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Ambrosia Community Center Idea Discussion

I don't plan to implement this until Guu is back home, so it'll be a while. However, I learned my lesson after the train incident, so I'm being transparent about game changing ideas to figure out if the staff (or more importantly Omni) might have a problem with it.

One of the far corners of the Pokute Palace grounds will be cordoned off and converted into the Ambrosia Community Center. It'll have a gym, a library, a food court, ect.

But the biggest, and the probably most important feature is this: The recall station, the dataverse uplink, the medical center, and a bunch of teleporters I will purchase will be publicly available. As in, any Player or NPC could go in and use those facilities, everyone will generally have permission to use them. Of course you'll need to be there once to use the recall station, but that's a given.

Obviously, there will be security measures in place. In order to use the teleporters or to enter the dataverse, you'll have to register your name and where you're going in case you're a criminal on the run and you need to pursued. If you're wanted in Ambrosia you could be arrested here. People coming in from the Dataverse or the Recall Station will be greeted with a security check point where they'll need to go through a strict screening process if they are new to the city. Of course, wanted people will be arrested here, and people with a high reputation for violence and discourse might be deported through a Nexus teleporter out of a need to protect the city.

Of course, the vault will remain in the palace proper and can only be accessed by Guu and Gildarts. In fact, the palace itself will be a lot less loose about letting anyone just waltz in like before.

So what do you guys think? Any comments or complaints?
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