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[Open] Toing the Edge of Glory

Day 21 of year ????, in this police state known as Coruscant.

He made sure to find and summon himself a blank notebook using OM. He was beginning to love the relatively new concepts of not having to buy actual items with OM but finding it more useful to have things on hand using the OM.

Lucas had bought himself a relatively stable, low key apartment in this place. But he used fake information to cover his tracks. Who knows who was watching him out here.

Lucas had a special encoded device that allowed him to tap secret messages to his fellow spies and other "buddies".

Radio com encrypt 121-5

Titan, you hear me?


Test, this is Shadow

Echo, Titan, you hear me?

Please respond 121-5
[Image: >]
[Image: OfMKNG0.gif](Thanks Ez!)

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