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The Second Coming.. Rebirth of The Horsemen

Arriana was not one to give in easily. If she couldn't go over the trees, she would go through them, regardless of what dangers it would throw at her. She dropped down, paying no heed to the needles scraping at her skin. A moment later and she was shifting again, back to the wolf. It wasn't that the wolf was more suited to the environment or that it would let her run faster - with a wolf's paws she could dig into the ground better. If she couldn't go straight through the forest, she would cause as much damage as she could until she no longer cared. There was no end to the trees, but it seemed that the further she traveled east the trees began to change. Where she had arrived at towering pine trees and small flowers, transitioned to broad-leaf and tall stalks. Without counting the hours, she couldn't tell how far she'd traveled. Arriana paused a moment too drink from a winding steam - not the source of water she'd been looking for but it was a lead. All water had a source. Heavy paws splashed up-stream, The Chimera acting abnormally eager to find the source. It didn't take long for her fur to become soaked through with the mud she was flinging up from the river bed. 

A sudden spear of pain laced with deep sorrow struck through Arriana's mind, a reaching thought from an outside source. It made her pause, senses struggling to make out which direction it had come from and why. The sensation faded, but the memory of it remained. Ari was on high alert, determined that the feeling of that cry was too similar to be coincidence. It had to have been one of her own.

The wolf set off, sprinting towards the unfamiliar smell. She didn't care if it was just a delivery boy from her father's company, but she wanted someone at her side. Her steps faltered as she drew nearer, the smell of this person clearly not even from her own world. There was, however, a Dwarf that smelled very familiar. Arriana rolled her shoulders, sneaking up through the trees until she had a clean line of sight into the clearing. Three seconds, and the dwarf was flat on his back, a wolf roughly twice his height grinning down at him. The Chimera wasted no time in observing her surroundings, no fear evident her gaze. A myriad of characters filled the clearing, each one unique to their own worlds.

 A woman with no smell - most likely some sort of digital apparition judging based on the light.

The dwarf sprawled at her paws, still reeking of oil and smoke, as if the world had failed to change him in the time it took for them both to travel across the dimension. 

A scruffy looking human stood off to one side, likely just as surprised by her appearance as Noragnir.

The last figure, and the one who had sent out the distress signal, looked like some form of humanoid insect. They seemed to lack any exoskeleton, though knowing the world she had fallen into, that was no indicator of anything. 

The digital woman opened her mouth to speak, likely to repeat what she had just explained to the others, possibly to complain about the intrusion. It didn't matter - it wasn't as if The Chimera was listening. Her eyes were focused on the green creature, analyzing the stranger as if judging his capabilities.

The Leader of the Horsemen looked on, at the entrance of the new figure. He could tell by a few whiffs of the air, that the Dwarf and the wolf had met each other before. Her scent was still on him. He also knew that she clearly wasn't a wolf, but something more than that. He couldn't put his finger on it, but it was almost as if he felt a union with her in some sense. It wasn't until they both locked eyes that he started to understand.

Deep down, his own soul was named Lone, and it had taken the form as a wolf. This new person seemed to show up as if hunting for their own pack, and by the glare in her eyes, she had challenged him. Retane let out a sneer, he was waiting for something like this, because he always had a fight after Dante's Abyss, and this was going to be it.

"Setsu; Noragnir. Once she steps off of you, I'm going to ask you one thing. Do not interfere." The Namekian watched as she slowly stepped off of the Dwarf as if she was ready to take him on. Her form changed, then, to that of a raven-haired female in light blue attire, making her the center of the area.

As they both started to pace each other, taking steps opposing the other, slowly creating an inner spiral, Retane let out a low growl, and to his surprise, so did his foe. Setsu was the one that tried to interrupt the two, but it was Jade, whom they were surrounding, that threw her hand up, "Let them do this!"

"I am Retane, Leader of Horsemen. By your eyes, you have come here to join me, or to challenge me."

"You think too highly of yourself. You interest me in the way an insect draws the attention of a child." Her voice had a condescending lilt to it, as if speaking to a child. "I am not so easy to sway as mortal creatures. Prove you are worthy of my attention."

The Namekian paused for a moment and let out a huge growl. He reached back into his mind when he was the Dark Hunter (Where no one should know his name and not vice versa) and even his attire succumbed to the materialization, turning his entire being black, as well as a dark mask.

The Namekian lunged then, " You tell me your name, or you die here!"

(OOC From here there will be a fight between Ari and myself, Tamsin will be the Judge.)
[Image: hchh.png]

I refuse to lose this battle,
Let whatever come my way.
I am stronger then my rival,
No, I will not fall today...

The Dark Hunter, an alias Retane had took long ago, lunged forth. A plain black mask covered his head. His attire matched the mask, with the torso nearly skin tight, but the pants were many pocketed and loose, as if meant to carry items. No items were in his pockets though, as he swung hard at the female. The shapeshifter side stepped the blow, only by a hair, and the Namekian was quick to turn back to his foe with a slight adjustment of his feet.

The two locked eyes, as it was the only part of Retane's that was visible. The both started to circle one another, each step sending them into a slow spiral that would, again, bring them close. The Leader of the Horsemen pressed a button on the device upon his wrist, then, dismissing Jade from the area.

"Money's on the girl." It was the Dwarf that shouted as he moved away from the battle.

"Sure. How much?"

The question wouldn't be answered, as the Dark Hunter and Chimera started to get closer to the other. They stared deep into the other's eyes, always challenging, always hunting. Neither seemed to find a weakness just by studying the other, but Retane wasn't above his code. He remembered how it all started, and how Minoshia, the original Leader of the Horsemen had a philosophy "If they aren't with us, they are against us, and they can die. However, sometimes, you have to beat them senseless and make them understand that they really want to be with us."

The Emerald Fiend grinned behind the mask, letting out a slight 'huff' and charged again. This time she charged as well, both with intent to attack the other. The Dark Hunter swung, but the Shapeshifter dodged, with a slight twist, crouching down as she did. and before the Namekian could react, she leapt up with all her force, leading with a fist. Her knuckles clashed with his flesh, sending the black clothed warrior into the air on contact.

The Emerald Fiend hit the ground a few feet away, not moving, and the unnamed foe shrugged her shoulders with a grin. "What a shame. I was aiming for your jaw. Oh well."

The Dark Hunter let out another deep sight, knowing that getting hit in the groin was painful, but even then it could have been worst if he had male anatomy. He sat up quickly, another grin coming from behind the mask. "Guess that sucks, huh?"

The dark clad Namekian stood up then, staring daggers back into his foe, and started to laugh. Each chuckle grew louder and louder until it reverberated through the clearing. Minoshia had always had a way about picking them, and for this one to challenge him, so by not giving her name, meant he would treat her as Minoshia would have. The Dark Hunter remembered who he was, and with a final laugh threw an arm up into the air.

A small glowing orb was loosed then, flying into the air, and before it could explode, the Dark hunter was on the move. "You tried to use my physical traits, even if 'accidental' and failed. Now let me use your own against you! SOLAR FLARE!"

The orb of energy erupted, blinded all that had vision of it. The Ronin, The Dwarf, and this stranger, all of them were stunned for vision. Retane burst forward then, sweeping past her and sending a knee into the small of her back. He burst again to catch her and send an elbow into her sternum. The Shapeshifter flew back a few feet before landing with a 'thud'.

"Gonna say this again. Tell me your name or die here!"
[Image: hchh.png]

I refuse to lose this battle,
Let whatever come my way.
I am stronger then my rival,
No, I will not fall today...

Arriana cackled as she hit the ground, standing up and stretching out as if the blows hadn't hurt her. Her scales were definitely going to be a useful aspect. Clearly he was dedicated to taking this seriously. Just as well. It was more fun when people put up a fight. The Chimera winked at Retane, cheshire grin of sharp teeth spread across her face.

"That's a cute trick. Flashy. I like it. You're doing about as well as my first trainee did. Of course, he was only a child at the time, it's not a fair comparison."

The Chimera plotted and planned, sliding her toes across the ground and digging into the earth. Slowly, she spiraled across the forest floor, resting just in front of a large oak. The man was still infuriated, and it seemed she had used up the spare time he was willing to allow her. If she had been testing his patience, The Chimera mused, he would have lost before it even started. Retane lunged for her, hands grasping at thin air before planting face first into the damp soil. Arriana brushed herself off beside him, shaking off the dirt she collected in her diving roll to evade his attack, happily grinning down at him. Her fangs shone as if dripping with poison, her voice laced with the same condescending tone she had used in the introductions. She couldn't deny that she was having fun. 

