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[NPC] Twisted Family Reunion

Ashelin paced for a while as Sig tried to scout out the Nexus “My liege?” “Where do we go from here?”

Damas frowned and looked at Ashelin “Look, you know this place better than I do, Governess, lead the way.”

Ashelin bit her tongue and nodded “The last mentioned way we went is toward the hotel in the Vasty Deeps. Well Desman’s hotel”

Sig looked surprised “This Omniverse has many verses?”

Ashelin nodded ‘This place is bigger than we imagined it to be.”

Damas looked back, stopping the car in the white Nexus “Explain, Ashelin.”

The woman turned for a second and cleared her throat “The Vasty deeps is essentially an island paradise with water and a town called Costa Del Sol. There’s a lot of mysteries but essentially we are heading to the hotel.”

Sig nodded, trying to observe his king’s observations and then nodded, waiting for Damas to say the word before the woman would start again.

“This? Sig, King Damas, is the Nexus. A meeting point of white not much but the fountain around us. I still have questions about this place as well.”

She seemed to notice the white stormtroopers stationed near one of the gates and it made her slightly wince. Perhaps it was past hurts that bothered her.

She shook it off when Sig placed a hand on her shoulder

“Ashelin, what’s bothering you?”

“It’s nothing.” The woman calmly stated trying to shake an old memory off.

She pushed the hand off her shoulder “Look, just... I don’t know what to think.”

Sig looked down “I’m sorry if things are rough right now, Ashelin, we’ll figure things out.”

Damas said, “You gotta keep going, we are never going to find anything if we keep stopping everywhere and chatting.”

Ashelin just seemed a bit tense and sighed “I’m... sorry. It’s hard.”

She brushed her dreadlocked hair out of her face. She never got this upset over anything like this. Everyone had their own problems to deal with out there.

As the crew made it toward the gate Ashelin talked about, it opened wide and all three plus the vehicle was in the Deeps now.

From glaring white to sunny blue skies made the two Wastelanders wince at the scenery change. Usually, the weather didn’t really bother them but they were on a mission to find what they were looking for.

The former Governess nodded and agreed that the others should all spread out and ask for information on where the somewhat famous hotel owner, Desman hotel was at.

So Ashelin walked away along with the other two, Sig and Damas as they asked random beachgoers in Costa-De-Sol where Hotel “Desman” was at.

One of them wearing surfer shorts with sharks on them blinked and looked up, “Oh yeah! Beach-Front Inn… I saw some celebrities heading’ there, I think some DA Contestants… One was a long-eared weirdo and his pet, also a robot named Desman, I think?"

Surprisingly the others didn’t find much information as the others found the Wastelander pair’s attire weird on the beach.

There was a lot of insults about seeing Damus’s underwear under his dress and Sig defending his king over and over about it was common Wastelander gear from where they were from and deserts were harsh.

Sig grunted ‘My king, why did you let people walk on you like that?”

Damas grunted, “It doesn’t matter, we need information any way possible.”

Sig frowned ‘But.”

Damas said “No need, Sig.”

Ashelin pointed “That way to Hotel Desman.”

The crew started to take the long walks across the Costa del Sol beach where it felt more like some Baywatch episode than anything except two guys and a woman with long ears.

The only reasoning is later they’d probably hit the beach after some convincing.

Hotel Desman finally came into view as the triangle of crewmates walked inside the door.
The same man blinked and said, “Hello, may I help you three today?”

Ashelin blinked “Don’t .. you remember me?”

The man said, “Wait.. you!”

Ashelin grunted “The Governess?! Ashelin? Ring any bells?”

The man nodded “Yes yes I do, who are your friends?!”

Ashelin shook his head “No need. I need info on Jak’s whereabouts.”

The man shook his head “No can do. I don’t know where he went, he ran off somewhere complaining, but I can tell you where his room is and a friend’s room is.”

Ashelin blinked and stood to shake.


Sig tried to shake her again to get her to stop freezing up

“Daxter’s ALIVE again?!” But HOW?!”

Damas blinked “So the little guy is alive after all?”

Sig wasn’t sure “This doesn’t make sense, after everything I..”

