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[M] One Demon vs The Crossed

One more thing before the demon considers marriage, but this works both ways a double marriage. Tyson loved two vampires and they loved him wanting to be with him, meaning he'll need to be stronger. He managed to obtain some of his skills back, but in this weird universe, it wasn't the same things have changed. Meaning it might require more adventuring to discover what his strengths and weaknesses are then making a proper skill set for himself. So it was decided, To continue doing final adventure before returning back to Lilith's family, Tyson was hoping for another rescue mission. After saving that girl Rachel from that holy cult wasn't easy, however that woman managed to let them both leave but gave him a warning. Discovering that Rachel was a vampire still returning her back to her family was heartwarming watching a family getting back together. But it could lead to a problem should that vampire start biting people, yet the job was done no reason to pursue it any further or bother the family it was their problem now.

Maybe the demon should have done more, but it wasn't his place and also the rescuer was paid into finding the child giving his word into her safe return. A missing person case was solved still a rescue mission wasn't his cup of tea, wanting more of a challenge to satisfy his dark ego.

Hoping to find someone that would give me a great everlasting adventure, Tyson heard the reports of any virus infecting some people south of Camelot. This was something that might be worth his time a virus maybe they'll have some cure to it and the worse would be over.

Started heading South on horseback making some good time for a two-hour ride. Heading into town, Tyson noticed something that started sending shivers down his spine everyone was dead what the fuck happened here. Getting off his horse, The demon started hearing sounds inside the local as he opens the door, finding a bunch of teenagers eating a horse it was formed of cannibalism. But that wasn't the strangest thing upon each of their faces was a red cross-like infection... Tyson didn't know what was going on. Started walking away as one of them ripped off the horse penis and started slapping himself with it trying to see if could knock himself out.

What the fuck was wrong with them? It was like they didn't care about anything anymore, Tyson hears a car come up as the driver tells him to get inside.

Tyson gets in the car and the driver turns the wheel and the car heads far away from the infected people. What the hell was wrong with them, they're acting like zombies would but none of their skin was decaying. One of them didn't even have any clothes just wearing some human skin for pants this was insane but they seemed super deadly crazier than normal. He asked the driver about the whole situation going on in this town as the human tried explaining the whole thing. A group calling themselves "The Crossed" humans that have been infected an unknown strain of 245-Trioxin virus however they don't turn into zombies. This virus turns humans into not only cannibals, but evil killers it makes that human act purely insane. It all started with Patient Zero who was sent to the Omniverse the man was infected with major high doses of the virus, it started spreading into some local family and deaths started. Local villagers started becoming hostile killers and they started forming a group led by Dickhead Grayson which led to the birth of "The Crossed".

What person would name himself Dickhead? Tyson wanted to laugh his head off over the situation. The shocking part about it was it was true so they're called the Crossed. This crazy outbreak started with Patient Zero then if there's any sort of cure it would come from that person.

"Who are you anyway?" Tyson said.

"My name is Frank... Frank Johnson, I was supposed to become the new mayor of that village then the strange virus hit. How I know about this is because? Patient Zero came to the village about three days ago who seemed to be a wounded person. A day later, The doctors told me it was some sort of infection spread inside the patient. My wife was one of the doctors became infected suddenly the virus started infecting the villagers. I managed to escape, taking the documents from Patient Zero. They killed the patient and somehow the Omniverse brought him back. My only guess the virus was suppressed long enough for the patient to act like a human again" Frank answered.

This seemed just like a nightmare waiting to happen, the virus was about to become a threat to Camelot. Tyson knew one thing these people needed to be stopped and confront this patient zero finding some way to cure him.

He needs a few things before heading back, Frank didn't like the idea, but the demon had no choice. If this virus spreads it could harm the people that he loves the most never forgiving himself, knowing the demon could have stopped this. Tyson explained to Frank that he'll deal with these crazy people and find this infect person putting an end to this. Frank was shock, wondering how one demon was going to go up against those whack jobs what the demon will need is weapons.

Frank took him into another town getting some supplies. Tyson was concern about some deadly weapons finding a few of them because this virus might lead to them becoming zombies. A chainsaw will be needed to slash them apart plus some guns and a shotgun for ranged gore effects for blowing off the heads of those crazy bastards. Needing a whole lot of ammo and probably some gasoline for the chainsaw after about twenty minutes of shopping. He was ready, Frank thought this was suicide and this demon was going to get himself killed if anyone stood a chance it was him. Tyson took the car driving back to the village determine to end this zombie crazy nightmare, Hell taught him not to fear anything anymore. But zombies taking over that may have been something before the Omniverse, Tyson wouldn't have cared that much. Now, He had something that he had to protect and nothing would stop him it was three-hour drive back into the village "God... I've never prayed to you before. I don't deserve your forgiveness at all. No one, not even you, will remember if I was a good person or not. Why I did the things back in those times. All that matters right now... I'm willing to put my life on the line to stop this. That's what's Important! The Crossed will not harm anyone ever again. So grant me one request... Grant me Destruction! And if you don't listen, Then we are done here"

Making it back into the village getting out of the car with his weapons ready. The crazies we're planning a cannibal feast and some innocent family was the main course they needed to be stopped cure or no cure. Tyson was ready a one demon war upon these crazy zombies showing no mercy until finding this patient zero to discover what this virus was all about.