"First lesson. Patience has a time and a place. Don't strike first against a poised cobra."

Her opponent growled, lunging for her from the forest floor. There was no denying that if he landed a hit, it would be less than pleasant. Were this a fight to the death, Arriana had a sneaking suspicion she would not be the one still standing, not if he had special magic up his sleeves. Lucky for her, Retane seemed to acknowledge she was more use alive as an ally then dead. A gentle wind blew through, teasing dark hair over tan shoulders and whispering secrets to the leaves, reminding her why she had chosen this particular verse to stay in. The Chimera's movements timed with the wind, swirling and spiraling, while Retane opted to be straight to the point. It was clear even to the spectators that Retane had a faster movement speed, for every blow she dodged another one was absorbed by her scales. The chimera never gave him a chance to tip the scales, never taking any chances that might wear out her luck. 

"Second lesson. Always take advantage of the environment."

Arriana took a running leap towards the nearest tree, grabbing onto a branch and heaving herself up. She might not have the accentuated reflexes and senses she possessed in her own world, but that didn't mean she was incapable. The Chimera lead him on a chase, weaving through the branches in a strange sort of dance that brought them to the other side of the clearing, easily thirty or forty feet off the ground. Retane was faster than she had predicted, easily keeping pace while the branches made a clear shot impossible for either of them. The branches, while still sturdy, were beginning to thin here. Her opponent was nothing but a flaming ball of unconstrained rage by now, murder in the glint of his eyes and released like a deadly curse in his breath. Arriana doubted that he would notice how every one of his heavy movements shifted the leaves.

"You think you can lecture me? This is my world, my environment. You are a trespasser that needs to be shown their place."

Retane snarled and lunged forward, prompting another wild chase throughout the branches. Ari dove down, stretching out her claws to catch on the bark and slow her descent. She landed rather heavily on a branch, taking a moment to sprawl out and mock the man even more.

"I am The Chimera, little green child. My home is everywhere, anywhere." She paused and glanced up at him, relying on the tell-tale sound of shifting leaves to tell her when he would pounce next. "This is no more your home than it is mine. Your little computer friend already explained this, Retane, keep up will you?"

The tree shifted and Arriana rolled off her branch to dodge, looking up when she landed below only to find that her opponent wasn't there - her ears did not betray her, he was no longer above her either. Arriana strained to find where he had gone, but there was no more noise than the wind through the leaves. The Chimera located her foe with all the suddenness of a swift foot to the small of her back, catapulting her off the branch and into a neighboring tree. 

"The T'sa-ro can fly. Of course he can."

With a burst of speed, the Dark Hunter was upon his prey again, even as she acknowledged his ability to traverse through the air with ease. His long fingers wrapped around her throat, and before the Shapeshifter could retaliate, Retane tossed her up and behind him, her body flying up into the air and towards the center of the clearing. He used his energy, bursting toward her direction and met her falling body in mid-air, delivering a kick deep into the small of her spine, sending her even higher into the air.

The Emerald Fiend met up with the Chimera at the peak of her ascent, and grasped the smooth silk at the front of her chest, his knuckles butting up against her trachea and jaw. The black mask of the Dark Hunter dissipated then, revealing a stern look from the Leader of The Horsemen. Without hesitation she sank her own claws into the flesh of his forearm and it couldn't help but make the Emerald Warrior ponder.

While Minoshia had been one of wrath, his brother, Tapion, had been on a bit more different level. Tapion knew when he was beat and would do what he had to, to survive. Retane looked at the claws dug deep into his flesh and knew that they were there only to grasp him. Any deeper and they would force him to let go. The Namekian let a smirk as he remembered back in the day when Tapion came against Retane, in hopes of scoring better in the tournament. Still, the older brother of Minoshia, wasn't above his loyalty and fun.

Then there was Maleficus Nova, another Leader of The Horsemen, and the successor of Retane, himself. He was the Namek's firstborn, and the current Leader and revivor of The Horsemen in their own realm, as the Emerald Fiend had stepped down long before. Mal had Tamsin, and an entire Legion at their disposal, making The Horsemen more evolved than they had ever been. Still, Maleficus Nova, the Jade Fiend, had managed to gain a following by how he handled himself.

Finally, there was Jack Frost, the Epitome of Innocence and Fun. He was also the Guardian as well as the Leader of The Horsemen in Retane's absence. He still thought most people to be good, however, he was also beginning to realize that there was darkness out there as well.

The Namekian looked to his arm, the violet life force running towards his elbow and letting gravity take its course. "Yes, I can fly, whatever it was that you called me. However, I wonder if you can."

With each passing second, the Namekian took himself and his foe higher, passing even the tallest tree tops. There was a moment of silence between the two, not even the whisper of wind disturbed them. In that moment, the two locked eyes and deep down the Chimera could read Retane's thoughts: That he fully intended to drop her and watch as she fell to her doom, meeting her fate as she collided with 'the environment he was taking advantage of'. The Emerald Fiend had concluded that in the memory of the former, current and future Leaders of The Horsemen, this action would most honor their memories. It was 'sink or swim', or rather, fly or fall, and it seemed honorable towards Tapion, Maleficus and even Jack Frost, while it still had a sick violent catch, giving a nod to Minoshia; If the Shapeshifter could indeed, not fly, then the next few moments would be their longest moments of her life filled with pure dread, only to die upon impact her life force etched in the soil from there on.

"Should have given me your name." A green orb flashed to life in Retane's free hand, and without a chance for it to really register in his opponent’s mind, he shoved the ball of energy into the Shapeshifter’s face. As the ki exploded, the woman’s head was knocked back and the Leader of The Horsemen released his grip. The law of motion kicked in as the rest of her body followed in the direction of the head, and her claws unwillingly ripped out of his forearm, sending forth violet spurts of his blood into the air.

The Namekian watched then, as his prey began her plummet, head leading the way. The Chimera gathered her surroundings about mid fall. She jerked left and right, as if trying to gauge how far the tree line was, but that would be way out of her reach. She expanded her arms and legs out to help slow her descent, buying her time to think of something. Retane was ready for it though and loose two cyclones of whirlwind in her direction, one of which carried a purple hue. His intent: to force her to the ground even quicker.
[Image: hchh.png]

I refuse to lose this battle,
Let whatever come my way.
I am stronger then my rival,
No, I will not fall today...

Arriana wasn't one to give up easily, but she couldn't lie to herself. Falling from such a height only ever brought back bad memories. 

She saw flashes of an old memory, the only time she had ever truly considered herself to be scared. Her control over the 'omnilium' only made it worse, dozens of burning black feathers spiraled around her as she fell. In between flashes of orange sunlight and the scent of smoke, Ari tried to make a plan to land safely. She could hear the blood rushing through her ears, interrupting each plan before she could reach a solid conclusion. The flying toad-man created twin dust-devils to try forcing her down faster. Ari only grinned ruefully, flipping herself about to aim straight for the ground. If he wanted to see how she'd get out of this, she'd put on a damn show of it. Even without her extravagant powers and magics, making a spectacle was all too easy. 

The Chimera twisted herself to stare right up at Retane, grinning like a mad man. Her skin bubbled and warped, black scales extending from her right eye to cover her whole body. Bones snapped and realigned themselves, wicked claws replaced fingers and toes. Her hair replaced itself with spiky protrusions, trailing down her spine. The chimera let lose a fierce howl, resonating over itself to seem more demonic. The resulting creature, though reptilian in form, dripped with black as if it were made of oil. White eyes stared dead into their opponent's, seemingly not functioning but still fueled with a dangerous challenge. 

She hit the ground, hard. It crushed the flowers beneath her and deformed the ground, blood seeping into the flower beds and beginning to choke them to death. In a week, Ari guessed, half of the meadow would be dead. She dragged herself upright, wavering on three limbs while the fourth - her left shoulder had taken the brunt of the fall - remained limp. The black dragon shook off like a dog, no bigger than the wolf she had shown up as previously. She grinned to herself, smug at the fact that she had survived that fall. She looked at the shocked faces of those watching her, the nearest ones slightly speckled with blood she had flung off in her attempt to shake off the damage. 

