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The Second Coming.. Rebirth of The Horsemen

As they reached their destination, Retane took a moment to smell the fresh air. He hadn't had a chance to do so before, after he woke up and learned that Dante's Abyss had started. The Namekian grinned, basking in the shade and the smell of his home's flora and fauna. He spun around taking it all in, stopping only after he remembered he wasn't alone. 
They all looked on at him, smiles of their own upon their faces. Jack Frost, and Airyonna had their heads tilted inward towards each other. Alaina took the rear while Probitas, Naturae and Krosst tried to mimic the Guardian of Fun and his partner. I was an odd site with the three of them because the Copy Namekian kept switching from head to head as they had put him in the middle. Probitas and Reatus were off somewhere while Triumpht   was still watching Deadpool in his own match up.
The Leader of The Horsemen let out a light chuckle. "Well then! What's next?"  Retane had noted the unease in two of his children's eyes, as if they two wanted to run off.
"Actually, somethings come up in the village, so we need to get going." It was Alaina that spoke up, though it seemed herself and her sister both were receiving the same message.
"Don't let me stop you," the Emerald Warrior stated. "Thanks for showing up and looking over mine kids."
"We are one, right?" Airyonna winked as she kissed Frost on the cheek and took off with her sister.
He looked at the other four and knelt down trying to get to a closer height with his children. " Well? Something's wrong with the both of you, so let's be out with it?"
Naturae was the first to run up and give him a hug, "Father I'm sorry, but it's Guu! Something's happened to her and I need to get back to see what's going on. I'm so sorry!"
 Ret's eyes narrowed as she pulled back to meet them. "I understand. Give me an update as soon as possible, okay?"
 She gave a nod and a loving grin before giving him a kiss on the cheek. Before she left though, Retane grabbed her arms and pulled her back for another hug. "I'm sorry I wasn't there for your hatching."
"It's ok father. I understand it all, I'm just glad you are well. " She offered another smile and took off.
Retane looked then to Probitas who was fidgeting. "Well, boy?" The Green Warrior couldn't help but grin even wider. "What is it then?"
[Image: hchh.png]

I refuse to lose this battle,
Let whatever come my way.
I am stronger then my rival,
No, I will not fall today...

Just as the greens typically were, the scent of flora and arrangements of flowers that dotted the land scape resembled the background on some peoples desktops. Drenching it in fresh air thanks to all the mix of tree's and also adding a bit of humidity which could be either good or bad depending on how someone took it personally.

For Ricter however he had grown accustomed to the atmosphere here, the air, and just about everything there is when it came to this part of the omniverse. This was becoming more like his home as the days progressed, and quickly those days turned to well over two or so months worth of work and attention, leading up to where he was now.

Today was an exploratory day, coming form Ambrosia he had a goal in mind that he had to complete for the day, he needed a number of sweet smells herbs and flowers that would make good incents. Why? To add to his small collection of course, he planned on making new remedies, potions, and the like, so the stoat needed something to make the smell at least somewhat pleasant to whom ever ingested them.

If anything they made for nice leisure incents to burn when he needed a clear mind. With a small bag at his hip they would walk out of his home, a typical house that you would see in Ambrosia. Locking the door behind himself they made their way to the edge of the city, today he choose to stay in his more feral look. Being somewhat short and not wearing any clothes besides the bag accessory, they would almost seem like just a random animal scampering around.

Which was the main reason why he did this, running into many things they were way more hostile to non-wildlife. This included orcs, goblins, and bandits that were fairly rare compared to the other two or just variations of them. Not only that but he hated the wildlife here sometimes, always trying to eat him, it was really annoying to deal with till he let the predators break their teeth on his fur.

Either way, while making his own path through the forest he would keep his nose wiggling and sniffing around, trying to get the scent of something sweet before chasing after it. Locating the plant in question then harvesting its petals or stem which sometimes held most of the scent producing pollen at times. He was happy he had been here for well around ten or so minutes and hadn't had to fight at all, maybe this day would actually be nice for once?

If it was he wouldn't complain, a break from fighting, and working was justified and needed. Besides, the clinic didn't need him in today, they could solve all those poison cases by themselves. However he was drawing closer and closer to the near by gate, the most publicly used one as traders and the like typically made their way along the path he was currently choosing to stay near.
Ricter CasengerPurchases LogATK: 1 • DEF: 7 • SPD: 3 • TEC: 3

"I may have done something that I need to go try and fix. There's a good chance that Airyonna and Alaina are going to deal with it but I can't let them hurt them!" Probitas was honest, but vague. Retane could understand that his son was full of innocence and knelt down for a hug.

"You go do what you have to do, call me if you need me." The Leader of The Horsemen released his son and watched him run off, nearly in the same direction but at a slightly different angle.

"You think he knows something they don’t?" It was Jack that neared him as they watched the young Namekian bolt as fast as he could.

Retane looked down at his device with a nod and a grin, "I'm sure of it. However, he has been handling his own thing for the last two years on his own. I think he can handle this one, as well besides, if they really needed help, wouldn't they have asked us?"

Jack paused for a moment and looked at Krosst, as Retane sat himself against the nearest tree. The other two gathered around as Jade's face appeared in the center, slowly rotating as a holographic, "Yes, Retane? What's going on?"

Retane looked from Jack to Krosst and then to the hologram of Jade, "I need you to explain to Jack what I dreamt of. I need someone to know so that it eases the burden."

Jade paused for a moment, but shook her head with a sigh, "I have only gotten glimpses, but it has to deal with Jack Frost and a number of kids on a plane not of here. Retane is no longer on the plane. You guys meet Maleficus Nova, the first born. You guys still lose, until Retane's brothers’ souls show up and summon someone even stronger than Retane could ever be. The summoned figure saves the lives of the many, but at the cost of Ret's soul."

There was a quiet silence for a moment before Jade spoke again, "It's one of the many nightmares he has dreamt since then and Retane considers that a to actually be a dream."

Jack Frost paused for a moment looking deep into the Namekian's eyes and nodded, "I get it. You aren't, or she isn't, telling me stuff, but I get it. Still, I have a feeling I’m in most of these dreams and it don't wind up good?"

Retane looked down for a moment and a tear fell to his cloth, "I can't tell you about how things wind up with you or anything, because I feel as if they might mess things up, and you wind up pretty happy without me. But, I need to try and change things to help everyone, just in case!"

"In case of what?" It was Krosst that spoke up for once and everyone took a moment to look at him. The Copy Namek sighed and threw his shoulders up a tear falling as well. "I don't want anyone to die. I will make sure of it!"

Retane paused for a second and then grabbed his son in a hug, bringing in Jack as well. After a few moments he released them with a smile. "Listen, I have a plan!"


"Well I mean", Jack paused himself for a moment. "Sure, if you can find the write people."

"It's one of the ideas I was going to suggest actually." It was Jade that spoke. "If these dreams he had were premonitions of possible outcomes of everyone's lives, then perhaps it might be a good thing 'throw a wrench into it', so to speak."

"So how are you going to go about it then?" Jack Frost chuckled.

"Same way I met you. Just grab the first few people I meet around here I guess." Retane let a grin cross is face for a moment as the Guardian and Copy Namek both palmed their faces. The entire time, the flora of the TG had started to reach out to him, almost begging for the Leader of the Horsemen to look into the creature nearby. It was a Prime, but nearly gentle, and animalistic. He was small, and nervous.

