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Peter Smithson

Name: Peter Smithson
Spent OM: 7200
Consumed OM: 300
Proficiencies (3400): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Debuff Proficiency (1000), Area Defense Proficiency (400)
Powers (400/8000): Master Acrobat (400)
Moves (1800): Sword of Entropy(300), Entropy Slash(600), Entropy Protect(600), Energy Pistol (300)
Super Moves (600): The Estrheliius Shield (600)
Transformations (0):
Assists (0):
Items: Communicator (200), Mobile Dataverse Device (100)
Unlocks (1000): Stat Upgrade I - SPD (1000)
Base stats:
ATK: 5
DEF: 1
SPD: 2
TEC: 3

[Image: Peter-Smithson.png]

Peter Smithson, Eldritch Exterminator

Age: 26

Physical Description: He's a caucasian male with puffy dirty-blonde hair and green eyes. He has a lean muscular build and has a height of 6 feet. His casual clothes are plain shirts and pants of various colors, and his serious clothes consist of a dark beige padded uniform with grey lines running through it. The serious clothes appear to be a flexible armor of some sort. On his right arm is a purple gauntlet with an infinity symbol on the back of its fist, and a large fin protrudes from its forearm. The gauntlet appears to be mechanical, but it is no longer functional. Sometimes a dull bronze pendant can be seen hanging from his neck.

Personality: Peter is first and foremost a young man possessed by youthful determination and spirit. His goal in life is one that's vague and lofty; he wants to protect innocent lives, even if he must face overwhelming odds. He is rarely scared, which can cause him to underestimate the danger in a situation. He isn't quick to judge others that aren't a danger to either himself or innocent people, in fact he hardly holds an opinion about new places and people until he gets to know them well. Outwardly he tries being stoic, and treating friends and strangers with respect, but that can change when he's in danger or has been riled up. He can be cocky, behave recklessly, treat others as less talented than him, and generally act like a total prima donna. Peter regrets acting like this and actively tries to correct his behavior, but his ugly side still occasionally slips out in the heat of the moment. By the time he realizes that he behaved incorrectly, it's often too late to apologize. His struggle to control his own behavior is causing him to doubt and even loathe himself. He keeps these feelings to himself.

Fighting Style: He fights giant monsters and normal people with the same philosophy: the first one to attack has the advantage. When being confronted by a potential opponent, Peter will attack if they either get into his personal space, raise a weapon, or raise their fists. For fighting people, he has studied a martial art that's similar to the real-life martial art Kung Fu San Soo. To heavily simplify it, it involves striking the body's weak points (like the stomach, solar plexis, chin, and various nerves) and using your momentum to add power to your attacks. Thanks to this training, Peter moves with a sort of quick flow throughout combat. He never stands still, always changing his stances and moving around as he attacks. In unarmed combat, he strikes the hard parts of his opponents body (like their chin, or their temple) with his palm or the side of his fist so that he doesn't break his hand. If his opponent has a weapon, he prefers getting uncomfortably close and grabbing the forearm holding the weapon so that he can control where it goes. Peter will use his pistol if getting close isn't an option. He prefers aiming his pistol with two hands, and he doesn't like dual wielding since he likes having at least one hand free. While Peter knows many technical moves, he prefers straightforward approaches, like leaping forward and kneeing the opponent's stomach while palming their chin. Stomping the leg is another favorite of his. If he's desperate, he'll go for the groin and the eyes. For fighting giant monsters, he's less technical and much more reckless. He'll charge right at them with everything he's got.

Most importantly however is Peter's stance on using entropy energy. He refuses to use it on people and natural creatures. While his entropy sword can't do too much right now, in the past it could easily slice up someone and leave them to suffer in horrible agony. That hasn't happened yet, and Peter wants to make sure it stays that way. Only the horrible abominations that plagued his previous life deserve that level of cruelty (assuming they can even feel pain). Only the most dire scenario will cause Peter to break this pact he made with himself. (See the description for the Entropy Slash for more details on what entropy energy is)


Summary: Peter was an Eldritch Exterminator before he was pulled into the Omniverse. He and his fellow Exterminators traveled through many different universes as they hunted down various eldritch abominations. The creatures they fought were at least large enough to eat planets (some were big enough to swallow galaxies), so they fought the creatures with cosmically powerful weapons like supernova guns and nuclear explosion generators. Peter had a best friend named Servo, who introduced Peter to the Eldritch Exterminators. He also had a girlfriend named Esther, who he loved with all his heart. Unfortunately, Peter's life was turned overboard when the Eldritch Exterminators encountered a horrible abomination called the Nosferatu. It killed many of Peter's teammates, including Servo; and it grievously wounded Esther. Peter, desperate to put a stop to the Nosferatu's rampage, threw himself into battle with it. The Nosferatu was ultimately destroyed, but Peter was fatally wounded in the process. As Peter's barely alive body floated through the null-space between universes, Omni decided to give him a second chance at life. Thus Peter was pulled into the Omniverse, where he would have to learn to live without the extremely overpowered weaponry he was used to.