Arriana took advantage of the silence to survey the damage. The scales on her left shoulder were definitely crushed, probably indicating fractures on the bones. bleeding cracks stretched across the length of her left side, some impaled by broken scales, others missing the scales entirely. Pain arced through every nerve and synapse, making a coherent thought more difficult than it should be. Still, she was alive. Greatly injured, but she was still capable of walking. She'd been through worse. The Chimera shifted and twisted her form back to the humanoid appearance, claws and teeth back to normal. The cracks in her skin stayed, sprawling over her body like broken glass. She looked tired, like shifting back had taken more out of her than the fall had. She stretched with her right, snatching up the pocket watch that had fallen alongside the feathers. It was lucky that it had only cracked. Arriana switched it on, dropping it to the ground with a few simple voice commands. 

"You should know, Retane, that giving something," She paused and looked up at him, "or someone, a name, makes them seem less dangerous. More familiar. Give something a name, and you give yourself the illusion of control."

Blue light expanded from the little device, a swirling vortex of letters and symbols, linked together in patterns. Some of them were clear, others were fuzzy. Many of them were written in a clear language that the others could read, but there were a significant few that had parts that could not be understood. The Chimera began to move, strolling away from the watch - and the group. The light was a diversion, trying to bring attention away from the way Arriana avoided putting too much weight on her left leg, while carrying the battle somewhere where the poison wouldn't spread to the bystanders. Arriana kept one eye on Retane, prepared to move at the slightest sign of another attack, but she was sure she had his attention now.

"I make a habit of not handing out my name. Too many reasons to count, really. Trying to make a scene, trying to avoid attention, sometimes I just don't feel like it. You, Retane, want my name to balance the scales. Understandable. The Demon of black lake, the Savior of Mar-Kavest. My proteges have called me Cassandra, Ligeia, Azeira, and I've grown fond of my original title, The Chimera. I've been called a lapdog, a monster, a god and a devil, Retane, names mean nothing. They are all titles, handed out to try understanding the unknown. Look around. Take your pick. I have never had a name, nor will I ever."

Arriana drew to a stop at the far side of the clearing, well away from anyone her blood could potentially harm. She waited here for Retane's next move, standing as still as the trees behind her.

Retane watched it all with ironic amusement, unsure how to explain a shape shifter transforming into a small dragon, and still smashing into the ground. Was she trying to be tough? Did she know she was going to hurt herself? Maybe she thought her body was going to just bounce off the ground like rubber? Perhaps it was a characteristic of hers where she had come from? Maybe something else had went wrong. Still, if you could give yourself wings, why would you let yourself take a hard hit, and deliver yourself such damage? Maybe she was even trying to prove how strong she was? He couldn't come to a conclusion.

He watched on, observing her actions, undeterred by her antics, but listening to everything she had said. When she was done, he had noted that his foe had distanced herself from the other two.

"My father gave me my name," Retane started, his visage remaining stern. "I gave my first child his name, and even, he goes by a different name now, but only because he chose to not want to live under his father's shadow."

The Namekian let out a low growl as he let it sink in, "As far as titles and aliases go, well, I have earned every title that goes with my name. There is nothing to do with control when it comes to the.! It's about respect and disrespect. If your foe doesn't know your name, then they die in torment, never knowing their killer. At least if they know who dealt them their last blow, they will know who was to blame."

Retane raised his hands above then, as the sky turned dark. A rip quickly began to tear through the fabric of the universe, tormented screams of pain and torture littering the sky. "I am Retane; Son of Grom; Brother of Ten. I am Retane, the Exiled; The Dark Hunter; The Emerald Fiend; Greed; Death; The God of Death; But, most importantly, I am the Leader of the Horsemen, and the representative of past, present and future."

"Giving a name means nothing about control! You know nothing about the unknown!" Retane spoke over the screams and cries of the large violet orb above him. This was to be the second time that the Namekian used the technique, and it being in the same grove. Deep down he could feel the tree's aching and calling to him not to but, there was a point to be made.

There was a low rumble and what seemed to be a flash of arched lightning, that traced from the clouds, to the center of the clearing. As the electric current subsided, at the center of impact was an all to familiar blade stuck into the ground. Brave Sword, The Symbol of the Horsemen.

The Emerald Fiend took a few moments to stare at the blade, curious at it being summoned here and now, as he had not called for it. His aura kicked up then, as he charged in the direction of his foe.

The Leader of the Horsemen's visage stayed firm as he got closer. The Nameless One's eyes glanced from the blade, to the a few times but mostly remained determined and steady, knowing that he was coming straight at her. He changed course then, as his aura flared up again. The Namekian landed opposite of his foe, allowing the Brave Sword to mark the midway distance of the two. Retane wasted no time though, giving her hardly any chance to react as he started to charge at her on foot.

As the Horsemen reached the midway point, his hand took up the symbol of his clan, with a single swoop. The Chimera took a defensive position as he approached, her good arm at her front, with her opposing leg stretched behind her, both knees slight bent, almost as if she expected him to dash again to a different angle. The green and pink skinned warrior had a slightly different idea and leapt into the air, rearing the sword back before slinging it in her direction.

The Shape Shifter side stepped it, letting it once again sink into the ground. Her eyes looked back to where he should have been and swept her body in an about-face as she ducked a swinging haymaker. She brought one of her legs around with her momentum and tried to sweep the Namek's legs from beneath him but he blocked with a simple leap. The Chimera kept her face stern a she sent a few more swings with her legs and good arm, even managing to stomp hard on the Namekian’s ankle once. It caused the Leader of the Horsemen to backstep, nearly to the edge of the clearing.
Retane let out a low growl as he stood fast for a mere second and started back at the Nameless One, going even harder than she had. He jabbed at her left, then at her right. He swung low, then came with an uppercut, still she managed to dodge them all with quick parries. The Chimera even managed to pop the Emerald Warrior in the jaw once, only hindering him momentarily. Still she was backing up with each attack and it was after a slight grin that she realized he had set her up. A quick glance behind her told her she would trip over the sword in the next two steps.

As she realized the issue, she turned back to face the Namekian, but he wasn’t there. The Shape Shifter didn't have any time to respond as her arms were locked and wrapped from behind. If there was a time to scream in pain from the injured arm being jerked, she still never did. Instead she was lifted off her feet and her body was pointed in the direction of the oncoming Dark Reckoning. "Learn what it means to not know a name!"
[Image: hchh.png]

I refuse to lose this battle,
Let whatever come my way.
I am stronger then my rival,
No, I will not fall today...

The Chimera growled, low in her throat. It wasn't a threat or a challenge this time, but a warning.

"You think knowing my name would ease anyone's spirit? If they die by my hand, they have bigger concerns than the life they just left. There is no being that may act as judge, jury, and executioner. If you believe yourself capable of such monstrosity then you are not a leader worth following." 

Arriana dug her claws deep into Retane's arm, drawing blood. Likely this was an act she would regret, but The Chimera wasn't about to run from this attack. She'd shoved her way through too much to be backing down now. Before her opponent could attempt to free himself from the claws lodged in his forearm Arriana lashed out, knocking him off balance. Using the momentum to her advantage, Ari flung Retane off to the side, tossing him just far enough to be out of reach until after the giant black orb he'd been summoning hit.

The real attack was preceded by howling winds, cleaving through the dirt to announce the presence of something far more drastic than what she had originally thought. Turning her less injured side towards the winds, her clothes and scales weren't enough to protect her from all of it, nor were they any sort of defense against the death-infused orb of black magic. She could see before it hit, the screaming figures of tortured souls, but there was no defense against the distressing wails and cries she heard in inside. The magic pulled at her soul, trying to swallow it whole. The souls consumed by the magic grasped at her skin, trying to anchor themselves on her or drag her down with them. 

One soul caught the chimera's gaze, and the world seemed to still. She could feel their thoughts, their anguish. Pain burned through her skin like fire, much similar to the pain of her own poisons. Ari reached through the dead space to touch the soul's center. The Chimera understood now, why humans cried. There was no outlet to release the agony without it. Mortals weren't designed for an eternity in death. The being before her was no longer a person, all memories and feelings turned to ash in the fires of their torture.

"This never should have happened to you. I will find the power to give you peace."

The orb consumed itself, shrinking in much the same way as it had grown with violent winds still eating up the earth. When the dirt settled once more, Arriana no longer held herself with pride. Shoulders slumped, hair fallen in front of her face, she looked as though she were on the verge of collapse. Moments of silence passed before she returned to something akin to normal. Staring directly into Retane's eyes, he would be able to clearly see something very much different from the pain he might have expected. Betrayal. Arriana looked upon Retane as though he had committed a great atrocity. Slowly, she began to cross the field, stopping by Retane's side. The battle was over, but she didn't hesitate to hit hard, striking the green creature's face.

