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[M] Hawt Damn

As if a cruel joke by Karl Jak to punish her for her premature departure of his game, Ash found herself feeling a bit sicker than usual as pixelated lights shimmer across the space where Ash stood on shaky legs. As an added bonus, her ponytail started standing up in the hot air. The gathered hair fell into voluminous black curls which dance about in the heat before settling around her shoulders.

She stumbled back against some crust covered enlarged surface, her all of the eighty-or-so pounds meant nothing to the rockish thing. She leaned across it, taking in a few steady breaths as she stared up into the swirling fires. Part of her was concerned about the possibility of being cast to the Underverse once more. Only for the connection to the dataverse to fill her with a second wave of relief. Ash closed her eyes and let the twisting calm in her flattened belly.

She still wore the gown from the hospital, it did not flatter her anymore now than it did in the hospital, but it made her very aware of the radiating heat all around her.

As she contemplated on adjusting her outfit or just summoning a new one the morality mirrored humanoid felt the rough ribbed surface she leaned on the move. It was a subtle movement, as if breathing while in slumber. Her neck craned to one side, noting it sloped down on both side of her, but there were shoulder-like lumps to her left. A set of webbed spikes followed the curve, just slightly drooping one side as if not used to gravity pulling on it in that direction.

It occurred to her to move a moment too late, the whole thing rolled over onto its side and a pair of bipedal arms with sharp claws wrapped around her protectively. She let out a soft grunt as she was crushed under the muscular weight of the legs, her back pressed firmly to its belly. The scaled surface was so hot it scorched her exposed skin and began to melt the plastic threads of the cheap gown. Holes formed where the scolding hot body pressed into her's and she had to bit her lip to not make a sound. Pain or Pleasure, it all was the same to her at this point.

Ash let her body relax as she tried to look around for any way out, or be damned to be burned or crushed by the dragon.

She was in a cave. The top of the cavern had to be a good 300 feet, its curved surface fully lit by the moving orange, yellows, reds, and whites of the lava. She could see the mixture drooling along the fang-like stalactites that hung only about 20 feet from her head, the hungry beast craved a sacrifice.

"I don't think I've ever tried hot wax..." She said thoughtfully to herself, then considered what was close by to assist in her escape.

Nothing really. She was on her own.

A bruised colored hand came out and with a few moments to herself, she quick summoned The Red Devil's Claw. Movement was difficult and limited but she managed to whip the grapple hook into motion and released it towards the stalagmites that settled perfectly at the edge of a steaming pool. The claw did as intended, wrapping around the larger one in her aim and locking into the obsidian spire. Its blades cut into the side, but the rock was much harder than the squishy bodies of her enemies. She glanced up at the sleeping dragon that clung to her and rolled her eyes as it started breathing heavily.

"They call me arrogant." She said to herself once again and wondered if she should attempt to slit its throat for a trophy. Against her more adventurous nature, she decided to focus on fleeing from her cage.

It took a lot of strength that Ash didn't have to pry her arms out from under the creature's arms. She estimated an hour just to do so little, as well as staying stealthy about it. All while dealing with the heat. If she thought the dressing room in the back of that strip club she used to work at was bad, it was nothing in comparison to the lair of whatever dragon held her captive. Sweat poured off her and soaked into the hospital dress. At least what was left of it, she felt patches of the thing missing, her skin rubbing against the rocky surface of the mythical beast. Which she bet would be blistered and raw by the time she'd get out from under him.

Or her.

While the idea wasn't extremely unpleasant, after all, there were tons of erotic fiction about dragons and what they do to their virgin sacrifices, Ash still savored the taste of Gildarts tongue on her. Although, if there was a powerful creature ever to be able to make a girl forget Mr. Clive, a dragon would be one of them.

With her arms free, Ash spun the semi-braided ebony hair around her wrists and prepared her next labor-intensive endeavor. Not one that was afraid to get into the dirt and mud, Ash only smirked at the challenge. That was before The Storm Demon attempted the feat herself.

When she pulled, the lazy weight of the drake was still just enough to give her a hard time. How the thing didn't wake up on its own before now would forever be a mystery to her. But for now, she strained and struggled. When she managed to pull her chest to one place on the rope, she spun her hand in the hair and reached for another half foot. She could hear the metal scraping the rock as her arms began to shake under the dead weight of the over-sized lizard. With nowhere to go, she felt her arms give out and her upper body slam into the ground before she rested with a long sigh.

For what felt like several hours later, she inched her body out of the dragon's grasp. Its sharpened claws were relaxed, but still cut into the gown and left the bottom half in ten thick pieces. Her flesh received about the same in treatment, except not as pinchable without the precision that came with consciousness. Each time she believed she managed to avoid it, a second later the nails cut through her with such ease she almost didn’t register she’s been wounded. It was the searing pain afterward with the cuts were exposed to hot fresh air that let her know.
[Image: tumblr_maolcpnQS61qakj1do1_500.gif]

Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell : Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape
Erik Vrell : As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals


It was a labor of blood, sweat, and tiers. Mostly of more blood and sweat. Especially in the oven that was this cavern.

