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Chaotic Redux

The pure white of the Nexus gave way to a more fitting environment that Cade was going to call home after he had jumped through the portal. Here there were gleaming buildings that had been professionally made. Hover cars transported through the air, and he could see men in white armor. Or were there women in that white armor that he was seeing? Either way the white armor looked to be advanced and was probably powered armor that had been researched and created extensively. If his dad had been here,  Cade had to research. Thus he had a lot of work on his hands that he needed accomplished. Step one was acquiring housing. According to the manual that Warren had drilled into him before he had disappeared, Cade knew that having a base of operation was key to one's survival. Really he wanted to wrap his hands around the neck of Omni and throttle him. Abduction was not pleasant in the slightest and that was what had been done to him. 

There was the first step on a long road of taking the individual he despised, Omni and delivering upon him a righteous indignation that had been inside him for a long time. Okay, so maybe wanting to strip Omni of everything was a bit petty. But hey, brought to a world against his will. Yeah, Cade wasn't exactly amused with the whole 'kidnap others and make them play your game' thing that Omni had in mind for people really. Step Two was going to be more difficult than step one had any right of being, or really any step should have been. The second step was preparing himself in order to challenge the... individual. 

To do so he was going to require a base of operations that he could use. Such was going to require that he learn more about the Omniverse because he knew he needed the information. As he was clueless about the place, Cade groaned. The manuals hadn't provided him anything that he could use to navigate the place. A tablet was suddenly near Cade. It had the following message recorded on it. 

Quote:I had to go it alone, and so do you Cade. I will provide you no instruction nor aid with the journey you're beginning except for the recorded files on my adventures that are on here. 

So his dad was still stuck in the Omniverse somewhere. This Cade knew to be a fact. But where was he? How was Cade going to locate him? All these questions and more buzzed in the head of the reserve Quarterback of Chaos. Yet, to get answers was going to be a difficult mission, and he knew it. The mission was going to lead him to challenges he had never even had before in his life. It was a brand new world. As weak as he was now, Cade knew his dad would be disgusted with him. Strength was needed in order to promote the ideals one possessed. His current ideals were that he was going to figure out why he was trapped in this nightmare of a new reality. Equipment was in order since he didn't possess the skills he had back home. 

Perhaps he could recreate his dad's NFL-R, or maybe an Anticorian Cuff. Either were capable of serving the purposes he needed in terms of providing him the access to whatever passed as the internet here. In addition with the right modifications either device could provide him the lasers, shields, and other capabilities he would need to survive. 

The noise of the place was a definite hint that it had advanced technology. Only cars, and buses could make as much noise as the place had. Since it had cars and buses, and hover cars likely the place also possessed another commodity... a library. A library held all sorts of information that he could use to aid him in learning how Omnilium worked. Once he mastered the science behind the substance he could in theory use it to make his plans succeed. 

Yet, another question came to mind. What was his dad like? Who was he in this place? Dad had been kind and nice to him back home. The questions still bothered Cade as to who his dad actually was in the Omniverse. One thing was certain, Cade was not going to lose track of his goals in the Omniverse. A mental checklist was created by Cade: 
  • Find a base of operations that he could call "home" in the place. 
  • Find out what his dad was like. 
  • Gather resources for himself. 
  • Gain allies. 
  • Build a support network of like minded individuals. 
  • Strike down Omni.
The check list was going to be a hard to obtain set of goals. Especially the latter. How was one even going to obtain such a goal for themselves? It didn't... add up. What could possibly be used against Omni? Was turning the strength Omni had given every person trapped in what this place was possible? Could he use Omnilium to turn the tide? He'd have no choice, Cade noted. This was because he didn't have anything he could use on his own anymore. When Omni had brought him here, he'd as Cade had stated before taken everything Cade had known away from him. Somehow it made Cade feel like his innards were on fire when he thought about what Omni had done. It certainly was not going to be a walk in the park here. Of course, few things in life were meant to be easy or easily done. Even then through perseverance most things could be overcome. Overcoming the obstacles in his way was the only way Cade could succeed. Success was measured by some people by the price of a man's suit. Of course, Cade wasn't a man at present. Still he was only a youth. And he didn't own a suit. What should he measure success on his goals by? Completing them? Some of them, especially the latter were going to be nearly impossible. 

Especially given he didn't have a map or anything of the place. How was he supposed to 'entertain' Omni whatever that meant, if he didn't know where he was going? 

As Chara walked out of the Police station she felt her stomach rumble as the food she had eaten had only tided her around. A stray thought came across her mind as she realized she needed a job since she wasn't in the underground anymore.  While she was musing absentmindedly she had managed to run into someone knocking them both over. "Ugh, what happened?" holding her head she realized she was on a person who's choice of clothing... was odd to say the least.

Standing up she held her hand out to pick him up as she took a good long look at said person and spoke. "Oh, sorry about that. What is your name? Mine is Chara, Chara Dreemurr."
[Image: __haniyasushin_keiki_and_joutouguu_mayum...a9b2c8.jpg]

Getting up after he had been bowled over by the clumsy oaf,  Cade thought he would be annoyed. Of course it probably had not been their fault they had bumped into him unless they were naturally scatterbrained. Perhaps they had been in a hurry to go somewhere as that could explain what had just happened to him to put things in perspective. Either way, he wasn't like his dad. He didn't have anger issues over small things. Over what Omni had pulled? Yes. Over this? No. 