Ashelin shook the man “Where is he?!”

Louise looked annoyed “Just follow the elevator up to his room. Here’s a key, two others.”

Ashelin tossed a key to the other two “Come on, Sig, and Damas. We got a family reunion to do with Daxter.”

Ashelin stepped into the elevator. The same elevator where Dark Jak almost killed her that fateful day. She couldn’t help but feel scared after seeing the scars on the door. Hopefully, the hotel fixed that.

After a few brief minutes, the door opened to Jak and Daxter’s room and there were the ottsel flipping channels on Jak’s bed.

The ottsel blinked “Did someone order room service?! Wait… huh? Jak?! Buddy is that you?!”

Ashelin turned and walked in with Sig and Damas in tow as they scanned the room in surprise.

“No, but we are here.”

Daxter smirked “Hey bab- errrrr oops. Hello Sig, Hello Damas”


Daxter turned down the tv and looked up “Sig, Damas… Are you guys real?!” “What have you guys been doing’ FOR MONTHS while I and Jak were sufferin' for 5 YEARS!”

Damas couldn’t help but “share” his hurt with the ottsel “Listen, I don’t care what they say but I was stuck in Nippur for years with NO help suffering while Jak and you do whatever the hell you want.”

Sig blinked and was appalled Damas could know such anger toward Daxter of all people.

Ashelin had to separate Damas and Daxter from going at each other then and there.

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[Image: Darkdata.png]Jak/Mar- Dynamite Kid/ DA 2018" (Translated text)[Image: hVDTXBF.gif](Thanks Ezzy!)

The Infamous Dynamite Kid- Sasuke

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Daxter was pushed to the side and sighed “Look, how about we go have some fun. I know a place we can all go, the Costa del Sol beach! Damas looked at Para and sighed, regaining his composure. “Why not, it’s a good time to try and calm down as he cleared his throat a little more calm.

Ashelin raised a eyebrow, clearly worried more about Jak. “What about Jak, the main reason why we came here in the first place?”

Daxter, at hearing his friend’s name perked up. He looked sad “He’s in a empire prison and there’s nothing we can do about it. Unless we want to fight the empire and that will take forever as we know it and To-”

Ashelin looked a bit unnerved when Daxter said Torn’s name out loud. “Just his memories are sad.” She eyed the ottsel, “You never gave up before, Daxter. Just when the going goes bad, you are going to let Jak suffer?! “Why did you save him at Nippur then? Why did we go all that way to find Sig and Damus.”

Daxter’s ears flopped down, trying to cover out voices “I just CAN’T SAVE HIM, ok. If i do, I’ll die again and hurt Jak even more.”

Sig stood up to try to cheer up the ottsel. “Dax, come on. We can all do it. We can survive all the Empire can do to us.”

Daxter was frustrated “Don’t you guys understand?! Torn died because he was NOT prepared! You guys aren’t prepared for what will happen! Jak is a prime and he can do things we can’t… I .. don’t know.”

“If Ash was here, she’d understand.” Daxter turned his head toward Ash’s poster “Oh, Ash, baby i wish you were here.”

The ottsel laid on the bed, dribbling at the poster in his and Jak’s room.

Para looked up at the poster “She’s cute.”

Daxter smirked “Of course, this is Ash, my hot stuff.”
[Image: oNAS6Nu.png]

[Image: Darkdata.png]Jak/Mar- Dynamite Kid/ DA 2018" (Translated text)[Image: hVDTXBF.gif](Thanks Ezzy!)

The Infamous Dynamite Kid- Sasuke

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DA 16'
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Damas’s face became beet red, “Why are you exposing Para to such SHAME?!”. The ottsel sighed and winced “Because she’s hot and all, and she helped Jak a lot of the time.”

Para dug for something “What’s hot stuff mean?”

Damas was about to explain as Sig smacked his face in embarrassment. Sig sighed “Can we just please find something to do to distract us from this mess, Daxter?”

Daxter nodded and turned on the television and the latest promo came on: Looking for a vacation? Looking for a good time? Come to Costa Del Sol, Party town and More!”

The sneaky ottsel’s face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning.

