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Noragnir Wolfsttag

Name: Noragnir Wolfsttag
Spent OM: 4500
Consumed OM: 0
Proficiencies (1600): Ranged Proficiency (1000), Area Attack Proficiency (600)
Powers (1400/8000): Enhanced Senses Basic (1400)
Moves (1200): Ravager Shotgun (300), Quickshot Pistol (600), Dragon's Breath Grenade (300)
Super Moves (0):
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Items (300): Communicator, Mobile Dataverse device
Unlocks (0):
Base stats:
ATK: 4
DEF: 2
SPD: 1
TEC: 3

Physical Description
[Image: eE9snU0.jpg?1]
Noragnir is in all basics a dwarf like many you would see in a fantasy world though those of his home-world do have at least a few differences from those in other worlds. He stands at roughly four feet seven inches the tall end of the spectrum for his race his body while still heavy in muscle is leaner then one might expect from a dwarf his is also for less hairy then you would expect. His face is hard angles covered with a well styled beard of fiery red the style more along the lines of steampunk style then those of the average dwarf. His emerald eyes are centered in his head the gaze usually hidden behind dark circular framed shades, and on occasion his bangs from his usually slicked back hair the shade of which matches his beard.

(Please note this will grow with time as I hammer out more of his backstory in my head.)

Noragnir was born into a world of technology, and magic crafting together a world aking to that of steampunk though magic is the fuel for most of this world. The son of an engineer, and metal-smith he grew up learning the ways of the gear, and spring his sharp mind absorbing the information like a sponge. He soon grew to love the smell of oil, and the sound of turning gears inspiring the young dwarf further into creation bringing new things his world had never seen before into his world. These creations were the first firearms of his world the first, and by far most brutal of these creations was the Ravanger a crude, but effective shotgun. He later invented the quickshot pistol a weapon meant for more finesse than the Ravanger holding more rounds, and meant for more distance then the other weapon. He mastered these weapons in time which allowed him to go out to explore his world, and in turn showed him he had a skill for the heat of battle his weapons highly effective in this world of his. He never stopped inventing however his mind slowly changing his world for both the better an the worse ultimately starting a major war as they rushed to get their hands on some version of the dwarf's firearms.


Noragnir is not the most common of dwarves when it comes to how he thinks, and acts his inventors mind making him open to new idea, and schools of thought. He can still be a grump however especially if he is out of tabac, or drink, or gods forbid both at the same time if he states that he is walk carefully for a dwarf with no drink is dangerous indeed. That oddness aside he is usually a merry fellow always with a laugh, or chuckle on his lips even just after battle something some may say is a bit odd as well. That said in battle itself he is merciless, and blood thirsty often smiling as the roar of his weapons fill the air, and blood splatters the ground his personality seeming almost malicious in this state of blood lust. That said even lost in the blood lust he will always stand with his allies willingly putting his life on the line for those he grows close to after all the loyalty of dwarves is one thing that never seems to change.


Ravager Shotgun (requires Ranged Proficiency) - 300 OM

A squat heavy Shotgun created by Nor himself when he was in his early days of inventing. The thing isn't all that great on the eye the steel barrel shaped into a wolf's head covered in heavy dwarf runes to reinforce it, attached with care to a heavy oak stock meant to help brace it during combat. The weapon fires a single heavy slug of iron using both gunpowder, and magic. The slug is far heavier then a basic pistol round, and in turn requires more power to get it to speed. This weapon kicks like a mule, and is not meant to be used while moving. The weapons diameters are in line with a Lupara style sawed off shotgun the total length of the weapon is around twelve inches half of which is the barrel, but it is bulky as hell definitely something meant to be used by someone powerful. The weapon holds only one round at a time breaking open to change out the shell, and then closing it, and pulling the hammer back to fire again. The entire process takes around two seconds limiting it's rate of fire, but allowing for the use of the heavy slug rounds that it was designed to handle.

Quickshot Pistol - (Requires Ranged Proficiency) - 600 OM
Noragnir's choice for midrange combate the Quickshot is a long barreled revolver along the lines of the peacemaker colt with a total length of around thirteen inches seven, and a half of which is the barrel, The weapon hols six rounds that must be reloaded individually with the time being around a half secound per round. The weapon is best used when aimed, but can be used while moving though it splits the focus of the shot. The user could also 'fan ' the hammer allowing to fire all the rounds quickly but the weapon suffers more ware this way and it's accuracy suffers. The weapon has an effective range of 17 yards maximum though the longer distance takes greater aim.

Dragon's Breath Grenade (Requires Ranged Proficiency, Area Attack Proficiency) - 300 OM
A rather basic six inch pipe bomb style grenade covered in runes that ignite the bomb with a thought, and willing of mana. The weapon has a fuse that detonates after four seconds, or upon impact releasing a vicious explosion of around seven feet. Nor's effective throwing range for this weapon is around 20 yards. (The effective range of a trained rl soldier.) The weapon triggering system is heavy on Mana cost far more the the dwarfs other weapons as such he only keeps around four on his person. He then must make more with either parts or summoning.The explosion is considered fire elemental damage.

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