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Name: Deluxe
Spent OM: 3,700
Consumed OM: 0
Proficiencies (2000): Ranged Proficiency (1000), Physical Strength (1000)
Powers (800/8000): Burst Movement (800)
Moves (900): Claws (300), Thunderthighs (600)
Super Moves (0):
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Unlocks (0):
Base stats:
ATK: 3 
DEF: 1
SPD: 4
TEC: 2
[Image: DeluxeSmall.png]

Physical Description:

 [Image: 683bc700935689e09d3d5d89e667f4ef-dciy1on.png]

Deluxe is a rather pristine 5'8" (172.7cm) Protogen with purple and blue fur, light blue horns and claws, a silver-cast frame and an RGB facial matrix. She has screens on her shoulders and her third pair of "ears", both of which are heartbeat and bpm visualizers that change frequency based on her emotions. Her upper legs are made of the same material as her frame, and they both hold a single speaker, which she uses to play music and repel threats.

 [Image: deluxe_2_base_2_by_silver260-dciyi2d.png] [Image: unknown.png?width=996&height=676] 


Deluxe is very upbeat and very difficult to anger. She will be friends with anyone that treats her with any amount of respect. She's almost always playing music, either quietly to herself or out loud, although recently she prefers to play loudly in private because she likes dancing but she really can't and she knows it. 
Despite her upbeat personality, she's actually really really shy and will never initiate a conversation. Ever since she was exiled from her Colony, she has lost nearly all of her self-confidence and self-worth. She won't get mad easily but say the wrong thing and she'll bawl for hours up until she forgot why she started crying in the first place.
Deluxe's glitch could potentially cause her to forget things, automatically skip a song or change playlists, accidentally max her volume, twitch, or even freeze/sleep temporarily, all of which make her very clumsy. She tries very hard to keep it under control because she's deathly afraid of getting exiled again for an outburst like at her Colony.

Character History:

Originating from a Space Colony residing near the edge of the universe, Deluxe started out as very shy and quiet. She was created as a temporary prototype to further enhance the species and was later planned to be scrapped due to a glitch in her behavioral programming. Upon finding out about her glitch, she discovered how to act on her own, instead of remotely controlled by the Master System. Even though she acted on her own, she knew she had to keep it a secret, or else she would surely be scrapped. However, she did not know she was already on the scrapping list; so when she was informed about her fate, she begged to stay active. She offered to be used as an entertainment module so she would be of at least some use, and the system administrators decided to allow it. She would now roam the Colony as a street performer's aid, playing music for dancers. During her very short amounts of free time, she would explore the internet. She soon discovered the music of Old Earth, stored away in an archive in what could be known as the Colony's version of the "deep web". One day, while playing music for a street performer, she accidentally played a song from the list of Old Earth music she had secretly saved. The dancer stopped, the crowd got quiet, and shortly after, security arrived and warned her very strictly that music from "that" time is STRICTLY prohibited. This happened two other times before getting retained by the government. During the lecture of why her actions are considered especially heinous, her speakers glitched and started playing. It was in that moment that she was swiftly exiled from the Colony and shot out into space in a small pod, with an estimated survival time of 4 days. On the last day, she looked out of the pod window and saw a bright figure, seemingly sitting in front of her. They held their hand out as if prompting Deluxe to open the hatch and come out. She did, and from there, she will begin a new life in the Omniverse.
[Image: DeluxeSmall.png]

ATK: 3
Deluxe doesn't use weapons, instead she uses her own claws and the speakers on her legs to attack. Because of this, she can't do too much damage, but she's still capable of hitting hard enough to stagger.

DEF: 1
Because of her disinterest and fear of close combat, it could be said that she has a similar pain tolerance to a 13 year old human.

SPD: 4
Her half-machine/half-natural legs allow her to reach speeds of up to around 38mph(61k/h). Although she almost never has a reason to reach such speeds, she knows she's capable.

TEC: 2
In the event of a skirmish, if she has to, Deluxe can really hurt someone with her claws. That is, if she's angry enough. She is also skilled enough with her leg speakers that she probably wont miss her target.

Proficiencies (2000)
Ranged Proficiency - 1000 OM
Allows you to purchase moves which use projectiles or attack from range. For example guns, bows and long-range beam attacks. 

Physical Strength - 1000 OM
A unique proficiency, this allows characters to become proficient hand-to-hand combatants, without purchasing any additional moves for normal punches, kicks, throws, grapples, etcetera, the strength based on your ATK stat. It also allows for picking up heavy objects with your bare hands, strength dependent on your ATK stat. Once purchased, you may also purchase melee weapons such as swords, staves or whips as moves, or other advanced melee moves such as charged strikes. For the purposes of clarity, any move that reaches further than 12 feet away from yourself requires the Ranged proficiency. 

Powers (800)
Burst Movement - 800 OM
Burst Movement allows you to quickly move at up to double your normal speed. The downside is that is only usable in second-long bursts (with a second inbetween) and drains the user much more than normal movement, making it a quick way to tire oneself out in battle if constantly used. This serves as a useful 'dash' that can be used for closing gaps quickly to attack, dodging attacks, and confusing an opponent.

Moves (900)
Claws - 300 OM (Physical Proficiency)
Deluxe prefers not to carry real weapons, as she does not enjoy close combat. However if the time arises when someone confronts her and she needs to do something fast, she'll use her claws to scratch away at her attacker.

"Thunderthighs" - 600 OM (Ranged Proficiency)
By using the large speakers on her upper legs, Deluxe can charge up an earsplitting bass boom, launching a cone-shaped soundwave with an 8ft (2.4m) radius powerful enough to either knock someone down or throw them up to 10ft (3m) away. The soundwave can last 5-10 seconds depending on the intensity of the blast, which depends on how close her target is, and how long she charges. If her target is close by, they could be thrown up to 8 feet away, and if they're further away (but within the 8 foot radius,) they could be thrown up to about 2 feet away. After being hit by this move, the target will either have the wind knocked out of them, or be deafened for a short period of time (up to a minute.) Deluxe can only charge this move when she is stationary, and if a character manages to knock Deluxe over or force her to move in any direction, her charge will cease and the intensity of the blast will reduce by half. The blast instantly happens whenever the charge stops, but she can charge it to full power ONLY if charged for 1 minute. You have to really get on Deluxe's nerves to make her use this move.
[Image: DeluxeSmall.png]

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