The Namekian pressed his finger to his lips in a silencing motion before dismissing Jade's hologram. He stood up, not making a sound and quickly summoned Arith and Inirtias to the Greens. Arith was about to speak, but Inirtias quickly sensed the urgency and whacked the back of the Golden Warrior’s helm with a 'thud', before he could speak. Retane motioned for the two to circle around as himself, his son, and Jack Frost went the other way.

As they got into position, the Emerald Warrior peaked from behind a tree and Jack and his companion peaked from a bush. The Lythian Warriors were still getting in position but they could read his thoughts. IN front of the three was a furry creature, smaller than Krosst. It reminded him of Daxter for a moment, but stronger. The weasel was sniffing each flower he came to, plucking a few berries and leaves as he went, minding his own business. The Trees and plants nearby gave off an aura that almost made Retane smile.

"I've seen him before. He was in Dante's Abyss." it was Jack that sent the message to Retane.

The Namek squinted a moment, wondering for a few, this one was in Dante's Abyss? He remembered the visage as it flashed a screen but shook his head for a moment. Guu and Jack Frost had joined Dante's Abyss not knowing what they were in for. Perhaps this was the case?

"He was partnered with a green guy named Cell, and they beat Jak and Ash in Round One. They lost Round Two, and again in Round Three, like you, against Erik Vrell and Deadpool. Erik is also a member of New Babylon" It was Jack Frost that gave the intel but it only made Retane more curious. It was almost as if it was destiny that they met.

The Leader of the Horsemen stepped out from behind the tree and stood there towering above the small creature but leaned against the tree and crossed his arms. oblivious to the Namekian for perhaps a few more seconds the feral creature sniffed another flower before catching the Namekian's scent and jerked his head towards him.

"Took you long enough."Retane rolled his eyes for a second.

The Feral Weasel sniffed the air a few times, and nearly shrugged, almost as if acting poise.It was something Retane could almost admire. "I'll warn you now, if you are a bandit, that I don't have anything you want. But I am nothing to toy with."

"Yeah, I heard." Retane let out a light chuckle, "Heard you even had a few run ins with a few of my people. Jak Mar. Deadpool. Both are members of The Horsemen."

"The fur seemed to arch up on the weasel's back, "Yeah, and? It was a-"

"Was a tournament you didn't expect?' Retane interrupted. The weasel nodded.

"Yeah, that seems to happen sometimes. But be at ease, we aren't here to assault you or attack you. " Retane watched as the Feral Furry's ears perked up at the word 'we' and watched his nose wiggle as his head darted to and fro.

"We?" The pint-sized rodent seemed more eager than before.

"Relax, there are four others that you can't see. I'm merely here to gauge your intentions and they seem pure." Retane shrugged, as he slid to the ground. Jack Frost and Krosst, both, appeared from the bushes with gentle smiles. Up in a tree, Inirtias threw a few leaves with a wave, showing his bow wasn’t even knocked.

"You said f-"

Arith leapt out of a bush, tossing a large pine cone at the feral weasel, "I'll catch it."
[Image: hchh.png]

I refuse to lose this battle,
Let whatever come my way.
I am stronger then my rival,
No, I will not fall today...

Although he had no thumbs, at least by first glance, the stoat had no issues catching the pine cone thrown his way. Even sniffing it a few times, it gave off the scent of a pine tree, nothing too strong but it was an earthy smell of plants that made him think about what he could use with this.

“That's not suppose to happen like that.” Arith pointed out, mildly confused.

"Practice." was the answer he would be given to his mild confusion.

What aromas he could mix, adding in features of his craft to better aid those in the hospital, all cycling through his head right now. From just having something nice to relax their woes to much more difficult to point out illnesses that just needed a special touch to make the recovery less hell for them.

Inspecting the brussled textured seed of a tree he would roll it over, holding it up to his face mostly and soon would slip it into his bag, although the people he was just meeting were interesting he did come out here for something in particular.

But they seemed to know him, at least Retane did, additionally it looked like he had fought some of their friends too. Both Jak and Deadpool stuck out well in his mind as they seemed to be the most unique in some ways when it came to fighting.

Sure he only got to interact with the dark eco version of Jak, and deadpool was basically a self proclaimed mad man with little more than his ego and some wit to mix up his grand punch lines. But he got to met some people, other Primes in a universe that was built and catered to them, so it was worth it, right?

“Thank you.” Ricter said in relation to the pine cone, an odd sentiment that normally would blow over other peoples heads seemed to be sincere for the most part when it came to the small creature before them. Yet, it was followed by a question.

“Are you guys just traveling by?" He was relaxed, more casual, still on guard a bit but he didn’t have much to really fear. If he died the only thing that would get from him was a bag of flowers and berries, plus they seemed to be genuine in their responses for not being bandits. “And what is this ‘Horsemen’ you mentioned.” He seemed confused, but not taking it literally.

Retane could almost grin at the statement, at least someone was right about grabbing random people along the way. Drawing gazes form his compatriots.

We are The Horsemen. You could say that we a collected band of mercenaries trying to bring balance within the chaos of the world. Or you could say we are a group of people that don't really feel like staying home and being bored all day. Hell, you could even say it's just a way of me carving a peice out for my own. That along with many other statements could be true, but I tend to leave that for others to decide.”

Ricter had way more questions to give on that front but he realized he had plenty of time for them to come up, instead he would nod, giving his approval.

“I don't know what ‘the balance’ is but I guess introductions are in order, I’m Ricter.” He would say openly, looking to everyone around him.

“The balance isn’t supposed to be lit-” Retane tried to interject but Ricter cut him off this time.

“I know, that was my first guess, but with so many people worshiping gods by any given name I was just prying.” He had his own fickle thoughts about gods and the like, however that wasn’t important right now.

Stepping further out of the tree line and from the many bushes the group began to emerge, allowing for the weasel to get a better view of how they looked. Examining their appearance only one of them took a striking resemblance to Retane.

All of them were taller than him, which was no surprise, he was fairly short like this, and even more so should be shorter. Retane was the larger of the group, bigger than most humans, and having a stature that would make most men kill for.

He was green, like Cell but less spotty, he would have tried ot tie a connection to the two but he didn’t bring up his fighting partner, instead just whom he fought so he didn’t bother. Additionally Retane seemed to have an air of authority, one that made him seem more like a leader that he claimed to be.

He would have been fairly intimidating, if not for Ricter having spent a vast majority of his life being shorter than most average height people. So appearances didn’t make him feel any less anxious, but numbers might, and so did meeting new people out in the middle of no where.

“You can call me Retane. This is one of my sons, Krosst. The elf there is Inirtias, and the one in the golden armor over there is Arith. ”

He would leave Jack to introduce himself as everyone gave a small greeting, words jumbling over one another as all Ricter could hear was an amalgamation of greetings.

“Names Jack, nice to meet you.”

With that out of the way he would be given his own question, also coming from Retane as he stayed in his spot, enjoying the back leverage that nature so kindly provided him to lean on.

“Were heading some place soon, though what are you doing out here? You do seem to fit the environment when it comes to wild life, but I rarely meet wild life that enjoys collecting flowers.”