"You have proven yourself capable, Retane, and you have earned a dragon's aid in preventing the tragedy of a child's death. You have not, however, earned my loyalty or my trust. You torture those souls and keep them captive to your destructive whims. Retane, Leader of the horsemen, I will lend you my sword and my shield but you are no god, and most certainly no god of death. Do not presume to think you know what you have done to those souls."

She turned away, returning to the companions that the monster had gathered with him. She stood tall, like the battle had never happened despite the blood dripping from her scales. 

"I am The Chimera. I have met the Dwarf before, though the rest of you are strangers. I presume that you all follow the same customs as Retane, and would like a name more specific than the title i carry." She motioned to the still spinning letters in the air, projected by her device. "Any name will work, though I find many people partial to one in specific." The chimera pulled one name out of the spiral moving it to the air in front of her. "Arriana Maurvois. My human name."

Ricter was a tea drinker by nature, the bitter taste of coffee was something he never enjoyed to stay awake, perky, and sometimes for just leisure. Taking small sips, the weasel would focus finishing the small amount of work he had planned for the day. Grinding down flowers into powders for the use of alchemy potions, medicines that could help with curing certain illnesses, and something to just add a bit of spice to his food for when he ate later on.

The house was empty right now, his two room mates having gone off to do something while he had the day off of course, choosing to enjoy it in his own way. The job of being a herbalist was a relaxing past time that he even took up in the world prior to this one, watching life grow form just seeds left over by plants that came before it had a calming effect on him.

Something most would site for a reason to take up such a hobby, but for him every plant had its use in the medical field, fitting firmly with his over all goal. Alleviate all illness, no matter how destructive it may be.

Placing his cup down on a coaster, he shuffled bottles and beakers around in his work space, moving bowls this way and that way in a complex manner that most wouldn’t understand. In front of him was a long, shining ornate sword. It was made of hard steel, with zero blemishes in its over all design and no indication of ware even though he had had this weapon for years.

The handle had brown leather wrapped around the grip, while anyone could notice small runes etched into the face of the blade. Showing symbols of an unknown language that many may not understand, except for Ricter whom was quite familiar with the writings. The weapon gave no indication of its more magical nature, no glow, no faint glimmer of power, it felt like just a simple blade.

Though as Ricter reached out casually to move the object that was nearly twice his length and 1/4th his size the, runes lit up, the blade began glowing a soft blue color that added its own illumination to the work shop he was in. He pulled it closer to him, dipping a finger into a small bowl of mixed powers he had made in the middle of shuffling around liquids, and other chemicals.

Puling it out, a deep green color would drip from his paw, looking similar to paint but leaving a residue that felt chalky once it made contact with anything that wasn’t organic, like the metal table under him. Tracing along the face of the sword he rubbed down along it, slowly allowing the residue to cling to the metal, but as it did small balls of green lights began to pop off the weapon.

It looked as if fire flies were slowly rising up as he moved form hilt to tip, going as slow as possible while the colors shifted from blue, to purple, to green, and then faded back to blue. Once done, a clap of his paws allowed the chemicals on his hands to flutter off, like beating chalk off your dusty hands.

It was done, what ever he was doing, glancing down the weapon stopped glowing once he released it, and went back to its standard stainless steel look. What ever he had done to the magical weapon would be unknown for now, but the weasel seemed to know what he had just done and seemed to smile in a confident manner about the new possible addition to the sword known as Lanor.

Reaching out he would take the ring of ceramic attached to its liquid holder. Bring it up to his mouth he took a long sip, placing it back down once he had his fill, giving him a slight idea of what he should make next.

“I wonder if my tea plants are done growing?”

The idea springing in after a moment of pause as he looked at his half empty mug, sitting next to the phone like device he used to communicate with others. Always just a call away if someone needed his assistance. But would someone call him now? It was difficult to say given it was only hours ago that he had met Retane and his band of followers, they seemed quite capable, so he had no need to wish upon them any misfortune to where one or more would need medical treatment.

As for his job at the hospital they had more than capable doctors besides himself, many of his co. workers have been doing this for years, leaving him little more than a novice when he first arrived. Of course that was some time ago, and after a half dozen disasters later he has grown to be very skilled when it comes to finding out a means of eliminating new and always prevalent diseases and contagions.

Unfortunately he was very unaware of the current activities himself and others were getting themselves into, and had no need to call the man, maybe later when he felt bored or wished to test the communication out. But for now he was more than enjoying his time spend just developing and inventing new means of accomplishing his job in a much faster, better and more effective manner. Even if that meant thinking about a better tasting tea to drink for later, which really got the weasel excited and already jumping down from his stool to go examine his half of the garden he shared with a friend.
Ricter CasengerPurchases LogATK: 1 • DEF: 7 • SPD: 3 • TEC: 3

The eldest Namkien in the Omniverse stood there and watched the spectacle, trying to make the most sense of it. The slap to his face wasn't rough, but was meant to do so much more, and he couldn't understand exactly what that was. Retane thought back, wondering if there had ever been another situation where he had been struck like so. He couldn't come up with a time, but something in the back of his mind nearly growled, howled even. He swore he saw a flash of gloaring eyes stare at him from within, nearly snarling.

The Leader of the Horsemen did his best to clear his mind as he tried to make sense of it all. His eyes focused on Arriana Maurvois as he tried to hold back his annoyance about her declaration of him not being a god. That compiled with the slap of the face didn't help any with his boiling anger. She had also admonished him about what he may or may not have done with the souls. Deep down though, it was the slight sting in his face that kept his anger near edge.

In the end, he had won the battle and she had sucumbbed to his might.

The Namekian thought long and hard on what to say, stifling a growl in his throat. He glanced around the clearing, noting the Ronin, standing there amused, and the scars they had upon natures flesh. He took note at the ever decaying vegetation that the Shapeshifter's had touched. Retane looked back to the Chimera and stared deep into her eyes once again, trying to gauge her.

She seemed full of herself.Confident in some manner, and not afraid of much, stubborn even. She seemed to think him not a GOd, and from where she had came, he wasn't but they were not from the same worlds. Perhaps she didn't understand that yet? He thoguht about setting her straight, but at the same time wondered what the risk would be to lose such an ally? He had been weak like her when he had arrived here, as well. Perhaps even weaker. Still, he pondered.

"Just to make this clear, and I don't want to have an argument about it, but, where I am from, I actually am The God of Death. It seems to be part of the reason I am here. The Old God I killed gave me his powers, and his brother wasn't so happy about it and managed to curse me into limbo. That's how all this started. As for the 'soul' situation, let's just say, they deserve what they get." The Horsemen turned and strode away.

"And who are you to say or choose such a thing?" The Chimera seemed annoyed.

"Retane, God of Death. Before that, I was chosen by Arbiter, the Arbitrator of Heaven and Hell, to be the Judge, Jury, and Excecutioner. Keep up." Retane grabbed the Brave Sword from it's place in the ground and eyed it for a moment. He strode back towards the shape shifter and let out a wicked grin. "And I am The Leader of The Horsemen. By the way, you may not have noticed, but the dwarf you mentioned, is missing."

It was then, that Setsu, Arriana and Retane all finally noticed that they were one short. As if on cue, there was a low rumble from the distance, and it began to get closer and louder quickly. The trio looked in the direction of the commotion and it was Setsu, that slowly distanced himself from the other two. With another large roar, before jumping through the bushes, out popped their next foe, and both Ari and Retane leapt back.

The disruption was none other thanr Noragnir, on his bike and with an one-eighty he spun the cycle around and cocked his leg to steady himself before letting the machine rev up a few more times. "That'll be enough for one day."

The three exchanged glances to each other and then towards the mounted dwarf but no one could find any words. It was as if te Steampunk Warrior had done his job.

Retane looked on at the three and pondered what Minoshia and Tapion would think if they saw them, but dissmissed it as he felt an urge to move. "Let's go. We can talk as we move."

The Namekian took a few steps in the direction he had come from but paused to look back at the three almost to ask if they were going to follow him or not. It was the Shinobi that shrugged his shoulders first and started onward. Ari and the mobile Dwarf followed suit. It was then that Retane paused for a moment to address the wounds of the shape shifter. He concetrated for a few moments and with a low growl, produced a roll of cloth. He tossed it to her and with a nudge of his head spoke, "It's not much but you should dress that to stem the bleeding."

