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Shantae to Moon Knight "Name Change"

To: MoonKnight@Avengers.net
From: shantae@tempemails.com
Subject: Name Change

I love the idea of a hero team! If Sequin Land had that, they wouldn't have to call upon me all the time! However, I'm not sure about the name. Avengers suggests you're dealing in the business of revenge, which is more a villain thing. You need a more heroic title! And I think I've thought of something that would be perfect!

Justice Friends!

It sounded silly to me at first, but it's really growing on me! And I think it would grow on you too! You'd be the talk of all of Croissant pier 4! What do you say?
[Image: eQwqRg7.png]
[Image: wkr7ABB.png]

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