Not giving away that they knew he was a prime Retane glanced to Jack who looked back to him and then looked towards the weasel. Who would soon given what seemed like a truthful answer to his question, since he had no reason to lie about it.

“I wanted to make some incense for some friends of mine, so I came out exploring to pick a few sweet smelling objects.” The innocent nature of his answer would make most people melt, probably due to a combination of his tone and size. His voice, although normal sounding and the way he spoke English, was toned in a higher pitch.

Not ear splitting nor grating on the ear drum's, but giving an almost child-like sound too it. While keeping the mature undertone of how he spoke certain words, phrases, and things of that nature.

“You live here?” Kross interjected, which the weasel nodded, smiling a bit.

“Yes, not too far away.” He didn’t get into specifics, surely they all seem friendly and nice but he also knew that telling strangers where you lived was probably not a good idea. But he was slowly getting to know who they were.

Right now all he knew was they were a band of travelers called The Horsemen. Oh! They also liked balance, which still confused him given that was also a vague term, maybe he should have let Retane explain in broader detail instead of cutting him off like he knew any better.

“What brings you all here? Traveling through gates to get to other places?”

A pretty standard question given that he had seen people travel this way all the time, besides there were roads for a reason, dirt roads in this respect but still a path way to take.
Ricter CasengerPurchases LogATK: 1 • DEF: 7 • SPD: 3 • TEC: 3

"This is our home, actually, or at least what we call home." When Retane spoke, he meant it metaphorically and physically.

"Oh? I never would've guessed it actually." Ricter sniffed the air a few more times, as if trying to gauge what part of the realm they might be staying, but The Leader of The Horsemen could tell he wasn't able to.

It did, however, give Retane an idea and he took a big whiff of air, letting his senses take over. It had been some time, but the Emerald Warrior could tell just by the smell's in the Feral Weasels' satchel, that he had come for a certain direction. The flora and fauna's essence that left itself upon the thick coat of the critter Prime, told a more definite tale. The scent was nearly identical to Naturae's own current scent and she had come from a specific place to see him in the Dante's Abyss.

"Ambrosia." The orange clad Namekian spoke up after figuring it out. "Your home is in or around Ambrosia."

"The short creature squinted his eyes for a moment revealing it to be true, "And what makes you so sure?"

Retane grinned and pointed at his nose, "Mine might be better than your own, actually." The Namekian let it sink in for a moment, and before he started to seem like a big bad wolf, he let out a shrug. "I have an alliance with Guu and those of Ambrosia, last I checked, and my daughter lives there as well. You may have seen her? Looks a bit like me? Almost the same height as this one?" He pointed to Krosst. "I think she tends to wear white?"

Ricter paused for a moment, his nose twitching as he tried to think, or at least that’s how it seemed. "I don’t think so? But you are allies? That is interesting."

The Namekian nodded and took another sniff and smirked as he gave a glance towards Jack Frost before addressing the gatherer, "I think I might could help you out with the incense, if you really want something to smell great for your friends. You just have to promise to keep it a secret."

Oh you can do this too?" Ricter's ears had perked up.

I can do a lot more than this actually. So, do we have a deal?" Retane's messages had reached the other's but they were silent, yet curious.
[Image: hchh.png]

I refuse to lose this battle,
Let whatever come my way.
I am stronger then my rival,
No, I will not fall today...

It wouldn’t take long for Ricter to mull over what Jack Frost was offering, after all he had no intention of sharing any secrets to anyone else. Not too mention he could see that they all meant well so he was sure to not say a peep about this secret they planned on sharing.

Mhm, I promise I wont tell anyone.

With that Retane nodded, happy to hear that he was willing to keep this between just there little group, “I’m going to go show him where the Snow Lillies are, lets get going. We'll get back to what we came here for in after were finished.

The leader said to everyone in his group, following a number of nods and confirmations that they were fine with this. Eventually leading to the groups movement once Retane spoke up.

“Alright, lets get walking, doubt standing in one spot will help make us any safer.”

Drawing a nod from Ricter, “Especially against dinosaurs, and killer plants.”

A common thing that almost everyone who entered the greens would end up coming face to face with, if not then they were obviously lucky. Walking off the path that most would take to travel around the greens they were heading deeper into the foliage and temperate weather that surrounded them.

It was becoming humid now that the tree tops blocked out the sun over head, baring down on them all but it didn’t bother Ricter as the group kept in step. Jack leading the way while Ricter would stay around the middle, looking around as he hadn’t been around this part of the Tangled Greens before.

Probably because most plants didn’t get sun light over here so no really important herbs grew around this area, mushrooms were common place in these kinds of environments but most fungus was either trying to eat you or way too poisonous to eat.

Which was far from his job description to willingly poison his patients back at the hospital, so he didn’t bother. None the less as they came into the area he sneezed and shook his head. He caught a whiff of something fresh around here, wondering what it was.

“Were close.” Jack reminded them, though as they walked along Ricter would ask a question.

“Whats this about an alliance with Ambrosia? When I first got here I just thought it was a city, not a faction town.”

A question that was mostly directed at Retane who would begin to try and clarify to him. The weasel had yet to really engage in anything related to any factions, this included the more prominent ones, but he knew they were around, just they never really bothered him.

“Ambrosia is Guu’s faction base, it just grew into a large city after some time. With the elves, the ninja’s, and now our little group, I believe the green’s have the most diverse neutral groups in one place ever.”

Understanding a bit better he never realized someone could just make a simple base and build off that. Possibly making an army of secondary's under your command and then forming an entire empire over the course of years of even decades worth of time.

But the idea of doing that felt imperialistic in nature, or just flt out had gone against his morals of creating life with out purpose. Sure he had made only one secondary ever, and that secondary was just so someone could get their body back after they were killed.

They were now friends though, and although he rarely got to see them, he was happy they got to live again. To spend time with his family and to enjoy life from dying to bull shit reasons, but that was the one and only secondary he’s ever made while here.

Maybe if he spent some years doing that, building and crafting, it would be enough to change the surroundings around him. However he was too content with his job and life already, he had no ambitions of really becoming something more than what he was right now, a doctor.

Yet, time after time he was pulled into dangerous situations, ones where he had to save others, or do what others couldn’t ever dream of doing. Yanking him from his peaceful life into something more brutal and scary. Something he didn't mind happening to him if it meant a better life for everyone else.

Later he would have to evaluate his life choices and see what would fit him better, who he should associate himself with and what he should fight for in the long run. “So some factions just erect cities around them?” He surmised but Retane only nodded, allowing the weasel to think before adding to his comment.

“Okay, what about the other locations? I heard a lot of things about fights and wars happening in other factions around the omniverse.” He had taken up some time to look into the history here, finding a lot of information on just what happened over the decades that have progressed.

“Yes, there has been lots of fighting over time, many of the factions have been fighting each other for direct control over the worlds around them. There are a few main factions that are worry some, or just down right a pain in the ass. But as I said were neutral, balance and all that.”

Snickering to how Retane tried to not get annoyed by possible past actions or interactions between himself or his friends towards others, he would drop that for now. Minutes later Jack stopped as they came into a little area that seemed to make him look down in slight awe.

Causing Ricter to do the same as he looked down and noticed that something was here, odd Lilly shaped flowers, that were as white as snow and even had a faint glow thanks to how little light was in the location, seemed to dot the area around them.

