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Name: Chara
Spent OM: 8500
Consumed OM: 0
Proficiencies (4200): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Ranged Materialize (600), Homing (600), Debuff (1000)
Powers (3400/8000): Master Acrobat (400), Enhanced Senses – Basic (1400), Insight (1600)
Moves (900): Fireball (600), Arming Sword (300)
Super Moves (0):
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Consumed OM (0):
Unlocks (0):
Base stats:
ATK: 3
DEF: 3
SPD: 2
TEC: 2
[Image: 43052088_277414256212253_710185231096672...Mg%3D%3D.2]

Chara's story begins when she around the young age of 9 fell into a pit wanting to kill herself due to the sight of what humanity did to itself in the third world war pretty much destroying most of human life. She had heard of the stories of monsters being real but didn't believe them. Upon surviving the fall somehow she was found by Asriel her closest and one of the few friends she would have.

Over the years she was trained in combat and various other skills she would need to learn as the adopted daughter of the king and queen. She took a liking to one handed swords as well as various knives; and carries a dagger with her for various reasons.

Chara was content with this new life when a second human fell and started to kill various monsters before getting killed themselves by the royal guard. When Toriel found out she took Asriel and ran and hid with him causing Chara to become furious at her mother for leaving Asgore without one of his children and his wife scarring the peaceful monster.

This causes herself to grow more and more secluded and resentful for humanity and some monsters, that she roams the underground for souls that are needed to open the barrier. She is asleep one night when she awakens to find a smiling figure in front of herself she is 19 at this point.

[Image: 165df53f7d46ced933567a3bdba65624--luis-cupcake.jpg?][Image: 3c929529f7573b515f282e18afb96873.jpg?wid...height=300][Image: tumblr_o0m28yVxtn1uvaiv3o2_1280.png?widt...height=300]
(left most picture the dress is her formal ware. Middle picture's the color scheme of the formal ware. and right most picture is just an assortment of clothing for her.)
[Image: 43052088_277414256212253_710185231096672...Mg%3D%3D.2]

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