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I think this thread has clearly shown interest in keeping the Omniverse alive, but I don't know if the interest is there to keep it here in such a large capacity. I think we should look at possibly retiring (temporarily) some words for the sake of pushing the existing player-base closer together, and encourage more people writing near each other. If we're not going to do a 'world reset', which I probably agree with, it wouldn't be a bad idea to do a big saga about some words disappearing (and maybe new ones showing up) for the sake of driving up interest and putting a new nice big WELCOME ABOARD stamp on this 'era' of Omniverse. I'm rambling now.

I do not have an opinion on Dane as a person, but he is a large part of why I hate the move system. The system itself is fine, but the restrictions that have been put on it to accomodate mix-maxing PvPers is ridiculous. Violet literrally won't write new moves anymore because of how much re-write she has to do. Its to the point that I have to google search the dimensions of a sword before I can post it up. Again: the system, as it is written in the rules, is fine. But the staff members who in the past have made these crazy requirements on TOP of the rules, is what drove me away from making moves at all.

tl;dr: saga?
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I think maybe some new quests could jump1syar activity a little too. Perhaps just an extra quest or two in each verse. Quests that require like 3 people and have some layers to them.

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I'll write more about this when I get back home in a couple of days but I will say I'm pretty against dane becoming staff in any capacity; and kinda against him coming back as a member I'll pm anyone who wants to hear the reasoning since I'd rather not drag his name through the mud more than it already has. It won't make me leave since I have a faction to revive and have to help nb stick around but I think a temporary shutting down of old verses might be a decent idea and putting brand new ones in.
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In terms of a world reset, I just wanted to put here, so that you members can see, the idea that I proposed in the Staff Forum. I realize that a lot of people probably won't find it appealing. But just for context.

Quote:Things come to an end, a nice book ending to whatever you had planned, and then maybe Omni decides to start over. But maybe Omni has just a tiny shred of sentimentality and, instead of erasing everything and not looking back, he leaves relics of the "Old World". Tomes, Scrolls, Computer Documents, Wall Carvings, etc. for the new generation of Omniverse citizens to discover and learn about. etce etc

How could you represent this? My thought was to lock the old In Character Forums and hide them, so that quests could be completed to acquire one of these Old World Relics and then we could just apply a forum role that would allow someone to read through and see the old forums and use them as a reading resource so that their character can learn about it. Meanwhile you'd just set up new forums that are clean, with the verse descriptions of course.

I mean, it'd just feel kind of finished if we ended the story and then said "Go and do things knowing that there's no final story to participate in anymore.". Though this is just my opinion.

Also, people might not like it, so we'd probably have to clear it with whichever members are still around.

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