He turned away and contued walking as he reached for the device on his wrist, "Jade, have Jack Frost contact Ricter and request him to meet up at the coordinates I'm sending you. Tell him that we have someon I would lke for him to look at. Also explain the situation to Jack and tell him we will be there soon, but theres something I want to look into. "

[Image: hchh.png]

I refuse to lose this battle,
Let whatever come my way.
I am stronger then my rival,
No, I will not fall today...

Naturally, Ricter wore no clothes, held not real trinkets in pockets he never had in the first place. Most of the things he carried or had on hand were becuase he carried a simple satchel with him, bound in leather with a flap for easy acess. That or he had his basket for flower colletcing in what could be the most dangerous locations of the tangled greens, none the less the message to his phone woudl fall on deaf ears once it began ringing.

At the moment the weasel was focused more so on the plants in the upstairs basement of the hosue he shared with his two friends, taking small siccors and begining to trim a leaf from a small branch. The leaf would be collected, placed into a basket, and then hauled over to a table, the tea leaves were for drinking later.

He wasn't one for super sugary brand named drinks, the type to burn your body from the inside out with how much acid they were full of. Plus sugar for an animal like himself would only lead to a crash, the doctor was very aware of his own internal health even if his body would just correct any imbalances with out his own imput.

Walking along though, he would carry it by waddling along on his hind legs, going down rows on rows of diffrent plants with labels, tags, and pots for each one that had diffrent requirments for growing all together. Lugging the slightly full basket to the tabvle took minimal effort and with a soft in haul he woudl give a deep sigh and smile softly to himself, enjoying the smell greatly as if opening a brand new box of tea.

Naturally, he would spend some extra time to just make some simple tea bags and grind a bundle of leaves into powder, however he had time. Plus he wanted to check on something down stairs, which as he granned a leaf into his paw he would sniff it one more time then place it back into the basket.

Making his way down stairs from the attic he would scamper down the pull out wooden stairs that were used to acess the floor, leaving it up since both himself and Vee tended to use it and had no reason to seal the place off. None of the plants were really senstaive to temprature given the humid nature of the tangled greens but he would no sooner move down the hall and back to where he was working.

It was here that he picked up a soft rinnging coming from a very styleized phone on his counter, giving a bell chime as it pulled Ricter away from what he was doing and in a moment or two he was already reaching out to grab the phone and see who it was. The number, or at least the hash for the number was one he didn't recognize, it wasn't Retanes, nor was it anyone he probably forgot to put as a contact for his phone, but he would answer anwyays.

"Hello, this is Dr. Casenger, how may I help you?"

Professional in tone, the person on the other end would raise a brow, but they had met them not only an hour or so ago so it wasn't that off putting. Instead Jack would simply smile and try to communicate whats going on.

"Hey Ricter, this is Jack, you remember me right?"

"Oh!" Ricter pasued as he obviously recognized the voice and indication of familiar tones, did Retane have Jack call him? Or was he just casually contacting him right now, "Hello, sorry I though it was a client or something, I didn't recognize the number hash at all." The weasel admitted, which he had no shame in saying he didn't know who it was.

"Its fine, anyways I was calling becuase a friend of mine just sent me something to send to you. Got a pin and paper?" He paused, it would seem Jade had sent the man a bunch of nformation to send over, well not a lot actually, but he was still trying to get things together as he looked around and prepared for what they hads to do next.

"Um yeah, one second please." Pressing the speaker button, Ricter looked around for paper and a pencil, not finding much imedatly but he did notice that Val kept a jar of pens and scratch paper in the book case. Snatching that he walked back to the phone, "Alright, got it."

"Alright, Retane needs you to bascially meet us at some cordinates and help heal someone, seems they got into a scuffle with some woman and well- yeah she got a bit injuired. Shes not gravely hurt, just some cuts and bruses, I dont know what else to really say besides that but I'll send you the cordinates now if your ready?"

"Just her? Anyone else?" Ricter inquired.

"Jade didn't mention much if Retane got hurt, just the woman, but knowing him he's probably fine. You can bring extra medcine if you think its nessisary."

"Its fine." Ricter glanced to the sword on the table, "Carrying capacity wont be an issue, for medicne at least." Lanor carried all the medcine he could ever need, all it required was its weilder to give a bit of energy for every usgae.

"Great! I'll tell Retane then, the location is 149 [12.3] x, 48 [35.8] y. Did you get it?" Forst would say it slowly so that Ricter could actually get down the numbers and cordinates. Causing a bit of a pause before Ricter answered as he lookd over the numbers and would repeat them over his phone so that he got the right spot down, the weasel would rather not be off by a number or two and end up in a territor he wasn't 'allowed' to be in.

"Mhm, thanks. So its 149 [12.3] x, 48 [35.8] y, right? Was there anything else?"
"Yes, and not by what I can tell, if Retane or anyone else needs anything I"ll just call you again if thats okay."
Ricter nodded and would fold the piece of paper before placing it into a bag, already begining to pack up. "Sure, you can call when ever, I'll see you soon. Bye bye." Ricter gave a cheerful farewell which was returned by the male on the other end of his phone call, leaving the short statured weasl to get back to work by moving things and ensuring that he had what was needed.

He had no clue what he might need specefically, over all he planned on just taking Lanor at first, but he had some other things in mind, maybe some herbs, or just bandages would do a world of good. Though his magic sword could heal almost anything, almost, he still had plenty of illnesses he needed to find cures for and would keep looking for the best means of riding the universe of disease.

So walking by his table he would grab his leather satchel and walk back up stairs to the garden, of course looking for medical basied herbs rather than tea this time. But he could make a nice drinkable tea for the woman to drink that was injuired, but he hated carying liquids on him and so maybe just a tea bag would surfice?

It was better than telling a random stranger, 'hey let me shove my big broad sword into your body to heal you, don't worry it wont hurt.' He'd been through that plenty of times, mostly from working at the hospital, so he's been more so aiming to figure out new ways of including herbal remedies into his skill set.

By what Jack said she wasn't in any immedate danger of death so he didn't have to hurry, but being in that sort of pain probably wouldn't be good for her over all health, much less would it be something he'd wnat to deal with as well. Over all he woudln't waste too much time in trying to make something thats overly complicated since he had the thing he needed already but he packed a few things none the less.

Ibirprofin, benadryl, and smelling salts felt about the best things to take, all in plant form of course. In this type of world medcine was easy to grow when you can turn full on pill medications into seeds that gave you plants to harvest. With threeof each packed into his bag and maybe a few tea leaves too since he didn't know how long he would be out and might want something nice to drink, the stoat excited the garden with in a minute or so of entering.

Back down stairs again, with his bag strapped to his back, the weasel would finally lift up the heavy looking broad sword that seemed like it was twice his length. Which it nearly was. He could carry it in his paws, which normally couldn't be possible but the animal had pratice, plenty of it.

Pulling over the wraping for what seemed like lather strips and buckles made to carry it on his body in a manner that didn't hinder movement, it would take over a minute before it was secure. He kept it on his person in a manner similar ot how most anime weeb's would, on his back, but tilted across so that it wouldn't knock against anything if he stood on his hind legs.

It was hard, but he managed it, and seemed to jump aorund just to be sure, it didn't budge, if anything it seemed almost out of place but perfect for transportation. With his weapon now on his back Ricter no sooner would leave the house, but not with out a note telling his friends where hew as going and when to expect him.

After all, he had no idea if this would last long but he could only guess at this rate as the weasel started to leave Ambrosia and go out inot the wilderness once more.
Ricter CasengerPurchases LogATK: 1 • DEF: 7 • SPD: 3 • TEC: 3

The young Namekian leapt from limb to limb. With each jump, a squeek was made. Probitas had chose to take his cat with him, afraid of what the shinobi might do to her once they invaded their place. He tried to stroke his kitty, and keep her quiet, but it was almost impossible.

"We could have let some one watch her." It was Kelsie that spoke, a young girl now dressed in a grey cloak. She had known Probitas all his life, and even met Retane before. It was her job to keep an eye on the young Namekian, and even then she wasn't much older than the Namek.

"Tch. They would have tried to probe her or find her useless." The young Ambassador of The Horsemen let out a sigh. "They are all going to be pissed if we can't catch them!"

"They already know 'they' escaped!" Kelsie could tell the worry in her friend's voice but still she had to add, "Our only chance is to stop them from fighting and catch them before they do too much damage."

