Mochi was responsible for building the council of ten, for she would be zero and would spend 1000’s of years find and grooming the next 10 kitsunes that would become ascended and assist with the balance of the cosmos.

Meeting OMNI
After countless celestial cycles fulfilling her duty, she has been involved in countless wars among the cosmos which had even her experience many unimaginable events with death a time constraint thanks to her celestial immortality. Mochi as the big picture type of entity never expected to be suddenly and frightening jerked awake by the sudden lack of internal compass within her being.  

She Jolted awake awaking hearing a voice talk about rules, about Omnilium. Mochi eyes locked to the to the orb the desire to absorb it was unfathomably more desirable than any craving she had ever had in her existence, more so than her coveting desire for crystals. The being Omni then spoke about as long as the fox interests them I will be reborn. The struck a chord with Mochi as this inevitably meant this Omni has her soul tree.

Before Mochi could even attempt to speak to the entity she was suddenly in a vast white empty landscape.  Mochi checks herself over now that she can see and move and noticed that her starball was missing. Sent into a state of panic she would twirl around making her tails didn't steal it. Nothing, Thus simply imagine a fox running in a white room checking over part of it over, running to the next side and repeating it. Jumping into the fountain then out, fighting with the water and then becoming exhausted from shock. 

Mochi laid down defeated, just realizing that she is not humanoid anymore either but her feral form. She stored this thought away for further pondering. As all she could think about was her starball, she focused hard on it. Much to her surprise it appeared right next to her, confused, she thought about fish just as hard, then they too also appeared. Thinking to herself that this is not how her illusions work, she ate the fish and was also not hungry.

Wait…physically hungry? She has not felt this in thousands of years and had an ever growing list of questions she would eventually demand from Omni…..politely.

Other more In-depth PRE-OMNI History Here and OOC Kitsune Science Here
Do note the following links are external and may not be totally accurate/used on OMNIVERSE by myself. But they are good resources especially the ooc science.

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