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The Second Coming.. Rebirth of The Horsemen

Far off in the distance Keha, the Leader of the Raptors, scratched and bit at the wicked vegetation that had ensnared one of her flock. Along side her, two others attempted to assist her as the others stood by,observing, or looking for more entrapments or other predators attempting to make them their victims. The experienced leader paused to bark out into the air, expressing her frustration as she tried to free her mate from becoming victim to the Bloody Snatch's wicked trap. This had been the first time she had been out of captivity since she was a young-ling and most of her fellow pack members had never seen such freedom. They followed her faithfully and this was she repaid their trust; Allowing her significant other to get trapped.

In her defense, she had never learned of plant-life trapping and trying to kill and feed off of living creatures before, even when she was young. This was all new to her and she was frustrated that her mate had managed to let his guard down. This was the third time since their escape that he had showed weakness, the first two being when the Shinobi had tried to corner him, and he had lost his cool and attacked and ended the life of the human that had always tortured and bullied him when the other scientist weren't paying him any heed. The second time, had been when they were face to face with the over sized wolves, and he was the first one to react, tangling with with Byrn, before their squadrons were in place, try and pincer them by surprise. Keha's mate, had been foolish enough to act prematurely and attack Byrn, nipping at his flank and trying to slash his gut. While it was brave, the hot headed Raptor failed himself and her. Now it was this.

It was then, that there was a nearby shrill from the direction the tendrils had came from, as well as multiple directions, and the tendrils loosened and recoiled quickly. i was almost as if the plant had been attacked and was in pain. Still, Keha couldn't make much sense of it. Her fellow comrades called out in victory, as her mate recovered and stood up. Not to far away there was a howl, undoubtedly from the pack of Dire Wolves they had always clashed with, and while the Raptors quieted and cocked their head in the direction, Keha had a feeling that they had just been dealing with a similar situation.

As he mate tried to near her, the Alpha could only turn her back to him, shunning him for his third strike and slowly began to trot away, heading towards the direction they had been going initially. The mate paused, unsure of what he had done, but slowly followed, taking up the rear.


Far off, where the howls had come from, the pack of wolves bayed in victory, though they had not known how it had happened. The strange plant had ensnared one of their pups initially and the mother of the young one took the bait and got ensnared herself. Creating a domino effect, the soon-to-be mother, and sister of the trapped mother, went to her aid, getting trapped herself. From then, the pack congregated together, each one grabbing a tendril and some trying to bite through it while other's pulled in the opposite direction, attempting to rip or at least slow the process down. Even Byrn was there, carefully trying to bite each one, with his 'Blue Flame' technique he had learned from the Ninja village, which allowed his bite to burn the target he bit. It only caused the tendrils to to harden and tense up.

The growls and whimpers towards him let him know that they wanted him to use the 'Dire Flame' Jutsu he had been taught as well. However, Byrn was hesitant, knowing he wasn't able to control it and could start an extreme forest fire. Something had happened though, and while he had finally decided to use it, his mouth smoldered with smoke as he he held it in, noting that something had caused the fauna to retreat with a piercing scream. The Alpha Wolf let out a burst of flame into the sky, unable to hold it in and rejoiced in a howl with his brethren.

After noting that the singed leaves didn't spark a flame, he quickly ran to the recovering mother-to-be and licked at her face, only to follow with the pup, because he knew the mother of the pup would have nipped at him for not checking on their litter first. He went to her last and with a low growl she stood up and ran to her own pup, the rest of the litter, coming out of the bushes to join them.

Byrn tilted his head in the direction of the first scream that sounded to the plants, then towards the direction of the barking calls of the Raptor's and could only assume on instinct that they were both headed towards the same destination, and would have to fight again.


Retane looked on with Probitas and the others noting the distant calls of the two Predatorial Packs, and with a tug on Retane's finger, Probitas looked up at his father with a heartfelt plea, "We need to help them. The Ninja Village is out to get them because they killed two Shinobi. Keha wouldn't do that or let it happen, nor would Byrn! They are smarter than that. Something's wrong. Someone did something! I just need to get to them and speak with them! I'm sure I could find out what happened!"

Retane listened for a moment and looked to the others. Arriana, Ricter, if you don't mind could you head in that direction? Take Inirtias and Arith with you as well. Meet up and try and stop the wolves.I don't know if you can commu-" He was cut off.

"So, just because I can change into a wolf, you think I can speak bark?" Ari let her gaze stare daggers into the Leader of The Horsemen. The Namekian was sure that it was more the fact that she was being asked to go with others, and not alone but didn't answer.

"I can!" Ricter stated with a nod, before grimacing at what he may have agreed to.

Retane gave a nod and with that, he was off, with Probitas and Kelsie on his back, with Squeaky on top of his head.

Arith watched as they left and murmured, "I think he took that cat as bait. Does that mean that the broken weasel is our bait?"
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I refuse to lose this battle,
Let whatever come my way.
I am stronger then my rival,
No, I will not fall today...

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