Full History: Link


ATK: 5
While Peter's physical strength is only above average, he makes up for it with the power of his weaponry. He can summon guns with power similar to their real-life equivalents, and his sword can damage strong metal when it's charged with entropy energy (this is explained more in the description for Entropy Slash). He often does more damage with his physical blows by aiming for weak parts of the body like the nerves and stomach, and he adds more power to the blows by moving his whole body as he makes the strike.

DEF: 1
Peter was never that good at taking punches. All it takes is one good hit in the right place to end a fight with him, even when he's wearing his armor. In fact the armor is really only good for protecting him from minor cuts and scrapes. It can't protect him from a direct blow.

SPD: 2
Peter is as fast as a well-trained runner. While his fighting movements can seem sudden and hard to track to the ordinary viewer, experienced opponents can follow him perfectly.

TEC: 3
Peter's martial arts training has taught him many fancy, flowing moves that can knock over much larger opponents. His sword play is also nothing to sneeze at.



Physical Strength (1000)

Ranged Proficiency (1000)

Debuff Proficiency (1000)

Area Defense Proficiency (400)


Master Acrobat (400): Peter is adept at rolling. If he's knocked down, he can do a roll to quickly get into a three-point stance. A leaping front shoulder roll is also a good way to dynamically rush at an opponent, especially if they're standing on a slippery surface. He can also do fancy acrobatic tricks like cartwheels and midair flips, but he hasn't figured out a good use for them in combat. At least, not yet.


Sword of Entropy (300) (Uses Physical Strength): This 4 foot sword has a small entropy generator attached to a hole at the base of the blade. The weapon has been time-frozen, which means that it cannot move forward in time. The sword can still move, but it can't be changed. It can't break, rust, warm up, or cool down. This time-freezing is needed to keep it from being destroyed by the entropy energy it generates. The time-freeze effect on the sword can be removed with any debuff move that can disable special properties on weapons.

Energy Pistol (300) (Uses Ranged Proficiency): Fires a red bolt of energy, which does similar damage to a real world pistol. The pistol doesn't need to be reloaded, but it has a semi-slow rate of fire at 1 shot per second. The pistol is powered with batteries that need to be swapped out periodically.

Entropy Slash (600) (Uses Physical Strength) (Uses Debuff Proficiency): Holding down on a button on his entropy sword's hilt causes its entropy generator to charge up the blade with entropy energy. What is entropy energy? It is a translucent substance that floats in the air like a gas cloud. The energy is absorbed by all matter that touches it, causing the matter to rapidly heat up. Enough entropy energy can heat matter up so much that it'll disintegrate at the atomic level, leaving only stardust behind. However, it's difficult to quantify how much entropy energy is needed for this, especially since it depends on many factors including the material's thickness and its volume. However, its effect on opponents is always consistent.

For this move, Peter charges the blade for 3 seconds, then slashes his opponent. All the entropy energy exits the blade and travels into the point where the blade made contact, heating it up. If the opponent's flesh is cut, it feels like a red-hot poker is pressing on the wound, and the pain stuns the opponent for 1 second. For this to work, the sword must hit the body directly (if it hits armor, the heat on the armor isn't painful) and it must be charged for at least 3 seconds. If Peter charges the sword for 6 seconds, the damage the entropy energy does is magnified. It will feel like molten metal was shoved into the wound, and flesh up to half a centimeter away from the wound will disintegrate into stardust only a moment after the wound is made. This additional effect doesn't increase the opponent's stun-time. Entropy energy starts leaking off the blade after 5 seconds of charge and will heat up whatever it touches to the point of causing burns, so Peter must be careful with this variant of the move, or else he could inadvertently burn himself or anyone who happens to stand close to him. Also, Peter risks breaking the entropy generator if he uses it constantly, and this move will destroy the sword if its time-freeze effect is removed. One more thing: The entropy slash also does increased damage to environmental objects (such as doors, crates, walls, etc), allowing Peter to slash straight through wood and weaker metals; and breaking through stronger metals can take 5-30 hits depending on the metal and how thick it is (Note that this only applies to environmental objects. The entropy slash doesn't do as much damage to armor and weapons. Blame Omniphysics.)

Sidenote: The pain from the entropy slash fades away quicker if the character has regeneration.

