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The Forest of Nightmares

There had been no intelligent beings in sight, but admittedly in the thick brush there wasn’t very much of anything to see that wasn’t blocking his view. An eventual sound of running water did however draw his attention in a particular direction. It wasn’t until the screams he began running.

Breaking off into a small clearing he found himself nearing a small wooden fort, Human soldiers were fending off an attack of short ugly barbaric looking creatures. The creatures were striking with spears against a wooden gate that looked like it was about to fall apart at any second. 

Revan walked up behind the creatures drawing his sword and preparing for a fight. “Cease your attack or pay the price.”

One of the creatures turned around, his pointy ears twitched at the sight of Revan. “Look boys, it’s easy pickings.” 

Revan’s eyes shot open when it dawned on him these creatures were implying he was to be their next meal. Two with spears charged at him but he blocked their feeble strikes. Another ran at him with a sword but was easily countered, his own sword ran through spilling black blood upon the forest floor. All of them roared at him but ceased as the gate opened and the armoured soldiers stepped out with their own weapons drawn.

“Retreat!” The leader of the creatures said as the group scurried off into the trees.

“Greetings-“ Revan went silent as two bows were drawn and aimed at him.

“Who are you?” A long blonde soldier asked.

“I am Revan Noctis, I just came from Camelot.” Revan wasn’t sure if these men could be trusted.

“Alright get in, we’ll talk inside.” The man said turning around.

“Those are Orcs, but not like the ones in Camelot, their primitive monsters that will eat whatever they can get their hands on.” “I’m Captain Richard, and we serve King Aragorn by making sure our troops have a safe passageway through the Green, mostly to commune with the Elves.” The Captain seemed a lot calmer now than before.

“Why are they trying to eat you?” Revan asked certain there must be far more easier things to eat in this forest.

“They have a hatred for us, and we them, they were exiled into this forest long ago.” Revan didn’t fully understand but figured it wasn’t too important right now.

“What’s in this verse anyway?” Revan inquired.

“There is a lot in this forest, the Elves own most of it, but you’ve also got Ninjas, basically assassins, a colony of multi race misfits, and also a great number of many terrible things we prefer stayed in the furthest reaches of the Green.”

“What are Elves?” Revan asked not knowing of them.

“Haha, you don’t know, we’ll theyre these over arrogant fools that think they’re better than Humans, most of them tend to look almost like us but with pointy ears, actually most have a thing for archery much like yourself I’m guessing.” 

“I guess I should just be trying to get through the forest to the next gate as fast as possible.” Revan said considering the place not really worth it.

“Alone, you won’t make it, we’ve had an increase of activity, something’s getting our foes really riled up and I don’t know when reinforcements will be here to deal with it.”

Riled up you say?” Revan wondered what exactly that meant here.

“Yeh it’s worse deeper in, Elves have even suggested we stop negotiations temporarily, the Orcs are not even usually this close to the gate.”

Revan somewhat understood the situation but he didn’t want to turn back, nor did he believe it necessary for somebody as experienced as he was to do so. Still he couldn’t deny these soldiers knew the forest a lot more than him.

“I can handle it.” Revan said earning an annoyed look from the Captain.

“I can’t stop you, but you’re making a mistake, you have no idea what’s out there.” 

“I’ve been to the Moors, this is nothing.” Revan said feeling confident.

“”So be it Revan, you can set out whenever you’re ready.”Revan had entered a world that truly could be described as a massive forest. With little idea of where to go he just went wandering. It didn’t take him long to realise this verse was dangerous, too many large insects, strange plants and even animals he didn’t know the name of seemed to surround him.

Revan had stumbled through the thick unknown forest as best he could knowing not to allow himself to easily disturb the creatures within. Surprisingly however as he moved deeper the sounds of wildlife seemed to grow lower before finally ceasing altogether. Drawing his attention to the sky he spotted a trail of smoke lifting upwards. This was clearly the most likely place to go for some kind of settlement and thus it was the way he chose to travel.

Revan could hear speaking, he had definitely found a camp, however the voices sounded strange and unnatural. Dropping to his knees he approached a small cliff and peeked over. Wooden huts had been built around and a large roaring bonfire had been made in the centre and was lighting the camp. The sun up above was finally setting and the Orcs were gathering meats that appeared to be harvested from the various beasts of the forest.