Grabbing his chainsaw, Tyson started searching around for some crazy zombies and then hearing that munching sound. A sound that shivers down his spine a bunch of savages eating some birds in a crazy way. The crazy savages started looking at the demon as the dead bird fell to the ground as then one of them started wiping his face approaching him. Whoever this crossed zombified bastard has seemed that he's more civilized than the rest of those bastards. He started explaining his intentions of destroying the Omniverse so their world can rise and chaos will reign. This Reverend Dickhead was the leader of the Crossed and that this person was the second in command but this wasn't a zombie. Just some crazy human with zombie powers but the strangest thing was his attitude wasn't fully cannibal yet that was pretty weird because of all zombies in nature. They'll lose their memory in time maybe this virus was a stronger version of the zombie virus meaning he'll get infected if he isn't careful. The second in charge started saying that story time was over and it was time to start killing as the savages started getting up. Getting his chainsaw ready, Tyson was waiting for one of them to start attacking he'll send the asshole straight to Hell, just waiting for one of them to make a move. One of them started wielding a knife and had a necklace made of eyeballs and tongues too gross. The crazy one started coming at the demon with the knife and with one swipe of the chainsaw the crazed man hand was gone getting ready for his next move. Even after having his hand cut off the guy didn't feel any pain like he's on some super PCP or something.

Tyson had enough to this shit getting the shotgun ready as the crazed man started licking the blood and piss from the ground. In a rage, Tyson shot the man in the head as the others started attacking and the demon charged attacking with his chainsaw killing the crazed humans in some gore filled rage. Killing one of them by decapitation, another cutting off his legs and head and the others slashing them apart as all five of them were dead well five down. So many more to go, Tyson started checking the house seeing if there was any valuable information about patient zero or something related to the cure.

Searching the whole house, He didn't find anything but one place the demon didn't check was the basement. Started going downstairs into the basement finding some underground lab as some scientist was working or experimenting on the crazed human zombies. Finding important information about the Crossed...Tyson found the information about the cure.

The scientist had one vial of the vaccine it was to be injected into patient zero. Should the patient that the vaccine the group known as "The Crossed" would be destroyed. The vaccine would kill the infection this was great and now all the demon had to do was find patient zero and administer the vaccine to the asshole. One problem though the demon didn't know where to start maybe by killing the members of the crazy group would get him somewhere. But the demon hears something being dragged on the ground upstairs as if something was being dragged. Reloading his shotgun, Tyson managed to head back upstairs hearing the sound getting louder as then the demon starts hiding seeing what it was. Someone was dragging a battle axe upon the wooden floor having the red cross mark on his face looking for something to kill. The new craze man wasn't too happy having his friends killed wondering where the sweet pig was hiding so he could kill it viciously avenging his kin. Dragging the battle axe hoping the find the murderer, new crazy started looking in every room until the demon was found and then he'll kill him.

"Yee Haw, Come on out piggy. I'm not going to hurt you really your not in any trouble. Reverend Dickhead would like to get to meet ya. Should you survive a beheading... Not to worry I'll send your body to our lord. The age of whiners, wussies, butt-heads, and cuntheads has come to end. We are the new law and order... I sentence judgment upon your ass. For getting in our way the sentence is death my boy. So come on out piggy so we can make some bacon." A crazy man said.

"I'm right here, you dork! So your lord and master calling himself Reverend Dickhead. You crazy assholes are amazing even though your acting like zombies you somehow managed to obtain some crazy form of humanity. Very Interesting...Before we do this tell me one thing, Who or What is Patient Zero?" Tyson said.

"You talk about the savior?" Crazy Man said.

"The Savior?" Tyson said.

"The one who rules over nature. She'll destroy the Omniverse and destroy every one of you primes from our new garden of paradise. Her flames will burn away the Omniverse's darkness burning the eternal way to freedom. So says Lady Genocyber the one who gave this wonderful gift. Just hearing her name is giving me a boner" Crazy Man said.

"Oh yeah, This guy has to die but this Lady Genocyber must be Patient Zero. I find her and inject the vaccine and the nightmare is over." Tyson thought.

"Come on Piggy? I want some bacon and eggs" The crazy man said.

"I'm sorry sweetheart the kitchen is closed. Not to worry pumpkin, we managed to get a juicy egg hot and ready. Oh, baby! it's going to melt right in your mouth not in your hand." Tyson said.

"AWW SWEET PIGGY LET ME HAVE IT!" The crazy man said.

"Sure" Tyson said.

Pointing the shotgun right into the crazy man face as he started laughing then pissing on himself. One shot blowing a hole in the man's mouth sends him crashing into the dining room. How many of these crazies were there? Wondering if one lone demon could face off against an entire horde of the crazies known as "The Crossed". Only time will tell but the demon had one objective and that was finding Patient Zero and ending this for all of Camelot.