The young Namekian paused for a moment as he leapt from a branch, attempting to gain control of his thoughts. Byrn, the pack leader of the wolves, and Keha, the Alpha Raptor, had started to allow their packs to become civilazed and share the reserve, but 'some how' they had escaped, and both had killed innocent shinobi. Now the ninja were tracking them down and he was their only chance of getting them to come in peacefully. He had to find them before they did. Not to mention, that if he was caught, his father might wind up in trouble as well.

It was almost too much for the young Namek to take in, and a tear fell from his eye.


Retane paused for a moment, and looked hard into the direction they were heading. He stopped and waved a hand for the others to do the same, "Somethings not right."

The Leader of the Horsemen tried to focus, but the 'low' hum of his new comrade's bike broke his concentration. The Emerald Warrior took a moment to breath and tried to think. While he did so, he didn't notice but the Shadow Mist began to slowly pour out from the Mark. Before he knew it, there was another argument between Setsu and Arith, about the vanishing bed. Finally the Namekian turned back with a roar, "ENOUGH!"

Everything fell silent for a moment, as all eyes fell on Retane. The Namek turned to others and let out a low growl, "Noragnir, head to these coordinates and get Jack Frost, I feel we may need him."

The Horsemen knew deep down that things were happening and looked to the other, noting that Inirtias was holding Arith back from a more calm Setsu. After a moment's pause, "Take Setu with you."

Before there was any one to argue the Namek asked, "Are you related to the Village hidden in the Forest?"

After a moment of silence, Retane continued, "Arith and Setsu are both going to set each other off, and from here on, I only need those that wont cause trouble with the others that inhabit the area. If you don't mind, Setsu, could you join Noragnir?"

Before there was anymore debate, the Namekian let out another growl and pointed out something important, "She still needs to be healed, and the one we are going to meet, is already anxious enough."

The Ronin and Dwarf gave a look to The Chimera and after a slight nod, they took off.

After they had left, she let out a whisper, "You think that was wise?"

Retane gave a nod, "Absolutely. Arith and Iniritas do what I ask, and they know the area as good as me. Plus all that noise would really mess with what we are about to do."

The Shape Shifter cocked her head, "And whats that?"

Retane let out a snicker, "Get you fixed up and find my son."
[Image: hchh.png]

I refuse to lose this battle,
Let whatever come my way.
I am stronger then my rival,
No, I will not fall today...

Arriana focused on standing tall, acting as though the fight had never happened. Pain was not a feeling she was used to, not after years of damaged nerves and constant medicines. It wasn't pleasant. It was definitely something she didn't want to get used to again. Even still, when Retane threw the roll of cloth at her she stepped to the side, letting it fall to the ground. 

"My blood is safer on my arm than in a roll of cloth. I don't want anyone coming near me until this is healed either. It's more dangerous for the rest of you than I'd like."

She followed after Retane at a safe distance from the others, arm held tight against her chest. She could taste the blood in her mouth and her vision was losing it's clarity. It seemed that death-defying drop had been slightly more fatal than she had assumed. It was nothing the others needed to know about either, she'd come back from even closer to the brink of death before. The Chimera continued her procession, the injured limbs making each step too slow for her liking, too painful to tolerate for long distances. They had barely made it to the edge of the clearing when she started coughing, spitting out blood and the occasional tooth. Wincing slightly as she stood tall again, she summoned a small red cloth to hide the symptoms. She waved off all the concerned looks, rejoining them at a slightly closer distance. 

"I'm fine, this is nothing." She caught Retane's eyes, looking away quickly. "I've done a whole lot worse to myself in a fight. Lead on." The Chimera was nowhere close to 'fine' and she knew that the Namekian could tell. That was no reason to stop faking it. She would reach their destination on her own, whether he liked it or not. Another small bout of coughing just made him sigh, one of his soldiers slowing so that he was closer to The Chimera than she would've liked. 

As they walked Arriana tried to slip back to keep her distance, but each change in pace was matched by Inirtias. She rarely had to stop in the middle of a coughing fit, often just walking through it despite the increasingly irritated looks she was getting from the Namekian. Frustrated, Arriana stopped dead in her tracks with a glare at Retane. Despite her attempt at hiding it, she was only getting more scared as the warrior got closer. He took one step closer while she began to cough again, prompting Ari to thrust out an arm to stop him. A few droplets of blood slipped off her wrist to the forest floor.

"Retane! Call off your damn dog before he gets himself hurt. I told you. I'm fine. He's more likely to poison himself trying to stay so close. You saw what happens when living things absorb my blood. I don't feel like turning anyone into a marshmallow today."

Arriana scowled at the Namekian's smug grin, looking back to Inirtias and waving him on. 

"Move it. We have somewhere to be and one near casualty is enough." 

When the elf didn't immediately move, she turned away and walked on, continuing past Retane in the direction he'd been heading. A trail of dying flora showed exactly where her bare feet had stepped, a few scattered drops shaken off by the movement draining the colour from the grass where they fell.

The Elf turned his eyes to the slight trail she was making and for a second the newest member of The Horsemen followed his gaze, only to snap back with a steel-like gaze. Inirtias shook his head, "That's not a problem really! I promise! Sure, some of my kind that live here, might find it a remembrance or somethings, but it can be fixed, I promise. Besides whats a few scar's on the land, besides a reminder of what is so beautiful."

The Spawn of the Shadow Mist didn't miss a beat as he saw he slow f, just barely. "I know Retane comes off as rough, but he mean's well. And I'm sure you think that blood will harm me. It might, but I am not real, I guess. I am linked to the Mark of Lythia on his arm and am cursed there till the day he is strong enough to release us."

Inirtias paused to let it sink in before going on, "If we die, he can usually just summon us back, from the Mark."


Arith shook his head, and his Golden Dragon Helm with it, "That makes no sense. She's our friend right?"

Retane could only laugh with a slight nod and shoved the Lythian Champion off the branch he stood on. Before Arith hit the ground, he curled into a ball and landed nicely upon the ground. What he stood in was more than inappropriate, and he let out a weird sound as he lifted up his boot. "What the hell is this?"
[Image: hchh.png]

I refuse to lose this battle,
Let whatever come my way.
I am stronger then my rival,
No, I will not fall today...

Arriana sighed heavily, pulling away from Inirtias. He had a point. Nothing here was final, not even death. 

"Listen. I get it, you want me to trust him, trust you, let him fix me. It's just not that easy. There is no fix. There is no cure. If there was, I would have found it a thousand years ago. These plants? They'll grow back. If I rely on that balance to heal the damage I cause then I'll lose focus on who I am. You aren't expendable, not to me. No one is."

Inirtias wasn't dumb, she knew that. He had her figured out already. "No one is expendable except for yourself."

The chimera coughed agian, another tooth dislodging and falling into her hand. She stared at Inirtias, neither one moving an inch. She let out a heavy sigh, the first to look away. Ari pulled her watch out of a hidden pocket in the silk, opening it as she passed it to the elf. 

"It's complicated. Always has been. The easy route isn't available to people like me and it never will be." The Chimera glanced over her shoulder to where she'd left Retane. "They'll be fine if we keep going, right?" Inirtias nodded, pointing in the same direction they had already been headed. The two walked side by side while Inirtias studied the open documents. 

"You weren't exaggerating about the names."

"I wouldn't lie about that. There's no reason for me to hide that information. There's 143 entries in that document, including titles and fake I.Ds." Arriana glanced sideways at the elf. "Those are private documents. They don't have any censors or redacted information."

"I don't understand some of these words. Reitz, Tsyalas, Chav, are these more names?" Inirtias did look rather confused, having stumbled upon slang in the personal notes.

"Not at all. Well. Reitz is a title, literally translating to God-Saint, but the meaning is more complicated. The Reitz is similar to a human with the voice and power of a god. A pope, or a cardinal, but much more powerful."

"And you are..."

"Don't interrupt." The cautious glance she threw to her elf companion signaled the end of that conversation. "The rest is mostly slang. Chavs are mercenaries, Kotzus are whores - or prostitutes depending on context. And," Ari gave him a weak grin "T'sa-ro roughly translates to devilspawn-bastard. There are more extreme variations, but I'll keep that to myself."

Inirtias didn't laugh with her, confused as to why that particular translation amused her so much. He returned to studying the article she had given him, occasionally asking questions on what he didn't immediately recognize.

"What is the Asp?"

"The proper question is where - or when. The Asp is a dimension linked to many others, like a grand central station for multidimensional travel. It is - was - home, until I came here. Pick a different topic."

"The Ak'tsi? It's mentioned a lot in what look like confidential reports."

"If you tap on the name the watch will bring up the corresponding file. There's not much I can say."

