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Twisted Transistor

Quote: Using Reatus in this thread

Reatus walked around Coruscant, flyer in hand and a bland expression on his face. The attempt had been in vain and he was left to his own devices. He would miss tonight's Twisted Metal event, but such was life, at least he thought so. He pondered about his brother, Dante and wondered how jail was treating him, and the covert Mission to free Jak Mar. He even thought about his other siblings, wondering how they were; Expecting Naturae to be comfy in Ambrosia; Triumpht shouting for Deadpool to do his thing; Krosst sitting next to jack, laughing for no reason; and Probitas doing his best to  handle everything he could as Ambassador for The Horsemen with the ninja village.
Still the young Namekian let out a low sigh as he wound up watching the screen of the starting festivities.

"Well this is intriguing." 

Reatus looked up in the  direction  of the commentator. It was a rather large construct nearly the height of his father but much bulkier. The Clockwork Golem was near polished black with gold trim as well as some  reddish attire to give him somewhat of a dignified look. The behemoth  paused for a moment to look down at the  young Namekian, who quickly averted his eyes and mumbled,  "Don't get your hopes up, you have to  know what you are doing and need a few people to do it."

"Oh? Do you know about this 'sport' then?" The construct seemed genuinely curious causing Reatus to cast him a side eye. 

"Kind of. I've watched it a bit, and I've tried to enter, but you need a crew to build a rig, and people to man it. I tried to join up with  someone  but it seems that everything fell through, so I'm off here, watching it  from this screen. I'm positive that I'd be great at it, but everyone thinks i'm too small. They tend to forget who my father is and what  he can do, and that means I can be just as good as him, if not better." 

The metallic figure seemed to just watch unblinking, not as if he could then, casually looked to the screen, "It isn't always about the size of the being, but more of the size of their determination. This looks to be an interesting adventure. I would like to try."

Reatus shrugged, "Still need something to drive to participate."

"I am an Artificer. I need only scraps and materials. I am sure I can have a functioning ride by this evening."

There was a low whistle that the two, heard causing them both to look back behind them. The others didn't seem to hear or pay any mind but, across the way there was a merchant, cloaked in a dark purple mask and trench coat, as he stood behind a broken down make-shift stand illuminated by a blue flamed candle. "Hello there stranga'. Here ya' lookin' for a ride."

He spoke as they neared, Reatus cocked his head, trying to remember about this strange man as he resembled the guy from the stories of his father's past. "Maybe? Should I know you?"

"Perhaps. You are Retane's son. I once sold him the compound in the Tangled Greens." The Merchant's  eyes  seemed to widen at the thought  and there was a chance he was grinning behind his mask. "So about that ride. As he's a valued customer, I might know of a unoccupied hangar with a ride that is already entered in the current Twisted Metal event. The owners, were recently locked up for some 'shady' dealings. I could let you have the  location, for a fee  that I would put on Retane's tab. Only condition is, you can't tell anyone where you got it from. Deal?"

[Image: hchh.png]

I refuse to lose this battle,
Let whatever come my way.
I am stronger then my rival,
No, I will not fall today...

The merchant was obviously dealing ‘off the books.’ Cogsworth has known many such rodents skittering across and infesting the face of Toril. They were his best of friends outside of Azura. Though he despised working against the law, this man was re-selling property confiscated from criminals. It was not so bad.

Though this young green man seemed to have the connection, it was the Gearforged that spoke up. “I seemed to have deleted the memories of where I acquired my ride. It must not have been of great importance; a scrap heap most likely. One I would hope is appropriately accommodated with tools of the trade.” Though the behemoth of metal and wood had no facial features, one of the luminescent blue eyes winked out before igniting once again - a wink from the construct.

“What he’s saying is we’ll keep your secret.” The feminine - and more importantly more vibrantly alive voice pierced the air. It seemed to come from the construct’s breast plate, a fact illuminated by the thrumming glow of the electric blue azurite gem in his chest. While the merchant looked over Cogsworth curiously, the second voice had brows furrowed with curiosity at that gold trimmed beast-maw chest piece.

“Oh my, are there two of you in there?” The merchant inquired, eyeing that precious stone somewhat greedily. “My, my, Reatus, don’t you keep the most interesting company?”

Reatus’ brows had risen in his own surprise. “Apparently.” The Nemekian had assumed this construct to be an open and closed case, but it seemed more lied beneath the surface. “So about that scrap heap’s extras?”

“Yes… extras. I do intend to make modifications. Young green one, would you rather a position at the helm or behind a magi-cannon?” One did not need to see an expression to tell that Cogsworth was already creating plans. “I will construct an assistant to handle repairs during the race, should we need it.”

“Cogsy… how long would it take to build something like that?” The voice chimed in again, the blue soul gem flickering with each gentle syllable.

The construct’s large head tilted for a moment of silence. “With a chassis… perhaps hours. Depending on if this omnilium is a worthy enough material component for the enchantments.”

The two entered a little conversation all their own. They clearly had experience with blocking everything else out. Reatus and the merchant shared a glance as the conversation turned from enchantments to wheel dimensions and depth for optimum balance of speed and durability… then to whether or not there should be more auto-seeking firearms or manuel higher-damage cannons on board… whether the vehicle should drive itself or have a human element behind the reigns.

Cogs had not even waited for a response to his question before he was distracted… by himself. It would seem the idea of crafting had derailed everything else, even the act itself.

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