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[M] Murder or Treasure Hunt..Maybe Both

He was thinking about to go on a mission of ways of restoring his powers and finding new magic skills to harvest for himself. Tyson had something else to consider dealing with murder only three pitiful humans killed an innocent woman. Just watching them arguing about who should take the blame on the murder while none of them chose who was the going to be one to do it. Something needed to be done but really could he actually kill the person responsible for the murder but the demon needed to know what happened. None of them were going to leave until the information of the woman's death comes to light and the guilty party finally confess the crime. 

However, Tyson thought if he finds the criminal the decision of either killing the person, placing him under citizen's arrest or taking him to jail for his crimes. But why should he care about any of them the guy was a demon this shouldn't be what's important right now that treasure should be what the demon should be focused on. Letting a killer go free??? It would be on any other day a demon just ignore this and go about his business allowing chaos to happen. What was so special about the woman one of these humans killed? Tyson abandoned his past but it was something to consider to fully start fresh maybe the demon needed to do this finding closure. Tyrone Williams was dead for a long time killed by some racist gang members just trying to ruin a black man with fear and consequences of horror beyond destruction. Tyrone lost Alice and really nothing can change that but maybe one act of decency will show a demon are not always carrying evil within their hearts. He calms down just taking a deep breath thinking about the situation three idiots and a dead woman it was time to play demon detective. Tyson calmly opens the door as the three bastards were wondering who the hell he was as they tried escaping the crime scene. "SIT DOWN YOU FUCKERS...Nobody is going anywhere you all have some explaining to do. I want to know who responsible for this lady's murder considering the fact the murder weapon in that guy's hand." The three bastards thought about this and tried talking to the demon giving their version of what transpired here. The first story didn't make any sense about some monsters killed her what kind of bullshit was that? A story of werewolves killing her with a knife really the demon just want to slap that guy because a werewolf wouldn't need a knife. The monster with bad breath would only need his claws to cut apart or kill a person it would be a new thing if they kill with weapons. 

Also, The thing about the werewolves having a slavemaster was garbage, Tyson made the decision that this man was lying. Now moving on to the second guy wondering what story this human was going to cook up but the man seemed truthful enough. The second guy started explaining what really happen but in better detail from the what that guy said about some werewolves. One of the guys convinced this married woman that her husband was cheating on her and that she should get revenge on him. Their plan was to get drunk enough and so they could a gangbang however the woman wasn't drunk and the third guy started getting angry. He threatens to attack her if she didn't do what they wanted it was a setup from the very beginning they started ripping her clothes. She started screaming and then one of them pulls out a knife demanding for her to stop screaming or she wasn't going to die here. She managed to put up a fight scratching the guy holding the knife then spitting on him which turn to pure-blooded anger. 

The guy stabbed her repeatedly until she was dead, Tyson looked at the third guy's face seeing some scratch marks on his face. In a situation like this, Tyson would have killed them all and left the murder scene but the truth came out and the guilty party was the third guy holding the knife. "You did this...Your buddies help you with the killing of this innocent woman. I would personally send your soul to Hell. Or what's better? Eradicate your existence off the face of this world which saves me the trouble of delivering justice. I'm not the law but I'll do believe the right choice. All three of you turn yourselves into the law and if you should blame me for this. No God will save your asses from the fate that awaits you from ME. Make your choice prison or a lifetime of pain...I'll be waiting outside for your decision" Tyson went outside and closed the door the demon was hoping one of them had the balls to escape making a deadly example of that person. But that wasn't necessarily the point was made as all three of them came outside demanding to go the jail they didn't feel right over what they did. A wise decision, Tyson didn't need to shed any blood getting some rope and tying their hands while got on horseback sending the criminals into town. One of the townspeople saw a demon but also some criminals as some knights approached the demon wondering what was going on here.

"What is the meaning of this demon? Why are you here? More importantly, Why are these men tied up like that???"

Tyson looked the criminal getting them a vicious look demanding them, to tell the truth. Two of them didn't want to say anything but one of them thought the demon didn't kill them yet so maybe should come out. "We killed a woman and this demon arrested us. We were paid one of the king's enemies to ruin a person. My friends waited for them to get married and we attack the guy. Then we targeted the woman to try to rape her but she stopped us and my friend killed her and we helped. Whoever this demon was stopped from making an escape"

"What the?"

"You fucking perverts...Why would do such a thing?"