The blue screen flickered as it switched from one document to the other, the elf absorbing information as fast as the report would let him. The CHimera continually flickered her sight from the surrounding forest to Inirtias, trying to judge his thoughts.

"I don't understand why these creatures are killed on sight. You seem neither out of control nor dangerous to the ecosystem."

"You're either too young to remember or haven't traveled enough for it to be a concern. A single Ak'tsi can overwhelm any and every existing ecosystem if left unchecked. It takes centuries to become sentient enough to be aware that they are creating a problem. I'm not a danger because I" Ari cleared her throat, looking away uncomfortably, "may have castrated both myself and my father. I thought it was permanent, but the albino child with a god complex seems to have created me an entirely new and.. fully functioning body." Arriana took in a deep breath, releasing it through her teeth with a low hiss. "I wasn't dangerous. I had it under control, even the poisons and the radiation. All of it. Now I'm back to square one without the scars to prove it."
[Image: jattend.gif]

The soft patter of foot steps would dot the ground as Ricter walked his way to the location that was specified, it wasn't too far, maybe a few miles at best. But he was meeting them half way, or so he guessed from the call he had only minutes ago.

"I wonder who got injured to call me only an hour or so after I met with them." Ricter remarked to himself, speaking to no one in particular as he was obviously alone right now.

The jungle air was just as humid as it normally was, not an inch of it felt cool to the skin, or fur, and it felt even worse when walking with a heavy object on his back. The weasel could have left his sword back at home, and just summoned it when needed, but this was the wilderness, summoning it could take well around a few seconds to a minute at most.

Anything from big monsters from others worlds, to dino's the size of houses could be out here, and he should know, he's lived here for some time and had to deal with them almost all the time when out and about. So as he made his way forward he would begin to see he was nearing the meeting point, it was still only a bit off but it was land marked by a large outcropping of stones and foliage.

Most of it was over grown and probably was used by orcs for ceremonies given the tribal markers that dotted the monument to some old world god that may, or may not, reside here. From a distance the rocks looked fairly plain, moss had grown on the northern side of them and they could easily be climbed on thanks to a carved out section of them having steps.

The steps lead to the top where a flat alter was placed, broken and lost to time as cracks made sure chunks were missing ad or had fallen off to the ground bellow. It was rusted brown in certain spots, mostly the flat top of it, one could only guess who could have been sacrificed there.

The area around it was fairly normal, more forest, more jungle, same old Tangled Greens he grew to know and love. yet it was here that Ricter would stop and take a break, having beaten the main party here thanks to the slow pace they were no doubt going, while Ricter's natural pace, even while encumbered a bit, was like a light jog.

Inspecting the stone, and area, Ricters eyes were keen on making sure this wasn't a trap, after all he had just met Retane and his friends but he held his doctors oath to help those in need. One he wouldn't go back on regardless of the illness he was faced with, so as he climbed up the stones and looked out over top them he would wait for their group to make it here.

In the mean time he positioned his sword on the face of one of the rocks, and his medical bag as well, laying down against the alter as it left a perfect spot to not be spotted by monsters as well. He was out of site and hopefully out of mind of any predators in the area, waiting and watching for the group to make it here.

"I hope they get here soon, rather not wait all day."

It was here that Ricter would take out his communicator, basically a phone capable of being used by an animal such as himself, he would begin typing a message over to Frost, mostly saying, "I'm at the meet up spot, are you guys close?"

He would wait on that message, but for now the weasel would get lost in the world of mobile app games.
Ricter CasengerPurchases LogATK: 1 • DEF: 7 • SPD: 3 • TEC: 3

Retane was the first to step through the brush, making enough noise so as not to startle the weasel. The two met eyes and, with a nod, the Namekian made his way over to the stone where Ricter was ready with his

"They are coming. Inirtias, Arith and-" For a moment the Namekian paused and thought how strong The Chimera felt about her name, and let out a sigh, "Ari".

"You seem troubled. Also, Jack wasn't really explaining things either. It was all broken up." Ricter seemed to keep his calm for the most part.

Retane took his time to sit upon the rock to best reach eye level with the healer. "I hurt her, Ari. I hurt her more than I should have. But, I hurt her." The Namek's eyes didn't waver. "Her blood seems different than most. Acidic, even."

Ricter craned his head for a moment, looking behind the Namekian, awaiting the others but the Namekian wasn't done., "Jack should have told you that, my son was most likely to come here as well, because he may have done something wrong."

Before Ricter could continue, The Leader of The Horsemen looked into another direction, "My son should be coming from that direction, but most of everything else is going to be a problem." The Eldest Namek pointed in a different direction with a frown.

"Problem, eh?" The Weasel was trying to show his tough sie.

"From what I understand, It's a Raptor and a Wolf thing. However, my son isn't known to think about their danger." The Namekian paused for a moment, "He will be running this way, and if I know him, so will they."

Retane paused for a moment, "Are you going to be okay with this?"

Before rodent could speak, there was a rustle from multiple directions.
[Image: hchh.png]

I refuse to lose this battle,
Let whatever come my way.
I am stronger then my rival,
No, I will not fall today...

Arriana could hear Retane talking just ahead, where the trees parted. Knowing better than to show him her vulnerabilities, she pulled her pocket watch from Inirtias' hands. 

"You can look at it more later, if you want, but for now it's best to leave the knives in the wall."

It took her a moment to realize that her companion's confusion was about her choice of metaphor rather than her decision to take away the new toy.

"Ah.. right. Different worlds. It's a saying of sorts, meaning it's better to leave your dangers public for your enemies, but not threatening your allies with them. Leaving the knives in the wall and not in the bedpost. If that makes any more sense to you.. it's hard to tell what slang translates or doesn't. Does Ts-y-las translate for you?

Seeing the elf shake his head, Ari sighed and shrugged. "oh well. It was worth a shot. I can never remember what's been added to the translator and what hasn't. Come, Retane is nearby." The chimera shouldered her way through the foliage, seeking out Retane and the reason why he'd brought her to a ruins for medical treatment of all things. She could hear him above her, with what sounded like another male... Either the white-faced child had a thing for males, or the female primes were all hidden away in the other parts of the world. For her own sake, she wished it was the latter.

Arriana called out to Retane as she climbed up to the altar where the other two had been talking. "This is a curious place to seek medical attention." She paused at the top of the stairs, her head instinctively tilting to the side as she analyzed the fluffy mustelid that Retane had called out. He didn't smell like anything particularly familiar, but she could have sworn that she had seen similar creatures in the Asp. The Chimera leaned against the side of the altar, still acting like the bleeding lacerations across her body were nothing to be worried about.

"So, this is the person you called for me to get treatment from? Not going to lie but I've never thought I'd be getting a patch up job from...On second thought, never mind."

The Chimera would attempt to not complain about her situation as she slumped against the alter, sitting down on top of it while hiking a leg up to lay in a more comfortable position on the cold stone slab. Her eyes darted down towards the mustelid, examining them as Ricter turned to look at the woman, she would find that he was well around 2'7" feet tall, well over what a normal animal would be at his size.

The creature was obviously male, having tan fur with a white belly and mouth, though they tended to stand on his hind legs, capable of walking around on them as if it was natural. Even when he reached out to touch or grab things with his paws they could catch, grip, and wield them with no trouble while not having thumbs really, mostly just four digits that heavily resembled a paw.

"Judging from how banged up you are I'd say you were the person I was called out here for." Ricter said with a natural tone, his eyes inspecting her body, wounds and any other damage caused before they turned to Retane.

"What the heck were you doing? Most of these cuts look like brazen lacerations, they missed vital area's but she would pass out form blood loss in another half hour if she didn't get help."

Folding his arms he would tap his foot, expecting more answers to this situation, though Retane would just try to explain in a better light, the namekian obviously not expecting the creature to bite back with 'I additional info'. Yet he would help still, "Again, I would have had it handled myself if I knew how to heal someone with blood as 'unique' as her's. Can you help them?" Retane said, expression keeping its more so stoic tendency but his eyes glanced over to his handy work from the fight they had only some long minutes ago.

In the mean time Ricter would sigh and then grumble to himself, he would scamper close to Ari, his eyes scanning her body as he got close, causing the Chimera to snake back an inch or two as he broke the privacy bubble the woman no doubt maintained. But his invasive examination was needed, especially as he would look at her dripping blood, reaching out, then he would rub it against his paw as Ari interjected, or at least tried too.

"Hey! You heard what he said, its harmful to mess with my blood."