Revan didn’t know much about the Orcs but they seemed very tribal and seemed to lack any real interests beyond basic survival. He noticed the shrubbery around the camp shake alerting Revan that something was wrong. He simply remained to watch sure that these Orcs knew more about the location than he did.

Dark humanoid creatures burst from the bushes and in a rush charged out at the camp. Most of the Orcs were already brandishing their weapons and responding to the attack. The creatures with arms outstretched pulled many of the front Orcs to the ground that weren’t quick enough and began to tear into their flesh like a pack of hungry wolves. 

Some of the Orcs fired arrows at the creatures but they appeared to be quite resilient. The creatures after consuming some of the Orcs continued rushing forward attempting to grasp more of their fresh prey. The Orcs slashed and hacked at the creatures cutting off limbs and heads. The fallen Orcs seemed to stir before rising to their feet and joining the charge. Whatever these creatures were they seemed to add their fallen foes to their ranks quite easily. Despite this they did not appear to be undead.

The camp was being torn apart by the creatures who were merciless in their destruction and consumption of the Orcs below. Revan decided it was time that he acted, getting up from the ground he began sprinting over intending to help the Orcs.

Revan was approaching the camp when three of the creatures appeared from behind the trees and some form of black liquid drooped from their mouths. They looked mostly Human but had black eyes and sharp teeth with certain chunks of flesh clearly missing from their bodies. 

Revan unsheathed his sword and prepared to face them, whatever they were he knew they would fall to his blade. One charged toward him, sidestepping it he cut through its torso. Revan moved forward in case the fallen corpse found new life. The other two ran at him together from both sides. Revan stepped sideways and swung at the first spinning around and stabbing the second. The first one died but the second one remained alive attempting to claw at him, the creature hands seemed to have what appeared to be something other than normal nails. Long sharp objects protruded from it and he assumed this was one of the natural weapons that made them so dangerous.

He kicked the creature off his sword and brought it down once more unto its body silencing its roars of defiance. He then sprang forth into the camp. The Orc grounds were covered in blood but there were no bodies in sight. The bonfire continued to rage but without more fuel would eventually falter. He didn’t know if these creatures were normal to the green but regardless searched the camp for clues. The creatures were gone and if any Orcs had survived they were no longer here either. After checking the Orc supplies to find them unsuitable for Human digestion he decided it was best not to stay here and that moving on was the best. The one thing he managed to find was some campfire supplies.

The path through the forest at night was even more dangerous now that Revan knew what was it there waiting for him. He did find that it gave him incentive to speed up his journey. His goal he supposed was simply to find the next sign of civilisation and eventually find the next gate out of these untamed lands, this however seemed more difficult so far than he had hoped. 

As he was running he heard strange noises begin to form around him. Sounds of scratching and quickly banging joined it. Wielding his sword he expected more of the same ferocious beasts as before but instead rope nets were thrown out and landed upon him. Revan cut through one but the rest nestled on top of him restricting his movements. Orcs leapt out of the forest moving to tighten the nets, he hated himself for falling into such an obvious ambush. 

The Orcs growled at him as they grabbed at his weapons, tearing it away and tying him up for travel. Revan recognised at least a couple of them from the camp but he doubted the rest had been there. Soon he was being carried through the forest and well off his path. 

Revan was dropped onto the ground hard causing him to stir and look around at the Orcs that surrounded him, struggling to even sit up with the ropes that still bound his arms. When he finally got into a kneeling position he found himself in front of a throne of rocks, sticks and animal fur. The ghastly Orcs seemed terrifying in their appearance and the Orc upon the throne seemed little better. Instead of a crown a crude sharp spiked helmet covered the Orc’s face. 

“Why have you entered my territory?” The Chieftain asked rather calmly for an Orc.

“I was attempting to reach the next gate out of here, I have no wish to get involved in your lands politics.” Revan hated that he always seemed to meet the worst of the worst.

“Are you the one that has brought these cursed beasts upon us?” The Chieftain asked with anger rising in his voice.

So the creatures were not natural to these lands. “I only just got here, they attacked me too.”

The Chieftain looked upon him studying his face. Nodding his head he sat back, the sound of crunching rocks could be heard from behind him. 

“You are telling the truth, it is most amusing then that you have foolishly allowed yourself to be captured here.” The Chieftain however showed no hint of humour in his voice.

“If you were not Human perhaps I would be tempted to allow you to leave and pass on a message for me, but as a Human you are unwelcome here and an example must be made for Humans that would defy our rules.”