He managed to defeat some of the crazy zombified humans, Tyson needed to find this Patient Zero putting an end to this. The demon didn't know where to start or search for clues maybe the demon should let them have their way but it could lead to problems everywhere else. This feels like a human emotion all over again caring about people and ensuring their safety from a dangerous threat like this. One thing was on his mind if "The Crossed" go after the vampires in that trouble then it could be trouble and the demon needed to stop them. The only question was where could the demon find this patient zero? After using the shotgun against the crazy zombie the demon notices something in the zombie's jeans, it was a map. Tyson sat down in a chair and started reading it finding out the location of this patient who was being guarded by a crazy religious family known only as the Seeds. Who would fucking name their last names as things you needed to grow fruits, vegetables or flowers with? A strange bunch of people the map showed the location of the first person the demon should start with known as Faith Seed. A crazy asshole who believe she could save everyone by using some sort of zombie gas, Tyson should start with Faith Seed. He started reloading his shotgun and grabbing a horse from the barn and started heading off. Upon his journey, Tyson started feeling weird maybe that zombie was infected with something but this wasn't any zombie gas it felt like a drug. Falling off the horse going into a sleep state, Tyson wakes up finding something sickening it was almost close to Heaven. He must be dreaming because if this was Heaven? Tyson would be burning to death or his demon nature to reject this place acting more demonic than usual. But this wasn't Heaven...Then someone was in his mind then the demon finds out who was responsible for this...Faith Seed. The bitch that the demon was looking for she told everything was alright, God would accept him and that all he needed to do was embrace the Lord's gift. 

What kind of fucking holy fool does she think she is? He's a demon born from the depths of Hell, Tyson really doesn't the Lord's forgiveness. Everything human of him died when the gang killed him and raped his girlfriend Alice. Just saying that pissed him the only forgiveness the demon wanted was not for him but his girlfriend the sins maybe legendary for him. What's done is done, Tyson can't change the past no matter how powerful the demon becomes, in the end, a person can only move on.

"The lord forgiveness is here for you my child. Embrace his acceptance only by accepting the gift. Your sins will be forgiven you have a chance at redemption. It alright your fight is over, Welcome Home" Faith said.

"How dare you...WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE COMING INTO MY MIND LIKE THIS? You have the count of ten to get your holy butt out of my mind. Or else I'm going to make sure personally your life ends here. I don't want your forgiveness not even God's. Can't he bring my family back? No. Can't he bring my girlfriend? NO. Most importantly, Can God make me human again and start over a life that could have had a second chance? NO, he can't. Your Lord gave you humans the gift of life and the choices to move forward and evolve. But you cling to God like to a dog getting a newspaper of its master. How devoted to him are you? Onto Business, You're Faith Seed...I'm looking for you Patient Zero. Do you know anything about her?" Tyson said.

"She is one of God's chosen the one who'll set everything and cleanse the Omniverse. So my brother Joseph can control this world and be something more powerful than our God" Faith said.

"Your Brother?"Tyson said.

"Brother Joseph will set everything in the right direction cleaning this word of sinners. Now, I'll only ask once more will you accept God's gift it's not late for your redemption is within your grasp. You can have everything you want back" Faith said.

He thought about Faith's little message thinking about the past could she actually do it? Could she actually make his dream come true? The demon thought no one has that right to choose someone's future to undo the mistakes they made. Faith was using the word of God to her own advantage that's all she was doing trying to make him do something really bad. Tyson was once Tyrone James Williams a human with problems but living normally giving himself a second chance but his old life was gone completely and he did accept that. 

But it would have been something maybe even for a few seconds to think that Faith could restore him a little bit. For those ten seconds, Tyson would only want one thing to be human just to say goodbye...to Alice and that she would move on in Heaven and forget him. He looks at Faith giving her something of a decision.

"You don't have that power. Tyrone Williams is dead and he's never coming back all that remains is me and my demon nature. Your words we're powerful though...But it can't change the things I've done. But what I believe is this. If I were human? I would say you're abusing the word of God. To your own means of a sick future and will never see the light of day. I will be the one who needs the zombie group known as "The Crossed". Your day of reckoning begins here...I won't join you, Faith. Not ever, I'm a demon...I've already made my choice." Tyson said.

Faith was surprised to see that the demon didn't her gift of acceptance wondering why he was so strong will. She'll have no choice but to destroy the demon allowing the zombie numbers to grow but something else was coming into her mind. Could this demon stop them? The determination in this demon's eyes told the story which was bent on stopping them once and for all from spreading their influence of evil into the Omniverse. This changes everything but Faith still needed to stop him despite her new feelings towards the demon now. She calms down looking a bit angry over the demon's decision getting ready for an attack as she started sprouting out some angelic white wings from her backside. Tyson didn't know but Faith didn't seem the heart to go through with this anymore like she had a quick change of heart right away. But having somewhat concern over her brothers though which means she'll have to fight the demon and put an end to this right now to protect them. Tyson got his sword ready and started attacking Faith with his sword striking her a few times before she started a disappearing act wondering where she was. On any other day, He would have killed Faith with his demon powers completely obliterated her and family but those powers were gone. He hated the idea starting from scratch all over again but having to prove himself once more as a challenge the demon was willing to take once again.

