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[NPC] Divine Protection, Divine Punishment

She could see how people in the outside world supposedly got lost on their smartphones all day.

Under the heat of the kotatsu- All she had, considering she had misplaced her fairy-shaped heating element- it was quite comfortable to waste away her days staring into the rectangular OLED void of words and pictures. Sure, she had gotten up fairly recently- a couple hours ago, maybe- to go and eat some of the leftovers Mima had brought home. Why the evil spirit had suddenly taken to pitying her was anyone's guess, but she had mentioned something about wanting to feel "more godly" by showing mercy upon the maiden of "her" shrine. Though she was pretty certain Mima had said she was giving up the god game about twenty years ago, she wasn't about to ask her and get a thirty plus hour explanation of it. Looking a gift ghost in the mouth, and all.

The nearby village had been hit by all sorts of things lately. Ice storms. Snowfall. Tension with their neighbors. A growing threat of terrible monsters decimating their population despite the promise of the country's government to protect them. That last one was unusual, since Yuuka actually wasn't here at the moment. Reimu had for a moment considered that maybe Yuuka *had* been there all along, and was merely hiding her presence to get away with terrorizing the populace- but she had dismissed the idea just as quickly.

She had eyes. She'd seen Dante's Abyss.

Yuuka was about as subtle as a nuclear bomb.

So, metaphorically stuck at home in the interim (the snow here was lighter than in the mountains- she had long since cleared most of it out, having had nothing better to do), she had spent her time browsing garbage internet posts. Well, magical Camelot internet. Wizard-net, as Mima had jokingly put it. Mostly gossip, where she had heard tell of the former problems. That being said, she didn't really understand quite how it worked, so it had gotten old fast, having been basically reading the same three web pages over and over for the past week. Sucked. Maybe if Marisa or the hell spawn were here, she could have at least found some new material.

A mop of green and exasperation whirled around one of the pillars. "Reimu. Door." Mima's command was as haughty as one could expect of her, now that she actually knew for 100% fact she was "officially better than Reimu, in the eyes of like, featureless paste boy god or something."

With a groan, the shrine maiden shoved herself out from under the blankets, reaching for her shoes with the other hand. Idly she wondered if this was how Sanae felt to have her god-moms in the shrine yelling at her all the time, but she quickly decided this was about 1000% worse than they could ever possibly be. "Don't you have like, babies to go eat* or something? Can't I have one minute to rest with you here?"

(*Disclaimer: Mima does not actually eat babies. She is a ghost. She doesn't eat anything, and those leftovers were probably just stolen.)

Mima responded to this by saying nothing, and immediately making herself comfortable under the kotatsu that Reimu had vacated. Much like eating babies, this was wholly worthless to her as she was already quite dead and had no need for a blanket, but the look on Reimu's face when she saw it was worth more than anything else.

Drawing her scarf up around her chin as she took a step outside, Reimu was pleasantly(?) surprised to see Mima had not actually been lying this time. Indeed, there stood a young woman, probably a few years older than she, tossing a few tiny coins into the donation box. A windfall, considering the average her shrine earned in a day. Closing the door behind her, Reimu stepped forward and took a seat on the steps of the veranda, not figuring standing was worth the effort."Is there something I can help you with today, ma'am?" She put on a customer-service smile quite unbefitting of a holy woman.

The villager, noting the maiden's presence, took a step back herself out of respect. "Oh...! You're here. W-well, yes. It's just that there's recently been so much... trouble going around, you know? Rumor has it just the other month an entire castle worth of people was massacred just a bit over the hills to the west." She motioned far off into the distance, to hills beyond the horizon. (Reimu squinted, unused to the flat land, but came up short.) "They've got a bounty out on the culprit now, but... I figured seeking divine protection wouldn't hurt."

Divine protection. She could be divine protection, couldn't she?

And... bounty? So they'd pay her. Food had been running thin this month, since Mima hadn't seen need to keep them well stocked, just bringing home food when she'd even bothered to remember. Something in the back of her mind made her eyes light up a little.

Reimu cleared her throat. "Well, if you'd like, I can see about setting up some protection charms around your home. They could at least offer some peace of mind." She fished one of her Ofuda from a pocket, and handed it to the woman.

This at least brightened the villager's face a bit. "Oh, could you? That would be wonderful! I'm sure there are some others who would be interested too, but they weren't willing to walk all the way out here." Jackpot.

"Of course. Give me a moment, and I'll follow you." Reimu stood up as she spoke, walking back inside the shrine, and closing the door behind her. Not only to grab the rest of her talismans, but also, to glare at the spirit under her Kotatsu. "Mima, I'm leaving for a while. Do not break anything while I'm gone, got it?" the malice in her voice wasn't something she needed her paying customer hearing, nor was the fact she had an evil spirit in her own goddamn shrine.