“I was under the impression these lands were for everyone to walk through.” Revan said earning a growl from the Chieftain.

“Our homes were destroyed by these beasts, until they are returned to us we have taken these paths for ourselves.”

“I say we eat him!” One of the Orcs in the back roared.

“Perhaps I can be of use, I’ve thought many dark creatures in my time, I could assist you in ridding your forest of these beasts that trouble you.” Revan said hoping the Orcs didn’t actually eat people.

“And how would you do that Human, their numbers grow quickly, their attacks are swift and deadly.”

“Well like I said I just got here, where did they come from?” Revan asked needing to know more.

“They came out of the forest, at first they were few, they dragged so few into the woods that we cared little, now they have repelled us from our own home!” The Chieftain seemed to be angry due to his own mistakes more so than compassion for his people lost.

“Then I will venture into the forest and find out their source, if I can’t put a stop to it I’ll most likely die anyway but if I pull it off I want free passage.” Revan’s calm offer seemed to surprise the Chieftain.

“You shall join a party of Hunters, they will go with you into the forest, if you come back and these beasts are not destroyed then you will face a fate worse than death.” 

“I understand.” Revan didn’t want to know what this Orc was threatening him with.

His short time travelling with the Orc Hunters had not been pleasant. They stunk and the food they carried was mostly rotten. Revan found that they had a strong religious belief in some dark god but he didn’t dare inquire further on the matter since everytime they looked at him it was as if they wanted to kill him.

“The beasts draw near.” The leader of the small group said to his fellow Orcs.

Revan crouched and grabbed his sword, he would be ready for an ambush this time. The Orcs pulled out small crude looking iron swords and joined him by also crouching and waiting for their foe. 

Through the darkness like people and Orcs lost stumbling in the forest the creatures had returned. They were spread out walking among the trees finding their way toward them probably through scent alone. Once they were close enough the Orcs shot up going for the creatures necks. Orcs in the back fired their bows allowing the released arrows to hit their targets. 

The creatures roared in defiance as all began sprinting toward the hunting party. Revan didn’t think the Orcs had really thought this through too well. He swung at the first beast taking its head off easily but another three were quickly sprinting toward him and Revan knew they were far too outnumbered.

A slice through the first left it falling to the ground, the second lost an arm before being elbowed in the back of the head. The third grabbed Revan and pushed him to the ground. Slobbering fangs attempted to bite into his neck but Revan holding his sword plunged it through the creatures neck ending its putrid onslaught.

The creature with only one arm remaining stepped toward Revan slowly believing it sensed easy prey. Quickly Revan dragged his sword out from the dead beasts neck, just as the other leapt ontop of its fallen ally to get at him. Revan sent the sword through the corpse piercing the one on top, it collapsed above him but now he and his sword were stuck.

“That’s right you worms run!” The Hunter leader yelled before turning to find Revan on the ground.

“Seems you’re quite stuck there.” He laughed.

“Yeh, don’t suppose you can help me up?” Revan asked hoping he didn’t have to get out of this alone.

A scary grin appeared on the Orc’s face. “I don’t think we’ll be needing you anymore Human.” He pulled out an even more crude looking dagger and slowly moved towards him, there was little Revan could do to get the corpses off of him in time.

The piercing shrieks of Orcs were suddenly heard as all turned. Held aloft in the air by strange black limbs, immediately after the draw of attention the Orc was pulled apart, limbs and organs were cast in various directions.

“Kill it!” The Orc yelled as Revan kicked out at the Orc drawing its attention.

“Why you!” The Orc threw up the dagger ready to thrust it into the defenceless warrior.

A black claw swung from behind the Orc first latching onto its back, it was pulled back a sword large mandibles crunched through its armour and began consuming it. Some of the Orcs ran but most charged at the creature. It swung around using its sharp bladed arms to cleave through them with ease. Revan was utterly covered in gore by the time this new more powerful creature charged off after its fleeing prey.

Revan finally managed to shove off the corpses pinning him down. He didn’t feel good after what he had been covered in but figured sticking around to fight these creatures more was a bad idea. He made his way through the green in the still dark sky. Sunrise was still not quite upon him yet but even so as he moved from behind a tree a bright light flashed in his eyes, blinded he stumbled backwards before falling on the ground. 

A moment later the light faded and a blonde woman stepped out wearing a blue robe. She stared at him for the longest time before a smile appeared on her face.

