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Name: Azrael

Level: 1

Spent OM: 4,800

Proficiencies(2000): Physical Strength (1000), Debuff (1000), 

Powers(1300/8000): Burst Movement (800 OM), Super Jumping, Advanced (500 OM)

Moves(900): Gustav Buster(300), Panzer Strike(300), Sentinel Dump(300)

Super Moves(600): Trinity Meteor(600)






Base stats: 
ATK: 3
DEF: 3
SPD: 3
TEC: 1

[Image: hXArMtj.png]
Height: 203 cm (6' 8")
Weight: 160 Kg (353 Ibs.)
Race: Human
Blood Type: A

Azrael is an imposing figure, physically and mentally.  With a rippling, imposing physique and a face that seems to naturally lean towards sinister and cruel expressions.  The tattoos visible on his body thanks to the way he wears his coat run across his whole body.  Once they had a purpose, but in the Omniverse they have become entirely decorative, at least for now.  His voice matches his figure, rather deep and imposing, easily able to fill a room without having to raise his voice too high.  Azrael is not one used to having to tiptoe around others, and conducts himself accordingly.

As for the mind of the so called Mad Dog, there's surprisingly more straightforward lines of logic than one might expect from so vicious a fighter.  Azrael has one single drive, one desire, one love that pushes most of his actions.  Battle.  All Azrael craves is combat, battle with other powerful warriors, pushing himself and others to the very limit of physical ability.  Few things catch his interest like the potential to fight someone else, and there's few things that disappoint him more than a lackluster opponent, or even worse, a warrior who refuses to engage him.  Such refusals can drive him into a rage, and he will often resort to any means necessary to force someone to fight.  He will threaten loved ones, homes, things the person loves with destruction and attack if they don't turn around and fight him.  Of course, such tactics were more effective in his home universe, and without the overwhelming power he once cherished he may be more reluctant or smarter about levying such threats.

For Azrael is smarter than most might give him credit for.  Behind his battle-crazed smile lurks a clever and cunning mind.  His sharp eyes are rather observant, taking in the details of potential prey, sizing them up.  An observant person can learn a lot by watching the way someone walks, talks, the way they comport themselves, how easily they carry or throw their weight around.  It's not perfect, but it's usually a good initial gauge of how appetizing someone might be.  This cunning attention to detail applies to battle as well.  While Azrael lacks the raw finesse of trained martial artists he has a firm grasp of the flow of battle itself, and knows how to use his strength and speed to his advantage, throwing his weight around in unconventional tactics and attacks reminiscent of a brawler to overwhelm his opponent, and occasionally one might catch glimpses of something more skilled hidden in his brutal blows.

Why, at times, Azrael can even be downright polite, not quite soft spoken, but there is a clear attempt to be friendly and 'nice.'  It's usually reserved for situations where there is no one around that he's interested in, or even when he's in a good mood, his 'polite' talk serving as a way to taunt his enemies and goad them into action or to fight harder.

Interestingly, Azrael has a stark dislike of bullies.  The strong should fight the strong, and there is no point, in his eyes, in simply picking on the weak.  Even when Azrael threatens those weaker than him, it's specifically to goad someone strong into fighting them.  It's more about using the weak as a means to an end then directly targeting them.  By the same token, those who do not appear strong can easily avoid Azrael.  He'll barely even acknowledge that they exist, and if he does he's usually curt or polite but brief, depending on his mood at the time. If they need help they might even be able to get him to do so, assuming that that help gets him something he wants, like an actually worthy opponent to consume.  

[Image: ubQHgix.jpg]

In battle Azrael lives up to his moniker, the Mad Dog.  He fights like a man possessed going for relentless assaults and attacks with little care or recourse for his own well being or defense.  He trusts to his near inhuman body to keep him going, and relies on his raw strength and speed to pummel foes into submission before they can do serious damage.  To keep himself close and personal and keep his opponent from ever getting a breather.  While his attacks generally seem to lack the refined skill of trained martial arts, they make up for it with raw power and harsh attacks aimed at sensitive spots.  Blows to the face, stomach, even attacks at the back of the head or knees, or vicious grapples, whatever it takes Azrael will do, so long as its not blatantly fighting dirty.  He would never stoop to throwing sand in someone's face for instance, a policy that is reflected in his 'techniques.'

Gustav Buster (Requires Burst Speed, Physical Strength) 300 OM
[Image: latest?cb=20170517133846]
An attack designed for the simple goal of closing the distance and striking a foe.  It's nothing more complicated than Azrael making a high speed dash combined with a rapid hook.  It's fast, versatile, covers just shy of ten meters, and a great way to get close to someone.  However, it's not too powerful an attack, barely better in terms of striking power than Azrael's normal blows.

[b]Panzer Strike (Requires Super Jumping, Physical Strength) 300 OM
[Image: latest?cb=20170517134409]
A two part move.  Panzer strike starts with a combined strike of jump and knee, typically aimed at the chest or chin of his opponent.  The ultimate goal of this initial attack is to carry his opponent up into the air with him, roughly twenty meters into the air, for the second blow to strike, that being a powerful straight delivered with Azrael's own body almost horizontal in the air.  The aim to hit the opponent with great force and slam them into the ground, preferably with Azrael directly over them.  The initial knee strike has little comparative power, just enough to carry an opponent into the air with Azrael, and even simple defenses can allow an opponent to avoid being carried upwards.  This can leave Azrael very exposed, up in the air and vulnerable to any counter attacks an opponent might try to launch.  However, the follow up slam, if he can land it, is significantly more painful than the knee.[/b]

[b][b]Sentinel Dump (Requires Super Jump, Burst Speed, Physical Strength) 300 OM
[Image: latest?cb=20170517134136]
Sentinel Dump is an almost hilariously simple move at the face of it.  Azrael jumps up and forward at quick speed to try and slam both feet directly down onto the opponent.  It is fast and he can easily leap about ten meters, but where the Gustav Buster is a quick hook and a dash, the Sentinel Dump is just a glorified jump.  An opponent who is standing and prepared can easily avoid it, assuming Azrael is even able to hit them at all.  A standing foe is a small and finicky target when stomping down from above and the Sentinel Dump can easily go wrong or only land a glancing hit in those instances.  The Sentinel Dump's primary use is thusly against opponents that have already been knocked to the ground, Azrael might even do so directly after a successful Panzer Strike, forgoing the potential distance coverage entirely.[/b]

[b][b][b]Trinity Meteor (Super Move, requires Burst Speed, Physical Strength) 600 OM
[Image: latest?cb=20170517133929][Image: latest?cb=20170517133939][Image: latest?cb=20170517133953]
For a brief moment, Azrael channels the raw power he was known for in his home universe.  Back home, the Trinity Meteor was three separate techniques performed in quick succession.  The Tiger Magnum, a short two meter dash combined with a harsh, sudden rising fist to the opponents face, swiftly followed by an upwards straight kick, often aimed to take them straight in the chin and lifting them off the ground, before finally swinging his leg back down and using the momentum of slamming it into the ground to propel himself forward for a devastating clothesline that either sends an opponent flying or slams them harshly into the ground.  Here in the Omniverse they've been elevated above his common stock and form the Trinity Meteor, the same sequence of attacks as before, but now a far more dangerous and ruthless part of his arsenal, a taste of the power of the Mad Dog.[/b]

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