"No promises."

"You are this close to being exorcised, ma'am." She pushed her two index fingers about as close together as they could go without touching, a scowl on her face as she did. "Behave yourself or you're going straight back to Hell."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." Mima rolled onto her other side so she wasn't even facing Reimu, but gave a dismissive wave. "I'm not gonna break your stuff, 'cause obviously, it's my stuff too. Have fun on your little adventure, I'll be right here if you need me."

Squinting dubiously at the spirit, but not wanting to waste even more time arguing with her, Reimu snatched her cellphone off the table. Once she had that in her pocket, she began digging in a closet for a stack of Ofuda shortly after.

Well, first to the village, and she could plan accordingly after that.

Quote:Hunting Tyson, 1152/? words.

Yes this is a secondary I know but I'm having my fun shhhh don't question me!
[Image: QlU6gj3.png]
Yuuka Kazami Wrote:Do you think Yuuka *aims* the Master Spark? No. She decides which half of the world she wants to fuck.

Colin managed to escape the mission was complete but the demon managed to rob them without any trouble. He was wondering what treasures the treasure map will lead him to maybe something very powerful. But the fat fuck that was responsible for all of this was dead with the blood all over he castle it might be months to clean that place up. Tyson did feel bad though the fat bastard had those people under a cannibalism spell for years no telling how many people they killed. He knows for a fact they killed more then 300 people after the fat bastard's guy exploded just pounds of human flesh of men, women, teenagers and animals. It was a horror show after the demon left the castle but the demon had the spellbook. "Yes...My good friend your going to help regain great power with spells inside of you. Who knows maybe I'll can restore my power back to the way they were. It takes just a matter of time.

He wasn't expecting a mission to be completed and stealing a wealth of magical goods. It was all too good to be true even an ancient spellbook thinking the ways the demon could get his powers back his shopping went well. But something catches his attention that really pissed him off a piece of paper but it wasn't that the picture that almost looks like his face. 

What pissed him off? It wasn't his face the bounty didn't even wasn't even close because the picture had red hair and his white it was a disgrace. But really the demon never really thought of it because his hair was always white because of his years of being a demon it never shines on him caring about his hair. But this picture didn't even look at him, Tyson thought this was a joke but really it was time to get to business. He had an ancient spellbook which was good maybe some summoning up some spells will be useful here as the demon starts reading the book. 

Finding a spell to his liking just wondering if it works but the demon needs a test subject finding a rabbit now the demon reads the scripture. "Soul Ravager: Release and Terminate" Tyson fired a black beam destroy a rabbit then the soul of the rabbit comes into the palm of his hand. "Hmmm, I believe this wizard little book could help me out a lot here. My powers aren't ready for a battle yet so if a bounty is on my head. I should just escape and not draw any attention not anything bad" Tyson was pleased with his newly acquired items but the demon wanted more but where two things were on his mind. Gaining power and getting what has been stolen from him those two things on his mind.

But enough with the magic tricks once the demon gets stronger only then training for new and deadly powers will start. He should be heading back but with the bounty on his head that could be a bad idea altogether. Right now the most important thing would be laying low but that might be impossible with his track record finding trouble would be a mile away. Tyson notices something a gang of warlords traveling on horseback and some mission about killing someone. "Are they ever going to learn? If I do intervene some bounty hunter might be coming after me almost like the lady Weiss. But people could be hurt If I decide to walk away from this." Tyson never did like bullies maybe the demon should find out what the hell those warlords were going to do. He started getting on his horse and heading after them it was difficult catching up. But the demon managed after a long two-hour ride manages to arrive at some village as the warlord started killing people. He hates these kinds of people because warlords kill people and ask questions later but they started messing with a family. He started wearing a bandana hiding his horns covering most of his hair. It should be something of a disguise so people won't recognize him then grabbing a hooded robe off a dead man body. Those fucking warlords killed him for no reason at all the poor sap doesn't even know what he died for too but he'll have his revenge. He started putting the robe putting on the hood covering most of his face and started walking over to the warlords as the leader started attacking a maiden. Tyson grabs a bow and arrow but this wasn't the time quickly grabs a dagger off the ground and throws it at the warlord's shoulder.