“Greetings, I am Assana, who are you?” She asked seemingly quite happy with finding him.

“Uh, Revan Noctis.” He said wondering why someone so defenceless was out here all alone.

“Let me help you up.” She said moving forward and reaching out an arm, Revan tried not to but still got black blood on her hand as she pulled him up.

“Sorry about that.” Revan said.

“Sorry about what?” She asked, a single glance showing that the blood was gone.

“What are you doing out here alone, it’s  extremely dangerous.” Revan said confused.

“I could ask you the same question, especially since you’re not from this verse.” She said eyeing him with curiosity.

“I guess you caught me...” Revan felt he needed to get this crazy woman to safety before she got herself killed.

“You may accompany me if you wish, I am heading this way.” She said going back the way he had came.

Revan was torn between protecting himself and protecting her but quickly his curiosity and desire to help gave in and his followed behind the woman into the dark.

As the sun finally rose the forest became bright once more but did little to calm Revan who anxiously followed Assana through the trees. She hummed to herself as if nothing was wrong and she existed in her own happy little world. Revan said nothing but found himself cursing his decision to follow her.

“It is important that you do not resist.” She said to him earning from him a puzzled expression that she simply ignored.

Revan ceased after a few more moments hearing some movement from his side. Revan looked towards the woman who simply kept walking and disappeared after walking past a couple trees. Revan raised his sword knowing that he was being watched. 

A lasso of rope shot out and wrapped around his arms and tightened before tugging him forward. The surprise made him drop his sword before being pulled forward where he fell forward into the grass. He expected more Orcs but instead armoured soldiers moved out from the trees with green capes.

Revan remembered then Assana’s words and decided not to attempt to get back up. The strange unknown beings then grabbed him and began carrying him off. 

He was placed down in the grass surrounded by a few small boulders. Glancing up he saw Assana talking with one of the others. Revan now noticed that their ears were far more pointed than that of Humans. 

“Who are you people?” Revan asked earning glances from both of them.

“We are Elves of the Green.” Assana replied calmly.

“Why are you here Human?” Asked the male Elf.

“I was just passing through, then some Orcs took me hostage and asked if I didn’t help they would kill me, then they tried to kill me anyway but I managed to escape.” Revan said feeling a fierce pain in his neck from straining it up.

“He has fought the creatures, he can help us.” Assana said to the other Elf.

“Is that what he wishes to do?” He said staring at Revan.

Revan realised that this was a hunting party, they must have been sent to take down the same creatures the Orcs had wanted him to kill. The faster he dealt with them the faster he’d be able to travel through the forest safely.

“What were those things?” Revan asked wanting to know what he was agreeing to.

“Those creatures are not the true threat, they are merely pawns of the one who is.” Assana said with a guilty expression.

“You’re saying they are fighting for something worse?” Revan asked not liking what he was being asked to do.

“One of our own kind is responsible for this, we are to bring him to justice before he destroys the entire Green.” She said moving toward him and pulling out a dagger to remove his binds.

Revan rubbed his arms after standing up and nodded at the Elf. “I’ll help, but then I’m leaving this forest.”

“We would say that is preferred.” She said leaving Revan to decide for himself what that meant.

“Excellent, we haven’t long now before we enter their foul territory, if you wish to live I would advise you do not stray too far.” The male Elf said turning to continue the journey.

“Thanks.” Revan added before following closely behind.

The truth was the forest had changed very little and yet despite still being early in the day the forest felt somehow darker. Revan couldn’t see or hear anything but knew that they had entered the territory of these creatures.

“He is close.” Assana said causing the other Elves to cease moving forward.

“Everyone spread out and take cover.” The male Elf said as he and the three others moved to take cover behind rocks.

Revan himself ran for the nearest rock wanting to be as close as possible to cover Assana and see what was about to happen. The shrubbery shook as the larger black creatures exited from it with maws open wide and snarling as they crept on four limbs toward the blue dressed female Elf.

“I am here to see Folas.” She said to the creatures causing them to snarl.

“What brings you all this way Assana.” Came another voice from the shrubs.

“To see my cousin.” She said standing bravely despite the creatures surrounding her.

“Very well.” The voice said as a tall figure stepped out revealing himself.

The figure stood tall in cloth and wooden armour and a skull mask with antlers on either side. Revan dared say the figure looked rather scary and he wondered how one of these Elves could end up like this.