She reappeared and started attacking with green energy blasts trying to hit the demon. Trying to weaken the demon hoping to kill the monster sending this demon having something a heroic nature within him. Tyson waited for the moment for her stopping with her energy attacks and then with his super speed dodging her attacks with some of them hitting. But she stops for a minute meaning she'll need to recharge taking a breather for a moment to regain her power. 

Tyson couldn't wait she needed to strike her down now as he continued the assault upon the angel. He couldn't wait anymore for her to restore her power striking the woman in the stomach area. She falls to the ground coughing blood but she was crying as the green zombie gas was coming out from her body she was infected by this gas or worse. Faith felt redeemed in a way she was glad a person finally stopped her bringing her chapter but the worse was coming, her brothers needed to be stopped. But Faith wasn't the one who should do it being too consumed by this gas and the harmful effects on the mind. She thought this demon meant what he said about stopping this zombie threat maybe this guy has a chance, Faith actually believed in him.

"I'm so sorry. That gas did something to me infecting my mind. Making me do things that we're beyond horrible. Please forgive me...But I do have one request..." Faith said.

"What is it?" Tyson asked.

"Stop them...Stop those monsters from harming people before they hurt someone else. The Crossed must be stopped and if you have to stop my brothers from doing something horrible. I shouldn't do this and my brothers will never forgive me. Here the location for Patient Zero...You'll find her there" Faith said.

"God can't forgive me. But Faith what you're doing right now. It a sure way for him to forgive you" Tyson said.

"Out of all of Satan's children...Why are you so kind? I guess it doesn't matter...Just please stop those monsters. You're doing the right thing. Just tell my brothers despite...What they've done? I forgive...them" Faith said.

"Yeah, I'll tell them, just rest" Tyson said.

Faith finally closed her eyes as the zombie gas was leaving the demon's body feeling a lot better. Then the demon watched as Faith's body started to evaporate into just green smoke and the grounds started turning green and flowers started to blume. Tyson could feel but sorry for the moment that woman managed to get something of a human emotion from him. Something that the demon hasn't felt in years, Tyson was determined to stop her brothers and if they don't listen to reason. He'll kill him then once that was done finally the demon could move on and finish off Patient zero and maybe Camelot will be at peace from this from these monsters. The demon was feeling better alright one down and three bastards to go out of all of them...Faith was one who was really kind. He was still dreaming but the worse was over, Tyson started waking up seeing Faith's dead body close to him whatever that was might have had an effect on him. 

He was looking at Faith's body she deserved a funeral. Tyson started digging a grave with his hands, hours later. Making the rectangle hole for Faith's body placing the corpse within it and filling it back up. As a nice gesture, Tyson placed some flowers upon the grave another time the demon felt sorry for someone she really didn't deserve any of this.

"Goodbye Faith" Tyson said.

The deed was done and everything was said, Tyson calms down thinking the zombie group needed to be stopped. One demon against an entire horde of crazy zombies then facing of crazy family protecting the person responsible for this. But Faith managed to give the location of where Patient Zero was so all hope wasn't lost. But he'll need to get a bit crazy if he going after a whole horde of zombies kill first and then once the threat was all dead ask his questions. The Seed family had just lost one of their own, Tyson was ready to go after the brothers hearing Joseph may be the worse of them all. He was prepared mind, body, weapons, and soul to go after them because the demon has something to protect. He'll stop the Crossed...

Faith was dead and her brothers were going to be mourning the loss of their sister, Tyson didn't care they brought these crazed zombies here. No matter what kind of godly religion they're preaching it had to end but the demon saw a television screen appearing in front of him. It was one of the Seed brothers the person that might know where Patient Zero was and also the whereabouts to more cure samples. Joseph Seed appeared on the monitor looking completely sad knowing Faith was dead just looking at the demon responsible for her death. In his mind, Joseph thought the unholy person was a sinner nothing more but a pure one devoted to evil into stopping his crusade. Tyson was just looking at the man thinking this was a fucked up version of a holy man trying to change the world in a cruel and violent way. He'll kill them all to stop whatever virus from harming Camelot but what did this holy pretender have to say to him. Joseph Seed gathers his wits and started talking to the demon from another place  

"A seal has been opened. You did it didn't you...My Faith...My adopted little sister being done in by a sinner like you. She gave you a choice of everlasting peace and because of your evil...you threw it away. The Omniverse this fairy tale land will cease to exist that is the goal of righteous and the holy spirit. Before I deal with him...I going to put all my resources and God's power to destroy you. The Crossed are my children made the cloth of God, Though they lives are limited they will serve me until the end. Whoever you are...your evil will end and you and the other sinner will perish. The hour of cleansing this sick world has begun..."

"I'll make sure to kill you last. Because I going to wipe out The Crossed from the Omniverse forever. Then once that is done your brothers are going to suffer. Then finally when you've experienced enough torment and pain...You get a glimpse of what I felt when I was once human. I'm ending those crazy asshole zombies and your bitch ass gets in my way...You'll join Faith.