"Oh, what do we have here? Some hero trying to rescue his home from these villagers. Just leave before my friends start playing pop goes the weasel with some children's heads. My warriors and I have business this isn't any of your concern." Tyson looked at the warlord leader and started smirking "You are my business. Attacking innocent people for your own twisted form of pleasure...Nothing but cowards in the wind. You humans always come one step closer to your own destruction. Your lives end here today" The warlord leader started getting angry and told his men to kill the hooded bastards as the villagers started looking on. They charged tried attacking Tyson with full force, He made quick work on them. One of them started charging with his sword but Tyson killed him with his sword.

Another charged with a mallet, Tyson took out his eyeballs out gouging them out completely. The other warlords started circling the demon then some villagers started helping the demon out which was unexpected. Those bastards started chickening out as the signal was given to retreat that wasn't any fun but the warlord leader got back on his horse. "This isn't over you bastard. We never dealt with a person like you. We know you can't protect these people forever. We'll be back for the whores. ALRIGHT GUYS LET'S GET OUT OF HERE"  

The remaining members of the warlord gang started leaving but they'll be back, Tyson started cracking his knuckles. If he had his true form then this wouldn't be problem but that option was completely gone now. The important thing was the villagers was safe as one of them wonders who the mysterious person was. They started questioning him as Tyson told them a fake name they didn't need to know who he really was. "Um, John Reilly...Sir, I was helping some old lady those bastards coming into your village. I just went after them and though to stop them from harming anyone"

The village leader didn't believe him at first but this strange man managed to rescue the people from those monsters. "Thank you, John...I do appreciate you coming and helping us the way you did." No bloodshed not what the demon wanted but it no one died from his hands this time though. "I'll have their heads and rip them souls out of their bodies." Tyson swore they'll die if they come back here.

The forest always was quiet this time of year. Meira’s breath billowed out in front of her, an empty observation from an empty mind, her gaze placidly held to the path in front of her. Soft snow crunched, slowly, rhythmically, beneath her horse’s meandering tread. Dampened by the large, clumpy flakes floating lackadaisical through the air, scarcely a sound reached her ears. And despite the sun being at its midday peak, the cloud cover rendered an almost evening-like aura over Camelot. The samurai didn’t even need to squint.

In her chaotic life, this was perhaps the closest she would come to zen. A welcome chance to clear her mind before the battle to come. Or at least, what she hoped would be a battle to come. Meira unfortunately had to admit that... she’d kinda just lost the trail a few times. Whatever demon was leaving this path of carnage, it certainly was a wily one, always disappearing into whatever hellhole it crawled out of when she finally managed to get near. Who knew mass-murdering hellspawn were so hard to track.

Well, with any luck, that wouldn’t be the case this time. Other than now having both her pay and a bounty on the line (an upgrade from just her pay like it was before), the demon had seemed to be... more brazen in general. Probably got cocky, as they all did eventually. And that, with a little help from the notoriety gotten from the aforementioned bounty, made it much, much easier to track. Instead of getting reports from days after the fact, Meira had finally gotten word of a much more recent attack.

But then again...

Meira’s horse snorted and shook its head, begrudgingly pushing through a patch of deeper snow. She wasn’t exactly making much headway in this. Not that it was particularly windy or that the snow was coming down too hard. This path just hadn’t been trodden yet. Not many sane people had any reason to venture out around these parts, after all. So she couldn’t exactly push her horse too hard. Vaguely, an old memory of Meira’s surfaced. A large, powerful deer, capable of plowing almost effortlessly through these drifts. Ah... how convenient a moose might be. Or maybe just... flying. That would’ve been nice too.

A large breath puffed from the samurai’s mouth, vapor cloud dispersing into the sky, which she absently lifted her head to watch. Being able to soar over this terrain, to just... pass over everything in her way...

“Oh hey it is you!”


And silence fell like the snow settling back down. Her horse whinnied, startled feet taking it away from the crater Meira now called home. The samurai’s training kicked in, and she threw herself up to a sit, sending another blast of white powder whirling all over the place, each flake settling into another crack, crevice, or fold in her outfit. Her gloved hand closed around the grip of her sword, a subtle twist enough to loosen it from its scabbard. She shifted up to a kneel, one foot under her in a flash. Who had dared to try and ambush her? She threw her head up, gaze piercing right through the snowy veil.

And the mere sight of her sent the swordsman tumbling right back into the snow. Reimu’s raucous laugh lit the peaceful forest up.
[Image: testclown.png]
Yuuka Kazami Wrote:Reimu comes back to make another pass at Meira and she just has an idiot neck child.
Credit to Yuuka for the sig

Her feet settled atop the snow, barely leaving indents. Reimu pulled the samurai up and out of the snow drift by one arm, letting her stumble to her feet in her baffled daze. Meira clearly wasn't injured- just a bit frazzled by falling off her horse. At least she still had a hand on its reins, allowing her to pull herself upright completely with a bit of help. The horse still whinnied unhappily as she set a hand on its haunch and leaned her weight on it. Her breath was labored as she regained her composure, as if she had to remind herself that she needed oxygen in her lungs as she did so.