“Folas the time has come for you to cease this madness and return home.” She said clearly knowing this being.

“Abandon all my hard work, I think not.” He said simply staring straight at her.

“Folas, this isn’t the way to defend our home.” She said sounding more desperate.

“You just need more of a demonstration.” Folas said stepping forward causing Assana to take a step back.

“I have the perfect plan to do so.” He said leaving Revan with a feeling things were about to get worse.

Revan watched as the Elves hidden around the familial pair revealed themselves and fired firey blue shots that ignited the black monsters. Assana pulled out two glowing daggers and rushed toward Folas who stood there watching her, a moment later roots from the ground tripped her and snatched at her ankles keeping her forced to the ground.

”Dearest Cousin, do you doubt my power or my intent?”

The surrounding Elves too found themselves being entangled by large roots only their twisting nemesis’ were reaching for their throats. 

“Folas stop!” She yelled one last time before a root covered her mouth.

”I will bring death and destruction to all our enemies!” He declared.

Folas then felt something he hadn’t felt in some time. Looking down he saw an arrow lodged in his chest, not from one of his people, definitely Human.

”Has Camelot finally come to interfere?” He asked followed by a snarl.

”Not Camelot, just a concerned traveller.” Revan said before firing another shot that joined the first in his chest.

Folas collapsed to the ground as the roots did the same rescinding from their victims. Assana quickly got up and blocked Revan’s view from the fallen threat. 

“Thank you but please, he must be subject to trial.” She said before rushing forward to her cousin quickly before placing her palm over his wounds and emanating a green glow.

”Youre welcome?” Revan said in a confused manner a small he lowered his bow.

A rather large tree was where Revan followed the group next, having carried her cousin’s body and lowering it onto a bed of roots she seemed to allow herself a single tear. 

“What was that about enemies that your cousin spoke of?” Revan asked thinking what he had seen from this Elf was far worse than the Orcs he had earlier faced.

”The creatures you faced were deadly, but there are far worse things in this forest that we do our best to hold back.”

“Still worse are those that would attempt to claim our forest for their own.” She said as if replying to some in particular.

”Popular place huh?” Revan asked.

”We have an alliance with the Humans of Camelot and even some of the Humans that call our forest their home, but the Empire is one such Human faction that continues to attempt to undermine our wishes.” 

“Yeah, I went to Camelot once, they didn’t seem that big on nature.”

”They seek our forest to fuel their warmachine and expansion, if they had it they would surely become a threat to all of the Omniverse.” 

“So your cousin wanted to stop that?” 

“Yes, among other enemies, he wants to weaponise the forest with dark magic and we cannot allow that.”

”So those creatures were magic?” Revan asked fascinated.

”No, such beasts were natural, only warped by magic, magic that was meant to protect them.”

”Lady Assana, something comes!” An Elf shouted fearfully.

“Goblins!” She shouted once outside.

Revan could see green skinned, long nosed creatures rushing toward them with arms raised in aggression. Arrows whizzed past his head tearing into the charging attackers. 
Assana charged in turn with her daggers at the ready cutting into their enemy. Revan unsheathed his sword and struck at two of the Goblins that came for him but he noticed more spilling out from the forest toward their tree. 

Revan cut a swathe through the foes trying to get back inside but before he could he saw the Goblins carrying away Folas bound entirely in rope. Assana saw this too cause she fired two shots 
Taking out two of the Goblins but the rest still carried him away. The Goblins then went into full retreat and ignored the massive amount of casualties they took turning their backs on the sharp shooting Elves.

“Round up our forces we must go after them!” Assana yelled.

“Assana it is foolish to chase such a large number of Goblins in the night, we took too many casualties.” Said the male Elf.

You’re right..., return to Yggdrasil and get us reinforcements, I will track them alone.”

“But Assana-“

“He is my Cousin, I cannot abandon him to be victim to the sick whims of these pests!” 

“As you wish my Lady.” The Elves gathered their dead and prepared to gather them back to their Home Tree.

“I’ll come with you.” Revan spoke up once it was just the two of them.

“I can’t expect you to do that.”

“You saved my neck and so I’ll save yours, even if your Cousin is a mad man.

Assana nodded. “You have five minutes to gather supplies then we will sprint through this forest like a pack of wolves.

The journey through the forest was difficult at night but at a number of times they found the light of Goblin torches and that steered them in the right direction. Assana seemed intent on keeping her distance though believing that the Goblins may kill Folas if they thought they were being followed. 