“Want to go to the party town?”

Damas frowned “No, Para’s too young.”

Daxter whined, “Oh, COME ON!”

Para stopped and asked “What if we visited the jungle?” quite innocently just to change the topic from so much tension.

The ottsel looked up “The Jungle? You mean the Tangled greens?”

Daxter tried to remember those times with Jak went to the Tangled greens to do a few secret things he couldn’t recall, Torn went with them a few times. Though there was no way for anyone to update him on recent events.

He scratched his head “It’s a long story. I can explain as we get there.”

Ashelin said “Where are these Tangled greens? Are there precursor artifacts there?”

Daxter muttered, “I’m not sure about Precursor Artifacts, but at least Samos isn’t blowing steam about them in my face.”

Para poked him lightly “Made ya’ look, Dax.”

Dax rubbed Para’s head lightly “Kid, you aren’t so bad after all.”

“Alright, guys. It’s decided. Pack up. We are leaving for the Tangled greens right away.”

Everyone wanted to question the orders but searched Jak’s room and other things for appropriate weapons and so to take along for the ride.
Once everyone packed up for the tangled greens, the group took one last look at Jak’s room and nodded, wondering if what Daxter had in mind was dangerous, as per usual. They all stared at each other and shrugged.

Everyone took the elevator down. It was big enough to hold 5 of them, luckily as the elevator went up, a ding signaling they had reached the lobby.

As they got off, Daxter hopped on a cherrywood table in the hotel to make himself look bigger. “Hey Louis, I need your advice here. Do you know where the Tangled Greens are? Louis bent down and started to type on his computer “Yes, I know exactly where they are. But you looking for a place in particular?”

Daxter scratched his head again, rather confused “Actually, we’d like to go artifact huntin’”

Louis sighed “I can’t help you there, Daxter but I can help you get to your location so you can start the search.

Damas stepped up, the sand king looking serious with Para on his shoulder “Louis, is it?”

“What can you tell us about the Tangled greens about these artifacts?”

Louis seemed focused on his computer, with a straight face and told him and Para “Again, I can’t help with artifact hunting but I can give you printed directions and circle your location.

The hotel manager did a simple click and the advanced printer started to shoot out paper with directions of the Tangled greens.

Louis handed it to the group and smiled, “Have a nice Day, I hope you find Jak.”

The group started to gather around and looked at the instructions.

Leave the Vasty deep
Go back to Costa Del Sol
Find the Nexus gate back to the Tangled Greens

Have a nice day, :)

Daxter groaned “Are you kiddin’ me? That seems like the lamest directions ever.”

Damas read and shrugged “Works for me. Basic enough.”

Ashelin raised a eyebrow “Sometimes, I swear this group…”

They all followed suit through the rotating doors the hotel had. The trip back toward the edge of Costa Del Sol was seemingly uneventful.

But a quick dip in the water on the beach for Daxter involved much more with the ottsel chasing woman with skinny bikinis as he dripped much to his pleasure and the other’s displeasure.

Damas and Sig crossed thier arms as they felt like they were wasting time while Para happily played in the sand a bit. Ashelin grumbled as she waited for the ottsel and made his party time short.

Ashelin frowned “Enough panty hunting, Daxter, get us moving here. Damas and Sig don’t have time for this.”

Daxter muttered “Can’t I have a little fun. Come on even Para is..”

A “No” from the three echoed near Daxter.

Daxter scoffed “Fine, let’s go.”

The ottsel winced as his feet were hot crossing the beach sands and sighed “I’ll come back later girls.”

Para walked with Daxter and they talked and observed as they passed many candy shops and food shops both with calloused “Nos” coming from the others as they kept walking.

Once they finally came back to the Nexus gate, they sighed and Daxter whined about his feet burning up. Daxter sighed and kissed the Nexus’s floor. “Finally, cool feet.”

Para giggled at the ottsel’s own reaction.
[Image: oNAS6Nu.png]

[Image: Darkdata.png]Jak/Mar- Dynamite Kid/ DA 2018" (Translated text)[Image: hVDTXBF.gif](Thanks Ezzy!)

The Infamous Dynamite Kid- Sasuke

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