"Sooooo, what brings you here, to the scenic... Middle of nowhere?" pried the shrine maiden, leaning on the horse's front shoulder herself- causing it to give another snort and annoyed kick, which she ignored. However, seconds later she paused a moment, as if suddenly processing something herself. "Wait! Don't tell me- It's Mima, isn't it? She must have summoned all of her goons to come and kill me again, didn't she? Ugh! That's definitely going to break our lease agreement." She moved her hands to place them firmly on her hips, a disapproving grimace gracing her face directed at no one in particular.

"...Excuse me, but what the hell are you talking about?"

Meira's words snapped Reimu out of her intricate plot of a hundred thousand conspiracy theories and approximately as many ways to let Mima have it for planning them when she got home. "Oh, y'know. Ghost? Idiot?" These were, in fact, apt descriptors for Mima, but also death wishes to say out loud around someone she expected to be working for her. Not that Reimu knew or cared about that bit. Rather, she finally realized what the deeper context behind Meira's confusion meant. "...Wait- No, so you're not one of hers?"

Of course, the purple-haired samurai was equally as baffled as her with regards to the situation. "...No?" she tried- something that made Reimu relax her posture a bit, which she supposed meant 'right answer' in shrine maiden- "I am here on official business. I think I'm the one who should be asking you why the hell you're in the middle of nowhere." The words or why you're even... here in the first place, graced Meira's mind for just a moment, but she resisted the urge to say them.

"Official business, huh..." Reimu seemed to toy with the thought in her mind, though it was partially a ruse as she came up with her own reason.

Meira glanced up from shaking snow out of her pants. (They would need to be thoroughly washed when she got home- a prospect she dreaded.) "You're lost, aren't you?"

Reflexively, Reimu pulled one arm into her chest. "No!" Awkwardly she shifted her feet on the snow below her, indents starting to form as gravity slowly began to affect her once more. "I'm on business too, you see." This was not the whole truth and both of them, and probably even the goddamn horse, knew it. "And, y'know. Wandering around beating people up until the problem's solved is just how things work with me."

This information did not at all surprise Meira, but it did absolutely disappoint her.

“...Right. So you’re on official business, I assume from your village-“ Reimu gently nodded at this, “and based on what you’ve told me, you’re obviously looking for someone.” It didn’t take a genius to figure that much out. Not that Reimu was ever not looking for someone to blame for her problems and beat up. Meira rifled through a bag tied to the saddle of her horse as she spoke now, looking for something in particular. “Dare I ask, it wouldn’t happen to be this man, would it?”

At her words, she produced a page of parchment, upon which was scrawled an artist’s rendition of a muscular demon, all in black and white. Under it was a series of words and numbers detailing his crime and the rewards.

This certainly looked familiar to Reimu. But perhaps due to being from out in the boonies of the boonies, it took her a moment to fully agree. “Uh... I think so? Looks about right, at least, so good enough for me.” She seemed to recall having seen a colorized version around the village, or something.

Meira heaved a great sigh. “And, dare I ask again, do you have any actual experience in doing anything remotely like this?”

With a scoff, Reimu shot back an indignant “Excuse me, I’d like to know what the hell you think a shrine maiden does if it isn’t exorcising demons. ...Sometimes.” That being said, it wasn’t really an answer to the question. “I may not have needed to do any of it recently, but I definitely have experience.”

It was all Meira could possibly manage to stop her eyes from rolling so far back into her head she was staring at her brain. So instead, she pinched the bridge of her nose as she once again had to prepare the good old “secondaries versus primes” rant.
[Image: QlU6gj3.png]
Yuuka Kazami Wrote:Do you think Yuuka *aims* the Master Spark? No. She decides which half of the world she wants to fuck.

Tyson was hiding under a disguise and a fake name known as John Reilly helping a village deal with horrible bandits but they'll be back. The demon didn't like but until the heat dies down he'll have to incognito for a while. But those evil bandits will be back the demon might stay for a while until the bandits are defeated and help any civilians here. If any bounty hunters show up then he'll have to leave and villagers might with their problems by themselves the demon had a price on his head. Something catches his attention hearing a woman screaming for help wondering about the situation over there at some pub. For now, Tyson would have to accept his fake identity the important thing was the demon didn't need any attention just help with the situation and then leave. He'll have to go by the name of John Reilly for now hoping no bounty hunters find out who he really is under a disguise. Now, He started placing his hair into a ponytail cleaning it up a bit finally placed a hood concealing his face a little hoping the shadows will be his friend. What the hell was going on at the pub? A bit of ruckus between a couple it seems someone had too much to drink and started getting a little aggressive. He was about hit a bar maiden raising his hand about to strike, Tyson grabbed his arm stopping the drunk man from assaulting the woman. 

