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Mira (M1R4)

Name: Mira (M1R4)
Level: 1
Spent OM: 4,900
Proficiencies(2600): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged (1000), Ranged Control (600)
Powers(1400/8000): Malleability (1000), Hive Mind (400)
Moves(900): Magnetized Grappling-Hook Claw (300), Incomplete H0RN3T RC weapons pod protocols: (600), 
Super Moves: 
Base stats: 
ATK: 1
DEF: 1
SPD: 4
TEC: 4

[Image: o1AJ9qDyyJNSpZWhUgGYc3MngFqoAMzzkgjRvKPs...h&mode=fit]

"I am more than a sum of ones and zeroes"

Physical Description / Appearance

Eyes: Grey

Hair: White, in a short-ish messy bob that goes down to just under her jawline.

Height: Six ft. Two in.

Weight: 178kg, plus or minus a couple of decimals. (She IS made mostly of silicates and metals, after all.)

Color: Most of her body (In it's default state) is a dark shade of gunmetal grey, yet smooth and almost skin-like to the touch. Only her face has retained a bit of M1R4's template host's physical appearance, porcelain-skinned, with a triple-scar over her left brow which merges and continues from under her left eye to her upper lip.

Shape: Trim, fit, reasonably endowed yet without vulgarity or excess.

Recognizable traits: Scarred face, noticeably different color between face and body. Her under-jaw was extrapolated (wrongly) by the nanites during reconstruction, the original having been destroyed. This left her with a lower jaw that seems to give her a bit of a, shall we say, under-bite? The leftovers from her lower lip can be seen protruding wrongly from behind the teeth. The effect itself is quite bizarre to the normal human, but not entirely inefficient or as weird to species with an exoskeleton, or even attractive to space orks.

Clothing: Skin tight bodysuit, thick enough that it does not show anything unseemly if she is expecting a fight. Regular humanoid clothing otherwise, usually selected to somewhat attempt to blend in with local verse culture.


A template of her old human one was copied, but was rendered defective during her transfer to the omniverse. She's more robot than man, now.
He demeanor most of the time appears cold and rule by logic and probability. Occasionally a small quirk of emotion, vestige of her old personality, can express itself although to her this is more of a glitch than anything else.
She is mathematically incapable of lying. Instead defaulting to a flat out refusal of supplying information should it be inconvenient for her to be forthcoming with it.
A lack of data about the omniverse and it's power structure has left her curious and cautious. She prefers not raising a fuss if it can be avoided.


M1R4 is the result of a fully automated AI-run facility's attempt at creating a fully synthetic, silicon and metal based physiology by replacing organic cells with synthetic nanites. Unfortunately, the M1R1 to M1R3 attempts were failures (the nanites, after achieving a certain number, would develop sentience and refuse to be overwritten and serve as a body for the AI.) and by the time the M1R4 attempt was started, the nanites were stolen from the complex by two members of a mysterious paramilitary organization. They achieved this by inserting a virus in the AI's programming and infiltrating the facility through the cooling vents. Coincidentally, the woman was also named Mira.

The time it took for the AI to purge itself and reboot two of its three cores, the humans had made it out of the facility and were well on their way to their getaway vehicle. Fully reactivating, the facility converted part of its walls into two hunter-killer drones and ran down the humans, mowing them and their escape vehicle down. The bullets used, however, were too high a caliber and shot through both the humans AND the container isolating the precious nanites from the outside world. They started replicating and taking the form of the first object they came into contact with. The body of the fallen operative, Mira. Even an attempt at stopping the process with flamethrowers were unsuccessful and the now-synthetic woman, cells replaces by nanites at a one-to-one ratio, stood and destroyed the two drones.

This did not come without cost, however. A severely damaged, incomplete M1R4 / Mira lay sprawled on the floor, running out of energy, programming corrupted, before deactivating completely and being led into the Omniverse.