Walking over Ricter would sniff one, It smelt a lot like snow. Which was an odd thing to say but snow did have a very fresh scent, you could even use it as a humidifying agent or to filter something. So it would be very nice to turn into an aroma if he mixed it with other flowers.

“Those are Snow Lilies, I was shown them a while ago, uh got a bit of a bump on the head though, but I doubt we have to worry about that now. I found them a while ago, even moved them here because of their rarity. Didn't want them to get destroyed by some rampaging monster.” Jack smiled.

Mean while the others only snickered lightly, Kross patting Frosts shoulder as if understanding his plight. In the mean time Ricter would scamper closer and soon pluck one from the ground, holding the flower in his paws as he took a nice deep whiff of it.

His tail wagged, this would be perfect for his plans for later and made him smile a bit as he looked back to the group and place the flower into his bag. “Thank you so much! This will go perfectly with what I had in mind, um are you all going to be heading out now? I don’t want to keep you.”

Ricter was trying to be considerate of their time, even though they kinda stopped him in some ways, he didn’t mind talking and conversation but at the same time if they were in a hurry he would rather not take up all their free time. However, he would add something.

“If you would like I can assist with anything medical related, doesn't matter what it is.” Confidence was strong in his tone, he was a doctor after all, a tiny fuzzy little doctor but still just as qualified to be one as many other people.

For himself, he had the power to change a lot of things, and so he offered his assistance, it was the least he could do for being shown something so amazing. Plus they helped him in his small goal, so why not return the favor some how.
Ricter CasengerPurchases LogATK: 1 • DEF: 7 • SPD: 3 • TEC: 3

Setsu stretched within his comfy and luxurious gift from Dwarfholm. The shift from neutral temperature to the humidity of this new verse had a rapid effect on his energy. Much like an animal removed from it's natural habitat, Setsu wasn't adapting immediately to this new environment. Sleeping was the answer he had come to after taking a brief look around the area.

It felt as if he was on vacation compared to the last area he had jumped into from the Nexus. Here, rather than being consumed with a sense of rational determination to negotiate with the harsh elements, he couldn't stop yawning as stress seemed to pour out from his body.

The stone sleeping structure seemed overly decadent here and totally out of place. Setsu had the curtains drawn to keep the insects out, for now. Maybe he would consider venturing out soon to find more to this verse besides that it was so comfortably warm.
[Image: kuroji%20setsu_zps44rbwwd8.png]

Retane nodded and with a press of a few buttons, his communicator was synched up with the Feral Weasel's. "I'm unsure why, but I have a feeling that I will be requiring your assistance real soon, so I won't keep you from your current objective."

Ricter paused on the Namekian's foreboding words and arched his head for a moment, as if pondering the words for a few moments, before scampering up and offering his paw up as high as he could. The Leader of The Horsemen knelt down to accept the furry appendage and shook it slightly.

"Well, I am off." Ricter gave a final farewell to everyone and scampered off.

Jack Frost moved to the Emerald Warrior's side with a grin on his face, "So, bringing him here? You going to start doing this to all possible recruits?"

The Namekian gave a slight shrug, "Do you remember the first time we met, near here?"

Frost gave a nod, "Was I supposed to forget it?"

Retane knew that Jack was just giving rhetorical banter but something was bugging the God of Death, "Do you regret it? Do you wish we had never met?"

The Guardian of Fun jerked his head to face his comrade, eyes wide and all, almost as if he taken aback by the question, "What the-? Man! Really?"

The ice-wielder was nearly at a loss for words as he let Savior go to throw both his hands out wide then bring them to his head to express the mind blown confusion he had from it all. Retane noted that Savior never fell, but just stood there, almost as if it was in perfect balance. "Look, Retane! Without you, I wouldn't be who I am today. I know I have to take the good with the bad, but I don't think I could be any happier, had we never crossed paths and started our journey together. I wouldn't have you. I wouldn't have Airyonna. I wouldn't have Krosst. Does this dream thing really have you that messed up? Do you regret it? Us meeting?"

The Emerald Fiend's eyes glanced in the direction of his brother-in-arms and let out a slight snicker. It was more that at himself, than at Frost's outburst, but still, Jack hadn't had the nightmare's he had. It was all so vivid, and Retane wasn't sure if it was a premonition or if it was just a dream, or even if it was something that could be prevented. "I- It's hard to explain. I'm not sure. I want to say no, but the pain everyone goes through..."

Jack Frost placed his hand on Retane's shoulder and offered a smile, "It's going to be okay. Trust me. I- we have faith in you."


Retane and Inirtias followed hot on the trail of Arith, who had wondered off. Jack Frost and Krosst had went on along towards Jade Reckoning, stating they had things to do. Inirtias knew Arith was up to something stupid, but was unsure what it was.

"Hey! How did you do that!?!? Bring the bed back! I am getting sleepy!" It was the Golden Dragon Warrior, yelling at someone.

Inirtias and Retane both looked at each other and sighed knowing they should pick up the pace.
[Image: hchh.png]

I refuse to lose this battle,
Let whatever come my way.
I am stronger then my rival,
No, I will not fall today...

With the ingredients in hand he had no intention of scouring the entity of the Tangled Greens in order to find something else for him to add to to his current list of brews. But he did catch a little bit of what Retane remarked to Frost on his way out of the area, sounds like they were trying to build up their group even further.

Ricter was skeptical about really being apart of anything, only thing he truly cared about was helping civilians and or ensuring no one died if it couldn’t be helped. Using his powers to further his own objectives, being less selfish in his goals.

In his walk back however he had plenty of time to really think about the people he just met, mostly Retane who seemed to be a very nice person, at least by what he could tell. Their first meeting was a bit tense but that's only because of the environment and setting they were in.

It was hard to trust some random person that was in the middle of the woods simply relaxing on a tree like they owned the place. Take it from a person who’s fought dozens of orcs because he dared to ‘disgrace their lands with his presence’.

Over all though Retane seemed like a good leader, not too mention he was the second Prime he’s actually had a long standing conversation with besides Marisa. He did wonder where they were staying at and if it was indeed located here in the Tangled Green.

By his guess it was probably in some secluded section of the jungle, or maybe near the swamps? He wouldn't rule out the elven and ninja villages that were situated here but he hadn’t even interacted with either of the two settlements.

But they didn’t matter too much, if anything he gave his word that they would help Retanes little group if they fell into trouble. Surely they could handle a lot of things on their own, as he did when it came to a vast number of things, but sometimes you might need a more refined touch.

After around a good twenty or so minutes of walking through the jungle, interacting with very few plants this time as he had gotten many of the samples he needed already he would come up to what seemed like the outskirts of Ambrosia.

The mostly farm lands and cocobo farms that dotted this area were always nice to walk past, mostly because he got to talk to some of the big yellow birds in his native animal language. Asking them about their day, if their handlers were treating them well, and hoping they don't have someone fat ride them and break their backs.

After a few minutes of conversation though his next stop was heading home, mostly to make the candles he planned on crafting. The house he was staying in was two stories tall, it was painted white and blue, while over all the door way and size was shorter than a normal house. Made for smaller people or creatures.

Anyone that was over 7 feet tall would bump their heads on the ceiling for sure, in addition to finding it a little hard to go through door ways if they were fairly wide. Unlocking the door and walking in after using a key he sniffed the air.