"I can't believe this. Sir, Whoever you are? I guess I should thank you for bringing these men into justice. But allow us to take them into custody and they'll pay from their crime." Tyson got off and the Knights took the criminals to be a hero again wasn't something the demon was expecting but it does feel good making humans suffer a little. The demon had some more pressing matters to attend to finding out where this treasure was and claiming it for himself. Whatever judgment is carry on those criminals they'll have to live with it, Tyson was hoping the noose was efficient enough and the hangman will do his job.

He hated the acts of cannibalism even when a bully finds a way of using magic towards his advantage not knowing the consequences. The fat fucker ate a little baby animal and really this wasn't going to go well for these people, Tyson fought this is the best medicine. Learning from their mistakes but how can someone forget the acts of their own cannibalism it is nearly impossible for someone to forget it. Yet the person responsible was dead after eating too much but the question of how the pig consumed gerbils that were alive was something else. Colin was rescued and many others that were about to be eaten alive it was just a fucking mess but luckily the demon won't have to clean it up. This wizard had a few interesting items which the demon was shopping in the wizard's room taking a few things hoping they can be put to good use. Colin was heading off back on horseback at least the vampire was saved but something else was catching his attention. One of the knights was having a tough time of how the former clown used magic turning him into a cannibal it was too unbelievable. He was his fellows might be the blame of all of the time bullying a clown and not knowing when the man would have snapped and found a way to get even with them all. "I can't fucking believe this that fat clown did all this. No way just fucking bastard made us eat the king and manage to control us for all that time? I should have killed him when I had the chance."Tyson thought maybe that would have been the right call, however, bullying a person doesn't do anything but bring revenge or dark justice upon a person. However, that fat man was a clown they are supposed to take such abuse but maybe over the years, some things were said and also may be taken too damn far.

Tyson knew his human emotions must be messing with his demon emotions because of the way this all happen. He just shook his head thinking of how the demon should make a conclusion about this and just walk away from it. "Look, Your enemy is dead and I'll be taking the source of the problem from you all. The threat is over and you humans can go about your daily lives, I'm sorry about what happened here. But really shit happens but I'll be out of your hair" He managed to take a few items and the source of the problem the ancient spellbook maybe the demon will manage to restore his magical powers. Could think of the possible ways of causing destruction and mayhem all over again? But to have his soul destruction powers back in his grasp then again the demon could think of something bigger maybe opening a portal to Hell in the Omniverse. He didn't like the idea of scratch but the demon had the means of getting everything back but it only means proving himself all over again. 

The threat was over, Tyson was about to leave then a child started pulling on his pant leg. Something must be wrong not the demon should just ignore it but the demon shouldn't by any means harm children maybe the child was lost. He stops and then approaches the child wondering what was wrong as the child needed help because the child's aunt was treated unfairly. The child asked for some assistance it would seem the aunt's leg was broken as a few family members helped the demon with the old lady. Tyson and some guys started helping the aunt to a wagon hoping she'll be alright the child thanked the demon and started walking back to his parents.

"Helping an old lady maybe I am getting real soft here. It must be that damned human emotions trying to get back into my brain. If I must start from scratch then regaining my strength is most important. Then once I'm ready...I will try to regain my true form it may take forever but my goals will be accomplished. Tyrone Williams failed Alice Kessler but I will not." He thought long and hard watching the family depart upon a wagon. If nobody was hunting him then the demon neede to act now and start trying to find ways of regaining his lost powers but hoping his full strength could be restored. Helping innocent people was a rare thing the demon was hoping it doesn't happen anymore it would ruin his image. "Well I do hope that old lady does fix her leg though that was a mess that poor lady she didn't need that to happen"

Sticks and stones will break your bones but helping a poor old lady will help better your soul. The rescue mission was a great success but now should the demon head back home because starting a new life was something that he wanted the most. To ensure that dream finally comes true without any damn problems the demon will need money and probably a new base of operations because the temple was alright. But it his mind it could be so much better for Lilith's crew, Tyson did love those two vampire women hoping in Tyrone's memory this would be a second chance at love again. The thing was could the demon actually do it right without any failure thinking more strength and abilities will be needed also the thought of his true demon form. 

But the demon thought before starting any training this treasure map might lead to some form of treasure. Those idiots were searching for this lost city within the mountains for many years but that wizard was smart having a detailed map. Tyson should thank that wizard if the demon should meet him but before that happens the demon should regain his magical abilities first. He was looking at the map showing he'll need to make a journey up in the north near some mountains and a big valley.

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