Tyson breaks the television thinking the broadcast might have attracted the crazy zombies. He started hearing unnatural sounds coming from all around him the Crossed were coming this was way too soon. The demon needed time to prepare to get his chainsaw ready and his shotgun reloaded ready for a fight. About forty of them were coming but this wasn't the time to get scared or frightened about anything right now. It was time for action as the lone demon started walking towards the zombie group with his weapons ready and started charging. The crazies didn't see him until the demon started running as one of them was pissing on the ground laughing. One of them started sniffing someone's ass then noticed the demon coming after them thinking this was a new pig to skin alive or a new snack. They started alerting the rest of them as they started charging at the demon as two clashed as the violent demon started slashing and shooting. With the chainsaw, Tyson started killing more of them easily with two even three swipes of the chain blade until three of them started getting smart. Starting a tri-effect attack upon the demon which was going well at first but the demon decapitates two of them as the last one started running away. The asshole wasn't going to get away the demon wanted answers and perhaps one of them slain bastards knew something. Only twelve zombies remaining maybe the demon could get one of them to spill the goods and tell them where just one the Seed brothers were hiding. It was just a matter of speaking their language because none of them wanted to cut down by a chainsaw seeing some of their humanity was still clicking within them. 

Tyson wanted answers just some information about the Seed brothers explaining what he wanted. One of them started laughing but also the zombie was picking his brain wondering why this demon wanted Father. This was a start this person is known as Father, He was probably the mastermind behind all this, however, it might not be Patient Zero but someone of importance into stopping this. It was good information though but one of them was willing to show him where this crazy gas, the rest of them got angry at the whistleblowing zombie. Tyson managed to kill them with the chainsaw before they attacked the zombie woman thinking this was a bit crazy to be doing this. 

The zombie woman started explaining about this green gas, Faith Seed created the zombie gas known as Bliss. The goal was to start with Camelot and infect everyone then start again upon another planet. Until everyone was infected and this Father who was told to be Joseph Seed could be the messiah making this into a new world. Joseph would then kill Omni and take this powers becoming something more powerful than God ever was. The location was the gas could lead to a cure but why was the zombie helping him as her brain couldn't think straight. But she wanted the Seed brothers to die...Yesterday, John Seed killed her brother for not attending mass which led to the high preacher killing her brother in cold blood. With Faith gone, The zombie gas effects were getting weaker by the day could it have been that Faith Seed was the direct source of the zombie gas. Perhaps this could be a turning point in stopping the Crossed once and for all. With Faith dead, Tyson discovered this zombie gas and where it was as the zombie woman pointed at some weird factory where the gas was developed.

Dealing with The Crossed 
Part 1 of 4 [The Guardian Creature/Bliss Gas Destroyed]

Tyson and zombie woman were heading off to the location from the zombie gas it was a big ass building too. He was more worried about the zombie woman because why was she helping him anyway what was her motive. Still, He thought about what she said about what those bastards did to her and perhaps she had enough of their bullshit. But the main problem right now was dealing with the zombie gas but the whole place was guarded by those crazy zombies, Tyson needed to do this quickly and quietly. More of a stealth mission hopefully these bastards won't notice him and their brains have degraded too much so they won't notice. He started heading inside and then waiting for the guards to turn around and started sneaking behind them and sneak attack them dropping the zombies quietly. He needed to head downstairs to the underground power control room, Tyson managed to knock out many of the zombie guards and then headed to the power control room. However, Someone was wrong it was too quiet and the demon was trying to find the shutoff levers to shut this place down. Then the demon hears someone upon the loudspeaker it was Joseph Seed demanding the chosen creation to protect his farm place from the sinner. Such evil needed to be stopped now who the fuck did this guy think he is? Because he isn't Jesus Christ even a good preacher for that matter someone that really pissing him off. Tyson was trying to find the shutoff levers until Joseph started again upon the loudspeaker calling this Guardian to attack the sinner. Some zombie women started appearing and then suddenly falling dead onto the ground about thirty of them were dead until their bodies started fusing together. They were forming into an abomination from the mutilated remains of dead zombie forming a hulking woman zombie giant as it started forming a sharp sword. A disgusting looking sonuvabitch, Tyson couldn't fight the creature here the demon needed to lure the thing outside as the creature started following him trying to kill him. He wanted to kill the bastard outside to hopefully gain an advantage doing it outside while the creature was swinging the giant sword around. 

Tyson was trying to dodge it the best way into killing the monster maybe cutting it down piece by piece with the chainsaw doing it one piece at a time. The creature made it outside and then started attacking again but because of how big the creature was the weapon slashing was really slow. Giving the demon an advantage, Tyson attacks with the chainsaw cutting off the creature's freaky mutated arm as the chopped off arm started moving on it own. Then it started grabbing Tyson's leg which the demon started kicking the arm with his other leg stopping it for a minute. Using the chainsaw, He started cutting the mutated freak arm in half it was almost like a snake with a vicious attitude. But the worse was yet to come, Creature started attacking again with the sword again and missed then the demon attacked with the chainsaw. Cutting the thing's chest as eyeballs and heads started coming off it was gross even with a whole lot of blood. The monster was hurt but the creature started getting back up trying to slash the demon's head off but fails just wincing in pain. But it was already rehealing itself but not fully, Tyson was getting tired that last attack too a lot out of him. Knowing what at stake the demon needed to gather his wits and continue with the assault but the monster's regeneration stopped it was bleeding too badly for the regeneration to continue. This was it the both of them were tired out and this last attack would be the final one as they both started charging doing one last attack. Tyson's shoulder was cut and the creature was cut in half as the monster started coughing up flesh, bloody heads even eyeballs coming apart. 