It smelt like someone was cooking, which he would guess it was his roommate Vee, or Vel. Two Moogle’s that were siblings that had took him in and showed him this city once he arrived in the Tangled Greens.

Ricter had no wish to make his own house, or stay somewhere else, plus the two were so nice and generous. Appreciating his stay here as it meant free check ups, while also having company makes people feel less lonely.

“Oh your back, where did you run off too?” A feminine voice would say. Vee, a moogle that was about as tall as he was with fluttering wings and a red ball on her head. Smiled as she looked to the side from the kitchen as she was currently cooking pancakes.

“I went to go get ingredients for some incense, might make some candles later.” The weasel walked in, going towards the kitchen table and dumping a number of flowers on the table. The pungent scent of so many aroma’s coming out all at once made him sneeze again as it didn’t mix too well with the cooking of pancakes.

Inspecting what he got for a moment, she pointed out, “Night-flowers don’t smell too nice once you begin grinding them up, they are mostly for dye’s because of the nice purple color.” The girl was also an herbalist, half of what Ricter knew about the plants in the area was thanks to her expertise.

Since it was also her job too she had a good memory of plant effects and what they could do, so as she gazed over the table some more her eyes lit up on seeing a Snow Lilly there. “How did you get that one?”

She darted over to the table after making sure nothing was going to be burnt while her interest was pulled away. Pointing to the flower in question while Ricter was already pulling away the night-flowers she mentioned prior.

“Oh this? I just got lucky and found a merchant along the way, so I bought it.” Lying he wished to keep the secret as requested, so he did, which Vel didn’t seem to pick up on at all. Just over all smiling as she would look at it and gently trace a paw along the petals.

“Its real too, you must have gotten’ a really good deal then! Do you think you’ll try and plant some upstairs?” She seemed excited, almost elated to have something so rare up close like this. Normally these were uncommon in The Frozen Fields, placed in area’s where dragons and other beasts had their homes, making them hard to get.

But if it was here he wouldn’t even have to visit that verse any more if it would mean getting flowers like this. “Sure, I see no point in not growing more. Also where’s Vel? Is he working today?” He didn’t keep up with when they had work or not, especially since they got called in at random most of the time.

“No he’s up stairs, probably working on more enchantments and all that. You know how he is when he gets to work on something, he doesn't put it down until he makes some form of progress.”

“Sounds like him,.” Ricter gave a brief comment back before asking something else. “Oh, I also met some other people out there too. Dose a group named ‘The Horsemen’ ring any bells?”

Vee would pause before giving her answer, thinking. “Uh well not really. Are they horse enthusiasts?” Laughing she would even get the weasel to snicker as he smiled to her little joke.

“No, just thought you heard something about them, thanks.” Looking back down to the table he would get up soon after and scramble around the pantry for the mixing bow and grinder. The things he had off to the side and were of course used for minor alchemy and potion crafting.

Mean while Vee would get back to making food, her stomach rumbling as Ricters would follow, “How about you eat first before you start getting pulled into your little project? You can be just as bad as my brother when it comes to focusing way too much on something not as important as sustaining yourself.”

Fluttering over to the table again she would begin placing down plates after scooting next to the stoat and picking out a few things for them to eat on. They seemed very civilized for being animals, but that was a given thanks to their human like intelligence and the need to use tools.
Ricter CasengerPurchases LogATK: 1 • DEF: 7 • SPD: 3 • TEC: 3

It was hot as all hell still to the ronin, Setsu. He found that even getting up was too much effort for him currently. He could stay her till time ended. There didn't seem to be anything that was bothering him, and he found this demotivating heat somewhat joyous.

Still, his thoughts were beginning to become tumultuous as his sweat pooled across his skin's various surfaces. He hadn't thought as clearly about his past adventures and comrades like he had when he accessed his desires through the use of omnillium. Maybe there was something to this adventure beyond just becoming a god's plaything.


That thought seemed to send chills down Setsu's spine and not in a wholly unwelcome manner. As a shinobi, Setsu ran largely on instincts he dearly relied upon and often did not understand. Something was coming and it wasn't obvious to what extent or what it might be. In fact, this was a feeling no different than an animal may experience long before a storm has even formed.

Setsu was by no means a sensory master, but he at least honored this base level instinct. Something was stirring inside him, or perhaps in the greater Omniverse. He couldn't know.

Hopping through the curtains of his dwarven bed, Setsu popped open a scroll and sent it rolling beneath the stonecrafted masterwork.

After a series of handseals, and a soft *poof* the bed was no longer there and a seal denoting it's presence stamped neatly within a fuuinjutsu circle. Tugging smartly on the end closest to him, the scroll arced though the air and was quickly rerolled and stashed within Setsu's vest pocket.

"Hey! How did you do that!?!? Bring the bed back! I am getting sleepy!" Setsu was startled in his heightened state and he felt his body seize with slight shock as he hadn't noticed anyone approaching.

He turned sharply regarded the speaker with a dramatically arched eyebrow, "I don't share my bed with strangers... As in, it's mine. If you're tired, perhaps theres a nice pile of moss you could rest on nearby.

He hadn't spoken with another normal sized humanoid since arrival and certainly few females besides the dwarves that he could barely remember. What would this encounter bring was his first thought.
[Image: kuroji%20setsu_zps44rbwwd8.png]

"How about YOU go lay in a bed of moss!" Arith emphasized the 'you' as if trying to make some nonsensical insult. What it was, he probably didn't even know.

"Because, I just woke-" The ninja paused to think about it for a moment before taking in the figure in his entire 'grandeur'. The warrior wore what seemed to be gold scaled armor from head to toe. His helm covered his face and resembled that of a dragon. Strapped to his back were to short swords. Had it not been from him speaking, the Lythian may had been someone to be truly respected. After a few moments the Ronin decided to ask a question, ignoring the suggestion, "Samurai?"

Arith cocked his head to the side slightly as he scratched at it with his gloved hand before pointing at himself, "Arith are I."

The shinobi looked taken aback for a few moments before uttering the word, "What?"

The Lythian nodded, and pointed at the Ronin, "Sam are you. He then pointed back at himself, "Arith are I."

After a few more moments of silence, with the ninja trying to figure out what the Golden Warrior was trying to say, before he finally had to as, "You are special aren't you?"

Arith's hand reached up towards his chin as he fingered at it as he pondered for a few seconds, "I mean, I am kind of spe- Wait! I thought you were slow! are you messing with me?" Arith pointed at the Ronin accusingly before throwing his hands out wide in confrontation, "Wait are you playing with me, Sam?"


Retane and Jack Frost from afar, both trying to hide their laughs at the spectacle. Jack was the first one to contain himself the most and managed to whisper, "You aren't going to get a handle on this?"

The Emerald Warrior had noticed that Arith's new found friend was a ninja and with the scrolls he held, was probably good at calligraphy. However, the new guy wasn't a ninja that he recognized, and the Namekian wanted to learn more from behind the scenes as long as he could. "No, I’m delegating that job to you."

With that, he ruffled a bush and shoved Jack Frost into the open.
[Image: hchh.png]

I refuse to lose this battle,
Let whatever come my way.
I am stronger then my rival,
No, I will not fall today...

Clearly there was a disconnect. "I'm Setsu... You appear to be a Samurai, by your swords. Arith."