(Current total : 10)
ATK: 1
Contrary to expectation, M1R4's current encounters have seen her combat protocols and assault power reduced drastically due to accumulated damage and omni physics.
DEF: 1
M1R4's resilience is likewise reduced.
SPD: 4
Being a machine, inertia and g-force limitations do not affect her (no blood pumping problems) the same way it would a human, allowing for faster motion and reaction.
TEC: 4
High processing power and reaction times, not to mention memory and combat adaptability, as expected of a sentient machine.


M1R4's body is composed of trillions of cell-sized nano-bots. Alone, these are practically useless, but in larger group, parallel processing permits a heightened control over her own body and body shape, permitting her to relocate parts of, or even open holes in, her anatomy.
Hive Mind
Wireless transmission permits control of a severed parts' nanites for up to one hour, after which if not reattached, run out of energy and shut down, effectively falling to dust.

(Total spent 900)

Magnetized Grappling-Hook Claw: (300 OM)
(Required Prof: Malleability, physical prof, Ranged prof, Remote control)

[Image: grapple_th.jpg]

M1R4 transforms a limb into an oversized three-pronged hook (see image, 3ft. diameter) before rapidly extending said limb to a surface at twenty meters max range.
After securely grabbing/magnetically(/omniphysics?) adhering onto the target, she pulls herself to the target by rewinding her arm's extended length back to normal.

Speed: 3 seconds total. (1 for hook, 1 for pull.) The use of the move does however require her to square her stance and stop running before firing so the extension's recoil does not send her flying (third second is to assume proper stance).
Aim: Is controlled by the main body and thus can be adjusted mid-movement. Visual confirmation of target needed for proper, speedy deployment.
Power: No damage. Mobility/gap closing move.
Lingering effect: Putting a little precision here, this is NOT a grappling move in the combat sense of the term. It will NOT permit her to hold onto an opponent or immobilize an opponent, just yoink herself to them.
The move does permit her hanging off a non-character target.
Multiple consecutive uses are energy-draining. Overuse may force sleep mode.

TLDR: Hookshot

Incomplete H0RN3T RC weapons pod protocols: (600OM)
(Malleability, Ranged prof, Remote control, hive mind)
[Image: DZQRL]

M1R4's only currently operable offensive systems, reduced from it's full potential by her recent... encounters. Blueprints were apparently modified from basic marksman-H droid [Star Wards]. (see image for looks)
Sacrificing 1/20th of her nanite synthmass (usually part of her skin), she manufactures a H0RN3T weapons pod. This deals a small amount of damage (PER pod) to her since disassembly protocols being currently inoperable render rapid rejoining with the pod an impossibility. M1R4 cannot control more than two at a time.

Size: 15cm in diameter
Speed: 4 seconds to eject. Manufactured in her torso and ejected through her back (takes one round in competitive before the first two can be spawned). Major torso wounds render this function inoperable until repaired. Hover speed is one-fourth of Mira's Max speed, thus 20 mph. Hover height does not surpass 6ft.2" (M1R4's height, or where someone could hold a gun if holding it above their head). Movement patterns are controlled with erratic movements to reduce ease of target. Projectile speed is arrow-speed.
Aim: The pods are remote controlled, not self operated. As such, M1R4 needs visual confirmation on the target. Their shots are linear up to ten meters then start falling off.
Power/damage: This move is more of a pain in the rear to deal with than powerful damage-wise. The damage itself is average.
Ammo type and ROF: Contrary to standard laser-based functions, the H0RN3T was repurposed to fire small, four inch long and eighth of an inch at it's thickest, metal needles in clusters of three (these stay close enough to each other not to be counted as AOE damage, it's single target-fire only). A pod can fire three times with a three second delay between shots before needing to fly back to M1R4 for reloading.
Range: In order to be efficiently controlled without lag, the pod must not stray further than twenty-five meters from M1R4, and it's own effective fire range is ten meters. Past that, the needles lose velocity, altitude and thus, power.
Resilience: Practically nil. These are offense-minded and can be destroyed by most attacks in one hit. They are hard to hit, however, usually constantly being hovered fast and erratically, making their path hard to predict.

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