It wasn't that Tyson wanted to stop an entire world was at stake here going back to the power control room and shutoff levers. He pulled down the levers deactivating the building as the zombie gas stop producing but something else needed to be done if they managed to get this place working again. He destroyed the controls making it impossible for they make any more of the zombie gas Bliss. But something else needed to be done maybe force an overload blowing the place up, Tyson started destroying everything as the whole place when into a self-destruct sequence what the demon wanted. 

It was time to leave, Tyson left the compound as the whole place blew up in an explosion most of the Crossed zombies were caught in the blast. Their numbers were falling they can be stopped just how many many of them did the demo have to kill with Faith and zombie gas Bliss gone. The Crossed were regaining their senses again meaning the Seed family would lose control over those zombies now. Considering if they don't have any zombie gas in canisters maybe the tide will turn to his favor and killing the crazy zombies will be easy from now on. He needed some sleep but the demon would lose everything if the demon started resting now but it was getting to him. Tyson felt a bit tired but the demon needed to continue on the Seed family needed to be stopped but one of them was dead and gone. Only three brothers remain and he'll save Joseph Seed for the last until he'd suffers enough and his evil hopes are destroyed showing him to be a the false God that he was trying to be. Tyson Renegade will make his suffering the final thing that the human ever feels within his body before the demon rips his heart out.

The zombie woman was feeling better since the zombie gas was destroyed regaining some control over her mind. She started shaking as the woman fell to the ground as the gas was removing itself as the zombie woman was going into a change. If looks as she was returning back to human form as the red cross mark was leaving her face, Bliss was destroyed the woman was somehow back to normal. The Bliss gas are somewhat related to The Crossed the gas created them and without it they'll return back into humans putting a fork in the family's plans which was good. He needed time to rest for bit before then the demon hears a telephone ringing as he picks up the phone. It was Joseph Seed demanding to know what happening because most of his chosen warriors were returning back into sinners the man was losing control. 

"A seal has been broken. What is going on at my factory? I'm losing control of my people most of them don't see me at their messiah. The sinners are coming back and I don't like that their becoming unclean again. Faith is dead I can live with that she was just a pawn in my game but the gas was my weapon against the Omniverse. I need a status report on the Bliss factory is it still operational and running. I need a higher supply of the Bliss zombie gas."

"Joseph Seed I presume...Oh well here is your status report. I've destroyed your Bliss factory and the Crossed was somewhat destroyed and now. I'll destroyed the infected zombies and once this is done and the Crossed are destroyed. I'm coming for all of you and you'll end up just like Faith"

"I don't believe this. You killed Faith?"

"Faith was the nicest one of you Seeds. In the end, Faith wanted the nightmare to end and it will. The Crossed will be destroyed and your family along with them. But before I destroy the Crossed completely...I want to know why you hate the Omniverse so much? What did that white freak do to you that you must destroy everyone and cover the Omniverse with the zombie gas?"

"I don't expect a sinner to understand my work what God wants. But you're a sinner telling you will ease my pain...Sinner the Omniverse which is the taboo of the devil. A warped creation from a sinner's mind but I'm not talking about you. Your evil that is true but the one who I'm talking about is Omni. The one who brought us here to disease filled universe thinking he's God when Jesus Christ the almighty is our lord. Everything will be cleanse and Omni will get his justice and his Omniverse will cease to exist allowing a new paradise to come from the Omnverse's death. Omni isn't the major threat right now though I will destroy him but the your the real threat. But don't worry we shall end and once I'm done with you....The Omniverse will die and paradise will show itself"

"You are one fucked up man...It will be my pleasure to rid scum like you from this world. Despite of what Omni has done, He gave you a choice on living and your kind made this gas. Trying to use the word of God and these people to your evil advantage. I'm a demon...So I have no right to say this. World Domination isn't the answer...Don't force your opinion upon others it isn't right Joseph. Let's end this...Just stop your evil ways Joseph. Please for Faith....She would have wanted this."

"Don't worry Sinner...I will end this for you. My paradise will come into fruition and it starts by ending you. I look forward to meeting you and destroying you."