Mentioning the swords, Setsu shrugged while slouching slightly, his body becoming an ever so slightly smaller target than it was. He wasn't getting a wealth of intent from this strange character but that was as concerning as it was reassuring.

"You sense who? Me? Well, that's not very impressive given that I'm standing right here, after all."

Setsu couldn't help but lose his cool momentarily as he lightly smacked his head in disbelief. "Listen, my name is Set... Su... Which doesn't really matter, I mean you can call me Sam or whatever it is if you prefer it. I just want to know what you're doing bothering me here for and-.."

A second strange character emerged from the bushes. This one blue to the other's gold. Startled Setsu quickly flew his hands into he seals to perform the Light Weight Rock technique and lept with a burst of movement high into the air, halting eventually at just 25 feet up.

"Woah. Two of you huh?" Setsu had begun to feel himself socialize there momentarily, letting his normal guard down only to be surprised by a second odd character. Maybe he should call his dwarven gift back to drop on these potential assailants though he was hopeful that they wouldn't attempt to pursue him.
[Image: kuroji%20setsu_zps44rbwwd8.png]

Noragnir exhaled a cloud of smoke around the long stemmed pipe clamped beneath his teeth as he looked out into the forest surrounding the clearing he had found about a day or so ago. The dwarf had entered through the nexus, and after some slight modifications to his bike, making it a trike in reality with rear wheels that were closer to treads, he had taken off to explore the great forest before him. He had paid little attention to the groups that might have held sway on the land so focused he had been to simply find a true adventure like those he had experienced in his home world. He had forgotten the first rule of adventuring in his rush which was to always be aware of your surrounding, and in that heavy forest the roar of the bike's engine scared something out of the forest. The boar charged from the brush, and slammed into his bike sending the dwarf flying free of the whole mess. He had landed in a river the water breaking his fall, and rose only to find the boar more pissed then actually angry, and charging him causing the dwarf to fill the air of the multiverse with the first roar of the ravager.

That was over a day ago, and now the dwarf sat comfortably on a chair he had summoned, before a roaring fire above which he was slowly roasting a slab of boar meat. "Well at least I learned that gunpowder still works in this world." He grumbled around the stem of his pipe watching as the smoke curled up from the bowl of his pipe. He had been lucky that the river was so close to such a large clearing and in several hours work he had set up a small camp for him to operate from for the moment. He had used little of omni in it as well using his skills as an engineer, and adventurer to build a rather basic little hut though he had used a slight amount of omni to strengthen the whole thing. He had also used it to make the chair, and remake his bike the boar having trashed the damn thing. As for the boar well he was not one to waste so he had used most of it having salted the meat the he couldn't eat, or spread it deeper into the forest to keep predators from his camp. The dwarf exhaled another cloud of smoke his emerald gaze on the crackling fire, before him in this little camp of his. "So now what is the next step just what shall I do in this world?"

Munching on a beagle while looking outside the window the day seemed vibrant and nicer than usual. Normally it rained here, calling for a forecast of gloomy skies and dreary clouds to blanket the realm in a shower of water. But the weather could change at any moment, on a whim.

The food that was prepared was as good as it always is, they all took turns making breakfast or lunch, but Vee was the bets when it came to making breakfast for sure. “Don’t you have work today?” Ricter asked his moogle roommate.

“Yes” She replied after buttering some toast. “I think I’ll leave in a few hours just so I make it on time.”

“Okay, I’ll try planting the flowers up stairs while your away.”

The two would seemingly begin to focus more on eating rather than talking, not really doing much besides their eyes canning over the room this way and that way. Making it feel casually awkward but also normal, as if they were sitting in a restaurant or having a nice dinner with family but they had nothing to talk about.

“Your off work today, right?” Vee asked suddenly after swallowing.

“Uh yeah, I am, I don't have to come in on most days, they only really grab me for maybe four days out of a week and when an emergency happens.” Given the last emergency that happened lead him through a mini-gauntlet of things to do he was happy to be way more prepared for crisis situations now than when he first arrived here.

“Means I can go searching for flowers on my off time too, so its kinda a win win for you since you get most of them.” The weasel smiled.

“True, and thanks, maybe soon I can open my own herbs shop. That way I don’t have to work so much and can relax at my own leisure.” The moogle smiled, perking up with a grin and just feeling a bit more giddy about their situation.

Before Ricter arrived here they worked so much to provide a nice bit of growth for the city, while also trying to make their little home a bit better. Now, they simple use the omnilium to buy what every they like. Or better yet just give a portion to Ricter which in return he helps to grow food and provides his own bit of omnilium to better improve his cures.

Through this little relationship they had more time to enjoy life and had to work less and less because of it, which made Ricter happy and the two siblings happy as well. Further pushing the weasel to his goal of curing all illnesses, even if that would take much more time here in the omniverse.

As the two began to finish Ricter would get up out of the chair, the animal walking over while balancing a plate or two on his head and then placing them in the sink. “Thanks for that, I shouldn’t have ran out of the house with out some form of food in my belly.”

“No problem, though I’m pretty sure you can just make yourself food.” Vee mentioned while placing her plates away in the soapy water that filled the left side of the sink.

“Yeah, but its not the same!” Ricter complained, which made the moogle laugh as she began to tidy up, placing more food on a separate plate as she was probably going to go give her brother something to munch on.

In the mean time Ricter took his bag full of flowers and herbs and went towards his room, getting ready to get to work now since he had nothing better to do. Maybe he’d talking to Vel letter about some possible things he could do to make his weapon better, or even just enchant said weapon.

For now though as he scampered along he headed up the steps leading to the second floor, passing by pictures of the trio and their friends as well. Ranging from when they went on picnics, and to gatherings, or just the small parties they had in the couple of months he’s strayed here.

They had grown close, almost similar to family in a way and he had no intention of leaving them behind or making too big of changes to his new life now. Surely he liked his life prior to here but it didn’t take long for people to grow accustomed to their situation.

Well, if they are less than gods. Pretty sure a god that gets summoned here with their powers stripped from them would immediately complain and would probably never get used to being what is essentially a mortal.

While he did miss some of his friends and family back where he was from, he knew that things would be okay. Maybe one day he would return back to his reality, after he learned and gained more and more power here.

Or he might just stay here forever, any case as he walked down the hall and towards his room he would close the door behind himself and toss everything down on a table. The table had a number of beakers and a burner as well, it was here he used alchemy to make potions.

Having a wide range of effects based on what he mixes or just crafts with a mix of magic and skill. Today his project was simple, beakers of water would be set to boil while plants were ground using a small bowl and a stick that resembled a thick piece of chalk.

The petals were stripped of each flower while the stems were placed on the side for further use later. Grinding the petals into a fine dust before cutting the main section of the stamen and grinding that down into a paste as he used the boiling water in combination with it.

He would do each flower individually, sniffing them and smiling as it smelt nice, he could make a nice candle with these now if he liked. Mixing a few scents that he enjoyed they would begin to form a smell that he liked a lot.

But he wasn’t done yet, he would need to add a solidifying agent, which was a small bit of absorbing nutrients from plants and leaves that have been made into a mush and soon would be left to stand out as he would need wax now.

When it came to the Snow Lillie's though he wondered how he could incorporate the delicate nature of them, starting off by clipping them stem and grinding the petals down to a dust. The stone tool he was using having a white almost mossy look to it that seemed to cling to his bowl as well.

