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Name:Edward Charles Allan Brock (Venom)

Level: 1
Spent OM: 4900
Proficiencies: (2000): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000)
Powers: (1700/8000): Basic Super Jump (300), Basic Enhanced Senses (1400)
Moves: (1200): Venom's Maw (300), Maul (300), Symbiotic Tendrils (600)
Super Moves:
Base stats
ATK: 4
DEF: 3
SPD: 2
TEC: 1

CHARACTER NAME: Edward Charles Allan Brock; AKA Venom



Eddie Brock spent his entire life trying to prove himself. Were it his cold and distant father, his coaches and teachers, or his superiors at the Daily Globe, Brock was always fighting for recognition. After mistakenly claiming a compulsive confessor to be the villainous serial killer Sin-Eater, Brock was disgraced when local superhero Spider-Man captured the true Sin-Eater. Discredited by this series of events, Brock was fired from the Daily Globe. Stricken with frustration and depression, Eddie’s wife leaves him. With his name now tainted, Eddie Brock resorted to writing for small-time tabloids. He attempted to accept his life, even taking up bodybuilding to relieve stress, but his emotional distress only worsened. The journalist found himself blaming Spider-Man for decimating his career.

When Eddie was diagnosed with adrenal cancer, he fell back on his childhood Catholicism and found solace in a nearby church. As Brock cried out to God, Spider-Man was desperately attempting to dissolve his bond with the mad alien symbiote he had acquired on Battleworld. Peter Parker slammed his body against the massive bell in the church tower, using the sound-waves to weaken the Klyntar’s resolve.

Amid the clanging of the church bell, the Symbiote fell from the steeple and found itself face-to-face with Edward Brock. Attracted by his emotional distress and the high amounts of cortisol due to Eddie’s cancer, the Symbiote threw itself at the journalist. The two bonded, Eddie’s pain and fear melding well with the Symbiote’s anger and hatred at being abandoned. The Symbiote exacerbated Eddie’s own loathing of Spider-Man, suggesting the hero was the only person responsible for Brock’s failed marriage and career. Together, the two became Venom, a deadly monster with a vengeful bloodlust.

Venom began a crusade against Spider-Man, terrorizing him. From circumventing the hero’s spider-sense and almost throwing him in front of a train to attacking Parker’s wife Mary Jane Watson, Venom became one of Spider-Man’s worst enemies. Eventually, the hero was able to trick Venom into over-extending itself, leading to the creature’s incarceration within the superhuman prison The Vault. Despite repeated escape attempts, Venom found himself defeated time and time gain. He was left to stew in his own abhorrence, his anger and spite only growing. Now utterly bonded, Brock and Venom came to rely on each other. The Symbiote became a necessary part of Eddie Brock, his “Other”.They tried one more escape, Brock feigning suicide in order to be taken to the morgue. After their ruse worked, Venom revived Eddie and the two escaped.

They were intent on continuing their Spider-hunt and Venom pursued Spider-Man once more. However, after witnessing the web-slinger rescue his wife Anne from a collapsing Ferris wheel, Eddie is struck with a conflict of emotions. He isn’t given much time to consider these feelings before he suddenly finds himself and his Other in a space-less void with a small alabaster child sporting an uncanny grin.

Eddie Brock is 6' 3" and the Venom Symbiote can increase his height variable withing a few inches according to how much symbiotic material is being expended.

Brock is heavily built and has short, shaggy blond hair. His features are hard and masculine, chiseled by his time with Venom. His eyes are often hooded with dark circles and he seems perpetually sleep-deprived. His clothing is typically comprised of the inactive Symbiote.

Venom is massively built. His body is thick and bulky, the Symbiote forming layers of extra muscle over Brock's already impressive frame. His hide is sleek and black with an almost oily texture broken only by the bold white Spider on his chest and back. Although often hunched, Venom tends to overshadow most common people he comes across. His fingers taper to large claws and his face is locked in a perpetual grin. Jagged teeth line his gaping maw. A long pink tongue often accents his menacing visage and his hunger is often clear by the saliva dripping from his teeth.





ATK: 4
DEF: 3
SPD: 2
TEC: 1

Physical Strength - 1000 OM
Ranged Proficiency - 1000 OM

Basic Super Jump - 300 OM
Basic Enhanced Senses - 1400 OM

Venom's Maw (Physical Proficiency) - 300 OM
When Venom bonded to Eddie, it took on a more monstrous appearance than it did with Spider-Man, no longer needing to disguise its true form. The Symbiote's face is plastered with a gaping mouth bristling with razor-sharp teeth. A lolling tongue slathers the jaws with saliva as Venom's hunger boils over. The creature is far from above using these teeth to his advantage. He will happily bite his enemies in combat, or for a quick snack.

Maul (Physical Proficiency) - 300 OM
In tandem with the Symbiote's other physical attributes, Venom sports thick claws on its massive hands. These sharp protrusions are his core mechanism for combat. Tearing throats, gutting victims, and smashing bones are just a few of the ways he employs his claws. His savagery for combat would be almost animalistic, if he didn't seem to enjoy it so much.

Symbiotic Tendrils (Physical Proficiency, Ranged Proficiency) 600 OM

Manipulating its excess material, the Symbiote is capable of lashing out with long tentacles at mid-range. Venom generates two tendrils from his back and snaps them towards nearby enemies. Each tendril can distend up to 12 feet away from Venom’s body in any direction. A skilled combatant may be able to sever a tendril with a well placed slash or burst of damage, and it often takes more energy and concentration than Venom is willing to expend to regenerate and try again. The tendrils boast great versatility. They can slap, strike, lift, grab, and throw object and opponents alike independent of Venom’s primary attacks. If you think distance from Venom and his claws is enough to save you, you are sorely mistaken.

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