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Name: Cassie

Spent OM: 4300

Consumed OM: 0

Proficiencies (2600): Physical Strength Proficiency (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Area Attack Proficiency (600)

Powers (800/8000): Burst Movement (800)

Moves (900): Legacy of Arturos (300), Disengage (300), Explosive Shot (300)

Super Moves (0):

Transformations (0):

Assists (0):




Unlocks (0):

Base stats:

ATK: 4
DEF: 3
SPD: 1
TEC: 2

Current Movelist:

Legacy of Arturos (Requires: Ranged Proficiency) - 300 OM

Cassie's Crossbow fires bolts of a magic alloy infused metal that can pierce through any material (dependent upon the DEF of her target) save magic or energy shields. The bolts travel about 100 or so feet and have a single shot firing rate of about one second after a bolt is launched. Cassie has a 10 round magazine and her bow can only fire one bolt at a time.

Disengage (Requires: Ranged Proficiency) - 300 OM

Cassie fires a special red tipped bolt that pushes the enemy back about 40 or so feet. The bolt itself does the same amount of damage as one of Cassie's regular bolts and has the same properties but a different appearance.

Blast Shot (Requires: Ranged, Area Attack proficiencies) - 300 OM

Cassie fires a bolt tipped with explosive gel that sticks to a target and explodes on contact, creating a 5 ft in diameter explosion. The blast pushes the target(s) backward and deals twice as much damage as one of her regular shots while sharing the same properties as her basic attacks.
[Image: gonzalez-fernando-cassie-and-sha-lin-shi...1515816146]

CHARACTER NAME: Cassie (The Hunter's Daughter)

CHARACTER SOURCE: Paladins: Champions of The Realm


[Image: Dd5LJfXUwAAmw25.jpg]


Cassie was born in Cobalt Keep, a small village off the coast of Crosswind Hold.

She had a simple but fulfilling life, even after losing her mother to a rare sickness. Her father, the legendary huntsman Arturos, taught Cassie how to hunt and look after herself as she grew up. Cassie's senses far outmatched those of a normal human thanks to her specialized training, and soon Cassie was working alongside her father, renowned throughout the lands for her beauty and skill with the bow.

One mission would change her life forever.

While her father slept, Cassie took his magic crossbow from the armory and set off to hunt a fabled Stag deer that could grant whoever found it eternal life. Desperate to prove herself to her father and step out of his shadow, Cassie used all of her training and skills to finally locate the Stag Deer.

Its skin was white as snow, and its horns glistened like diamonds in the pale moonlight. Cassie was so transfixed by its beauty that she didn't dare raise her weapon. Her hunting bird Zigs sat perched on a tree nearby, looking completely pacified.

Before Cassie could move or say anything, a loud shot rang out through the nigiht, tearing through the sky like a knife through butter. Cassie did not know who or what killed the poor beast, she only saw it fall to the ground dead. Enraged, Cassie searched far and low for her attacker only to come up empty handed and fall into a deep sleep. In her sleep she suffered a nightmare. Her father had been killed while she was away.

Cassie didn't have time to make heads or tails of her nightmare. Before she could wake up, she found herself blinded by a bright light, and before her stood a being only known as Omni.
[Image: gonzalez-fernando-cassie-and-sha-lin-shi...1515816146]

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