“Didn’t think they would be that sticky, maybe its the plant, I wonder..” He wanted to experiment, making medicine wasn’t the only thing he was interested in. Now he was interested also in forms of sedatives, mostly because he had less and less interest in fighting people.

Maybe if he could just drug them enough they would leave him alone, it sounded pretty unethical but it was less of a hassle than just stabbing them with a big ass sword. It was an idea though, for later, yet one he would take into consideration now that his herb collection had grown a vast amount.

"Guess I'll write down some idea's for later."
Ricter CasengerPurchases LogATK: 1 • DEF: 7 • SPD: 3 • TEC: 3

Inirtias wanted to glance back, but knowing that if he did, he would give away Retane's position. The Lythian Elf looked to the ninja in the sky and then to Arith, who was unbothered by the technique and was now pointing and complaining about the so called, 'bed'." The Lythian's eyes met the shinobi square on and the summoned Elf tried to judge his eyes. He noted that Setsu's eyes seemed to be more defensive and surprised than anything. "Stop! This is all a big misunderstanding!"

The floating ninja had his hands at the ready but paused at the plea., “Oh?"

"Yes! You have to forgive my friend, Arith. He is a bit eccentric and odd at times, but he is a great warrior. You don't want to fight him, and while he seems like an aggressive fool, I am positive he doesn’t want to fight you. He was told to seek out strong people, kind of, and maybe he has come in luck."

The floating ninja paused for a few moments, as if thinking about it and nodded, "You have my attention. You have exactly two minutes."

The Elf thought for a few seconds, nearly laughing at the arrogance of the lone ninja. It was clear that neither party knew each other, and Inirtias was pretty sure that if Retane appeared, this ninja wouldn't know who he was. That was going to be his angle. "You are a ninja, I can tell by the hand signs. If I asked if you heard of The Horsemen, though, or Retane, you would tell me no, am i right?"

The hovering Ronin squinted his eye but gave a nod.

"Well, you are kind of like one of the Uchiha then, Sasukue, that doesn't live or really associate with the Hidden Village of Tangled Greens. Or did you even know that a Ninja Village existed in this universe?" Inirtias felt as if he was on a roll and doing Retane some great justice.

Kuroji Setsu shook his head after a moment but didn't speak. His eyes did tell the tale of curiosity at the mention of something, but the Elf wasn't sure.


While everything was happening, another being seemed to catch wind of the altercation and strutted forward, just to the edge of the brush. Retane looked at the stout creature, curious as all could be. The Namekian had never met anyone like such and decided not to speak even though they were mere feet apart. The Emerald Warrior could reach out and smack the short man upon any part of his body, and be gone within seconds, but instead, he had a different idea.

If he was going to rebuild The Horsemen, and make it even stronger, he had to keep going. This was going to be his luck. Three different beings after Dante's Abyss? And he didn't even try to fight them. At least not yet. He had to make sure the Apocalypse against his family never came, dream or not.

The short warrior grinned and mumbled a few words to quiet for even Retane to hear, and it actually caught the Namek by surprise. He watched on and after a few moments, he made a split decision and slipped next to the red mohawked being and whispered in his ear, "My money are on the Lythian's."

"Yeah well I won’t take th-"

It was then that Retane grabbed the haunches of the fellow and flung him into the fray. The peculiar fellow bounced once and landed on his feet. Retane couldn't help but grin at the battle-ready Dwarf. Still, as all eyes were upon him, and the direction he flew from, the Emerald Fiend stepped forward, "I am Retane, Leader of The Horsemen!" After a few seconds pause he spoke again, "And, I'm looking for a few good men. I’m wondering, might you two be them?"


Elsewhere, Probitas opened the shutter door and was met with a 'squeak' as his fat grey tabby cat jumped into his arms to be petted. He had named the cat Squeaky for the simple fact that all it did was squeak, and never meowed. Kelsie, who had been petting the feline before, jumped up with an anxious look on her face. "Why did you take off? The village has learned that 'they' escaped. They are assembling a team as we speak to go track them all down!"

The Ambassador of The Horsemen for The Hidden Village took a few more strokes of his chubby kitty and set her down. "I'm sorry. It was my dad."

"Is he ok?" The young girl knew that Retane had been placed under a curse and her face showed that she didn't know what had happened.

"H-he's fine. He woke up. Arith contacted us and we went to go see him as he entered Dante's Abyss." Probitas looked a bit sad but with a long sigh he looked back to Kelsie, "How did they find out? I think Ayrionna and Alaina are coming to help the village as well. Do you think they will find out? What will happen to us? Father will be so disappointed."

Kelsie flopped on the floor in frustration, "If they are coming then maybe their brother is coming! And that means the ANBU are also going to be involved."

Terror filled the eyes of the young Ambassador as he thought about the trouble they could really be in. They had only wanted to free their friends, they didn't expect it to go so far. The young Namekian weighed his options and with a nod he concluded, "We can catch them ourselves! We won’t be in that much trouble if we fix our mistake, right? No harm no foul?"

The young girl shook her head, "But if they know that the ninja are searching for them, then, things might get ugly. What if they meet up outside? They are both territorial! Everyone's going to be mad! We shouldn't have done it!"


Retane looked at the Ronin and the Dwarf with a grin, wondering what their next choices would be.
[Image: hchh.png]

I refuse to lose this battle,
Let whatever come my way.
I am stronger then my rival,
No, I will not fall today...

A ninja village? Here?

Maybe the time spent in the cold had scrambled his thinking more than he had realized, but the idea of encountering other Shinobi was absurd to Setsu. Not only that, but he had heard the name "Uchiha". Nozomi...

The situation was still developing, but the energy of the encounter had been totally blown apart and reconstituted from Setsu's perspective. So much relevant and valuable information had been tossed his way that he couldn't help but feel excited beyond his initial fear. There were few things more important to Setsu than his own well-being, but anything involving Nozomi or other artifacts of his past was certainly in that ultimately valuable category.

There was clearly more to the group as well, so Setsu remained floating to best pay attention.
[Image: kuroji%20setsu_zps44rbwwd8.png]

It didn't take Retane to long to realize that he had made this a weird standoff and with a bow of his head, Inirtias nodded and the two Lythian's vanished into the dark mist. It left the dwarf and shinobi, both staring at the Leader of the Horsemen. The Namekian let out a grin as they remained silent and only glanced at each other once or twice.

"What's the meaning of tossing me into this fray?" The short stack finally asked.

"Where did the other's go?" The Shinobi demanded, while he hovered in the air with his technique.

The Emerald Warrior glanced to the dwarf first and shrugged his shoulders, "You were the curious one that stumbled upon this scenario, so I decided to add you into it. No use being a peeping tom, or am I wrong?"

The dwarf seemed to struggle for a few moments with his words but let out a low grunt of being humbled, "I was only curious for a bit of adventure, 'tis all."

The experienced Namekian studied the eyes of the short new comer, searching for a glint of falseness and also trying to gauge his soul. After a few moment's he turned towards the hovering shinobi, and with a huge thrust, freed his upper torso of clothing, making sure that the Mark of Lythia shimmered in the light. "They are Lythian's and come and go as they please. It's my job to get stronger, so that they can one day return to their own home."

