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Professor Sunshine

Name: Professor Sunshine
Spent OM: 6800
Consumed OM (0);
Proficiencies (2600); Ranged Proficiency (1000), Buff (400), Homing (600), Area Attack (600)
Powers (3000/8000); Phasing (1200), Flight (1800)
Moves (1200); Thunderbolt (600), Charismatic Help (300), Rainstorm (300)
Super Moves (0);
Transformations (0);
Assists (0);
Items (0);
Artefacts: None
Bases (0);
Unlocks (0);
Base stats:
ATK: 3
DEF: 1
SPD: 4
TEC: 2


Thunder Bolt (600 OM, Requires Ranged, Homing)
Sunshine focuses a bit of her latent electricity into the palm of her hand, taking around 1 second to charge, before firing the electricity in the manner similar to a strike of lightning. The lightning fired is a bit narrow in width at around 2 inches wide, but it's length is pretty long, being capable of extending up to 100 feet before beginning to lose power, and capable of lasting until it hits the opponent or until the lightning reaches it's maximum length, shocking the opponent and causing light burning damage when they hit. The lightning strike can move as fast as a bullet, and Sunshine can control the bolt's direction, allowing it to curve in mid-flight to better aim at the opponent as long as the attack doesn't reach over 100 feet. Sunshine can fire these bolts of lightning in quick succession, can move and use other non-attacking moves while firing them, and only requires a bit of stamina and concentration.

Charismatic Help (300 OM, Requires Ranged, Phasing, Buff)
Sunshine releases a charismatic smile over the course of 4 seconds, and during the course of this smile, she uses the energy to target one person, usually the person who is closest to her. During these four seconds, Sunshine must hold her breath while she is smiling, but she can lend her power to phase to another person, usually as a form of defense or to pass through a door. In order for the technique to work, she must be able to see or hear her ally, and the ally must be willing to go intangible. While the technique can be used while in her Cloud Phasing form or while she is attacking, it causes greater strain on her body then normal, which can cause her to go unconscious for 5 minutes if she is already tired, though when she just uses it by itself it just causes slight fatigue. This technique has a maximum range of 30 feet, which means if someone ends up walking out of the radius, they become tangible again.

Rainstorm (300 OM, requires Flight, Area, Ranged)
Sunshine takes to the air, before spinning at rapid speeds and causing raindrops to fly from her body to hit opponents around her. This attack takes 3 seconds to charge through spinning, with 2 seconds being used to fly into the air, but when this skill is activated Sunshine will spin at 40 MPH, meanwhile launching many water droplets from her body in a 30 foot radius from herself for 5 seconds, before she gets too dizzy and has to deactivate the move. These water droplets move as fast as bullets, and will slightly damage opponents over time while they are in the radius.

This move requires quite a bit of stamina and focus from Sunshine in order to use, and while Sunshine can move horizontally while using the attack, she cannot move vertically or use her other Moves while using this move. In addition, while her water droplets are moving as fast as bullets, they are still water, and act as such if they are somehow stopped.

Super Moves



[Image: 310?cb=20180704201732]

Professor Sunshine is a woman who appears to be made of clouds, wearing what appears to be a dress made of lighter clouds, along with blue boots and gloves. This cloudy woman stands at about 5'11" and weighs only 40 pounds due to her cloudy body, though when she goes intangible she goes down to weighing only one pounds. She has two earings on each of her ears, one of them being a raindrop and the other being a bolt of lightning, and she has yellow eyes as well as thick eyelashes.


Sunshine is a rather nice and eccentric person, having a flare for the dramatic like no other person in her Discipline, while also having a bit of a penchant for trying to make friends with other people when she meets them. While she can sometimes has a bit of a panic attack when things do not go her way, Sunshine mainly tries to keep up her happy persona, in order to keep everyone's moods up, even when she is feeling depressed on the inside. Her weather powers are loosely to her emotions, so when she is angry her weather gets more violent, while when she is happy she usually leaves calm weather around her.

While Sunshine is usually happy-go-lucky and nice to others, when she does end up seeing something that is either frustrating or doing bad things, she goes from happy to mad and flies to the person causing that to get them to stop. Sunshine can usually turn calm after she fixes the problem, though she can be rather quick to punishment when she is angry. Because of this, Sunshine tries to bottle her emotions when things are tense and dangerous, though if she is put into danger all of these bottled emotions can release at once, which could cause Sunshine to go into a full-blown rage if she is angered enough.

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