Joseph hangs up the phone as the demon was getting angry in his mind those brothers were going to get it. Saving Joseph Seed for last but the Crossed were dealt a major blow without the zombie gas their numbers were lower. Most of the infected were returning back into normal humans however most of them were infected for too long. Tyson will need to deal with them first and then going after the Seed family putting an end to this nightmare. He hasn't slept in days but the demon needed to move forward yet the human woman wanted to help. Being a former member of those crazy zombies, She knew where one of the Seed brothers were hiding. Tyson needed rest but this would be a good time to take a little nap as the demon took refuge inside an abandon home where someone was hiding. The demon couldn't sense anything feeling that the coast was clear but neede to rest just taking a little nap hoping to feel better and feel rested. The woman been through a lot but she needed rest as well, Tyson started sleeping but a unknown power was looking at the two of them.

The Magician was going to have some fun with these two taking the demon and human into a dreamworld dimension. Tyson was feeling better but this place didn't feel right just wondering where he was and also where was the human woman. It didn't feel right this place.....Crotus Prenn Asylum, Four people were running away from something as Tyson was trying to figure what this place was. He asked someone by the name Dwight what this place was the guy didn't know much just that some weird dude sent him and others here to be hunted by some crazy killer. Just to be sacrificed to some unknown force known as "The Entity" but they have a chance to escape by activating about five of those generators. Then all opening the exit gates and then they escape this place.

Dealing with the Crossed
Part 2 of 4 [The Magician's Dead by Daylight (CPA)

Tyson and his friend were sent to a dream world universe by an unknown figure calling himself "The Magician". He met up with four humans trying to escape a crazed killer known as the Trapper. A dude wearing a skull mask and had a sick pleasure in using bear traps, Dwight told him how a person can escape this place. About five generators need to be repaired then the exit gates will be opened by pulling the lever and exit gates will open up and you can leave. Alright, Tyson was in a strange place and the crazy killer was on the loose but still no signs of his human friend they were separated. He needed to escape this place however this was all a dream and the demon needed to wake up from this place. But he couldn't help but think this might be a game something of a practical joke to an asshole who wants to die. For now, He'll play the asshole game for the time being as the demon started running the place until finding the object of interest. A generator which needed a whole lot of work as the demon tried his best repairing it. He started hearing sounds that the generator was slowly starting to run while repairing it some more. Finally, The generator started getting meaning the demon was making good progress and finally turned one of the generators on so one down and four more to go. Discovering the strangest thing, Tyson's heartbeat was getting louder this didn't make any sense could this mean something because the demon turns around. The Trapper was searching around the area with his butcher knife and suddenly the demon hears the sound of a trap going off. Whoever this guy was started licking his lips because someone was caught in one of the bear traps their must many of them upon the ground. Tyson will need to on the lookout for these things for the most part of others started working on generators but the demon needed to buy them some time. He noticed something on a ground and it was glowing it had some strange markings upon it which means it might be some bad mojo. Destroying it with a rock the totem makes a violent sound as the demon starts feeling better as the others had one of the generators working. Then his heartbeat started going off again but the killer was going after Dwight, Tyson thought it was time to teach his asshole some manners. But realizes his strength was reduced to normal human's strength this could be a problem, Trapper was after Dwight and managed to strike him down. Meaning he'll need some medical attention, Tyson will need a medical kit to help out Dwight but the killer struck him down once more this time injuring him. 

Trapper started picking up Dwight and trying to find a sacrificial hook to place him on the thing will need 2-3 minutes on the hook till the Entity claws are summoned. Tyson managed to dropkick Trapper's face while Meg managed to blind the killer with a flashlight beam dropping Dwight on the ground. Trapper started rubbing his eyes, Ace and Tyson pick up Dwight getting him to a safe spot while Meg into hiding Nea was providing the distraction. 

The worse was coming, Trapper was regaining his sight but started getting angry that his prey managed to get away but new prey was right in his face. Nea was providing a distraction, Trapper started chasing Nea while Tyson was healing Dwight with a medical kit cleaning up his wound making him feel better. Dwight needed some water but the man was feeling better with his wound cleaned up but his right eye was wounded badly getting his glasses back on. Ace and Dwight started working on a new generator as Meg managed to get two of them working while keeping watch of the killer. Tyson still needed to find his friend then the demon noticed a shack that had an underground basement, she was down here. The woman was on a hook as the demon gets her off as she was wounded but then they both hear the sounds of the exit gates being activated meaning all five generators were activated. A chance to escape this place was close at their hands, Tyson looks to see if the woman was alright but she was wounded by doing ok.

"Are you ok? It seemed this asshole is going after the other victims, We need to get you to the exit gate. I need to make sure everyone gets out they managed to help me and I need to help them"

"I'm doing fine really those attacks from that jerk really hurt me now let's get out of here"

"Those guys??? I hope they're doing alright by opening the exit gates but it seems the killer is waiting for something. I wonder if the asshole has another evil totem waiting for one of them to activate the exit gates. I need to check if their fairing alright so we do need to see if the exit gates are opened up. If they're opened I'll give you the signal to leave..."

"But what about you?"

