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The Last Avenger and the World of Omni: The Hunt for Kusanagi!

“I’m surprised you let me summon some wheels for us.” Kuzuru said from the comfort of Italian leather seats, in his newly summoned doombuggy. “ Don’t you normally run around everywhere like a cracked out methhead?”

Sasuke scoffed as their gas-powered ride sputtered though the blank canvass of the Nexus. “Maybe I didn’t think you could keep up.” he said. 

Kuzuru erupted in laughter, “Kid, only thing faster than you is that tongue of yours. Though, I wonder if you’re fast enough to stop me from cutting it off?”

“Won’t know until you try.” the shinobi provoked with a wild excitement alive in his eyes.

Kuzuru slapped a kind hand to Sasuke’s shoulder. “Love that young spirit of yours!” he laughed. “You make me feel a thousands years young again!”

Sasuke shot the mercenary a perplexed glare, eliciting a change in subject from the Ashen Blade. “So, I have been dying to ask,” the demon confessed with one hand on the steering wheel, “what the hell happened back there?” I never expected the returning champ to get eliminated before the semifinals.” Kuzuru jabbed at Sasuke’s shoulder, “Honestly, I want my money back.”

Sasuke just stared out into the open nothingness for a moment. “I blacked out.”

“You blacked out?”

“I’m not really sure what happened.” the shinobi said as their vehicle neared their chosen gate. “I was prepared for that match, excited even, but then, as soon as it started, everything went blank. When I came too, I hadn’t just lost the match, my Sharingan was active.”

Sasuke scanned for commander Arnold Hammond on approach, but found only nameless stormtroopers manning the gate. Kuzuru eyed the checkpoint as he came to a stop and asked, “Your Sharingan?”

“Yea,” the shinobi grinned, “and that’s not the whole of it. It's here. I know where Kusanagi is.”
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Mark Twain Wrote:
"The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug."

That was the thing about sword guys, Kuzuru figured, they were always so damned proud of their swords. Humans seemed to have this odd fascination with inanimate objects, as if a magic stick or a sparkly sword would make them out to be anything other than they were. The demon smirked. Kusanagi was just another hunk of metal with a fancy lightshow strapped to it, no different than any other weapon. Were it not for the Uchiha’s insistence that they recover the damned thing Kuzuru would have been content with letting it go to waste in the bowels of Coruscant. A fancy weapon does not a warrior make, and in fact usually served as nothing more than a crutch so that a child could play soldier. With that said, Sasuke was not a child, at least not metaphorically. He passed Kuzuru’s litmus test with flying colors, every member of the Ashen Blades did. Magic sword or not the shinobi was a killer, and it was for this reason that Kuzuru accompanied him on his quest.

“Whatever you say kid,” Kuzuru said as he desummoned his buggy, “I’m just here for the ride.”

“Well don’t get too comfortable,” Sasuke said, “whoever has it probably isn’t a pushover.”

Kuzuru adjusted his shades and responded, “Wouldn’t be fun if they were.”

The duo approached the checkpoint and came to a halt in front of the cadre of stormtroopers. They were ushered into seperate lines and corralled through a series of scanners. X-rays revealed no weapons, but the more advanced scanners laid his abilities bare. While biologically he was not much different than a regular human, it was his omnilium-enhanced characteristics that gave away his true nature. As he reached the final chamber he was presented with a closed gate and a speaker.

“Kuzuru, leader of the Ashen Blades,” Said a metallic voice.

Kuzuru just smiled and answered, “That’s me, and you’ll see that all of my appropriate paperwork is up to date and submitted appropriately.”

Mercenaries weren’t outright banned from Coruscant, especially since the Empire made heavy use of bounty hunters, but their presence was heavily monitored. While Kuzuru had no patience for bureaucracy, Mathaziel took to it like a fish to water. Every member of the Blades was registered with the Empire’s databases and allowed free reign of Coruscant, barring any extenuating circumstances. For all intents and purposes the Ashen Blades were model mercs.

“Indeed it is, you’re a long way from home, what business do you have here?” The intercom asked.

“I’m here for pleasure.”

There were a few moments of silence before the voicebox spoke again, “Very well, but please do be aware that your movements will be monitored heavily, and any actions against the Empire or her citizens will be met with overwhelming force.”