Tracking them they came to a clearing where stone shelters lay below, as well as shrines that resembled a crescent moon. Assana seemed to study the encampment, and he dared say he believed she was thinking of taking them all by herself.

“I thought the Orcs were bad, these creatures are numerous and well outfitted.” 

“What you faced was merely a tribe of primitives, this is a military camp, a camp of one of our enemies.”

“Your enemies are the Goblins?” Revan asked but turned to see she had gone ahead.

“I guess we’re doing this ourselves.” Revan said drawing his bow and wondering just how they were going to do this.

A struggling Folas was dragged from the stone hut and brought towards a fire, a sacrificial fire as he knew it. Being placed upon it a Goblin Priest in red and black robes approached holding a staff.

“For crimes against Greenskin kind, We sentence you to a flaming painful death!” The Priest yelled as the cheer of Goblins resounded as all came to attend. 

“May the Defendent speak his final words before his final screams!” The Priest commanded.

“You Goblins will all be torn apart for this, your entrails will provide sustenance for my pets!” And with that the rope again went around his mouth.

“These pets he speaks of even now are being hunted down and eradicated by hunting parties all across the forest, they are of no threat to our numbers!” The Priest yelled before an arrow hit him in the head.

The Goblin army turned to see Assana standing there staring back at them. Their expressions of joy turned to anger as they prepared their weapons. 

“Revan, Folas!” She yelled before she reloaded.

Revan ran forward once the Goblins charged forward, he carved and sliced through Goblins until he made it to the fire where two red robed Goblins with spears attacked him. He cut through ones abdomen before cutting off the others head, then he began cutting through Folas’ binds, Revan noticed the Elf no longer had any wounds and now that he had his eyes revealed Revan looked into them and saw the anger within them.

That won’t be necessary anymore!” Folas yelled getting up from the fire and spraying his own flames upon the Goblins who were quickly burned as black as charcoal.

“We have to save your Cousin.” Revan said before feeling roots grabbing at his legs.

“Yes, they will need to be dealt- I sense something else.” His black monsters charged in cutting into the now cowardly Goblins.

“Tell her, I will see her again.” Then Folas ran for the trees.

Revan struggled with the now weakening roots as the fallen Goblins began rising to attack their former comrades. And then there was a flash of red light that struck one of the larger black creatures. More red lights began appearing, searing into both Goblin and risen corpse alike. The final black creature tore through two more Goblins before collapsing under fire. 

White clad troopers seemed to appear from the dark forest, their bodies lit only when red bolts of energy were fired from their weapons. Revan watched as every last Goblin was cut down without the white troopers receiving a single casualty. Finally one with blue markings stepped forward.

“Make sure their all dead and then burn the bodies, get that Elf up for questioning, and check that Human over there, I want to know who he is and what he knows!” 

Revan couldn’t believe it, within a minute they had been discovered by Imperial troops, they had gunned everyone and everything down except him and Assana and now they were taking charge and were about to interrogate him as well.The remaining roots were dragged off of him and he was forced to sit up as the troopers stood over him.

“What are you doing here?” They asked.

“I was following the Elf, we were here to kill the Goblins.” 


“Because they were her enemies.”

“You were here to just do a good deed and it just so happened that those black creatures showed up at the same time, what really happened.”

“There was a prisoner, they had her Cousin and we freed him.” Revan had to admit these Imperials didn’t mess around.

“Sir, I think we have evidence of the Source, the She Elf must be related.” The soldier said to the Commander who looked at Revan.

“Inform our hunting parties to move in this direction, he won’t be able to keep running forever but the Greenskins are the bigger threat now.”


“The Greenskins have been overrunning Elf positions the past few days, if we don’t act fast they’ll spread toward Yggdrasil and after that they will surely spread into Imperial territory.” 

For what Revan understood they were implying the Goblins were somehow worse than Folas, perhaps in the grand scheme of things that could be true but from what he could tell that just wasn’t true.

“The Human comes with us back to camp for further questioning, then we’ll have command decide what happens to him, we will exchange the Elf female for intel.”

Revan was forcefully dragged through the tall forest by the Imperials, he saw Assana a few times and she seemed to not be resisting so he chose to copy her. Their arrival at the Imperial camp was much nicer however as it seemed they had gone through the trouble of using their technology to create much more advanced buildings which while still mostly made out of wood did include some metal components. 

