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Some Changes if Possible?

Some things have been catching my attention your implemented system needs some changes done to it, just a few ideas. That could improve the site for the better really I've tried to post my concerns on Discord about it but it was shot down. Because I'm seeing people leaving the site wondering if the site could work on new ideas to improve itself.

For example the Rest Points: I was wondering if the points could be reset every day back to the full amount of 300. It a struggle to wait for 20 points every day. But really I was thinking around midnight the rest points should be reset back to 300.

Your Multiplication System: This is what pisses me off. It only designs for Rping with others when it could so much better. I'm suggesting for it to be changed differently. I did have some ideas on this if you should take them into consideration.
Rping with others: Shouldn't the multiplier be bigger like 300% to 600%. Considering how many people join that thread putting their hard work. Their bonuses should be a whole lot better. The person who created the fine thread should get a greater bonus for creating the thread. Showing we respect their work.
Rping alone: The same thing but lower than that. This is kinda my thing because I've been ridiculed for working with others by staff before. What I was looking you raising the update system a little better. 

You should also have another OM system in place instead of a book club and Votes.
Voting the OM should be doubled just once every six months.
The same thing for the Book Club too

Also I don't know why Sasuke was fired from staff. The dude was doing superb job with updates and helping the site. Him and Taloc had did an impressive job I'll admit to that. Was there a reason for this?

Could you enlighten us on these other suggestions for Muliplication System? So that we can see them as well.

Sasuke's business is his own, you may reach out to him if you'd like.
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An audience this was unexpected but alright I'll go into more detail about this.

Your bonus system for it a implemented system.
Great 50%
Excellent 75%
Exemplary 200% (x2) I mean 100% looks like the same thing???
My suggestion: Outstanding 300% (x3)

Anyway your multiplication system is a wonderful system, I just have major problem RP with others due to my grammar and other personal problems. Luci thought it could be change it a disease I have. It can't. You all have superb talents in roleplay...I've been doing this for a long while. Back to the multiplication system, I don't really see what else needs to be changed. But really people um join a thread should great better rewards then that.

So, just so you know... a few years back The REST Points System wasnt a thing, and the Book Club and Voting was probably even less than it is now. You also have to understand, these are Bonuses for those dedicated to helping make the site better.

If someone was able to write enough to get 300 Rest points used a day... That would be kind of broken for the suggestion of reseting it daily. Hell even if 100 was reset a day. I mean, you are getting double OM Up to a certain amount for free already, you should be lucky they dont think its too much and have it recover 100 ever week.

As the the.. Multiplication system... as you dubbed it, they didn't have to implement this either. Hell, back in the day, SOMEONE ELSE had to suggest it for you, and you couldn't just do it yourself. If that system was still like it was back then, do you really think, someone would have sugested any of your posts? Because you choose to write alone, who is gonna read your stuff that much? Now imagine that.

You can't really be upset with a system that helps you, no matter what and ofers you plenty of options.

And this is coming from a guy that LOVE's OM because I actually like making my guy stronger and do more shit, because it actually gives me more options as a writer to come up with new material.\

Note; I'm Not staff=D
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(02-10-2019, 01:34 PM)Tyson Renegade Wrote: Also I don't know why Sasuke was fired from staff. The dude was doing superb job with updates and helping the site.

I was doing a superb job. Thank you. ^_^
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I remember back in my day you ain’t get no dumb bonus. You got the minuscule OM/XP you earned thru the therum and nothing more or less. You new generation writers are spoiled dammit ;p

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