Entropy Protect (600) (Uses Area Defense Proficiency): The blade can only hold a 5-second charge of entropy energy. Charging for more than 5 seconds causes the excess energy to leak off the blade. As this occurs, Peter can spin the sword to create a circle of entropy energy in front of him. The circle has a 4-foot diameter. If you touch it, it makes you feel like you're touching scalding water, but the pain isn't enough to stun you and it does almost no damage. While the move isn't really a good offensive tool, it's good at warding away opponents. Peter must be constantly charging entropy energy and spinning his sword to maintain the cloud, or it will almost immediately fade away. The sword's entropy generator will break if he does this for more than 30 seconds. Peter can also spin his sword extra-vigorously to form a thicker entropy circle that destroys projectiles with an ATK equal to his DEF, and causes visible burns to those who touch it. However, this is so tiring that Peter can only maintain this for five seconds, he can't move or turn around while doing it, and he won't be able to defend himself against surprise attacks.

Super Moves

The Estrheliius Shield (Uses Physical Strength) (Uses Area Defense Proficiency) (Tier 1 Super Defense) (600 OM): In its inactive state, the shield is no larger than a frisbee and hardly offers any protection. Activating it by pressing a button on the handle causes the shield's diameter to expand to 7 feet, and it coats itself in a reality-bending energy that harmlessly deflects any force no greater than a Tier 1 Super Attack. This activation only lasts for a couple seconds, and it cannot be used when the battery in the shield is drained.




Esther Maller(Status Unknown): She is an expert Eldritch Exterminator on the same level as Peter. They were in a loving relationship before Peter was dragged into the Omniverse. Peter loved her for her compassion and her straightforwardness, and Esther loved Peter for his courage and his tenacity. Peter misses her dearly, but he doesn't even know if she's alive. Last he saw her, she had been critically wounded, with no telling if she would recover. All he can hope is that, if he were to somehow escape from the Omniverse, he would be able to reunite with her.

Servo Josetr(Deceased): He was another expert Eldritch Exterminator; him and Peter were best friends since childhood. They had formed a bond so strong that they were like brothers. Whether they were struggling through training or entangled in combat together, they could always count on each other. Unfortunately, with Servo having lost his life in battle, Peter must continue to struggle through life without his greatest ally by his side.


Thomas Sinclair: This middle-aged military director has proven to be a reliable comrade. Together, he and Peter fought through a minor scourge of Coruscant's Tier V, the Blameless O'Brian Bandits; and more generally, Sinclair has helped Peter make his way through the Omniverse, almost acting like an advisor to him. Though they have just met, they understand one another. To quote Sinclair, "Fundamentally, we're both soldiers that fight for what we believe in."

Cade Faulkner (alias The Centurion): He is a young Hawaiian superhero equipped with advanced armor. He is one of the first Avengers Peter met, and he is the one who accepted Peter onto the team. While Peter holds respect for him due to being a more experienced Avenger and due to being so willing to accept him on the team, subconsciously he can't fully accept that this man who is rather younger than him is pretty much his superior. This will most likely lead to them butting heads a few times somewhere down the line.

Shantae: Peter hardly knows this young half genie, they haven't really had a proper conversation, but he can tell something's up with her. She's completely unlike anyone else he's met in Coruscant. She is almost overly good-spirited, innocent, and cartoonish compared to other Coruscantees, who are realistic and at least slightly pessimistic.

Marcus Wright: Peter has legit respect for this badass oversized dude. When the going gets rough, Peter knows that you can always trust the hardened soldier to push on through. Even when Peter's ego comes out in full force, he's going to butt heads with Marcus less than anyone else. On another note, Peter has no idea he's a cyborg Terminator, but if he does he'll be pretty accepting of it.




Marc (alias Moon Knight): Owing to Marc's hospitalization, Peter hasn't really had the chance to meet him this leader of the Avengers. However, he's impressed by what he's heard about Marc, and he already respects the caped phantom.

The Vision: Well, this white-painted android certainly isn't a nice fellow. As far as Peter can tell, he used to be good friends with the other Avengers, but that's definitely changed. Is the Vision that Marcus talked about still in there, or has the programs that he's integrated turned him into a cold, mindless machine? Peter definitely isn't comfortable with having this guy around.

Misc. Details

Bronze Pendant: This dull, ugly adornment is Peter's most prized possession. Opening it reveals a small photograph of Peter's girlfriend. It is the only photograph of her that he has in his possession. To Peter, this pendant represents the love he's lost and the home he's left behind. Much of his mental stability is perched on this pendant. Remove the pendant from his possession, and Peter will turn into a sobbing wreck.