"High amounts of cell division, caused mostly by an unstable chemical reaction, I don't have the periodic table on hand but I can at least tell your body isn't normal."

Ari would roll her eyes for a moment but respond, "Yeah, not the first person to tell me that, so are you- ugh, able to patch me up or not?"

Her eyes would dart to the smear on his paw, sparking with mild interest that the fur there didn't burn, it didn't singe, nor did it really cause much damage or
give signs of discomfort for the weasel. He seemed to act like it didn't hurt at all, and most of all gave a somewhat accurate estimation of her condition, but she knew he couldn't do anything about it, or held high belief in that, she had someone who could help her but they weren't here right now.

Moving away from her now as he hopped down on the rocky floor of the outcropping they were all on, Ricter went towards the large sword he had placed on the side of the rock, he would pick it up with both paws and have it rest on his shoulder as Ari raised a brow. "Listen, I'll explain this as I have for most other people, my healing powers work like this: I'm going to stab you with my sword, and you'll basically feel better, it won't hurt, and it won't leave any scars. Just trust me, alright?"

It was almost laughable to hear this as even Retane was surprised by the weasels choice in words, not expecting that the doctor would have such an odd means of using his abilities. Even pointing out, "Wouldn't a syringe be a better means of...administering medication?" Which would just have Ricter look over to them, his slight movement to gaze in his direction only helped to show the size difference between the blade and the animals body, it was nearly twice his length over all.

"Maybe, I did bring some medical herbs, and pills too just in case your friend was a bit antsy, but-" He'd be cut off by Ari soon enough.

"Just get it over with before the slab under me turned into a rusted pile of ash!"

Shocked that she was seemingly okay with it Ricter nodded, though truthfully Ari knew that if they wanted to kill her that would have happened already. Plus, as a Prime, life mattered little, yet she would keep those thoughts for another time as Ricter nodded and would position the sword to point at her. The weapon looked nice, well made but basic also as it resembled a well balanced broad sword, the blade was stainless and the hilt looked fairly basic with very little designs, the only thing of note was the small words along the side that resembled old glyph magic.

Quickly the weasel stepped forward and shoved the blade strait into her stomach, causing Ari to flinch as oddly enough she could feel it actually cut into her, as well as the sensation of having a sword shoved into her body, but their was no pain. The entrance of the sword into her belly would glow a soft blue color, and just as fast as he pushed the blade into them he pulled back out causing Ari to release a sharp gasp as Ricter placed the weapon back on the side of a rock.

"Done." Was all he said.

"Done? Wait what the hell ar-" Ari would stop herself as she got up, her wounds had closed in the very instant Ricter had stabbed her, it wasn't a gradual healing sensation. No, it was more like a rush, like someone had pressed a button and 'poof', all better, she would feel her body was back to almost normal and even felt like they had a bit of energy back from prior to their little fight. On closer inspection her blood covered body would still be drenched in it from the spots she got cut and slashed, but aside from that she was completely healed as the pain was now just an afterthought.

"Never mind..." Ari stated, still a bit shocked that it was so easy, so effortless for the doctor as Ricter would take a cloth and begin wiping down the weapon. Taking a step but feeling a slight bit of light headedness hit the back of the womans mind.

"I'm Ricter by the way, I've healed plenty of people before so this isn't really new too me, just a few cuts and bruises. Though your blood is an ever evolving cocktail of chemicals that I can't replicate with medical magics, basically your bloods weird and I can only force you body to make more. I closed your wounds though, you should probably lay off from doing too many activities for a few minutes, but aside from this-..." He lugged his weapon up, inspected it before it shattered into a spackling dust that seemed to evaporate completely.

"I think that's it, so, need anything else?"
Ricter CasengerPurchases LogATK: 1 • DEF: 7 • SPD: 3 • TEC: 3

Arith pushed his way through the brush, pausing as he breached the clearing, to look around. He watched the over grown rodent plunge a blade twice his size deep into the abdomen of Arriana and started to dash forward, before he could make a few steps forward, he noted that Retane was there as well, and witnessed Ricter remove the blade from The Chimera's flesh, and she looked almost as good as new. Still, the Lythian continued his run, which was slower than it should have been. "Blasphemy!" He shouted.

All eyes directed to him as he pointed in the direction of the trio, "A sword doesn't stab and heal! A sword stabs and draws blood!"

The Champion of Lythia was full of outrage and confusion as he tred to make his way towards the three, but he felt something was holding him back. Still he trudged on with an accusing finger. It was only then, that he was nearly halfway, that he noticed Inirtias resting upon a tree so far away from where he had came out. He used his other finger to point in the Elf's direction, crossing hims arms as he did, "Why are you all over there? Shouldn't you be behind m-"

It was then that Arith cut himself off noting that he had been more oblivious to everything else, and let out a sigh as he scratched at his him and bent down to sniff the grass.


Retane, Ricter and Arriana watched as the Dragon Warrior walked out of the bush, shouting as he did, but noted he was dragging vines wrapped upon his ankles. The Chimera looked towards the Namekian with an amused face, "He is the best you got?"

Before there was an answer from the Leader of The Horsemen, it was the Weasel that answered with a head cocked, "He should be dead. Those vines are like tongues of a plant from that part of the forest. I forget the name of the plant the Elve's gave it, but in common tongue it's translated to Bloody Snatch. You can tell by the slight redness of the tendrils, or vines. They stick on you and pull you in them like a fly trap. They feed on the meat and fat of animals usually. The short Prime let out a low shudder.

Retane let out a sigh, as he locked eyes with Inirtias who had already knocked multiple arrows. With a nod, the arrows were released and the vines were severed. There was a scream from deep within the forest, almost signifying pain. The sound resignated in multiple areas around the forest in different distances and directions. Of the three on the stone base, only Retane shared a wicked grin. "Yeah Devil's Snatch, Bloddy Snatch. There's a thing about it. They are linked together deep under by main line roots and feed off each other incase they cant get victims. But at the same time, if you injure one, they all feel it and are incapcitaed for a bit. Say even a few hours after what Arith and Inirtias just did."

The Chimera and Weasel both looked to Retane, then to Arith, then to Inirtias, and repreated the cycle for a moment. Ari was the one that finally spoke, "Did you just-"

"Yeah. Well Arith did it, but sure." The Namekian didn't take much responsibility for it all.

"For your son?" The newest member of the Horsemen seemed to start catching on.

"I think I get it as well." It was Ricter that spoke up.

Probitas and Kelsie leapt through the clearing faster than they antisicpated. "I'm sorry!" The young Namekian cried out knowing Kels was right behind him. He twisted himself and reached out to try and catch her, but with a flash, she was gone. All the young Namekian could do for his moment of fear was brace for impact. It never came. Instead there was a cushioned fall and a squeak of happiness from his kitty.

The Manifistation of Inocensence opened his eyes to see Arith cluthing him and could feel the smile behind the helm that he wore. There were others surrounding him but it was Retane, his father, who stood above them all, with Kelsie hanging off his neck with a sad face. His father's face, he couldn't register and a tear started to swell up.

"Are you ok, son?" Retane asked.

The young Ambassador gave a nod.

"Then calm down and breath. There is nothing you have done that can be any worst than I have ever done, and there is nothing you could do that I can't fix." Retane actually sat down to get eye level with his child as Probitas was left there to look him in the face and the others backed away, even Ricter and Ari.

The two Namekians met eyes and there was a warmth between the two as in only a Father and son would know about. They both smiled, "Now , Probitas. Explain to me everything thats going on."

Probitas paused for a moment and looked to Ari, who had Squeaky, then on to Ricter, who he had seen on screen as well as Arith and Inirtias who he knew. Kelsie tucked herself behind Arith and peaked out with a smile. Probitas nodded, " Well, It's my fault for the most part, but I thought it was them that would be here, and not you, father. See I told them about this place, both the Raptors and the Wolves, and it was my story about this place with me and you that originally calmed them down back in the day."

The young namekian took a breath and continued, "This was our favorite spot, remember? Well I'm not sure what happened, because I closed the doors last, and the logs say I oppened both the cages. But I was in the stands watching you at the time. The child continued to ranble explaining how he was good friends with the Raptors and Wolves and that they were just scared.

Retane listened and looked to Kelsie who nodded.

The Leader of the Horsemen grinned, "Ok, How do we find them, and what can you tell me about them?"
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I refuse to lose this battle,
Let whatever come my way.
I am stronger then my rival,
No, I will not fall today...

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