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FINDAFRIEND.COM: Shantae's case (OPEN)

Omniverse's #1 source in locating Pre-Omniverse friends!

Shantae posted:
Quote:[Image: p4uX6hR.png]
Ummm, so like, I still don't know what the Omniverse is, but just finding any of the above friends will get me home alright!
On the left is Bolo, the middle is Rottytops, and to the right is Sky!
Please let them know I'm alright! I'm in Costa Del Sol! Or at least that's where they tell me I am...
There's also Uncle Mimic, but I can't find images of him on this thing!

phone_haxxors_vasty341 replied:
Quote:[Image: gNmWtLn.png]

Shantae replied:
@phone_haxxors_vasty341 WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?

phone_haxxors_vasty341 replied:
@Shantae !+ !5 \\|/4+ ! |)0 8!(|-|

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