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[M] First Years in Camelot

He managed to escape Weiss she didn't seem like a female hero but the demon thought the warrior wasn't a threat. Tyson thought of attacking another house again since the heat was dying down and some villagers thought the demon was dead or gone. It was a perfect time to strike again but then again attacking villages was all and good but their food could be a whole lot better maybe from a castle. But the demon was hiding within an abandoned barn and whoever that female hero was gone which seems like the coast was clear. 

He decided to go outside seeing everything was alright maybe the demon should sneak within some castle and go inside their kitchen getting some food in there. The first time it was easy but that daughter with that broom was unexpected if he was going to get food to nourish his stomach it will have to be done quick and clean. 

Needed to get up first, Tyson finally got up after two days of sleep the demon was well rested and decided to hit a castle's food pantry. Maybe another factor would be finding a place to live in, Tyson finally left the barn but he'll need to steal a horse. Just two horses around the horse ranch the first horse seemingly looked alright but the other one looked like a demon horse that was the perfect selection of the two horses. He tried getting on the demon horse and tried riding it was a bit shaky and the demon horse started riding around like crazy. Finally, Tyson started to gain control getting the demon horse to calm down feeling a lot better and then it was off to hit a castle and rob their food pantry. The demon was looking around for one of the biggest castles and after two hours of demon horseback riding, Tyson found a large castle. The best part of it was the great castle and nobody was around this was perfect as the demon got off the demon horse. "My senses are gone but just by looking around the place. The castle looks meaning the food must be really good" Tyson started pulling down the drawbridge and opening the door seeing no guards inside this was all too easy something must be in this castle. He finally goes inside just wondering where the food pantry was...

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