"I need to see if they got out already so we're going let me help to the exit gate already"

Tyson started helping the woman to the exit gates as the demon started pulling the lever activating the exit gate. Ace was wounded but managed to escape the killer's blade while this stranger was opening the exit gate as the first light was activated. The process was slow but the exit gates were activating as the second light was turning on, Meg and Dwight were coming to the exit location. Nea was juking the killer having some excelling dodging skills as she was coming this way. Minutes later, Tyson saw the last light coming up making a sound the exit gate was opening the doors. They could leave as they started running, Tyson picked up the woman and they both started leaving along with Nea. They all managed to escape as Tyson and the woman escape the dream world as they started waking up as the demon felt better. He needed to destroy the Crossed, the remaining members of the Seed family and find out who is Patient Zero?

Dealing with the Crossed
Part 3 of 4 [Tyson Regenade vs The Crossed]

Tyson thought the worse was almost over the effects of the Bliss zombie gas don't last long. Now, the infected zombies some of them we're returning back to normal but it was happening most of the zombies their numbers are going down. But now there's a problem the infected zombies that have been infected with Bliss for too long they're beyond saving. He knew only one thing needed to be done those infected zombies had to be destroyed before they bit anyone or infected anyone else. 

This needed to be done quickly armed with shotgun, handguns, and chainsaw the demon started hunting but started on the right track. As for the human woman, the demon thought she was too much of a liability and if she got close and those infected zombies bit her then the whole zombie process would start all over again. He decided to take her to close village where the residents would take care of her as the demon would continue his hunt for the infected Crossed members. However, They had someone on the ground ready to rape someone and it was a man they're trying to turn this guy into a zombie crazy. For the most part, Tyson would have cared for this a part of a life in the pits of hell something that is well known that sinners and evil people do. Without Satan's influence, Tyson felt more human than demon finally regaining some human morals but with some demon morals as well. 

Knowing the rights and regulations within the depths of Hell, Not considering the Underverse such a place quite frankly it's a disgrace and the dark lord would be extremely pissed hearing about it. With that aside, He started thinking how could this end peacefully but really it couldn't they needed to die pulling out the shotgun and aiming it. The infected zombie was ready to piss on the innocent person but suddenly hears a bullet shot and started picking his brain seeing blood from his hand. With his friends wondering what the hell just happen to their friend and sees one of the unknown person holding the shotgun and started releasing the innocent human and started focusing on the killer. That was good maybe the innocent person could leave but the worse case scenario would be the innocent person could be infected and turn into a zombie at any darn time. But then a zombie teenager started getting a bullhorn and pulled off his ear and started blowing upon the horn as hundreds of them started showing up. About four hundred of them appeared and then someone was clapping his hands trying to congratulate this hero for trying to rescue an innocent man. It was John Seed clapping his hands seeing the person responsible for giving his family so much grief and also the murderer of Faith Seed. He stopped clapping his hands just thinking about this man ended their plans into ruling the Omniverse and killing Omni once and for all. But before sending the zombie troops after him the faithful evil man wanted to know why this sinner was stopping his family and their holy zombies. As the faithful man whispers something into the zombie general ordering the troops to beat the shit out of him and that he'll be the one to kill this sinner and cleanse and purify the threat. 

"Congratulations are in order. I applaud you sinner for trying to save one of your own but one question maybe another does hit my lips and force me to speak to you. Why did you destroy our paradise? We only want to cleanse this place for our God...Omni must be destroyed. My family doesn't consider Omni as God that is a farce to our religion something that will be eliminated. The other question is, Why my sister?"

"Faith was your angel, wasn't she? How was it when she finally broke free of this horrible gas. That your dominating scheme was wrong? She finally got her brain cells working and finally admitted this was bullshit. Omni didn't do shit to you and now you call me sinner all you want. But no one should force their will and judgment upon who really don't deserve it because of that person gave you a second chance"

"A second chance? Joseph Seed is our Messiah the second chance of the word of God. But your time is done. FINISH HIM BUT DON'T KILL HIM. Messiah Joseph has granted me that opportunity"

"I'm going to make this place into a bloodbath and your blood going to be my shampoo."

"BREAK HIS BONES...Show him pain"

"What you think of as pain is only a shadow. Pain is a learning experience felt by ones who embrace it and those who give it to others. Allow me to show it to you all. Welcome to Hell and I'm the judge, jury, and executioner."

The demon was waiting for the right moment as the zombie horde was coming right him charging at full force. Tyson was calming stood there waiting for some kind of signal that gives him the right opportunity to act. He hears it someone had a great rotting smell upon him coming right into his face and then the demon opened his eyes and attacked one zombie tearing him in half. The emotionless upon the demon's face said it all dead set upon killing this horde hoping to it with just one chainsaw that was fuel up with gas, Tyson charged. The zombie horde also charged and the demon rushed in slashing them apart and really it was fucking easy their bodies were decomposed for too long. Slashing many of them quickly and violently as John Seed was shocked as the demon was going through the Crossed so easily. Then seven hours later, Tyson managed to kill an entire horde of zombie crazies and this evil faith human couldn't believe that this was even possible. Finally, The zombie gas Bliss was leaving the bodies of the infected and finally at long last, Bliss the evil gas was no more. The Crossed those crazy human zombies at no more the Seed family won't be using any more people for their own personal means. The demon actually did the impossible and defeated the Crossed at this point the demon wanted to rest but so much more needed to be done the Seed family needs to die. Tyson will start with John...

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