"Yeah? Well that golden one is a fool." The Ronin stated his words with a nod but his hands stayed at the ready.

"Indeed, he is a fool, but he is one of the finest warrior's I have ever met. Ready to fight, defend and nearly die for a friend." As the Emerald Warrior spoke, he could feel his arm getting warm. It was almost as it was beaming in strength.

Setsu grinned, "And you would die for that friend as well?"

Retane let out a grin, "Without a doubt."
[Image: hchh.png]

I refuse to lose this battle,
Let whatever come my way.
I am stronger then my rival,
No, I will not fall today...

Having spent time with trolls recently, Setsu was clearly exhibiting behavior resembling one. Maybe he felt it was in kind with what had seemed to be a really rather odd approach by the golden warrior. Either way, he was interested in what this green entity had to say, though he was especially wary of him and his authoritative manner of speaking.

He released his technique and dropped the short distance to land in a soft crouch back beneath the tree line.

"I can't not show respect for that sort of loyalty."

He bowed. "I should reintroduce myself. My name is Setsu. A member of the Kuroji shinobi clan, it's last surviving member."

He glanced around at the group he found himself in the company of, all rather odd but also distinct in their legitimate manner.

"I apologize for any offense I offered by reacting. It's only that I'm alone in this environment and am required by that to be at guard by default in these wilds."

A breeze cast through the area, cooling the party but also giving Setsu an additional chill. His sense of metanoia was forcing the softest hairs on his neck to remain upright. He knew he was at the ground zero of an instance of immense import to his situation in this Omniverse, but all he could think of was to continue talking about himself.

"I'm also seeking to return to my world. Or at the least, discover why I was led here. Perhaps, we could find common ground in this pursuit."

Setsu continued to grin, this feeling of metanoia is what he had begun to trust in more than anything and even though it implied there may be danger he was confident he was fated for something he could believe was better.
[Image: kuroji%20setsu_zps44rbwwd8.png]

The Tangled Greens was just as she had expected it to be. Tall trees reached towards the sky, fingers reaching desperately for the light that always stayed out of reach. She never understood why trees that did not rely on the sunlight still stretched up towards it. It was pitiful. The myriad scents of greenery and decaying earth lingered in the air, overwhelming the scent of nothingness that was more present in the other verses. What pleased her most was the scent of water, dripping from the foliage. All water collected somewhere, whether underground or winding through riverbeds, it had a source and an end, swirled about the sky by clouds and returned to the earth. Wherever that water was, Arriana was going.

She followed the natural curve and tilt of the land, heading downhill to where she assumed the water would gather. The chimera was silent as she walked, never disturbing the wildlife and the lush greenery. It was spectacular, the way such an environment could be replicated, right down to the scent of moss feeding on a fallen log. The forest, although thick, seemed to replicate the northern forests of evergreens more than the humid jungles she expected from the appearance of the vine-woven gate. Arriana followed the faint scent of flowers, from one patch to another, delighting in the saturated green colours that were absent from the Nexus and Coruscant. She hadn’t stopped long enough in Camelot to admire the scenery, but The Chimera doubted that it would be quite the same as here. The longer she walked, surrounded by trees that towered above her like giants, the more at ease she felt. Like a weight lifted from her soul, Ari could feel the beauty sapping away the fears and worries, leaving a familiar peace behind.

Had it lasted forever, Arriana would not have regretted abandoning her search for the strength she had lost. The Tangled Greens, however, were not such a tranquil place. Signs of large predators littered the deep woods. The prettiest flowers would hold poisons, capable of killing even the heartiest of beasts. No doubt even the water would be riddled through with dangers such as this. As she drew nearer to the heart of the forests, the dangers seemed more prominent. The trees in this area were not designed for large predators to lurk within, which meant the top of the food chain was either birdlike or feline, possibly some form of bear. All of which, she was confident she could easily handle. Mostly.

The forest seemed to get darker ahead of her, as if the very sun itself were being greedily devoured by the treetops. As blindly was she wandered in a forest, she drew the line at unnaturally dark woods. There was nothing to be gained from entering a cursed area, if that was what the darkness was, and nothing to be gained even if it wasn’t. She could always go back the way she came, though she doubted that was the best way to find what she was looking for. There was only one other option that could bear fruit - going up.

It worried her, the thought of climbing around the stinging needles of coniferous trees, but the temperature here was cold enough that deciduous trees were scarce. It would serve her better to find a form that was accustomed to such things, but none of them had the wings to navigate such a mess of a forest unharmed. Arriana cursed herself for getting so foolishly lost as she began climbing the tree with the thinnest branches. From the tree tops she would be able to find any clearings or, she hoped, they would give her a vantage point from which she could find a river.

The trees swayed in a breeze, tilting the branch The Chimera perched on. From here, she still couldn’t see over the tree tops, surrounded by trees that seemed to grow as she climbed as if they were dedicated to ensuring that she remained lost. The high altitude made her dizzy, the brightness of the light stinging after so long in the scattered beams of the forest floor. This was what Sera had always described as an unstoppable force meeting an immovable wall. Arriana leapt to the closest tree, digging claws into the rough bark to halt her fall. She moved then to the next tree, quickly becoming covered in thick sticky sap while her clothes became riddled through with stray needles. It was irritating, never really getting high enough that she could see above the trees, but always so close, like it was teasing her.

"Yes, perhaps I could help with that." Retane gave a nod of sincerity as he looked passed the two, and towards the spot that was one day to be Innocent's grave. Deep down inside, the Leader of The Horsemen pondered if his actions may have changed his son's death, as well as everything else. Perhaps, it was for the best if he let it happen? It was too late, though, and he started to wonder if recruiting new members was the best idea? Would it change anything in the end? Perhaps everyone he recruited died or abandoned them in his dreams?

The Namekian looked deep into the eyes of the dwarf and the shinobi and accidentally sent out a surge of telepathic pain. He looked away from the others knowing he had just he left himself vulnerable and knew that they both had felt his desires.

"That's interesting indeed", Setsu stated with a slight nod. The dwarf nodded as well, though it seemed almost as if he was just playing along.

Retane looked down at the ground, annoyed at himself and clutched his hands together as he dropped to a knee. How did he just screw up and do that? Now they would look at him as if he was weak or had a weakness, and he couldn't let that happen.

The Leader of The Horsemen stood up, and let out a low growl. As the Namekian did, he tapped on the device upon his wrist and threw out a capsule that quickly let opened up and produced a hologram of Jade, a female version of a Namekian. She looked around and understanding what Retane wanted, began to speak. "Hello. You can call me Jade. It seems I am here to explain to you both a few things. Where we are standing at the moment, is the same clearing that Retane once repelled many. He cleared a wave of goblins on his own after being accused of being one himself because of the color of his skin. It was here where he became friends with Jack Frost, and allies with the Hidden Village and Elves."

Jade looked back at the hardly visible trail that lead to the patch of Snow Lilies. She turned back to the Ninja and Steampunk Dwarf and continued, "His son's grave is said to be here one day. He's looking for a few people that might help him prevent it." She turned and looked directly at the ninja and focused on him, "He still wants to go home, as well as send the Lythian's home. He is loyal and doesn’t lie!"

It was then that there was a rustle in the bush.
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I refuse to lose this battle,
Let whatever come my way.
I am stronger then my rival,
No, I will not fall today...

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