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Switching Character/ Reactivate

Hey friends!

I can't post my switch form in the Joining board. Can someone reactivate me please?
[Image: MZSDl2O.jpg]

Both of your accounts have the correct permissions already, so you should be able to post in the joining forum.

The "post thread" button isn't showing up for me
[Image: MZSDl2O.jpg]

It shows up on my Harlan Higgs account, but it is missing when I'm on Hiro, who is the one i actually want to switch
[Image: MZSDl2O.jpg]

Can you share screen shots of what you mean?

With Button (help desk board)


And no button (joining board)

[Image: MZSDl2O.jpg]

Alrighty, try now

Still no good. Button is still missing for Hiro. I'm just going to post the switch for under Harlan
[Image: MZSDl2O.jpg]

Are you on Mobile or desktop? What theme are you using? Try looking in different themes.

I'd rather get this sorted out than just leaving it.

I've looked at it on mobile, desktop, and with every theme we have. It only seems to be the joining thread I have that problem in.
[Image: MZSDl2O.jpg]

Been 2 days, bump.
[Image: MZSDl2O.jpg]

Hiro, post here if you still want this switch and I will get someone on top of this ASAP!
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idk if I am activated again but I have a similar problem.
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