"Cade Zimmer," said Cade as he held out a hand towards Chara in order to shake the hand of Ms - Mrs.Dreemurr whichever one she actually was at present. Still he did feel a mite bit irritated that Omni had stripped him of every technique and capability he had possessed. Even his skills to operate any form of machinery including a cell phone had utterly vanished. Yet another reason he wanted to slug Omni in the face for doing that to him. He then asked Chara.  "Tell me. Do you know what Omni does with everything he robs Primes of? Is there a vault he keeps it all in?" 

"What omni does with everything he steals from primes? No I don't, but from his introduction I doubt he does anything with what he takes from us. I mean... do we even know how far one can push omnilium if they'd have an unlimited amount of the stuff? They'd just be able to make anything they'd so desire." She said as she started to walk with the person, not sure what to even do, before dusting her casual set of clothing off.

"Well, if you want we could continue to talk elsewhere? I'm going to head to grab something to eat if you want to follow, plus I'm interested in the time before you came here. It should be an interesting story I assume." She said friendly as she started to head towards a place to eat.
[Image: __haniyasushin_keiki_and_joutouguu_mayum...a9b2c8.jpg]

Cade nodded and followed her. Something to eat did sound lovely admittedly. Food in general sounded like a marvelous idea because he needed the nourishment.  "Sure. Food does sound good." admitted Cade as he pursued her as they made their way to the place where they were going to eat. Yet he was going to need more resources because Omni had stripped him of everything. His abilities were severely limited if he could say he had any at present. This needed to change if he was going to survive. 

Eventually they arrived at an italian eatery. When they arrived, Cade examined it. The place was extremely fancy. The building itself was futuristic. It was made out of white marble, and circuitry. He then asked Chara.  "So what do you want to eat?" As he asked this Cade examined his Omnilium for a moment.

As the Princess entered in the building as Cade held the door open for her she smiled as she nodded towards him. Entering she saw the Host as she walked up. "Table for two please." The woman nodded as she grabbed a couple of menus before motioning for the two too follow. Sitting down she looked at Cade Zimmer as she smirked slightly. "Well, I guess I can talk about where I came from. So I am a princess for a kingdom of monsters, since I fell down into there realm and the prince found me hurt greatly and he took me to the king and queen to try and save me... I own everything to the King and Asriel."

She spoke citing her memories as she looked happy. "Yes, they gave me a family when I had none to look for. But I'm getting off track, anyways they adopted me and treated me like one of their kind. Years passed and the underground was looking up since I could help release the monsters from their prison in the mountain, I even started to get some training by the royal guard in many types of weapons, mainly swords and knives. Everything was fine till the second human fell in."

By that point one of the waitresses came along looking at the two before speaking. "Hello, what would you like to drink? We have plenty of soft drinks." She looked at Cade as he began to speak. "Water with lemon please." The woman nodded as she began to write that down.

"And for you miss?" The woman asked Chara next.

As the demon thought for a few seconds she finally spoke. "I want some golden tea." The woman nodded as they walked off to get the refreshments for the two.

"Now where was I?" the girl said as she had lost her train of thought.

"I think you were talking about the second human?" The oddly clothed person said helping her out.

"Ah yes, thank you. So the second human fell in and started to murder the monsters until they themselves were murdered by the royal guard. Now Humans and Monsters are different in a few key ways, Monsters don't look anything like humans even if they are humanoid, secondly they are built mostly out of magic and not physical matter meaning while they are powerful mages they are woefully weak when attacked with weapons if they aren't prepared. Thirdly their souls shatter on death except for a select few known as Boss monsters. And there is some speculation that a human and a boss monster could fuse together though it's never been done." She rambled off the information as she took a couple of breaths before continuing.

"Now that would be fine, the monsters would feel it for years to come but their queen when she found out ran away with my brother in tow leaving the king to run the kingdom by himself. Time passed after this incident and i woke up too seeing omni, and that is how i came here. Now how about you, what's your story??” She finally ended her side of how she got here as the waitress came with there drinks and handed them to the two.

“Thank you. Now i think we are ready to order.” After getting a slightly childish nod from Cade the woman nodded as she pulled out the pad of paper.

“What would you like then?”

“I’d like the spaghetti please.” The princess spoke then she handed the menu to the woman and it was cade’s turn.
[Image: __haniyasushin_keiki_and_joutouguu_mayum...a9b2c8.jpg]

"I will have Shrimp Scampi with Parmesan Cheese, and Mushrooms."  said Cade. Best to start with something he was familiar with from his own world so that he could have some comfort. This place was somewhere that he had never been before. Honestly if he could deep six Omni, he'd do it in a heart beat so no one else was taken by the white biped that was always smiling. Hopefully the food of this place would be delicious. If it wasn't, Cade could probably destroy the place if he concentrated Omnilium. In any case he needed a solution to his problem of not having a map or any information on the Omniverse whatsoever.  

"I hate to change the subject. Do you have a map of the Omniverse?" asked Cade as he stared her in the eyes. Best to gain the information he needed from her. "Hmm?"

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