Whatever the man had to drink his breath was smelling like bad ash trash mixed with vodka and some type of whiskey the demon never even drank before. "Hey, I think you had too much to drink leave the woman alone and just leave the woman alone just go about your business." The other villagers saw a concerned human being trying to aid a woman in distress and then someone comes from the crowd. It seems the drunk man's wife wanted a few words with her drunk slapping the hell out of him and dragging his drunk ass off back home.

It was a relief no violence had to be used the situation was handled very well, Tyson thought that went pretty smoothly. He was about to go to leave until someone wanted to talk to him it was the village elder wanted to ask him some questions. What could he say? That some gang killed him and after years of eternal torment, the former human was turned into a hybrid demon but something deadly worse. After years of servitude, Satan allowed him to leave under someone's orders still the demon was wondering to this day who it was. Back to the village elder, Tyson was wondering what to tell him but something came to mind a false story just made up. "I'm just a man with a violent history trying to seek redemption for my actions. It really hard to cork the bottle sometimes when people hurt the ones you love something, I vowed despite my dark ways no one should ever have to go through what I did. Sir, I won't cause any harm to your village while I'm here"
For a moment, The elder didn't believe him at first but after some consideration, the man was helpful towards the villagers. He swore no harm to his people which was a good thing knowing that whoever this person was had a moral heart. As long as this stranger didn't cause any violence, Village Elder could trust him but there was a problem. The gang harming the town trying to either harvest their resources or killing innocent people that got in their way. "I hate to ask but this village needs your help as you did before. This gang of bandits has been bothering us even since most of us broke off from the castle. We couldn't pay the taxes anymore so most of the town started building lives on our own. Now, these marauders are trying to destroy what we created for ourselves a new start for our futures. I'm asking for help to stop them and if you must...destroy them"

Someone asking to destroy a threat but it would bring trouble in the form of bounty hunters. He didn't want that but this man seemed desperate because their way was about to be destroyed by that gang. This was an unavoidable situation the villagers needed his help as the demon took a deep breathe agreeing to help them. "They won't be harming your people anymore. I will personally deal with them they won't be harming anyone ever again. That's a promise"

Two Hours Later...

Those fuckers kept to their word on coming back the warlord gang was thinking about tearing the village into pieces. Tyson was waiting for them hoping the leader to make the first move hoping it will be his last. However, Warlord leader was smart the man didn't or couldn't believe this stranger had enough balls to challenge all of them wondering what his game was. The leader got off his horse going to confront the stranger thinking once this person was dealt with him and his posse can destroy the village. Tyson was wondering what the gang leader maybe this was an opportunity or something very bad as the warlord was looking at him. "You have some balls protecting these worthless people we just wanted some whores for a good time but your stupid ass is in the way. I'm challenging you to a battle to the death to settle things with you once and for all. Once your bitch ass is dead your new friends are next" Tyson wanted to unleash his anger right now but this warlord wanted a fight to the death meaning anything goes. This sounded like fun to him this warlord was throwing away his own life challenging a demon to combat but to the death. "Now you're speaking my language, Once your bitch ass is dead your gang belongs to me and I alone will decide their fate for all the people you hurt and killed. God is sitting this out you're about to deal with the grim reaper so let's begin"

Without warning, The warlord rushed at Tyson trying to strike him down. He sees the great sword coming and ducks summoning his sword plunging his blade into his heart area. The big bastard unleashed a death scream as the warlord was dying his gang couldn't believe it the stranger killed him. They never dealt with anybody like this before now the demon was looking just thinking about their punishment trying to find a good one. "Your leader is dead and you all belong to me, I'm not a generous man at all but mercy should be shown in a situation like this. You warlord people had three choices if you all leave now and not harm these people ever again that will be the end of it. I will pursue you or hunt you and lives will be spared. If you decide to join me then you'll follow my orders and I'm the boss meaning your very souls belong to me and me alone. Also whatever I choose for your fate you must obey it. Now for your final choice, any of you try anything to hurt me or these people...You'll be joining your dead leader. NOW DECIDE"

None of them had the balls to challenge the demon they left and never to return, Tyson was nodding his head. "Hmph, A wise decision"

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