A man in a black uniform stepped forward surrounded by more white clad Stormtroopers. He seemed to look both him and Assana over before motioning they be taken into some sort of private building. Inside were chairs and what appeared to be cups filled with water.

“You’ll have to forgive the rough push and shove through the forest, my troops don’t like to be out there at night unless absolutely necessary.” He said stepping past his two guards as the metal door slid closed.

“I understand you both have been through a fair ordeal, perhaps you would like some medicine.”

“I want nothing from you Imperial Invader.” Assana snapped turning her head away from him.

“Now, now,no reason we cannot stay civilised, after all it’s your people who want the Green for yourselves not mine.”

And you, what is your name?” He asked turning toward Revan.

“Revan.” He replied wondering just what the leader of this camp wanted from him.

“Not from Camelot are you, no, you’re a hired Prime.” 

“I wasn’t hired at all, I was just trying to get from one end of the forest to the next.” Revan said only now realising he had admitted to what he was.

“Amazing, you know the Empire sure could use a Prime like you in a big scary place like this.”

“I’m not interested in staying if that’s what you want to know, I plan on moving on from this verse as soon as I get the chance.” Revan didn’t like where this was going.

“Caught working for a band of Goblin raiders, you would be absolutely hated back in Coruscant.”

“That’s not what happened and you know it.” Revan said beginning to know tired of the arrogant attitude this Imperial had.

“I suppose your recollection of events looks a lot better in my report, can you confirm for me that this Elf here is the Cousin of the one creating these pesky creatures?” He asked acting like it was an innocent question.

“If you won’t offer your services then I’m afraid you’ll have to stay here until command can send somebody out to take you back to Coruscant.” 

“I don’t want to go to Coruscant, I want to move on to the next verse.”

“And I don’t want to be stationed out here in the middle of a forest full of nightmares that want to tear me and my men apart or in some cases worse, but we don’t all get what we want now do we Revan?” 

“You will be well taken care of, take them a cell, maybe if you’re lucky someone will be here by tomorrow.” 

The cell was little more than a metal cage with the addition of power added to it to make sure escape was impossible. Assana still had nothing to say and began to meditate acting as if Revan wasn’t here.

“Are you angry with me?” Revan asked.

“You insulted the forest and apparently regret not killing Folas, yes.”

Ok first of all, this forest isn’t the type of forest I’m used to, it’s full of things a lot worse than a bear, second of all, Folas is insane and abandoned you to these Imperials in the first place, he knew they were coming just before he said bye and skipped away.”

“I must find him again, to bring him before Yggdrasil.” She replied acting as if that’s all she cared about.

“If we can get out of this one, that Imperial didn’t fill me with much confidence.”

“Then once the cell is opened we must escape.”“She hunted him down and bound him, it was only cause of the Goblins that he was taken.”

“Taken to be executed, which she sought to stop, and now we have a crazed rogue Elf on the loose once again.” The Imperial Captain snapped angrily.

“It was I that undid his binds, it was my fault.” This Imperial as arrogant as he was, he was good at what he did.

“So that’s the truth that I should put in my report, I’m sure it will make for a good read.” The Imperial man lay back in his chair as if now pondering what should be done.

Luckily their cell was heated, when you weren’t constantly chasing or being chased it was surprisingly cold at night in the Green, probably because so little of the sun ever touched the ground. Assana after meditating appeared to fall asleep and apart from his lack of belief he would be safe he too found himself closing his eyes and drifting off. Little did he know what would await him in the morning.

Revan awoke at the sound of screaming and running. Assana stood gripping the bars that were no longer protected by energy. Revan was extremely confused as to what was happening.

“Did I miss something?” Revan asked.

“The Greenskins have come seeking revenge.” Assana replied emotionlessly.

“I thought the Elves kept the Greenskins back.” Revan inquired.

“My people falter more and more each day in containing such evils, I am not proud of this, but it provides us with an opportunity to escape.” 

“But the Goblins were defeated easily before.” Revan was feeling confused again.

“It isn’t Goblins this time.” Assana said as a loud explosion drew Revan’s attention.

A hole in the wooden wall had been blasted in and Stormtroopers began firing into the smoke. A loud roar boomed back as spears flew in pinning now dead corpses to the ground. A massive hulking green beast in full armour stepped through the smoke and simply roared at the remaining Stormtroopers who then continued firing.