Omniverse History

No Time For Mourning (LINK): Peter tumbles into the Nexus, too groggy to stand. A serious man named Sinclair happens upon Peter, and wakes him up out of concern. After getting up, Peter is struck by sorrow as he remembers the horrible battle that took so much from him. He spends a few moments mourning, but manages to keep going forward by tasking himself with returning to his crew. He asks Sinclair where he can contact people outside the Omniverse, and Sinclair suggests Coruscant since with its amazing technological advances, an extra-universal communicator could very well be in development there. Thus both men go on the long hike towards Coruscant's gate. Along the way, Sinclair informs Peter of Omnilium, his status as a Prime, and the nature of Primes and Secondaries.

Adapting To A New Environment (LINK): Peter and Sinclair enter Coruscant, and after a brief discussion they begin their search for a way out of the Omniverse. Sinclair had already scoured the upper Tiers of Coruscant for information on this, yet couldn't find even one clue, so the only option left is to search the Archives of Ultan down in the crime-ridden Tier 5. Meanwhile, a plainclothes stormtrooper named Imai is sent by his micro-managing superior Frank on an unreasonable mission to follow Peter down into Tier 5 and convince him to join the EPD, because Frank believes Peter is too perfect a candidate to pass up. Down in Tier 5, Peter and Sinclair arrive at the Archives with relative ease, not counting a little fight they had with a few gangsters along the way. In the Archives, Peter desperately searches for information on escaping the Omniverse as Imai, pretending to be a mere salaryman named Kazuhiro, meets and makes acquaintances with him. The research only proves to Peter that the Omniverse is inescapable, and he's utterly shattered. He exits the library with Sinclair, only for them to get kidnapped by the Blameless O'Brian Bandits as revenge for that earlier fight with several of their members. Imai inadvertently gets pulled into the conflict. The three are taken to the gang's warehouse homebase, but prove to be too tricky to restrain and end up fighting their way out, destroying the gang in the process. Imai finally reveals his true nature and offers Peter to join the EPD, but Peter rejects the offer and instead chooses to check out the Avengers. With that, Imai parts ways with Sinclair and Peter. While the two proud soldiers move onward towards a future of possibilities, Imai is executed after making an official report of the incident.

Rebirth (LINK): Peter and Sinclair happen to arrive at the Avengers' Mansion at a bad time. Their leader, Marc (alias Moon Knight), was critically injured in a fight with a different gang, and this left both the Mansion and its occupants in disarray. Despite the bad timing, Peter and Sinclair successfully convince one of its members, Cade (alias Centurion), that they will be a good fit for his team. This leads to a few days where Peter is finally able to rest and recuperate from both his introduction to the Omniverse and the events that lead up to him being taken. In the downtime, he gets acquainted with most of the Avengers: Cade, a young Hawaiian superhero equipped with advanced armor; Marcus, a big strong dude with an apparent hatred for something named 'Skynet'; and Shantae, a dopey half-genie capable of many strange powers (including using her own hair as a weapon). Peter isn;t able to meet Marc on account of him still recovering from his injuries. This short period of chillness comes to an end during Peter's first Avengers meeting. Before it can begin, the Vision, a robotic Avenger who is apparently suffering from a personality malfunction (as far as Peter could tell, anyway), rudely interrupts the meeting. In the conversation that follows, the Vision makes its goal clear: to inspect the Avengers, and destroy them if they aren't up to his standards. He also mentions having integrated Skynet into his system, which seriously enrages Marcus much to Peter's confusion. Before this conversation can end badly, the Vision is compromised and infected by a sentient virus named Wendigo, who unbeknowst to the people in the room has infected the Mansion's entire network. As Wendigo begins to absorb and alter the Vision's code, he goes silent and collapses onto the table, leaving everyone confused and unaware of the catastrophe soon to follow.


Makoto Imai (Deceased)
[Image: Untitled.png]

Source Material: Akira (Manga)

Formerly a Japanese government agent who spied on rebels in Neo-Tokyo, he joined the Stormtroopers after being summoned into the Omniverse. He is skilled at stealth, bluffing, and subterfuge. With these skills, he has infiltrated criminal ranks to help track their whereabouts. He prefers not wearing Stormtrooper armor, and he carries throwable switchblades along with his standard issue blaster. Makoto is in all respects a loyal rank-and-file trooper, except where his ego is concerned. This smug spy can't stand to lose a fight, and if someone beats him he'll pull outright stupid stunts and even disobey orders in order to get revenge. He'll even help a couple criminals sneak away on the off-chance that they'll lead him to the person he wants to get revenge on.

(Note: His name was never revealed in the manga, so I just made up a name for him.)

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