“Oh don’t you worry your pretty little head,” Kuzuru said, “I’m just looking for a good time is all, you know, get away from the clouds of ash and rivers of pyroclast.”

After a few more procedures the duo were released into Coruscant proper. Kuzuru slapped a hand on Sasuke’s back and pointed down the main strip leading away from the checkpoint.

“Before we go poking our heads in places they don’t belong, let’s go get something to eat.”
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[Image: AshenBladeBadge.png]

Miranda didn’t have much time to leave the building. It was very likely authorities were starting to catch wind that something was up in one of their secure buildings. It wasn’t unlikely for the old woman imprisoned here to cut off surveillance installations in her building when taking part in experiments way above the usual investigator’s pay grade, but it had been down for too long. Luckily for Frost, her means of exiting the building safely had already been established in her clearance package. She would not be hassled even if authorities do come knocking, but dealing with them still wasn’t on her list of priorities.

As she slowly strolled onto the durasteel decking of the hangar bay, the doors were already opening for her, the natural light streaming through the blast doors to illuminate the pristine industrial aura of that compartment. Her eye flickered to adjust to the lighting, her steady stroll leading her to the edge of the opening. She looked out and over, marveling over the sheer size of the city-scape. She tapped the side of her helmet and her sensors automatically loaded the predetermined flightpath from the suit’s memory banks.

For a moment she scoffed and took a step back from the open space. The more she read the data on her optical sensor the more it seemed as if the suit was capable of flight or that she was capable of flight. Her hand moved to the blades sigil on the right side of her breast plate and pressed the blood jewel centered upon it. Plates of durasteel and ceramite open and slid over each other as the Valkeria-class Terminator armor opened, allowing Miranda to step out in a more manageable form factor. Although still awkard to move, the speed in which she could was definitely a plus. Perfect

She turned and pressed her palm to the chest of the hulking Terminator armor, condensing it down into the blood jewel she had pressed earlier. It was a quick modification on her part, giving her an easy method to transition from the two without help from servant droids. She couldn’t imagine having to wait that long to step out of that giant durasteel coffin. In a spectacular array of rainbow light, the armor stored itself within the jewel. She pressed the jewel into the Blades sigil on her current suit, completing the mark with the gleaming, softly glowing ruby.

Frost thought about how she could fly using this suit and not one of the countless vehicles she saw zipping to and fro over the Coruscant sky. Her mind was brought to the memory of her transformation, the sprouting of her aethereal angelic wings and halo. Although it had never given her true flight, the aesthetic was still present. She bit her lip and stepped out against the edge once more. “Alright Miranda, just a little bit of power”.

Miranda focused not on the unleashing of the vengeful aura, but in controlling it to the point of focusing all of it into the wings itself. The vents just under the suit’s power pack were a perfect size for her wings. She grinned as the crimson flame like wingspan sprouted spontaneously from her back like a bird of prey proudly displaying its massive vanity. It was strange, this transformation of hers. Unlike before Miranda couldn’t feel the two appendages but now they were as receptive as her own two arms. She could feel the heavy gusts of the wind and the warm touch of the sun’s rays.

She lept from the ledge, the wings carrying her in a seemingly instinctive manner. No focus was needed, she merely flew.

The flight itself was over quicker than she had hoped. As she walked towards the entrance in which she had come, she found it hard to slow the fast and heavy beat of her heart. The experience in on itself was exhilarating, a thrill she never thought she’d ever live through. She’d stop in her place, her eye-catching the visage of someone familiar. Walking through the gates Kuzuru and someone else. Miranda moved to block their path, her towering figure casting them in her shadow. Her hands raised to move the helmet, her long, pale hair spilling out over the ceramite breastplate. Of her armor.

Her face was lighter than usual, with a smile not often seen stretched over her face. The familiar crimson glow of her sole artificial eye was still as prevalent as always. She was relaxed, and her stature showed this. “Long time no talk, Kuzu-boy.”, She greeted, tucking the angelic themed helmet under the crook of her arm. Her eye flicked to the boy at his side curious. “Now you’re adopting kids? You’re growing soft.”
"I've been here before, used to this kind of war. Crossfire grind through the sand. The orders were easy: 'It's kill or be killed'. Blood on both sides will be spilled."
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