“Those aren’t Goblins at all.” Revan said admittedly feeling intimidated by their size.

“Those are Orks, the Goblins are merely their servants.” Assana explained.

“Not the Orcs I remember fighting.” Revan replied.

“These ones aren’t the ones you thought, they are what I consider to be our biggest foe, spreading throughout the forest, purely aggressive military minded creatures, even the Empire has can’t deal with them.” 

“Alright, I want out.” Revan said.

More roots grew from the ground to Revan’s surprise, they gripped the door of the cell and pulled until it came off of their hinges. As they rescinded Revan and Assana both stepped out.

“I think we’ll have more luck escaping if we split up, I’ll need to warn my people of this Ork transgression before it spreads further.” 

“Goodluck.” Revan said surprised the Imperials had let them keep their weapons, probably considered too primitive to care about, plus they probably guessed you couldn’t not disarm users of magic anyway.

Revan prepared to battle the massive creatures that had just finished off the Stormtrooper squad. If he was going to get out of this alive he was going to need to learn how to fight these beasts.

The Imperial base was being torn apart by the marauding green menace that had smashed their way through the thick wooden wall before tearing the Stormtroopers Into pieces. One eyed Revan and roared before changing with arm outstretched.The beast was taller and more muscled than a human but seemed to react slowly to Revan’s speed as he sliced open its stomach before leaping up and stabbing through its back. The creature falling however didn’t have the effect of inspiring fear and only seemed to bring out a weird sort of curious glance from his enemy.

“Looks like we got ourselves a fighter!” The Ork yelled giving Revan his full attention.

It occurred to Revan these creatures were taking his actions of defending himself more personally, a warrior culture was just his luck. He decided to flee through the base, the green ones gave chase as if catching him was now the only thing they cared about. Everywhere lay Imperial bodies and some Goblins but it appeared these Orks had pulled off a great sneak attack. Revan bounded into a building dodging a line of blaster fire.

“Hold your fire!” Roared the Imperial leader from before.

Revan had found where the Imperial leader and a large grouping of his men had taken shelter. “Still want a Prime?”

“I need to get my men and myself out of here, the base has fallen and those Orks won’t leave anyone alive.” He said.

“Then follow me and Ill get you out of here.” The Imperial leader stepped up to Revan.

“But then I’m free to leave, right?” Revan asked knowing this would be his only chance to shake them.

“We are agreed.” The Imperial seemed to tug on his gloves as he said it.

The Stormtroopers fired their blasters once outside, red shots cut through Ork armour with ease but their bodies could take a lot of punishment. Revan stabbed one and it still grabbed him before succumbing to its wounds. Once they escaped through the wall it was clear the Orks had them surrounded and were moving in for the kill. 

More blaster fire rained down upon the Orks from all sides. A different looking Imperial trooper group had arrived.

“Ah, our Scout troopers have arrived.” Long lines of green energy seemed to soar out of the trees cutting down the Orks easily.

“Well Revan Noctis, seems we won’t be needing your help further.”

Revan was grateful to have helped until it occurred to him they knew his full name. He heard blasters being aimed at him from all around.

“We had a deal.” Revan said angrily.

“You are an Elf conspirator, news of what has happened here can’t be let out.”

A barrage of arrows then landed in the dirt between them, both looked to see the Elves looking over them as if enforcing Revan’s escape. Revan looked at the Imperial knowing he needed to focus on the Orks.

“You may go, but the Empire will know who you are.”

“I’ll  keep that in mind.” Revan replied.

The Elves as well as some human warriors adorned in black with strange weapons he hadn’t seen before quickly got him to the gate. Revan could see Imperial troops entering the Green, they seemed to have taken the Ork attack as permission to move in.

“The Imperials have chosen to expend resources to fight the Orks, this will have to do for now.” Assana said revealing herself again.

“What about the mad Elf?” Revan asked referring to the one that had escaped.

“We will continue to hunt him, though with this chaos his power may grow, with the help of the Ninjas he will be killed.” She said this coldly still hiding her feelings.

“If you need me, you can reach me.” Revan said hoping Assana would be ok.

“I hope Camelot offers more support as well.” There was no telling how big the conflict here could get.

“Good luck Revan.” She said bowing her head at his departure. 

Revan needed to sneak by the Stormtroopers and then he would be gone. Would he return he didn’t know but he’d keep this place in mind If there was anything he could do.

<To Banshee Boardwalk>

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