The sex demon slipped from under the drake but not before its claw cut into her one last time. In general one doesn't celebrate until they were literally free, but she tugged the last bit a little harder than she did in any of the process of clawing her way out and it left her with an insignificant lesson. Across the arch of her foot, the skin broke open and she bit her lip once more at the pain. Her brilliant blue blood seeped out, a small burst to warn her that the object she touched was sharp.

With a quick glance to make sure her bed mate was still sleeping, the tiefling headed over to the steaming pool she spotted between two nearby spiky rocks that jet up from the ground at an angle. She stepped with a limp and left a fresh trail of blood behind her, but manages to do so without any more problems.

At the edge of the pool she carefully observed, the edges of it blistered in a rolling boil, but the middle seemed fine. Instead of jumping in she lowered her visior. As the blue crossed her eyes another world opened up to her. Already it was analyzing several parts of the cave. Estimation for temperatures popped up in her field of vision coming through as both Fahrenheit and Celsius, both she only had a vague sense of what that could feel like. Her compass confirmed she was in the Ashen Steppes and rotated slowly with no rhyme or reason.

After examining the pool she could see that the edges were the source of heat, but the pool’s liquid contents were at a tolerable heat closer towards the middle. She could smell several of the listed ingredients as the visor attempted to do breakdown on the water. It looked like someone was using this as a healing bath. She guessed the dragon.

She decided to risk it and using the spiked rock, lowered her wounded foot into the hot water. Being cuddled by a dragon where its scales left burn marks and the claws cut into her flesh, the water didn’t seem all that awful.

As the faux demoness sat there and let the hot water soften her sole and wash away the pain a shadow rose behind her. Her reptilian host apparently waking to the smell of boiling flesh and blood. She heard the creature’s scales sliding across the cavern floor as it climbed up onto its feet. When she dared to look over it was only to confirm what she’d guessed.

“Hello, beautiful.” She purred.

The dragon’s tail slapped the ground as it growled its warning.

“Now… No need to be rude.” Ash pulled her foot out of the spring, putting her weight on it, testing it and finding that the hot water has shocked it into unresponsive. She didn’t let on to this weakness, she just smiled up at the figure as she tried to summon her launching mechanism. “Most guys ask if a girl wants coffee before they kick me out.” She taunted.

The dragon was a wall of muscles, powerful and armored. It’s elongated neck curled back to raise the crested head higher than her. Light from another source played at its ruby-colored scales. She decided that it was a gorgeous creature, but she didn’t want any trouble. It decided to just watch her to see what she’d do, only somewhat aware of her summoning. It’s gold eyes were windows of dissatisfaction. It clearly was not pleased to see someone had gotten in its lair without its knowing. To be fair, it would have been the last place she would have volunteered.

“Not a talker, are ya?” She continued to flirt. The launching mechanism was of primal design. Looking a lot like a crossbow gun but without the gun part, and mostly without the bow part. She pulled the pin back and stretched out the spring as soon as it was tangible. “Honestly I don’t understand how girls can fall for that romanticized version of tall, dark, and broody.” she spoke as she loaded her grappling hook. “Between you and me, I can’t stand the silence.”

She let out a truthful laugh.

“Of course, I can’t stand a chatter box either. You are doing great, by the way. Better than some guys.” Her mind turned to Desman at this. Clingy, childish, practically begging to hold her hand all the time. She’s glad they didn’t get teamed up, how boring would that have been? Of course, Jak was the better candidate. He had just the right touch.

She could only think of a couple of guys she would have liked to play with more.

The dragon took a step forwards, its mass shaking the floor enough that the steaming water behind her rippled. The light also reflecting off the shrinking waves made her check how far she was from it. Certainly, it would suck to take a tumble into it.

The growling beast in front of her caught her attention again, a clicking rattle escaping its mouth. It’s teeth, slender, thin, and ivory smooth. “Gotta say, not really into vore though.” She unable to take a step back from it, physically crippled in her foot. On top of which she simply had nowhere to go.

Except up.

Her favorite direction.

Only because she didn’t think ‘down on a cock’ really counted in this case.

She needed about four seconds though. “Enough foreplay, do you… I don’t know, have an exit around here? I don’t see any signs, just… Well you.”

And indeed she couldn’t see anything beyond it, if only because it kept creeping closer. Slowly, purposely. It understood that it was much bigger than her. It probably understood fully as well that she was one unimposing creature. If it understood her words, which it could, it may even know half the shit she was saying. She could see its wings unfolding, spreading them out to eclipse whatever source of light was dancing in the background.

However, as the spines stretched and the leathery folds tightened between extended sections, everything came to a beautiful stop. Before her was not just a creature of legend, but a statue that mimicked those figurines that game masters used in Dungeons and Dragons. Right down to the fierce snarling, drooling face it made, as if it would swallow her whole had she not activated one of her abilities.

She took a deep lung-filled breath, and brought her arm up. Their eyes met as she aimed her forearm up at it.
[Image: tumblr_maolcpnQS61qakj1do1_500.gif]

Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell : Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape
Erik Vrell : As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

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